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Code Generation for Event-B [article]

Victor Rivera
2016 arXiv   pre-print
We also used EventB2Java for the development of two software applications. Additionally, we compared EventB2Java against two other tools for Event-B code generation.  ...  We used the tool to translate several Event-B models. It generated JML-annotated Java code for all the considered models that serve as initial implementation.  ...  the above Event-B model are discharged in Rodin, so one can be sure about the correctness of the system modelled. 3. the Event-B model is automatically translated to Java using the EventB-2Java tool. 4  ... 
arXiv:1602.02004v1 fatcat:xxpeia2gpzc5rhckllafzispqm

Code generation for Event-B

Víctor Rivera, Néstor Cataño, Tim Wahls, Camilo Rueda
2015 International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT)  
In modelling in Event-B, one needs to prove the system consistent by discharging proof obligations (POs). Rodin, the Eclipse IDE for working with Event-B, automatically generates the POs.  ...  EventB2Java is another plug-in for Rodin. It takes an Event-B model and translates it to a JMLannotated Java program. Figure 5 . 6 : 56 General structure of EventB2Java Rodin plug-in.  ...  presented in Figures 6.1 and 6.2, Rodin generates a "search/k /WFIS" proof obligation 104 Chapter 6 -Translating Event-B Machines Proof Obligations to Dafny The theorem Proof Obligation: it states that  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10009-015-0381-2 fatcat:6zktb6u6trhobl4nzqg4rnxca4

A Logical Framework for Verifying Privacy Breaches of Social Networks [article]

Néstor Cataño
2018 arXiv   pre-print
It builds on a predicate logic definition for social networking that caters for common aspects of existing social networks such as users, social network content, friendship, permissions over content, and  ...  These types of privacy breaches are often unintentional in social networks like Facebook, and hence, (more) in-place mechanisms are needed to make social network users aware of the consequences of changing  ...  Rodin provides an API for the data model and persistence layer that allows plug-ins to work with Event-B components.  ... 
arXiv:1806.03519v1 fatcat:4wgpaowk6jch5cfc7mwchfj3xu

Fourteen Years of Software Engineering at ETH Zurich [article]

Bertrand Meyer
2017 arXiv   pre-print
A Chair of Software Engineering existed at ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Insti-tute of Technology, from 1 October 2001 to 31 January 2016, under my leader-ship.  ...  Our work, summarized here, covered a wide range of theoretical and practi-cal topics, with object technology in the Eiffel method as the unifying thread .  ...  It takes two to tango; the Rodin team had its own interests and the B prover remained bound to its original goal, supporting the refinement-based B process.  ... 
arXiv:1712.05078v2 fatcat:g4z4x7gn3zdmvpc7uaan55mw24

Positive Technologies for Promoting Emotion Regulation Abilities in Adolescents [chapter]

Esther Judith Schek, Fabrizia Mantovani, Olivia Realdon, Joao Dias, Ana Paiva, Sarit Schramm-Yavin, Ruth Pat-Horenczyk
2016 Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering  
and describing where they felt specific emotions in response to these events.  ...  Thus, what individuals do to regulate their emotions -such as going out to a bar with friends in order to get their mind off a bad day at work -often involves multiple regulatory processes.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-49655-9_23 fatcat:qb3iko2y4zcdzcuntaihuljg4e

Medical Complications in Children and Adolescents: A Review of Cardiac Complications in Children and Adolescents with Eating Disorders [chapter]

Pei-Yoong Lam
2017 Encyclopedia of Feeding and Eating Disorders  
It would seem clearly to be in the best interests of students with eating disorders to engage in evidence-based treatments as soon as possible and, for those with more severe illness, to undergo treatment  ...  Anorexia nervosa, while less common, carries a high risk in terms of personal health and safety; it has the highest mortality of all psychiatric disorders both in relation to physical risk and suicidal  ...  This creates space around events, thereby decreasing automatic responses and promoting flexibility.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-981-287-104-6_117 fatcat:2unlzdixpnhdjgj53r27wnk3nq

Forecast in Capital Markets

Dimitri O. Ledenyov, Viktor O. Ledenyov
2016 Social Science Research Network  
McCurdy (1998) , Edison (1998) , Fleming, Kirby, Ostdiek (1998) , Garfinkel, Nimalendran (1998) , George (1998) , Hansch, Naik, Viswanathan (1998) , Hau (1998) , Hau, Killeen, Moore (2000, 2002a, b)  ...  2003, 2006) , Menkhoff, Taylor (2007) , Frömmel, Mende, Menkhoff (2008) , Menkhoff, Schmeling (2008, 2010) , Miller, Reuer (1998), Miville, DiMillo (1998) , Nagayasu (1998) , Neely (1998, 2000a, b,  ...  Quantum logic allows a and b to be realized, depending on a and b events probabilities distributions equal to square of the Schrödinger's wave function. 2.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2802085 fatcat:ngsuh5uczngv7f7kkuzhgp4xcy

Special Issue: Engineering and Applications of Software Agents

Amelia B˘ Adic˘, Zoran Budimac, Anton Železnikar, Matjaž Gams, Jožef Stefan, Drago Torkar, Jožef Stefan, Juan Carlos, Augusto, Argentina, Vladimir Batagelj, Slovenia (+17 others)
2016 unpublished
When accepted, publication in Informatica is guaranteed in less than one year after the Executive Editors receive the corrected version of the article.  ...  Each editor can propose new members for the Editorial Board or referees. Editors and referees inactive for a longer period can be automatically replaced.  ...  Acknowledgment The authors would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for the constructive comments.  ... 

