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On the Boundary of Behavioral Strategies

Fabio Mogavero, Aniello Murano, Luigi Sauro
2013 2013 28th Annual ACM/IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science  
The price that one has to pay for the high expressiveness of SL semantics is that agents strategies it admits may be not behavioral, i.e., a choice of an agent, at a given moment of a play, may depend  ...  This adds motivations on the importance to restrict our attention to behavioral strategies in SL. In this paper, we achieve the target of identifying sufficient criteria for what is behavioral in SL.  ...  Vardi for useful discussions on the concept of behavioral strategies.  ... 
doi:10.1109/lics.2013.32 dblp:conf/lics/MogaveroMS13 fatcat:d4c2xasa6nhvxmnjv53cc5gujm

Behavioral Approach to Leadership Boundary Spanning Transaction Relationship Pattern

Nasser Fegh-Hi Farahmand
2017 International Journal of Advanced Scientific Research & Development (IJASRD)  
Since then, risk taking taken as one of behavioral approach to leadership boundary spanning transaction relationship's component into consideration.  ...  The term behavioral approach to leadership boundary spanning transaction relationship have declared that risk taking capability of the boundary spanning transaction relationship is the major factor for  ...  On the other hand, implementing a strategy successfully depends on selecting the right boundary spanning transaction relationship and control system to match a company's strategy (Fiedler, 1987, 9) .  ... 
doi:10.26836/ijasrd/2017/v4/i6/4603 fatcat:o3aifybchraaneplb6kmmtnjd4

Self-organized Clustering of Square Objects by Multiple Robots [chapter]

Yong Song, Jung-Hwan Kim, Dylan A. Shell
2012 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Our solution consists of two novel behaviors, Twisting and Digging, which exploit the objects' geometry to pry boxes free from boundaries.  ...  We empirically explored the significance of different divisions of labor by measuring the spatial distribution of robots and the system performance.  ...  Fig. 6 : 6 (a) Motion on the boundary and (b) Flowchart of the digging behavior. Figure 1 ( 1 right) shows the final configuration of the first trial in the mixed strategy.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-32650-9_32 fatcat:k6ti3ruz55e63dgy7cijvkxv4m

Strategies for successful telework: how effective employees manage work/home boundaries

Kelly A. Basile, T. Alexandra Beauregard
2016 Strategic HR Review  
teleworkers), or the majority of the time (full teleworkers).  ...  to permeate the home boundary.  ...  Physical strategies I am one of the lucky ones, I actually have a dedicated office. I've got a door and a lock.  ... 
doi:10.1108/shr-03-2016-0024 fatcat:2q4sgvb2dfad7cn46lm7hpt4y4

We're in it together

Airi Lampinen, Vilma Lehtinen, Asko Lehmuskallio, Sakari Tamminen
2011 Proceedings of the 2011 annual conference on Human factors in computing systems - CHI '11  
The paper concludes by proposing design solutions supportive of collaborative and preventive strategies in boundary regulation that facilitate the management of disclosure online.  ...  While previous work has focused mainly on individual coping strategies, our findings from a qualitative study with 27 participants suggest that collaborative strategies in boundary regulation are of additional  ...  Male, P 1, G 1 When rules of thumb are agreed upon explicitly, they take the form of a collaborative, behavioral strategy.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1978942.1979420 dblp:conf/chi/LampinenLLT11 fatcat:mku75vk6sndzdlqg3jkdpzx4q4

An Experimental Study on Real Option Strategies

Abraham Bernstein, Marc Chesney, Mei Wang
2011 Social Science Research Network  
We find two behavioral biases in the strategies of our participants: ignorance the mean-reverting process, and myopic behavior.  ...  We find two behavioral biases in the strategies by our participants: ignoring the meanreverting process, and myopic behavior.  ...  Financial support from the National Centre of Competence in Research "Financial Valuation and Risk Management" (NCCR FINRISK), Project 3, "Evolution and Foundations of  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.1534506 fatcat:6pg3ijzbizfmndzvvtbjnruk4y

Factors influencing ranchers' intentions to manage for vegetation heterogeneity and promote cross-boundary management in the northern Great Plains

Maggi S. Sliwinski, Mark E. Burbach, Larkin A. Powell, Walter H. Schacht
2018 Ecology and Society  
The subsequent loss of vegetation heterogeneity on private lands is detrimental to ecosystem function.  ...  , and other burrowing colonial mammals, as principal drivers of ecological processes on rangelands.  ...  Thus, we developed a scale based on 8 of the 10 strategies proposed by Freese et al. (2014) for managing for heterogeneity.  ... 
doi:10.5751/es-10660-230445 fatcat:qvehmh7pkne2xhvmvnyusvehlq

