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On Strict Brambles [article]

Emmanouil Lardas and Evangelos Protopapas and Dimitrios M. Thilikos and Dimitris Zoros
2022 arXiv   pre-print
one.  ...  The strict bramble number of G, denoted by sbn(G), is the maximum order of a strict bramble in G.  ...  The strict bramble number was used in [1] in order to study the relation of treewidth and the gonality on particular classes of graphs. Strict brambles.  ... 
arXiv:2201.05783v1 fatcat:vhqb3gfn2ves7j4c33unlq3q6q

Treewidth and gonality of glued grid graphs [article]

Ivan Aidun, Frances Dean, Ralph Morrison, Teresa Yu, Julie Yuan
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Our main technique is constructing strict brambles of large orders.  ...  The bramble number (resp. strict bramble number) of a graph is the maximum order of a bramble (resp. strict bramble) on G. We denote the bramble number bn(G) and the strict bramble number sbn(G).  ...  We build a strict bramble B = C ∪ D ∪ E on T m,n as follows.  ... 
arXiv:1808.09475v2 fatcat:2imvhh4iavcp3pqdyuaykpyoci

Page 366 of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. 24, Issue 4 [page]

1870 The New England Historical and Genealogical Register  
. 2: let y" be no bushes to beare him vp: cut them down y‘ doe; & the vigilancy of magistracy will looke to that to haue a strict eye vpon them y' may; y™ many idle seruants y‘ liue w‘out rule; y‘ the  ...  by those ways y' haue been mentioned, then be sure he will vse it w" he hath got his helue & he will pick some vaine beggarly discontented sp: here and there that will be m* sure by money & gifts, & on  ... 

Page 295 of Bentley's Miscellany Vol. 57, Issue [page]

1865 Bentley's Miscellany  
On the other hand, though with strict consistency, we are assured, that the recital of a generous, humane, or grateful action, never fails to draw from him tears of approbation, which he is often greatly  ...  Matthew Bramble is one who is said to affect misanthropy, in order to conceal the sensibility of a heart which is tender even to a degree of weakness. “ This delicacy of feeling, or soreness of the mind  ... 

Hypertree width and related hypergraph invariants

Isolde Adler, Georg Gottlob, Martin Grohe
2007 European journal of combinatorics (Print)  
We prove that, up to a constant factor, hypertree-width is the same as a number of other hypergraph invariants that resemble graph invariants such as bramble-number, branchwidth, linkedness, and the minimum  ...  The fifth inequality is strict for the trivial hypergraph consisting of one vertex and one hyperedge containing it. We do not know if there is a hypergraph for which the second inequality is strict.  ...  Example 3 shows that there is a hypergraph H for which the first inequality is strict.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ejc.2007.04.013 fatcat:nw4euvvqtncgdj4a5bubq44vrq

Melting pot of biodiversity: first insights into the evolutionary patterns of the Colchic bramble flora (RubussubgenusRubus, Rosaceae)

Michal Sochor, Bohumil Trávníček
2016 Botanical journal of the Linnean Society  
Therefore, the objectives of this study were to shed light on the evolution, diversity and reproduction modes of Rubus in one of the two Caucasian glacial refugia, Colchis.  ...  Intra-individual variation in reproduction mode was low, as the morphoseries Glandulosi and Radula exhibited strict sexuality and other taxa were mostly apomictic.  ...  Majesk y and the anonymous reviewers for valuable comments on the manuscript, and D. Kharazishivili for allowing revision of the Batumi herbarium collection.  ... 
doi:10.1111/boj.12436 fatcat:w7vpslap7zfzbaiif76rl64tvi

Ben Bramble, Pandemic Ethics - 8 Big Questions of COVID-19, (Bartleby Books), 2020

Anne Lykkeskov
2020 Ethical Theory and Moral Practice  
the moral conclusions Bramble arrives at.  ...  And this seems not to be the path that Bramble is taking.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10677-020-10131-x fatcat:k4ywoqsamvgklpflge4tjopbna

