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On planar valued CSPs

Peter Fulla, Stanislav Živný
2017 Journal of computer and system sciences (Print)  
We study the computational complexity of planar valued constraint satisfaction problems (VCSPs), which require the incidence graph of the instance be planar.  ...  Second, we give a complete complexity classification of conservative planar VCSPs on arbitrary finite domains.  ...  Boolean Valued CSPs In this section, we will consider only languages on a Boolean domain D = {0, 1}.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jcss.2017.03.005 fatcat:75fcmvfb6bc77dj3qjupko5u5e

Influence of defect reduction and strain relaxation on carrier dynamics in InGaN-based light-emitting diodes on cone-shaped patterned sapphire substrates

Kyu-Seung Lee, Isnaeni, Yang-Seok Yoo, Jae-Hoon Lee, Yong-Chun Kim, Yong-Hoon Cho
2013 Journal of Applied Physics  
Edge-type threading dislocations were dramatically reduced in InGaN multiple quantum wells (MQWs) on CSPS substrates compared to the case of planar substrates.  ...  From time-resolved optical analysis, we found that the non-radiative (radiative) recombination rate of MQWs on CSPS is lower (higher) than that of MQWs on planar substrates, which is consistent with improved  ...  Finally, we note that although overall optical properties and EQE values of LEDs on CSPS were distinctly improved by the use of CSPS, both LED samples encountered efficiency droop at high current injection  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.4803515 fatcat:7hw3odtnhrabzaaz2mphnz3ql4

A New Method for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Raimund Seidel
1981 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence  
It will be shown that for planar graphs and graphs of fixed genus this f is 0(/n).  ...  This paper deals with the combinatorial search problem of finding values for a set of variables subject to a set of constraints. This problem is referred to as a constraint satisfaction problem.  ...  But we will concentrate on planar graphs. The importance of this class is illustrated by the fact that for instance most CSPs arising in A.I. vision involve planar constraint graphs.  ... 
dblp:conf/ijcai/Seidel81 fatcat:rfxawpf6kzchdeqxx6pjt7oume

Spatial correlation between optical properties and defect formation in GaN thin films laterally overgrown on cone-shaped patterned sapphire substrates

Kyu-Seung Lee, Ho-Sang Kwack, Jun-Seok Hwang, Tae-Moo Roh, Yong-Hoon Cho, Jae-Hoon Lee, Yong-Chun Kim, Chang Soo Kim
2010 Journal of Applied Physics  
A dramatic reduction in the luminescence dark spot density and a red-shifted excitonic emission were found for GaN on CSPS compared to GaN on planar sapphire substrates.  ...  This study examines the influence of the growth mode on defect formation and strain relaxation in GaN thin films grown on cone-shaped patterned sapphire ͑CSPS͒ substrates by metal-organic chemical vapor  ...  Color online͒ Schematics of ͑a͒ GaN on planar and ͑b͒ CSPS substrates.  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.3388014 fatcat:egehjs4awneubjjtrn2ijfmhwe

Trapping surface plasmon polaritons on ultrathin corrugated metallic strips in microwave frequencies

Yan Yang, Xiaopeng Shen, Pei Zhao, Hao Chi Zhang, Tie Jun Cui
2015 Optics Express  
We also show that such ultrathin corrugated metallic strip can be printed on flexible dielectric film to support conformal surface plasmons (CSPs) on arbitrary surfaces.  ...  In this review paper, we introduce a kind of planar or flexible plasmonic metamaterial on thin metal films with nearly zero thickness.  ...  On the other hand, the constantly high field value in the vicinity of film edge provides possibility to couple EM waves between different planar plasmonic metamaterials.  ... 
doi:10.1364/oe.23.007031 pmid:25837047 fatcat:hueknxlnxjajdbqxg3a34wjary

On the Efficiency of Backtracking Algorithms for Binary Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Achref El Mouelhi, Philippe Jégou, Cyril Terrioux, Bruno Zanuttini
2012 International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics  
By relating the complexity of CSP algorithms to graph-theoretic parameters, our analysis allows us to point at new tractable classes, which can be solved directly by the usual CSP algorithms in polynomial  ...  In this paper, we address the issue of tractable classes of CSPs from a different perspective.  ...  like to thank Maria Chudnowsky for their fruitful discussion, about graphs theory, perfect graphs and links with classes of graphs related to the clique problem, and the links with the microstructure of CSPs  ... 
dblp:conf/isaim/MouelhiJTZ12 fatcat:fjqr6zezvvcnnk2qtsg7s3eede

BDA: A novel method for identifying defects in body-centered cubic crystals

Johannes J. Möller, Erik Bitzek
2016 MethodsX  
For body-centered cubic (bcc) metals, on the other hand, a robust way to identify such defects is currently not easily available.  ...  Further characterization according to the CSP was difficult as the determined CSP values were highly depended on the used interatomic potential.  ...  For a perfect bulk structure all vectors cancel out and the CSP is zero, but whenever the symmetry around an atom is broken, e.g., in presence of a vacancy or a surface, it takes on values larger than  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.mex.2016.03.013 pmid:27114926 pmcid:PMC4831984 fatcat:k56w5h3etnbatiqcnnj4pgyh54

