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On avoidable and unavoidable claws

Xiaoyun Lu, Da-Wei Wang, C.K. Wong
1998 Discrete Mathematics  
We 19 prove that every claw of order n with degree less than ~n appears in every n-vertex tournament. u Thus for large n, the maximum We also construct avoidable claws with degree approaching i3n. tl 2  ...  A claw of degree k is a directed tree consisting of k paths emerging from a common root.  ...  For r,s,t with 3r+2s+t=n-1 and t ~> r, let C(r,s,t) denote the claw whose partition of n-1 has r threes, s twos, and t ones.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(97)00207-0 fatcat:o3dsf6zpfjhlvlxuimk37ks75u


John Palmer De La Fons
1828 The Lancet  
The bolster and claw, G H, are represented as fixed on a decayed tooth A, preparatory to its extraction from the socket B.  ...  support, is pulled by the claw on one side, (as shown by the dotted lines,) and tilts on the part N of the socket as a fulcrum ; this being opposite the bolster, the pull varying from the direction K  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)92023-4 fatcat:bicgfr346rb33c4btptftgppbe

Page 81 of The Lancet Vol. 1, Issue 268 [page]

1828 The Lancet  
J in thes dotted curve J, and pulls the claw H in the direction of the line K L, along which the tooth, having no direct support, is pulled by the claw on one side, (as shown by the dotted lines,) and  ...  - ning first at one side, and stretching the socket, so as to make room for it the easier to slip out; thus the parts are easily and gradually loosened, but in quick succession, thereby avoiding all that  ... 

Author index to volume 184 (1998)

1998 Discrete Mathematics  
Wong, On avoidable and unavoidable claws (Note) (1-3) 259-265 McSorley, J.P., Counting structures in the Mrbius ladder (1-3) 137-164 Morayne, M., Partial-order analogue of the secretary problem: The binary  ...  Shikare and B.N. Waphare, Splitting in a binary matroid (Note) J., On a geometric combinatorial problem (Note) (1-3) 273-279 Savage, C.D. and C.-Q.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0012-365x(97)83859-9 fatcat:lyk7pw4tsjgt7cisllruhse7ni

Page 5473 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 98I [page]

1998 Mathematical Reviews  
|Wong, Chak Kuen] (1-1BM; Yorktown Heights, NY On avoidable and unavoidable claws. (English summary) Discrete Math. 184 (1998), no. 1-3, 259-265.  ...  We also construct avoidable claws with degree approaching 4 n.  ... 

XLII. Account of a new instrument for the extraction of teeth, by the inventor

1801 The Philosophical Magazine  
, the upper part of the fulcrum will, on turning the int~rument, apply itfelf exa&lv oppofite to the end of the claw; the operation is afterwards performed with the greateft facility, and my patients have  ...  by which means the iajary of the jaw-bone and centurion of contiguous foil parts are avoided, a-rid, confequently~ the molt painful part of the operation.  ... 
doi:10.1080/14786440108675924 fatcat:c5kdtmybdzafjlejmm4taeflz4

A Brief Description of a Newly-Invented Instrument, for the Extraction of Balls from Gun-Shot Wounds

J B Ruspini
1806 The Medical and physical journal  
urge on-Dent ist to his Royal Highness the Prince of if ales.  ...  In the first place, when the ball takes a straight direction, this instrument, on being introduced, discovers the depth of the wound, and immediately on coming into contact with the ball, the secret springs  ...  A is the handle; BB the secret springs, by means of which the claws open when they come in contact with the ball; CC the straight probe; and D the claws, which close immediately when they have seized the  ... 
pmid:30491173 pmcid:PMC5671210 fatcat:uhpv3z4j35dypbli5y6mx33flq

Phakic Iris-Claw IOL Implantation, with Bursa Technique, through a Self-Sealing Scleral Tunnel and without Iridotomy or Iridectomy

H. Ozcetin, M. Baykara, A.T. Ozmen, O. Yalcinbayir
2009 European Journal of Ophthalmology  
We consider that the unique anterior convex and posterior concave shape of iris-claw IOL allows the aqueous to flow easily between the chambers and a properly implanted IOL has no effect on the iris-lens  ...  In this pilot study; all cases were evaluated on the first postoperative day, the first week, the first month, and the third month.  ... 
doi:10.1177/112067210901900103 pmid:19123144 fatcat:js5bfvdwuzg45avyiblum6dvbi

Page 4063 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 97G [page]

1997 Mathematical Reviews  
In this note the author uses the max-flow min-cut theorem to construct n-unavoidable rooted 2-trees of order n. It is also shown that certain claws of order n and degree < in are avoidable.  ...  Moon (3-AB; Edmonton, AB) 97g:05054 05C05 Lu, Xiaoyun |Lu, Xiao Yun'| (1-IL; Urbana, IL) On avoidable and unavoidable trees. (English summary) J. Graph Theory 22 (1996), no. 4, 335-346.  ... 

