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On endo-Cayley digraphs: The hamiltonian property

Montserrat Maureso, Josep M. Brunat
2005 Discrete Mathematics  
In this paper we study the hamiltonicity of endo-Cayley digraphs by using three approaches based on: line digraph, merging cycles and a generalization of the factor group lemma.  ...  Given a finite abelian group A, a subset ⊆ A and an endomorphism of A, the endo-Cayley digraph G A (, ) is defined by taking A as the vertex set and making every vertex x adjacent to the vertices (x) +  ...  Other properties of endo-Cayley digraphs were studied in [4, 2, 14] . In this paper we focus on the hamiltonicity of endo-Cayley digraphs, particularly of consecutive digraphs.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.disc.2004.05.020 fatcat:z2d5xmejevchzb3njgnwhcmqyy


2005 Discrete Mathematics  
Brunat On endo-Cayley digraphs: The hamiltonian property 194 D.W. Morris, J. Morris and D.P. Moulton Flows that are sums of hamiltonian cycles in Cayley graphs on abelian groups 208 J.  ...  Kayll A note on weak Sidon sequences 141 S. Klavzˇar On median nature and enumerative properties of Fibonacci-like cubes 145 M. Kobayashi, G. Nakamura and C.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(05)00407-3 fatcat:rxvtxpybhzgy3krwwreznodnvy

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2005 Discrete Mathematics  
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doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(05)00408-5 fatcat:opa3uuyl7jhbhgyh7f3icvysli

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2005 Discrete Mathematics  
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doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(05)00445-0 fatcat:b5va3kwxz5fufkugwpvscg7oea

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1998 Discrete Mathematics  
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doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(97)86438-2 fatcat:5pjlekl7wzgjtbdluqgggziz7q


2000 Discrete Mathematics  
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doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(00)00198-9 fatcat:pvoli2nzdrc6fjmljo5e2gmmky

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2001 Discrete Mathematics  
one-fold, see also 1-fold one-genus, see also 1-genus one-geodetic, see also 1-geodetic one-graph, see also 1-graph one-Hamiltonian, see also 1-Hamiltonian one-handle, see also 1-handle one-heavy, see  ...  digraph, 1400 , , 1443 , , 1822 , , 2211 , , 2606 , , 2755 , 5931 of a cyclic group, 4720 of a hyperbolic symmetry group, 4331 of a metacyclic group, 3700 on a group, 4336 on an Abelian group, 1876 Cayley  ...  , 1559, 1822, 4175, 5388 Wills conjecture on the number of lattice points in convex bodies, 1950 convex bodies, Wilson, 88, 255, 514, 601, 1376 convex bodies, , 1490 convex bodies, , 1570 convex bodies  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(00)00471-4 fatcat:znxg54q6ifgutnhzj3urcw455y

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1998 Discrete Mathematics  
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doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(98)90328-4 fatcat:s2tsivncvfcilf6jlbl4fx24zq

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Mathematical Reviews  
Endo-circulant digraphs of degree two and Cayley digraphs on finite abelian groups. (English summary) 2000j:05049 Ceccherini-Silberstein, T. G.  ...  (with Zhang, Yuren; Liu, Yan) A class of Hamiltonian and edge symmetric Cayley graphs on symmetric groups.  ... 

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Mathematical Reviews  
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