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On the meaning of logical completeness

Michele Basaldella, Kazushige Terui, Pierre-Louis Curien
2010 Logical Methods in Computer Science  
Following a previous work [3], we consider an extension of the original ludics with contraction and universal nondeterminism, which play dual roles, in order to capture a polarized fragment of linear logic  ...  and thus a constructive variant of classical propositional logic.  ...  Acknowledgement We are deeply indebted to Pierre-Louis Curien, who gave us a lot of useful comments. Our thanks are also due to the anonymous referees.  ... 
doi:10.2168/lmcs-6(4:11)2010 fatcat:hoy3cxrdtnaylnew6zr562bghu

On the Meaning of Logical Completeness [chapter]

Michele Basaldella, Kazushige Terui
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Following a previous work [3], we consider an extension of the original ludics with contraction and universal nondeterminism, which play dual roles, in order to capture a polarized fragment of linear logic  ...  and thus a constructive variant of classical propositional logic.  ...  Acknowledgement We are deeply indebted to Pierre-Louis Curien, who gave us a lot of useful comments. Our thanks are also due to the anonymous referees.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-02273-9_6 fatcat:6k4dx42s6rexhj5v5gsstxlslu

Comparison of first order predicate logic, fuzzy logic and non-monotonic logic as knowledge representation methodology

Kyung Hoon Yang, David Olson, Jaekyung Kim
2004 Expert systems with applications  
We then prove that the complexities of the three methods are NP-complete. We use this information to design a heuristic algorithm tested on probabilistic input to evaluate accuracy and completeness.  ...  We also evaluate first order predicate logic, fuzzy logic and non-monotonic logic for the above properties, in the view of accuracy, complexity, and completeness.  ...  It means the range of truth is flexible in nonmonotonic logic. Based on the above assumptions, we develop the heuristic algorithm.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2004.05.012 fatcat:nmiofgzni5aazgqqyzthrx6idy

Should pluralists be pluralists about pluralism?

Robert Passmann
2021 Synthese  
I will argue that these depend on an implicitly assumed absoluteness of correct logic.  ...  That is the meta-logic. It turns out that there are some meta-logical challenges specifically for the pluralists.  ...  I thank Leon Commandeur for his very helpful comments on several drafts of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11229-021-03348-5 fatcat:ekupqw3ciffgtmrece6m7whzqe

Logic: A Brief Course by Daniele Mundici, Springer, 2012. Paperback, ISBN 978-88-470-2360-4, xi + 124 pp

Krzysztof R. Apt
2012 Theory and Practice of Logic Programming  
The chapter ends with the presentation of the Gödel's Completeness Theorem for the predicate logic with equality, where provability means refutability by means of the Davis-Putnam procedure applied to  ...  This makes it possible to completely drop the proof theory and focus instead on the procedural way of drawing conclusions by means of refutations.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1471068412000026 fatcat:5fr3xs7zqzaofmpjieueiwvvya

On Four Types of Argumentation For Classical Logic

Bożena Czernecka-Rej
2021 Roczniki Filozoficzne  
The holistic concept of the meaning of logical constants goes together with the thesis on difference of meanings.  ...  The completeness theorem, on the other hand, is not valid for second-order calculus 15 or for modal logics. 16 The property of completeness of logic is important because in a complete system it is possible  ... 
doi:10.18290/rf20684-13 fatcat:nuavl27zfvazrbctjz5q7lyepm

A note on the Declarative reading(s) of Logic Programming [article]

Marc Denecker
2000 arXiv   pre-print
One common view is that logic programming is a logic for default reasoning, a sub-formalism of default logic or autoepistemic logic. In this view, negation as failure is a modal operator.  ...  This paper analyses the declarative readings of logic programming. Logic programming - and negation as failure - has no unique declarative reading.  ...  The ability of interpreting the formulas of a logic as meaningful statements about the problem domain -given some interpretation of the user-defined symbols-is the declarative reading of the logic.  ... 
arXiv:cs/0003056v1 fatcat:r3ihirojojfcvpfsibut2n3brm

Development and Application of Logical Actors Mathematical Apparatus for Logic Programming of Web Agents [chapter]

