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О возможности использования корпуса NOW в курсе английского для специальных целей для студентов специальности «Биотехнология»

Инга Вадимовна Кузнецова, Марина Самуиловна Коган
2020 Компьютерная лингвистика и вычислительные онтологии  
В ходе эксперимента подготовленные с помощью корпуса NOW задания были опробованы в группе бакалавров-биотехнологов 3го курса, изучающих АСЦ.  ...  Обосновывается целесообразность исследования/проверки релевантности корпусов COCA и NOW как дополнительного ресурса в курсе АСЦ для направления подготовки «Биотехнология».  ...  On prospects of using the NOW corpus in ESP course for undergraduates majoring in biotechnology // Computer Linguistics and Computing Ontologies.  ... 
doi:10.17586/2541-9781-2020-4-29-43 fatcat:ibe5hsdpmnfwdgwel4bgbbz4ri

Lexikos 10

Lexikos Lexikos
2012 Lexikos  
Attention was paid to the principle of bi-univocity: one symbol for one sound. Fifty-seven years later, in 1989, the Alphabet Sdentifique des langues du 'Gabon (ASG) was adopted.  ...  In spite of this, they could still find time to often comment extensively on the quality xi Acknowledgement Financial assistance from the National Research Foundation (NRF) towards the presentation of  ...  (Humble 1998: 593) . of their text on corpus data, so the differences now lie in the degree to which corpus material is "processed" on its way into the examples.  ... 
doi:10.5788/10-0-907 fatcat:x2s6x6kj4zfmnkjwstmrdrc6cy


Dilobar Hamzayevna Ilmurodova
2019 Nauka v sovremennom mire  
This article examines the activities of Shaikh Zainiddin Kuyi Orifon (1164-1259), the son of the founder of the Suhravardiy tariqa Shaykh Suhravardiya (1145-1234), on the basis of medieval sources.  ...  It outlines the history of the mausoleum built by Amir Temur, as well as the role of the complex in the history of the spiritual life of Tashkent.  ...  Directorate for the Locomotives Operation of -Uzbekiston Temir Yollari‖ JSC; the economic effect of its implementation is 58.2 million soum in 2016-2017 years. 150 teacher but a good psychologist and  ... 
doi:10.31618/2524-0935-2019-39-6-141-145 fatcat:b4p4qyl22rgcri4dt7p7r6qjhy

Syllables as Representational Units in English Handwritten Production? [chapter]

Markus F. Damian, Qingqing Qu
2017 Research on Writing: Multiple Perspectives  
And we see that to share the power of writing is to share the means for all to articulate their needs, interest, and learning into the great experiment of literacy.  ...  The International Exchanges on the Study of Writing Series publishes booklength manuscripts that address worldwide perspectives on writing, writers, teaching with writing, and scholarly writing practices  ...  Acknowledgments We also wish to thank the International Scientific Committee which selected the articles published here and Sarah de Vogüé without whom this project would not have been such a success.  ... 
doi:10.37514/int-b.2017.0919.2.26 fatcat:g4k2wkim3zgs3mghf2r6gadyry

key thinkers on the environment [chapter]

2006 Fifty Key Thinkers on Development  
Major works Bhagwati, J.N. (1958) Acknowledgement The author is grateful to Andrew Scott, Policy and Programmes Director of the Intermediate Technology Development Group, for his valuable advice in  ...  Major works Acknowledgement I would like to thank Sir Richard Jolly for his clarifying and detailed comments, and Wendy Harcourt for her constructive suggestions on an earlier draft.  ...  The centrality of accumulation, and particularly accumulation on a world scale, encompasses the five major themes in his corpus.  ... 
doi:10.4324/9780203098820-15 fatcat:lj6gsbiptjajfifi4n4iwcrl4i

Mapping and characterization of LCA networks

Anders Bjørn, Mikołaj Owsianiak, Alexis Laurent, Christine Molin, Torbjørn Bochsen Westh, Michael Zwicky Hauschild
2012 The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment  
of the European Commission in the framework of the FP7 Collaborative project Advanced Technologies for the Production of Cement and Clean Aggregates from Construction and Demolition Waste (C2CA), Grant  ...  Acknowledgement: This study is funded by the support programme of National 12 th five-year science and technology (NO. 2011BAC04B003) Acknowledgements: This abstract is realized through the financial support  ...  and politics, be it on a small level for companies or on a large level for political setting of the course for a future sustainable energy supply in a country.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11367-012-0524-6 fatcat:hvpd6ius2ngbxnseecyedpgyim

Proceedings of the 23rd Paediatric Rheumatology European Society Congress: part two

