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On the Hardness of Compressing Weights [article]

Bart M. P. Jansen, Shivesh K. Roy, Michał Włodarczyk
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We show that the weighted variant, parameterized by the number of vertices n, is significantly harder than the unweighted problem by presenting an O(n^3 - ε) lower bound on the size of the kernel, under  ...  We investigate computational problems involving large weights through the lens of kernelization, which is a framework of polynomial-time preprocessing aimed at compressing the instance size.  ...  In this work we investigate how the presence of weights in a problem formulation affects the compressibility and kernelization complexity of NP-hard problems.  ... 
arXiv:2107.02554v1 fatcat:zvd3swefanebhk3a5lksq6qakm

A Novel Investigation on Tensile Strength, Compressive Strength, Hardness and Corrosion Resistance of Al6061 Hybrid Composite Reinforced with 15% Weight Fraction of B4C+Fly Ash and Comparing the Outputs with As-Cast Al6061

2022 Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results  
Aim: The primary purpose of the search is comparison of tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness and corrosion resistance of Al6061 hybrid composite reinforced with 15% weight fraction of B4C,Fly  ...  Conclusion: Within the limitations of this study, by doing the comparison of control and experimental groups the composite materials have better properties i.e. by doing the tensile,compressive,hardness  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to express their gratitude towards Saveetha School of Engineering, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences (Formerly known as Saveetha University) for  ... 
doi:10.47750/pnr.2022.13.s04.088 fatcat:aqjxpdogorcbxanbwxeodcr4yy

Novel investigation on tensile strength, compressive strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance of Al6061 hybrid composite with 15 % weight fraction of Silicon carbide and Fly ash and comparing the outputs with as-cast Aluminium 6061

2022 Journal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results  
Results: One-way ANOVA using SPSS software shows that AHMMC with a 15% weight fraction of SiC and Fly ash has a significantly higher tensile strength (38.97 MPa), compressive strength (55.91 kN), and hardness  ...  The aim of this research is to fabricate an aluminium hybrid metal matrix composite reinforced with a 15% weight fraction constituting 7.5% of silicon carbide and 7.5% of fly ash using the stir casting  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to express their gratitude towards Saveetha School of Engineering, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences (Formerly known as Saveetha University) for  ... 
doi:10.47750/pnr.2022.13.s04.062 fatcat:guxvhu3ktzh6xprxny4vjpetli


Jawad K Oleiwi, Qahtan A Hamad, Hadil J Abdul Rahman
fraction (2, 4, 6 and 8wt. %), on compression strength and hardness, and these experiencewere accomplished at a temperature of laboratory.  ...  Alla 2013).This survey illustrate the effect of particle size of powders and weight fraction of natural Bambooand Rice Husk powders on PMMA, with the selected size particles of (25μm and 75μm) andweight  ...  Hardness Test The Figure (4) discusses the dependence of the hardness on weight fraction of Bamboo powders at both particle sizes in PMMA resin.  ... 
doi:10.32852/iqjfmme.v19i1.265 fatcat:za2smchvjvbldnzauprl5vypb4


2021 International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
force in the responses of weight variation, hardness, and mean hardness.  ...  Conclusion: It was possible to apply the Design of Experiment (DoE) methodology in the compression process of the drug Albendazole 400 mg and to evaluate the impact of the parameters of this step on the  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The authors are grateful to the Prati-Donaduzzi company for providing the facility to carry out this work.  ... 
doi:10.22159/ijpps.2021v13i2.40382 fatcat:ga33my5gnrbc7ijrxydcrkmsq4

Effect of Shape on Physico-Chemical Properties of Metronidazole Tablet

Huma Nisar, Sajjad Ali Khan, Yasar shah, Manal A. Alossaimi, Muhammad Abbas
2022 Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology  
The weight variation test performed on different days for round and oblong shape tablets.  ...  The desirable features of a tablet that includes a known value of hardness, friability, disintegration, weight variation and dissolution was carefully evaluated.  ...  One of the reasons behind the elevated hardness in case of round shape is that more area is in contact with the jaws of the hardness tester.  ... 
doi:10.1590/1678-4324-2022210611 doaj:215c41415d2a47869756c193a72c02c5 fatcat:ypiq6dd5mbej3ftbm2rixpqm6a

Study Compression, Hardness and Density properties of PMMA Reinforced by Natural Powder Used in Denture Base applications

Jawad K. Oleiwi
2020 Figshare  
The highest value of compression strength and surface hardness of PMMA composite specimens happened at (9%wt.) of the filler particles.  ...  The powder added in different weights fraction (3%, 6%, 9%, and 12%), and different average particle size (53μm, 106 μm, 150 μm, and 212μm %), and studying Compression Strength, Surface Hardness, and Density  ...  The compression test and surface hardness results showed an increasing, with the increasing the weight fraction of Pistachio Shell filler particles until reach the weight percentage of 9% for all average  ... 
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.12029766 fatcat:ulg7v6hsynhtrammluwzck7xj4

Investigating Influences of Synthesizing Eco-Friendly Waste-Coir-Fiber Nanofiller-Based Ramie and Abaca Natural Fiber Composite Parameters on Mechanical Properties