Partitions versus sets: A case of duality

Laurent Lyaudet, Frédéric Mazoit, Stéphan Thomassé
2010 European journal of combinatorics (Print)  
They thus unify all known ad-hoc proofs in one single theorem.  ...  Precisely, a partitioning tree on a finite set E is a tree T , the leaves of which are identified to the elements of E in a one-to-one way.  ...  Here are some points in which our approach differs significantly: • In [1] , the ''interesting'' brambles are the non-principal ones.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.ejc.2009.09.004 fatcat:x7vbkdtzpnavlgrtkmltznbqkm

Page 194 of Knowledge : A Monthly Record of Science Vol. 4, Issue 100 [page]

1883 Knowledge : A Monthly Record of Science  
Yet the difference between the stone bramble and the raspberry in this respect is far less than one might at first imagine; both have perennial creeping root-stocks as reserves of material; but that of  ...  The eider- ducks that inhabit some of the low mossy islands there- abouts, are guarded by strict legislative regulations during their incubation period, lest they should emigrate, and the down-harvest  ... 

Wordsworth and the Bramble

Abbie Findlay Potts
1920 Journal of English and Germanic Philology  
Tinker on The Poet, the Bramble, and Reconstruction.  ...  He Desisted, and the quarry and the mound Are monuments of his unfinished task.8 To the bramble the poet consigned the fragments: If thou art one On fire with thy impatience to become  ...  When the Hie facet and the Requiescat in pace shall have felt the touch, may we assume that Dorothy Wordsworth's bramble will on that early spring-day, too, be found in the van with 'the evergreens and  ... 

Page 181 of Godey's Magazine Vol. 44, Issue 3 [page]

1852 Godey's Magazine  
It teaches a direct and strict morality, yet a metaphorical morality rather than ethical dissertation.  ...  Then said all the trees unto the bramble, Come thou and reign over us.  ... 

Page 450 of Gentes Herbarum Vol. 5, Issue 6 [page]

1943 Gentes Herbarum  
For many years this bramble has troubled me, being placed in one cover and then in another; I conclude at last that the plant is still another species. + 200. Rubus probativus, spec. nov. Fig. 204.  ...  Vigorous erect gray-green scratchy bramble, becoming much-branched, with narrow and pointed leaflets 3 or 5 on the primocanes, prickles hooked and stout but not very large, flowers and small seedy fruits  ... 

Covid-19: some thoughts about the ethical issues dealing with the pandemic crisis

Ben Bramble
2021 S&  
These and other questions are addressed with the guiding aid of Ben Bramble whose insightful thoughts about Covid-19 could be very fruitful for reflecting deeply about the pandemic consequences with regard  ...  The example of Australia has shown that strict lockdowns, accompanied by excellent testing, contact-tracing, and quarantine processes, can more or less eliminate this particular virus and allow us to go  ...  But in health emergencies like this one, it can require much more still.  ... 
doaj:b59afac85452444bab21ddddedb60066 fatcat:roto64xvevaudgd4wlbsiqjhge

Page 624 of Gentes Herbarum Vol. 5, Issue 9 [page]

1944 Gentes Herbarum  
IX, 45 supra glabra, molli-pubescentia et grisea infra, margines stricte et acu is- sime serrati; petiolus et petioluli aculeis uncatis; foliola primocanor m ovato-lanceolata vel oblongo-lanceolata, 7-  ...  Tall slender more or less climbing or scrambling bramble in bushes aid trees and not supporting itself, with narrow dentate but not deeply argute leaf margins, floricane leaflets tending to be obovate,  ... 

Page 153 of The American Economic Review Vol. 48, Issue 1 [page]

1958 The American Economic Review  
To achieve apparent simplicity an author must thread a narrow path between a bog of technical complications on one side and a bramble of inaccuracies on the other, and sometimes the path fades out completely  ...  She therefore arbi- trarily wrote strict equalities in place of two of the inequality constraints that arose naturally in the example around which that chapter is written.  ... 
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