9-Connected Claw-Free Graphs Are Hamilton-Connected

Stephan Brandt
1999 Journal of combinatorial theory. Series B (Print)  
While the final result cl R (G) is again claw-free, it may be unavoidable to obtain claws in the process of adding edges to K 4 &e's.  ...  This implies that v i+1 v p # E(H) to avoid a claw centered in x=v i (see Fig. 1 ). Now consider the graph induced by [v j , v j&1 , v j+1 , v i ].  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I thank Wayne Goddard for proposing the stepwise approach to Ryja c ek's closure, Hajo Broersma and Huib Trommel for pointing out a mistake in an earlier version, and the referees for their  ... 
doi:10.1006/jctb.1998.1871 fatcat:shaho73nlnha3ghkes3in4ribe

Claw condition and claw health in dairy cows: how important is access to pasture?

Nina Volkmann, Nicole Kemper
2018 The Veterinary Record  
Even though a claw health problem is underestimated by many dairy producers in Ethiopia, it is widely regarded as one of the major productivity, health and welfare issues for dairy cows.  ...  Laminitis, claw disease, digital dermatitis, and foot rot are the most frequent causes of claw health problems.  ...  It should have the right friction to avoid accidents and to assure that the wear on the claw is not too much or too little. The floors must also be easy to clean, dry and hygienic.  ... 
doi:10.1136/vr.k193 pmid:29351973 fatcat:fvezrasfpzcchp3arrs7xa3ft4

Modified attachment method using an S-O clip for gastric endoscopic submucosal dissection

Mitsuru Nagata
2019 VideoGIE  
USE OF THE S-O CLIP IN RETROFLEXED POSITION (VIDEO CASE 1) Figure 1 . 1 The S-O clip has a 5-mm-long spring and a 4-mm-long nylon loop at one side of the clip claws.  ...  However, in most traction methods, the direction of traction is limited to the oral side, and interference between the endoscope and the traction device in the cardia is unavoidable. 6 The S-O clip (  ...  Interference between the endoscope axis and spring during submucosal dissection rarely occurs in the forward position.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.vgie.2018.12.015 pmid:31032463 pmcid:PMC6477632 fatcat:zkfd6q4tsjfrdjzrg62toue2zm

Page 126 of Journal of Field Ornithology Vol. 28, Issue 3 [page]

1957 Journal of Field Ornithology  
Even with top-quality traps, some injuries are unavoidable and occasional casualties have to be expected. A bird hopping into a treadle trap may drop the door on another bird just on the threshold.  ...  126] Low, Banding With Mist Nets es Titmice, and Cardinals.'* They flutter and fight the net continually, gather fold after fold of netting in their claws, and tangle themselves badly.  ... 

Page 1020 of Open Court Vol. 2, Issue 41 [page]

1888 Open Court  
“J thank you for your civilities which one cannot avoid, and to which no one attributes anything.  ...  “T beg of you, Hummel,” rejoined his wife, dis- pleased, “do not annoy us by finding fault with the civilities which are unavoidable on such an occasion, and of which no one takes advantage.”  ... 

Clinically-Relevant Chemotherapy Interactions with Complementary and Alternative Medicines in Patients with Cancer

Kevin Yap, Cheng See, Alexandre Chan
2010 Recent Patents on Food, Nutrition & Agriculture  
However, the effects of many of these herbs are not well-documented due to limited studies done on them.  ...  Furthermore, close monitoring of pharmacological effects and plasma drug levels should be carried out to avoid toxicity and ensure adequate chemotherapeutic coverage in patients with cancer.  ...  Nonetheless, patients on therapy with retinoids and photosensitizing agents should avoid co-administration of St.  ... 
doi:10.2174/2212798411002010012 pmid:20653549 fatcat:gttz3ouaxbhzrff3rg5eb2wl5q
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