T. Sathish, Vinayagam Mohanavel, Palanivel Velmurugan, R. Saravanan, T. Raja, M. Ravichandran, Wadi B. Alonazi, Shanmugam Sureshkumar, Atkilt Mulu Gebrekidan, Wilson Aruni
2022 Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications  
Finally, applying 15 Mpa of compression pressure records the maximum shore hardness.  ...  Hybrid composites are fabricated with the influence of different process parameters, namely, fiber weight percentage (20 wt.%, 30 wt.%, 40 wt.%, and 50 wt.%), NaOH action % (4%, 6%, 8%, and 10%), compression  ...  Hardness is one of the mechanical properties that has to ensure the resistance to indentation; normally, the hardness of the MMCs was measured by Rockwell or Brinell hardness tester [31] . is investigation  ... 
doi:10.1155/2022/6557817 pmid:35154295 pmcid:PMC8837429 fatcat:ldpvtdkrc5hpbed3e44tmnag24

Effect of SiC Powder Additive on Mechanical Properties of Al-Pb Alloy Produced by Mechanical Alloying

Suhair G. Hussein, Adnan N. Abood, Nabeel Kadim Abdel Sahib
2018 مجلة النهرين للعلوم الهندسية  
Results show that the additive of SiC powder on the Al-Pb alloy lead to improve the microhardness which increased with increased the percentage of additive, in the other hand, the compressive strength  ...  One of the major usages for Al–Pb alloy are bearing alloys because of its lubricant behavior of Pb phase component.  ...  Mechanical alloying is one of the efficient methods when it compared with the previous methods because it dependent on the mechanical forces such as compressive force, shear or impact to effect particle  ... 
doi:10.29194/njes.21030389 fatcat:h6hty7b7tbguvfpjwv7o5oq3q4


C Pradeep Kumar Reddy, C Gopinath
2018 Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics  
Results and discussion: Main compression force and the Pre-compression force had a significant influence on hardness, thickness, drug release in 0.1N HCl at 120min and drug release in pH 6.5 SIF at 15min  ...  Turret speed had significant impact on final weight variation and content uniformity.  ...  Hardness and Thickness Main compression force and pre-compression force may have impact on Hardness of tablets which will have impact on drug product CQA. Fig.1b and 1c) .  ... 
doi:10.22270/jddt.v8i1.1554 fatcat:aoscfwgt2bettmhrtiep2yjstm

A Combined Feed-Forward/Feed-Back Control System for a QbD-Based Continuous Tablet Manufacturing Process

Ravendra Singh, Fernando Muzzio, Marianthi Ierapetritou, Rohit Ramachandran
2015 Processes  
The precise control of the quality of the pharmaceutical product requires corrective actions in the process/raw material variability before product quality can be influenced.  ...  The feed-forward controller takes into account the effect of process disturbances proactively while the feed-back control system ensures the end product quality consistently.  ...  Acknowledgements This work is supported by the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center on Structured Organic Particulate Systems, through Grant NSF-ECC 0540855.  ... 
doi:10.3390/pr3020339 fatcat:dyflhmq2hrenljeprezkuqmtla

Formulation and Design of Multiunit Particulate System (MUPS) Tablet of Pantoprazole by QbD : Effect of Compression Variables on the Finished Product

Girish Sonar, Swati Rawat
2015 Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science  
The aim of the study was to optimize compression process variables of Pantoprazole oro-dispersible (Multiunit particulate system) MUPS tablet.  ...  Scale up performed on commercial scale compression machine of same make that of lab scale showed reproducible physical and chemical parameters.  ...  The main compression force has effect on tablet hardness, disintegration time, friability and drug release in acidic medium, same in case of pre-compression force.  ... 
doi:10.7324/japs.2015.501016 fatcat:edba6qya7ffk3hf6i4hkuihtxm

Formulation and evaluation of Acyclovir compressed lozenges

Dalya Badry Khudhair, Wedad K. Ali
2022 Al Mustansiriyah Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  
, weight variation, hardness, thickness, friability, dissolving , drug content and in vitro released of drug.  ...  In this study, nine formulations of acyclovir compressed tablet lozenges were prepared to investigate the effects of type and concentration of binders (gelatin, acacia, and tragacanth) on physical appearance  ...  Hardness of tablets depends on the amount of the binder and the compression force.  ... 
doi:10.32947/ajps.v20i4.772 fatcat:2zbltfdz3nefzkztna5xzgjpwu

Mechanical aspects of crimped glass reinforced plastic (GRP) rods

B. Mobasher, D. Kingsbury, J. Montesinos, R.S. Gorur
2003 IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery  
The effects of temperature on weight loss and dimensions stability over the three-hour period were also recorded and discussed.  ...  The results of the investigations show that the tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness for GPR composite decrease proportionally to temperature increase.  ...  on the ultimate tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness.  ... 
doi:10.1109/tpwrd.2003.813871 fatcat:gyhq2oby6retdl3jed4wj7ig4e

A Comparative Study of the Experimental Results of Mechanical Tests of Composite Material Made of Polyester-Reinforced Fiber and Glass Powder

Suha Hashim Ahmed, Ghaidaa Ibrahim Husain
2022 International research journal of innovations in engineering and technology  
the increase is less solid, with the increase in the percentage of weight, the mechanical properties improve with the increase in the percentage of fibers on the contrary when the proportion of the glass  ...  being reinforced with random Pyrex glass powder of random shapes and with different weight proportions of glass powder and glass fibers 10%, 20%, 30% and a study of the effect of this on the properties  ...  5. 5 We recommend the use of composites made of unsaturated polyester reinforced with glass fibers in the industry more than the use of glass powder of random sizes because of their high mechanical and  ... 
doi:10.47001/irjiet/2022.601023 fatcat:3czewjygrjg5bct74sqv3jm4ky
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