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Page 2 of Electronic Publishing Vol. 5, Issue 3 [page]

1992 Electronic Publishing  
INTERCHANGEABILITY OF SGML AND ODA An SGML document instance, such as the one shown in Figure 1, is processed by parsing the document and performing appropriate actions, such as the generation of corresponding  ...  For a complete treatment of SGML, the reader is directed to Goldfarb’s SGML Handbook.)(6] AN OVERVIEW OF ODA The Office Document Architecture and Interchange Format was designed to facilitate the interchange  ... 

SGML as a message interchange format in healthcare

R H Dolin, L Alschuler, T Bray, J E Mattison
1997 Proceedings : a conference of the American Medical Informatics Association. AMIA Fall Symposium  
We sought to extend the CEN report and formally evaluate the use of SGML as a message interchange format.  ...  Results follow the CEN format, enabling a direct comparison of SGML with ASN.1, ASTM E1238, EDIFACT, EUCLIDES, and ODA (those syntaxes studied by CEN).  ...  Acknowledgments Special thanks to the HL7 SGML Special Interest Group.  ... 
pmid:9357703 pmcid:PMC2233551 fatcat:bxitu7pwvzgf5n74g6md7tdavy

Page 14 of Electronic Publishing Vol. 5, Issue 1 [page]

1992 Electronic Publishing  
[6], which describes a generic markup language for documents, and the “Office Document Architecture” (ODA) [7], which describes a broader scheme for describing and interchanging the logical and physical  ...  Many of the current page description languages are based on the pioneering model of Warnock and Wyatt. e John Warnock and Douglas K.  ... 

Letters to the Editor

1990 EurophysicsNews  
. : The relationship between SGML and TEX, ODA/ODIF and PostScript Discussions about why SGML and not TE X, ODA/ODIF or PostScript are often tainted by prejudice.  ...  The basic difference between SGML and TE X, PostScript and ODA/ODIF, is that the latter are languages that have very specific purposes.  ... 
doi:10.1051/epn/19902102038 fatcat:hlazgbv3s5gszfbpo543wadiwq

Page 17 of Electronic Publishing Vol. 2, Issue 1 [page]

1989 Electronic Publishing  
The International Standards Organisation is also working on standards for Office Document Architecture (ODA) and Office Document Interchange Format (ODIF) [4].  ...  The paper presents some background material on markup systems, gives a brief account of SGML, and attempts to clarify the precise nature and purpose of SGML, which are widely misunderstood.  ... 

Standards for Structured Documents

H. Brown
1989 Computer journal  
The Office Document Architecture (ODA) and the Standard Generalised Markup Language (SGML) are two international standards for the representation and interchange of structured documents.  ...  This paper outlines the main features of the document structures supported by ODA and SGML and assesses their strengths and weaknesses.  ...  Acknowledgements I am grateful to my colleagues in the Alvey Fortune project for many discussions on ODA and document structures.  ... 
doi:10.1093/comjnl/32.6.505 fatcat:3uyxt3ouofdwlof3xxxgrmt774

Page 53 of Library & Information Science Abstracts Vol. , Issue 8 [page]

1993 Library & Information Science Abstracts  
The INFOsystem can be installed and used on IBM PCs with at least 640 kB RAM and MS DOS 3.20 or a higher version. (ZH) 9305455 On the interchangeability of SGML and ODA. C. K. Nicholas and L. A.  ...  Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and Office Document Architecture (ODA) are international standards for the markup and interchange of electronic documents.  ... 