Evolutionary hypergame dynamics

Junjie Jiang, Yu-Zhong Chen, Zi-Gang Huang, Ying-Cheng Lai
2018 Physical review. E  
We investigate evolutionary hypergame dynamics on regular lattices using a prototypical model of three available strategies, in which the strategy set of each player contains two of the three strategies  ...  Games in which the players do not have an identical strategy set are hypergames. Studies of hypergame dynamics have been scarce, especially those on networks.  ...  The upper part of the panel appears on the boundary of the large cluster, while others arise on the boundary of the small cluster.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.98.042305 fatcat:7qsi2wabnvaf3cbcuest6j3phi

Structural specification-based testing with ADL

Juei Chang, Debra J. Richardson, Sriram Sankar
1996 Proceedings of the 1996 international symposium on Software testing and analysis - ISSTA '96  
The main contribution is the method that we have developed to derive test conditions, which are descriptions of test cases, from the formal specification of each program unit.  ...  Our technique is fully automatable, and we are currently implementing a tool based on the techniques presented in this paper.  ...  Both represent boundary cases of the normal behavior.  ... 
doi:10.1145/229000.226302 dblp:conf/issta/ChangRS96 fatcat:chymgqknivfrpexs6sndawgdki

Structural specification-based testing with ADL

Juei Chang, Debra J. Richardson, Sriram Sankar
1996 Software engineering notes  
The main contribution is the method that we have developed to derive test conditions, which are descriptions of test cases, from the formal specification of each program unit.  ...  Our technique is fully automatable, and we are currently implementing a tool based on the techniques presented in this paper.  ...  Both represent boundary cases of the normal behavior.  ... 
doi:10.1145/226295.226302 fatcat:xvufpcdbd5aahbzhle77323r7e

Building genuine trust through interpersonal emotion management: A threat regulation model of trust and collaboration across boundaries

Michele Williams
2007 Academy of Management Review  
To explicate the microprocesses of threat regulation, I draw on social cognitive theory, symbolic interactionism, and the psychology of emotion regulation.  ...  I introduce the construct of threat regulation as an agentic interpersonal process for building and maintaining trust.  ...  The four strategies of threat-reducing behavior.  ... 
doi:10.5465/amr.2007.24351867 fatcat:pxfgrv3vj5gjpbil7ehrqtg22q

An Examination Of Global Market Segmentation Bases And Strategic Positioning Decisions

Salah S. Hassan, Stephen H. Craft
2011 International Business & Economics Research Journal  
The manuscript suggests the combined use of macro/country-level as well as micro/behavioral-level bases of segmentation in order to leverage similar strategic positioning across global markets.  ...  This paper examines the conceptual linkages between global segmentation strategy and brand positioning from the perspective of firms operating in increasingly globalized markets.  ...  that transcend the geopolitical boundaries of nations.  ... 
doi:10.19030/iber.v3i9.3725 fatcat:245v5ggwize7dmnyolq7x5gi2a

Coevolutionary Dynamics between Roles and Social Sensitivity in an Extended Minority Game

Keita Nishimoto, Ivan Tanev, Katsunori Shimohara, Reiji Suzuki, Takaya Arita
2012 Artificial Life 13  
The evolutionary simulations demonstrate that the system alternates between two states: one with homogeneous social behavior and the other with heterogeneous behavior.  ...  To examine the the role of this factor, we extend Challet and Zhang's Minority Game by adding a pre-decision communication stage and using a continuous strategy space instead of a binary one, and develop  ...  We focus on the agent whose strategy value remained near the boundary line.  ... 
doi:10.7551/978-0-262-31050-5-ch031 dblp:conf/alife/NishimotoTSSA12 fatcat:6qpf6vvpdzcorpy2l4m4f3kdlm

Bifurcating DNS Thresholds in a Model of Organizational Bridge Building

J. P. Caulkins, G. Feichtinger, D. Grass, G. Tragler
2007 Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications  
These are resisting the influence from inner and outer forces, always fall off from the boundaries or decide based on one's initial state.  ...  A complete analytical description of the bifurcation lines in parameter space is derived, which separates regions with different optimal behavior.  ...  Strategy A: Always Move to the Boundary In stability Regions I, IIa, IIIa and IVa, it is always optimal to move to one of the boundary states ±1, depending only on the sign of the initial starting position  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10957-007-9180-6 fatcat:vlgcuuyktrgudgus7nikgqnbna

Chaotic Dynamics in Asymmetric Rock-Paper-Scissors Games

Wenjun Hu, Gang Zhang, Haiyan Tian, Zhiwei Wang
2019 IEEE Access  
Our theoretical analysis and numerical simulations demonstrate that the dynamical system can give rise to chaotic behavior in zero-sum and positive-sum asymmetric games.  ...  Evolutionary game dynamics is a combination of game theory and dynamical systems.  ...  is exists on the boundary of the simplex.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2956816 fatcat:pmaa6ojbnzfzvbyqoygnwvpwmu
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