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Popularizing the Social Sciences

Toby Huff
2006 AmeriQuests  
But neither the scientist not the literary scholar was apt to cross over from one set of disciplinary perspectives to the other, and unfortunately, the literary scholars seemed just as unlikely to read  ...  However, in sociology the idea of "popularizing" some topic of inquiry often takes on the connotation of studying "popular culture," which may have a very different resonance.  ... 
doi:10.15695/amqst.v3i2.71 fatcat:dwimk3murbckthyekjkjphprfi

Popular Theatre in Ethiopia

Aboneh Ashagrie
1996 Ufahamu  
Another group treated labor intensity and its impact on family relationships.  ...  The theatre group felt that the expulsion of workers from the factory's reside ntial compo und within two months of their enrollment on pension was one of the major factors that drove wo rkers to despair  ...  The principal felt that the students' enthusiasm for such an extra-curriculur activity might divert the full attention of members of the club from their regular academic studies.  ... 
doi:10.5070/f7242-3016667 fatcat:5wx5kmm35rehrfjmjtv2pfjufa

Popular Music Studies and Ethnomusicology in Australasia

Dan Bendrups
2013 IASPM@Journal  
A characteristic of the field of popular music studies in Australia and New Zealand (Australasia) is the strong and enduring presence of ethnomusicology and allied ethnographic approaches to popular music  ...  This article will provide a history of the interdisciplinary relationship between ethnomusicology and popular music studies in Australasia, and will examine the role of Indigenous and migrant music research  ...  The impact of Pacific Islanders on global popular music is a matter often ignored, but not insubstantial.  ... 
doi:10.5429/2079-3871(2013)v3i2.4en fatcat:aqm7gi6bovgjtivt7jhafvmrna

Writing games: Popular and critical videogame writing over time

Dan Golding
2018 Text: Journal of the Australian Association of Writing Programs  
had the broadest impact on discourse surrounding the medium.  ...  Particular emphasis is placed on the role of popular writing about videogames in the context of journalism (for newspapers, broadcasters, and magazines), books (such as This Gaming Life by Jim Rossignol  ...  This is a curious phenomenon, and an unusual one: indeed, perhaps it is the only popular instance so far of a work of academic videogame writing, within a specifically scholarly context, being engaged  ... 
doi:10.52086/001c.25622 fatcat:tz7xytxprna4xhzzz4aqfs22r4

Popular Geopolitics in Russia and Post-Soviet Eastern Europe

Joanna Szostek
2017 Europe-Asia Studies  
The Master and Margarita, the Masyanya animation and the popular video game Metro 2033.  ...  In sum, the contributions to this special section demonstrate how important questions of 'popular geopolitics' can be tackled using diverse methods and approaches from multiple disciplines.  ...  Before outlining the contributions of the special section, this introductory essay therefore reflects on challenges that arise at the intersection of popular geopolitics and Russian and East European area  ... 
doi:10.1080/09668136.2017.1288861 fatcat:6vpgmjmbdnf6fj75dmf4x25h44

Some theoretical perspectives on African popular music

Austin Emielu
2011 Popular Music  
Popular music occupies a dominant position in the musical landscape of contemporary Africa, yet academic study of popular music is still in its infancy in most parts of Africa.  ...  The paper further states that African popular music is a socially responsive phenomenon, sustained through the interplay of cross-cultural and trans-national social dynamics.  ...  I intend to use all of these to acquaint the reader with the background of the study area and to foreground the basis for theorisation on African popular music as a genre of music that seems diverse, but  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0261143011000249 fatcat:6dje6ovh2ndh7d2aufcfezfzpa

Mass Shooting Films: Myths, Academic Knowledge, and Popular Criminology

Jason R. Silva
2019 Victims & Offenders  
They also provide a source of popular criminology by illustrating the public's fascination with violence and the emotional dynamics of victimization.  ...  knowledge, and act as a source of popular criminology.  ...  Social Factor: News Media None of the films focus primarily on the larger social factors that impact the phenomenon (e.g. gun access and mental health).  ... 
doi:10.1080/15564886.2019.1580232 fatcat:a3jzd57fzfbkbotntuip6mepo4