Workshop on hypermedia and hypertext standards

Johan van Halm
1993 Information Services and Use  
of the way in which the existing standards (SGML, ODA, etc.) are intended to fitinto the emerging pattern of hypermedia standards that are being developed by ISO and CCITT.  ...  online information systems (A VI): Angela Scheller of GMD Fouks (Germany), who described the work to extend ODA to the area of hypermedia, and Martin Bryan of the SGML Centre (UK), who gave a presentation  ... 
doi:10.3233/isu-1993-13201 fatcat:wag6alstnnhjri5jtch3xb5gmq

Page 46 of Electronic Publishing Vol. 8, Issue 4 [page]

1995 Electronic Publishing  
The PostScript-based Portable Document Format (PDF), the interchange format on which Adobe Acrobat is based, provides an enhanced level of portability.  ...  This portability is gained at a price, since the '0 The ‘Compound Document Architecture’ (CDA) developed by the Digital Equipment Corporation was based on the ODA document model.  ... 

SGML and XML as interchange formats for HL7 messages

R H Dolin, W Rishel, P V Biron, J Spinosa, J E Mattison
1998 Proceedings. AMIA Symposium  
To report on the use of SGML and XML (a proper subset of SGML) as transfer syntaxes for HL7 Version 2.3 and Version 3.0 messages. The methodology has focused largely on two questions: Can it be done?  ...  availability of software tools and skill on the format.  ...  Acknowledgments Special thanks to the HL7 SGML/XML Special Interest Group.  ... 
pmid:9929313 pmcid:PMC2232251 fatcat:dp654u52wvcsvdxomdqnmch5wu

The Open Document Architecture: From stan-dardization to the market

H. Fanderl, K. Fischer, J. Kmper
1992 IBM Systems Journal  
Among those standards the Open Docu- ment Architecture (ODA)' and the Standard Gen- eralized Markup Language (SGML)° are the most general ones in terms of the requirements that have been explained in the  ...  Because one of the major aims of PODA-SAX is to demonstrate ODA- and OSI-based systems, one of the first goals of this project was the development FANDERL, FISCHER, AND KAMPER 743 of a demonstration system  ... 
doi:10.1147/sj.314.0728 fatcat:p36dybtxtbbtbfypuaqjsi6vfu

Page 13 of Electronic Publishing Vol. 8, Issue 1 [page]

1995 Electronic Publishing  
Information processing—text and office systems—office document architecture (ODA) and interchange format—ISO/IS 8613, 1988. 2. ISO.  ...  Lewis II and R. E. Stearns, ‘Syntax-directed transduction’, Journal of the ACM, 15(3), 465-488, (1968). . R.C. Gonzalez and M. G.  ... 

The Role of Standards in the Archival Management of Electronic Records

Victoria Walch
1990 The American Archivist  
The author digests the findings of several of these studies, describing the organization of and processes followed by the principal national and international standards developers and summarizing the elements  ...  long-term access and use of information stored in electronic form.  ...  The National Archives of Canada has taken seriously a recommendation that ODA/ODIF could be "one member of a suite of national and international standards on which a National Archives program to acquire  ... 
doi:10.17723/aarc.53.1.m502652067517368 fatcat:xlig6zbesje3lpbxw7rpmd4vhi

The EUROTRA front end

Niels Jaeger
1991 Open research Areas in Information Retrieval  
This paper briefly describes the software tools developed within the framework of the EUROTRA machine translation programme and outlines future directions.  ...  .), by lnternatlonal by publIshers and government SGML-based tools (e.g. SGML textual DBMS's) already exist on the or hyphens are placed between a), b) and c).  ...  ODA/OOIF has been rejected because of its complexity. Moreover. It Is unlikely that ODA/ODIF conformant systems (e.g. ODA editors and parsers) wl1l be widely aval table before 1993-94.  ... 
dblp:conf/riao/Jaeger91 fatcat:sati3yifbrayvcraq27c5xhxg4

TeX and SGML

Kees Van der Laan
1990 Cahiers GUTenberg  
21] IS08613 Office Document Architecture (ODA) and Interchange Format.  ...  The latter is used by the author to supply the full literature list on the handouts of the transparencies while attention is focussed on the enlarged items on the transparency.  ... 
doi:10.5802/cg.60 fatcat:vl6l5r4vlrfsxmlyaa3iaiyju4
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