Alexei A. Morozov
2003 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
One of the most interesting and promising approaches to programming Internet agents is logic programming of agents.  ...  Many ideas and methods of logic programming of Internet agents based on various modifications of Prolog and non-classical logic (linear, modal, etc.) were developed during the recent decade.  ...  The completeness of logic programs means that the programming language guarantees that a program will found all solutions of a problem.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24599-5_39 fatcat:iddvh4wt25cqdhmkueh6bcy5ey

A mind of a non-countable set of ideas

Alexander Citkin
2008 Logic and Logical Philosophy  
He was very broad-minded and conducted research in many areas of non-classical logics. Always in a main stream of research, he very often defined what the main stream was.  ...  This article is dedicated to Alexander Vladimirovich Kuznetsov, the scientist who has, perhaps, accomplished more than anyone else in the studies of non-classical propositional logics.  ...  Philosophical Encyclopedia, one of the most authoritative sources on philosophy and logic in Russia in the 1950s, defines Logic as a science about acceptable means of reasoning.  ... 
doi:10.12775/llp.2008.003 fatcat:f5jfom4enbcx7dihwlgp75ygue

On Axiom Systems of Słupecki for the Functionally Complete Three-Valued Logic

Mateusz M. Radzki
2016 Axiomathes  
The article concerns two axiom systems of Słupecki for the functionally complete three-valued propositional logic: W1-W6 (from 1936) and A1-A9 (from 1946).  ...  axiom system for the functionally complete three-valued logic.  ...  Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10516-016-9319-x fatcat:znbhkxfi7jhcfgeb2w7ifwnbbq

Tree Trimming: Four Non-Branching Rules for Priest's Introduction to Non-Classical Logic

Marilynn Johnson
2017 The Australasian Journal of Logic  
In each of these logics the proposed rule leads to tableaux with fewer branches.  ...  In Intuitionist logic, the proposed rules allow for the resolution of a particular problem Priest grapples with throughout the chapter.  ...  A version of this paper was presented at the Saul Kripke Center at the City University of New York in December 2013.  ... 
doi:10.26686/ajl.v12i2.2066 fatcat:ccbtadoj6fbpnmcpverupjnfam

Page 27 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 2002A [page]

2002 Mathematical Reviews  
Logic Lang. Inform. 10 (2001), no. 1, 63-86 The meaning of a discourse @ can be considered as a “composition” of the meanings of the sentences that form the discourse.  ...  As our minds process sentences in the order in which they occur, one could hope for a binary function / such that the meaning [ Such a binary function would give the meaning of any discourse of any length  ... 

Kant on Complete Determination and Infinite Judgement

Nicholas F. Stang
2012 British Journal for the History of Philosophy  
Although I think this way of drawing the distinctions best captures Kant's underlying picture, it is not how he usually presents his view, so I will not present it that way in the body of the paper.  ...  I don't think this substantially affects Kant's logical theory, or my argument, but I think it is worth pointing out. The closest he comes to acknowledging this is in the Wiener Logik (24:930).  ...  already seen what Kant means by claiming that the principle of complete determination "deals with the content and not merely the logical form": it is a principle of transcendental logic, for it requires  ... 
doi:10.1080/09608788.2012.731242 fatcat:tw67nhqncvgllk7ls4ifdtojou

Congestion Control in Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Network

Onyejegbu Laeticia, Okafor Nkiru
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications  
It was observed that the call completion success rate enabled users to make calls without distortion of network. Comparison was made between fuzzy logic and call completion success rate.  ...  It was observed that, congestion load environment 4 has a value for mean bit rate as 1.4, mean burst as 1.4, state of network as 0.94 and retainability 0.9222 the last two are positive.  ...  effect of variations of call retainability on congestion control in 1oad environments 4 has the value of mean bit rate (1.4), mean burst (1  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2016909736 fatcat:yvje33dminetzjx7ik2e3b7saa

Logical Consequence, Proof Theory, and Model Theory [chapter]

Stewart Shapiro
2005 The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic  
Textbooks and advanced treatments in mathematical logic work with formal languages, which are rigorously defined sets of strings on a fixed alphabet.  ...  The first entry under "logic" in the Oxford English Dictionary is "the branch of philosophy that treats of the forms of thinking in general, and more especially of inference and of scientific method".  ...  holds in virtue of the meaning of the logical terms.  ... 
doi:10.1093/0195148770.003.0021 fatcat:t7mioins25cmpbyix4g3ehyhfm
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