On the aromatic stabilization energy of the 4N π electron pyrene

J.I. Wu, M.A. Dobrowolski, M.K. Cyrański, B.L. Merner, G.J. Bodwell, Y. Mo, P.v.R. Schleyer
2009 Molecular Physics  
Schaefer on the occasion of his 65 th birthday. We  ...  For butadiene, there are two Csp 2 -H favoring the left side of the equation, but one extra Csp 2 -Csp 2 favoring the right side.  ...  The number of, e.g., Csp 2 -H and Csp 3 -H bonds are not the same on both sides of such equations, and their bond energies differ.  ... 
doi:10.1080/00268970902784918 fatcat:t26ynanj65c73jumfchasf6oaa


Jasminka Popović, Draginja Mrvoš-Sermek, Vesna Tralić-Kulenović
2001 Acta Crystallographica Section E  
The molecule is not planar; the furan ring is inclined at an angle of 26.5 to the phenyl ring. The crystal structure is dominated by van der Waals forces.  ...  The Csp 2 Ð Csp 2 bond distance value is slightly longer than the average value of 1.432 A Ê (Allen et al., 1987) .  ...  The Csp 2 -Csp 2 bond distance value is slightly longer than the average value of 1.432 Å (Allen et al., 1987) .  ... 
doi:10.1107/s1600536801013472 fatcat:jv2ldntbe5cq3eylfvsjzz7dme

Launching and controlling Gaussian beams from point sources via planar transformation media

Hayrettin Odabasi, Kamalesh Sainath, Fernando L. Teixeira
2018 Physical review B  
Based on operations prescribed under the paradigm of Complex Transformation Optics (CTO) [1-5], it was recently shown in [5] that a complex source point (CSP) can be mimicked by a parity-time (PT) transformation  ...  can still mimic a CSP and produce Gaussian beam.  ...  Third, by using negative values for the real part of the CTO mapping equations,it was demonstrated that a real point source placed one side of the metamaterial slab can be mapped to an equivalent CSP on  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevb.97.075105 fatcat:nt3a6pdgmncq7owmhjqu7yjmfm

Holographic Algorithms with Matchgates Capture Precisely Tractable Planar #CSP [article]

Jin-Yi Cai and Pinyan Lu and Mingji Xia
2010 arXiv   pre-print
., polynomial time computable) on general graphs, or (2) those which are \#P-hard on general graphs but ractable on planar graphs, or (3) those which are #P-hard even on planar graphs.  ...  They capture precisely those problems which are #P-hard on general graphs but computable in polynomial time on planar graphs.  ...  The proof of this dichotomy theorem for planar #CSP is built on the one for planar Holant c in Section 4.  ... 
arXiv:1008.0683v1 fatcat:fajxmqnyovhynkj6tchbxog55a

Fast counting with tensor networks [article]

Stefanos Kourtis, Claudio Chamon, Eduardo R. Mucciolo, Andrei E. Ruckenstein
2018 arXiv   pre-print
We first prove analytically that full tensor contraction can be performed in subexponential time for #CSP instances defined on graphs with sublinear separators.  ...  Our results promote tensor network contraction algorithms as a powerful practical tool for fast solution of some #CSPs.  ...  On the other hand, even stronger results can be obtained for tensor networks of planar or fixed-genus #CSP instances if restrictions are imposed on tensor values [15] [16] [17] 20] .  ... 
arXiv:1805.00475v1 fatcat:3zjofkimarb2xjinhvremrxxwu

Mapping the complexity of counting problems

Heng Guo
2016 Bulletin of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science  
To understand the power of holographic algorithms, we want to consider #CSP defined on planar graphs.  ...  value.  ...  Contract all vertices on C to one vertex v and get a new graph G ′ . Pick an arbitrary spanning tree T of G ′ .  ... 
dblp:journals/eatcs/Guo16 fatcat:zpu4ayk34rbaplkrln4le7l47a

FKT is Not Universal — A Planar Holant Dichotomy for Symmetric Constraints

Jin-Yi Cai, Zhiguo Fu, Heng Guo, Tyson Williams
2021 Theory of Computing Systems  
AbstractWe prove a complexity classification for Holant problems defined by an arbitrary set of complex-valued symmetric constraint functions on Boolean variables.  ...  There are problems that are #P-hard on general graphs but polynomial-time solvable on planar graphs.  ...  Part II Planar #CSP 2 Dichotomy In Part II of this paper, we prove Theorem 9.2, which is the complexity dichotomy theorem of Pl-#CSP 2 (F), where F is a set of complex-valued symmetric signatures on Boolean  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00224-021-10032-1 fatcat:7c3h3uufundwfkeirfralptkyu

The Complexity of Planar Boolean #CSP with Complex Weights [chapter]

Heng Guo, Tyson Williams
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We prove a complexity dichotomy theorem for symmetric complex-weighted Boolean #CSP when the constraint graph of the input must be planar.  ...  We also obtain a dichotomy theorem for a symmetric arity 4 signature with complex weights in the planar Holant framework, which we use in the proof of our #CSP dichotomy.  ...  We also thank him for his careful reading and insightful comments on a draft of this work as well as for the proof of Lemma 4.2.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-39206-1_44 fatcat:ormuxbgvfjbr5kuve4ybzzgjmi
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