International Business Research, Vol.2, No.1, January 2009

Editor IBR
2009 International Business Research  
programme in order to change the face of Oldham and to cement the borough's position in the drive for economic development.  ...  Page 3 of the strategy document states the mission as follows:- Our Values, on which we will build a better future, will continue to shape everything we do:-We believe in good, safe, living environment  ...  and McGuire, 1994) : ( ) ( ) i i i U B B R C (5) The function ( ) B refers to the benefit patients get from treatment in hospital i.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ibr.v2n1p0 fatcat:f54zzfb7wndqrb57im7fswsgge

International Business Research, Vol.1, No.1, January 2008

Editor IBR
2009 International Business Research  
programme in order to change the face of Oldham and to cement the borough's position in the drive for economic development.  ...  Page 3 of the strategy document states the mission as follows:- Our Values, on which we will build a better future, will continue to shape everything we do:-We believe in good, safe, living environment  ...  and McGuire, 1994) : ( ) ( ) i i i U B B R C (5) The function ( ) B refers to the benefit patients get from treatment in hospital i.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ibr.v1n1p0 fatcat:uhjtmeojwbdt5mp7l7ygkzkxtu

Verifying concurrent programs: Refinement, synchronization, sequentialization

Bernhard Kragl, Thomas Henzinger
This is due to the sheer number of possible interleavings of a concurrent program, all of which have to be tracked and accounted for in a formal proof.  ...  In a second line of work, we present two new reduction-based program transformations that target asynchronous programs.  ...  Wilcox for comments that improved this paper. This research was supported in part by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) under grants S11402-N23 (RiSE/SHiNE) and Z211-N23 (Wittgenstein Award).  ... 
doi:10.15479/at:ista:8332 fatcat:tyek3rj4bbckdnwojkkxo5eoly

International Business Research, Vol.1, No.4, October 2008

Editor IBR
2009 International Business Research  
The earlier version of this refereed paper was accepted (on 3-3-2008) for presentation at the 5th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM'08), 2008, Melbourne, Australia  ...  Acknowledgements Our special thanks to the valuable contribution, Dr Jeffrey Keddie, Department of Management, Monash University made to the preparation of this paper.  ...  It can be shown the relation between two kinds of recursion algorithms by the following Theorem 3. it is similar with the FPE rule of traditional method.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ibr.v1n4p0 fatcat:jjjrpvua6neq7fvcsmfikrvwfy

Présentée et soutenue par : Directeur(s) de Thèse : Rapporteurs : Membre(s) du jury

M Chevrou, M Philippe, Queinnec Mme, Aurelie Hurault, M Mosbah, Inp Bordeaux, M Stephan, Nancy, Carole Mme, Universite Delporte, Paris, Président Mme (+2 others)
2017 unpublished
This work results in a detailed map one can use to develop a new model or find the one that best fits given needs.  ...  Thus, the models are classified in terms of ordering properties and according to the level of abstraction of the different specifications. The concept of refinement covers these two aspects.  ...  Acknowledgements I wish to thank Professor Shin Nakajima for his warm welcome and precious advice during my internship at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo.  ... 

Where is cognition? Towards an embodied, situated, and distributed interactionist theory of cognitive activity [article]

Stephen Hill, University Of Canterbury
Several shared themes are extracted from the findings in these research programmes including: a focus on agent-environment systems as the primary unit of analysis; an attention to agent-environment interaction  ...  dynamics; a vision of the cognizer's internal mechanisms as essentially reactive and decentralised in nature; and a tendency for mutual definitions of agent, environment, and activity.  ...  One then constructs an algorithm that will get from the former to the latter.  ... 
doi:10.26021/8413 fatcat:4ehpjwfgn5afllfa777ucy2paa

McLuhan's Bulbs: Light Art and the Dawn of New Media

Tina Rivers Ryan
two.  ...  Drawing on extensive archival research to offer the first major history of light art, the project focuses in particular on the work of leading light artist Otto Piene, whose sculptural "light ballets,"  ...  Goldin's article ran in the same issue as the second in a series of four articles by Therese Schwartz on "The Politicization of the Avant-Garde."  ... 
doi:10.7916/d82v2g52 fatcat:o5kyjkjnvjcpfkfrq7vmnji5pa
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