Premodern Popular Culture: Between Democratization and Marginalization

Ivan Foletti, Zuzana Frantová, Adrien Palladino
2022 Eikón Imago  
The aim of this monography is to analyze, from the most significant images and objects, to the traditions that have accompanied us to this day.  ...  Leader article of Pre-Modern "Pop Cultures"? Images and Objects Around the Mediterranean (350-1918 CE).  ...  To quote just an example, one of the many scholars who are sceptical of the idea of popularization, Michael Rostovtzeff (1870-1952), considered the "democratization of culture" as one of the factors of  ... 
doi:10.5209/eiko.80906 fatcat:4ffb6jmzjfbgzleft6wqtsnbum

The Lower Clergy and Popular Culture

Dániel Bárth
2021 Historical Studies on Central Europe  
reflected both directly and in a written form on the cultural practices of the population of villages and market towns.  ...  Particular emphasis is placed on the activity of priests active at the focus points of interaction between elite and popular culture who, starting from the second half of the eighteenth century, often  ...  These may be particularly relevant to scholars of popular culture regarding periods and thematic areas where on certain phenomena these normative sources are the only source of data.  ... 
doi:10.47074/hsce.2021-1.08 fatcat:qyzuv7swczel7hbfjbelk72bxi

History in Popular Magazines Negotiating Masculinities, the Low of the Popular and the High of History

Bodil Axelsson
2012 Culture Unbound: Journal of Current Cultural Research  
The author wishes to thank her colleagues at Tema Q, Anna Lundberg at Tema Genus, and David Ludvigsson at the Department of History, Linköping University for comments on ideas and earlier drafts of this  ...  The research undertaken for the paper has been financed by the Committee for Educational Science at the Swedish Research Council.  ...  Cultural studies and media scholars have, in their work on the advancement of men's magazines in the UK in the late twentieth century, addressed a very similar development.  ... 
doi:10.3384/cu.2000.1525.124275 fatcat:ybrbyn7thngfvnfs232bngu6z4

The Transformative Potential of Popular Television

Christine Jarvis, Vivien Burr
2011 Journal of Transformative Education  
The work of Joss Whedon, the program's creator, has attracted considerable academic interest culminating in the formation of the Whedon Studies Association in 2009, to "further the study of Whedon and  ...  Wright's (2007) study of The Avengers is one example.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1541344612436814 fatcat:cydxerkkgjforkttasxoozse5u

Mainstream popular music research: a musical update

Bernhard Steinbrecher
2021 Popular Music  
The concluding section calls for a more integrated perspective on mainstream popular music as a discourse and praxis formation.  ...  The examinations will be used as examples for the analysis of sonic aesthetics that are embedded in a particular frame of cultural debate, which the article conceptualises as 'mainstream popular music'  ...  made on the edge of academic and journalistic work.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0261143021000568 fatcat:ts4koqwrgreaxph54g7rmwpdqi

Establishment Of Philippine Popular Music Industry

Li Jia Liu Shunwei
2022 Zenodo  
Popular music scholars have argued that it is one of the cultural industries, generating cultural products as commodities in a particularly dangerous commercial setting.  ...  The popular-music business in the Philippines from 1982 to 1994, dubbed the Pop Era, might be understood by mass culture theories of manipulation rather than cultural-studies models of popular culture  ...  The factors that led to this were: the recognition of mass communications as a vital, current field of endeavour and inquiry; the sending of scholars to schools abroad, and their return with questions  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6618973 fatcat:yjr6fsq6yrfd3mjkrklzf5sgxy

Constructing Crime: Media, Crime, and Popular Culture

Ken Dowler, Thomas Fleming, Stephen L. Muzzatti
2006 Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice  
Of course, academic studies have yet to reveal the extent of this effect; at the time of this writing, there are no studies that show it to be genuine.  ...  As scholars continually mined and refined research on emerging issues and media forms from the 1970s to the present, our knowledge of the relationship between crime, media, and popular culture expanded  ... 
doi:10.3138/cjccj.48.6.837 fatcat:nz6bqwpatzc7pfl6o3pvhxqvoi

Review of Teaching Japanese Popular Culture- Edited by Deborah Shamoon and Chris McMorran

Marco Pellitteri
2019 Mutual Images Journal  
Which, in the context of Area Studies, is only mitigated by the presence of sources in the studied Area's idiom-Japanese, of course, in our case.  ...  Like all the chapters that focus on areas of Jpc going beyond the holy trinity of manga-anime-video games, this is a very interesting essay on how mainstream popular culture is used to teach Japanese.  ... 
doi:10.32926/2018.6.r.pel.teach fatcat:syvknyjxpbdstmzfks2qspfi5u
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