Olga Lomakina, Ekaterina Alekseeva, Sania Valieva, Tatiana Bzarova, Irina Nikishina, Elena Zholobova, Svetlana Rodionovskaya, Maria Kaleda, Yasuo Nakagishi, Masaki Shimizu, Mao Mizuta, Akihiro Yachie (+1459 others)
2017 Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal  
High levels of anti-TNFα have been reported in JDM patients with a long disease course, suggesting it may play a significant role in refractory disease.  ...  Methods: We analysed 78 JIA patients treated in Children`s University Clinical hospital who had MRI exam for TMJ during the period from 2010. to 2015.  ...  Only one patient given 2 courses of rituximab; others given one course.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s12969-017-0142-8 fatcat:eqs7b6ym5vb2nloa7xysag2vum

Presented Abstracts from the Thirty Fifth Annual Education Conference of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (Seattle, WA, September 2016)

2016 Journal of Genetic Counseling  
Abstract Awards Best Full Member Abstract Adapting evidenced based strategies for effective communication in cancer genetic counseling  ...  Since implementation in 2014, the majority of genetic clinic patients now know their OOP expense for specific genetic testing.  ...  Students begin considering career options in high school; however, a majority of GCs do not learn about the career until late in their undergraduate education or after.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10897-016-0027-x pmid:27730413 fatcat:go5fglrpsjdz7cwyt6jttvm4yq

Comment on Toward Critical Contrastive Rhetoric by Ryuko Kubota and Al Lehner

Xii Congreso, Aelfe References Clyne, M Connor, U Connor, U Connor
2013 Journal of English for Academic Purposes   unpublished
A major element of Dynamic Systems Theory is that it focuses more on the interactions between the components of a system and on their changes in time than on the impact of a given factor on a given learner  ...  from use.  ...  A modern course book, for example, is entirely corpus-informed (McCarthy, 2004) and all major publishers now provide corpus-based dictionaries (O'Keeffe, A. et al., 2007: 17) .  ... 

Academic Entrepreneurship: Gendered Discourses and Ghettos

Ylva Fältholm, Lena Abrahamsson, Eva Källhammer
2010 Journal of Technology Management & Innovation  
The data gathered were sorted, coded and analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) now known as the Predictive Analytic Software (PASW) and Excel.  ...  INTRODUCTION Networking and innovative capability is one of the key factors for developing countries to achieve world leading positions in different industrial sectors.  ...  However, there is a dearth of information on the validity of this proposition in Nigeria. Are Nigerian researchers collaborating for R&D among themselves and with others outside their institutions?  ... 
doi:10.4067/s0718-27242010000100004 fatcat:exivwgvlsna7be5rqshbiuvtwq

Nature [chapter]

2017 Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory  
.), Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory, https://doi.  ...  is now a major explicit focus in the science curriculum of most countries around the world.  ...  Schopenhauer's style is not that of the Strunk and White variety or the sort of style US writing clinics might counsel for today's undergraduates, "writing across the curriculum," or the sort of journalistic  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-981-287-588-4_100675 fatcat:k6nsmzfvfbdkrd274vcmkkd7ey

The popularization of academic discourse in the digital age: a corpus-based discourse analysis of TED talks [article]

Antonio Compagnone
' needs and interests in order to design effective ESP courses.  ...  For more than thirty years now it is still considered perhaps the most popular and useful tool to analyse academic and professional genres for ESP applications.  ... 
doi:10.6093/unina/fedoa/10311 fatcat:qs5ofxp3lvgbvfs36zgjzgko7u

Volume 64.2 (2019)

2019 American Studies  
While discourses of Latin Americanism started being propagated on a wider scale in the young United States in the early nineteenth century, when most Latin American colonies of Spain and Portugal declared  ...  His remarks on the impact which Washington Ir-  ...  course of history.  ... 
doi:10.33675/amst/2019/2/1 fatcat:rrsrylupy5bcdc7szab7it4ax4


1995 American Zoologist  
Only one isomorph of each dHH and Mil reacted mainly with the anti-L A b , whereas the other Isoraorph of each hormone was recognized mainly by the anti-D A b .  ...  One isomorph each of the Crustacean Hyperglycemic Hormone (CHH) & the Molt-Inhibltlng Hormone (MIH) were purified by means of RP-HPLC and lon-Exchange-HPLC from crude ea tracts of sinus glands.  ...  The possible value of these adaptations is discussed, as are the prospects for further research on voluntary eye movements in fishes.  ... 
doi:10.1093/icb/35.5.1 fatcat:dsk4lhapgvfbfjxrr2b22z4b2a

Wor(l)ds and meanings in the language of British and Indian university websites

Luisa Caiazzo
Making reference to recent studies which underline the potential of corpus linguistic methodologies for the study of language as a social phenomenon, this dissertation focuses on word meaning (some of  ...  the words analysed are 'international' and 'quality') in a small specialized corpus consisting of the About us section of 340 British and Indian university websites.  ...  A keyword list has then been generated using one corpus as a reference corpus for the other, to provide quantitative data for the prominence of the personal pronoun in the two subcorpora.  ... 
doi:10.6092/unina/fedoa/8393 fatcat:pdup3jy44zc37lmapess5ccmw4
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