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Page 63 of The Solicitors' Journal Vol. 32, Issue 4 [page]

1887 The Solicitors' Journal  
Barratt, Ernest Barrowclough, John Bartlett, Edward Whiteley Barton, Henry Alexander, B.A.  ...  , John Tatham Mote, Henry William Munby, Frederick Hugh Muncaster, Edward Needham, Robert Nevins, Victor Edgar Eamonson Newstead, Charles Vincent Newton, Oliver Nicholson, Charles Leopold William Oakey  ... 

Page 486 of The Lancet Vol. , Issue 4381 [page]

1907 The Lancet  
Thomas’s ee Joseph Howell Lloyd, private study; Gerald Roche Lynch, St.  ...  Barrowclough Horrocks, Victoria Uni- versity of Manchester and private study; t] francis Harry Kel!y, ee — ae Middlesex Hospital; William Leslie, University Tutoria!  ... 

Page 270 of The Lancet Vol. 174, Issue 4404 [page]

1908 The Lancet  
Bartholomew's Hospital; Arthur Oliver Gray, King’s College Hospital; Claud Anthony Holbura, Sheffield University ; George Barrowclough Horrocks, Victoria University, Manchester ; Gilbert Percy Humphry,  ...  Westminster Hos- ital; David Lewis, London Hospital; Victor Alfred Luna, Guy's ospital; Alexander Macrae, London Hospital; Reginald Victor Martin, St.  ... 

Page 102 of The Solicitors' Journal Vol. 22, Issue [page]

1877 The Solicitors' Journal  
Dec 8 at 3 at offices of King, North s', Portsea Barrowclough, Joe, Halme, Grocer. Oannon st, Manchester Bell, Joseph, John Bell, and William Bell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Builders.  ...  Dec 7 at 2 a‘ offices of Thornton, North Bondgate, Bishop Auckland Oliver, Uriah, Wingate Grange Colliery, Durham, Grocer.  ... 

Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Remote Sensing in 2019

Remote Sensing Editorial Office
2020 Remote Sensing  
Barone, Pier Matteo Barra, Anna Barrado, Cristina Barraza, Veronica Barrell, Jeffrey Barriot, Jean-Pierre Barrowclough, Oliver Barrowes, Benjamin E.  ...  Joseph Hung, Ho-Lung Hung, Ming-Chih Hunt, Ray Hunt, Raymond Huntemann, Marcus Hunter, Alan Huo, Hongyuan Huo, Lian-Zhi Huo, Xingliang Hurwitz, David S.  ... 
doi:10.3390/rs12020327 fatcat:yhqczynu25d2jcnyl55zj3wpqa

Anmerkungen [chapter]

2021 Die Evolution der Religion  
Rowan und David Ilan, »The meaning of ritual diversity in the Chalcolithic of the Southern Levant«, in: David A. Barrowclough und Caroline Malone (Hgg.), Cult in Context.  ...  Zum evolutionären Zusammenhang zwischen religiöser Opferpraxis und stratifikatorischer Gesellschaftsordnung siehe Joseph Watts, Oliver Sheehan, Quentin D. Atkinson, Joseph A. Bulbulia und Russell D.  ... 
doi:10.14361/9783839457856-023 fatcat:gpfjr3imhzds3hhendn2ouhbza

Revealing two centuries of confusion: new insights on nomenclature and systematic position of Argyrogena fasciolata (Shaw, 1802) (auctt.), with description of a new species from India (Reptilia: Squamata: Colubridae)

V. Deepak, Surya Narayanan, Pratyush P. Mohapatra, Sushil K. Dutta, Gnanaselvan Melvinselvan, Ashaharraza Khan, Kristin Mahlow, Frank Tillack
2021 Vertebrate zoology  
.), collected by Naveen Joseph on 28 th July 2017 and 3 rd No- vember 2017, respectively.  ...  et al. 2000; ND4, primers ND4 and Leu: Arévalo et al. 1994; 16S, primers 16Sar-L and 16Sbr-H: Palumbi et al. 1991; cmos, primers S77 and S78: Lawson et al. 2005 ; rag1, primers R13 and R18: Groth and Barrowclough  ... 
doi:10.3897/vz.71.e64345 fatcat:kw2n7wbgknbt5oymb6n6ijwyqu

References [chapter]

(:Unkn) Unknown, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Caroline Malone, Reuben Grima, Rowan McLaughlin, Eóin W. Parkinson, Simon Stoddart, Nicholas Vella
Worked bone and shell artefacts 765 A11.4. xvii Figures 0.1 David Trump and John Evans together at the Deya Conference, Mallorca. xxxii 0.2 Joseph Magro Conti at Kordin.  ...  Professor John Davies Evans David Hilary Trump Dedication -in memoriam John Davies Evans David Hilary Trump All archaeological excavations described in this volume were carried out using standard methods  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.62636 fatcat:6jyfuhdcxrb73ne46lx5hadjou

Archaeological studies of Maltese prehistory for the FRAGSUS Project 2013–18 [chapter]

Caroline Malone, Simon Stoddart, Rowan McLaughlin, Nicholas Vella, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Reuben Grima, Eóin W. Parkinson
We especially thank Joseph Attard Tabone for his interest in and support of all our work, especially at Santa Verna.  ...  MEPA MEPA Joseph Magro Conti (MSc.) MEPA QUB Prof. Caroline Malone PI/Direction QUB John Meneely (MSc.)  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.62641 fatcat:o6cycdzd4zfednt3at5q2jfup4

Full Issue

2021 Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club  
Thanks also to Joseph Rahia and Joseph Kawas (Tohei village chiefs) for their assistance with community support, to Blaise Sibetei (field coordinator), to John Boiabisi for managing camps at Pipikei, Kaitare'ei  ...  and Kukupi, and to David Masirio and family for providing accommodation at Kepui village (near Mapisi).  ...  or Vienna, Austria (Schifter et al. 2007) , then the central museum of the Habsburg monarchy, where Joseph Natterer (1786-1852) worked.  ... 
doi:10.25226/bboc.v141i2.2021.a14 fatcat:76xznshchbe55i4tqgcim3oidi


Clark Lo Casler
1992 VOLUMEN 26   unpublished
Snow, David. 1976. The web of adaptation, bird studies in the American tropics. Ouadrangle/The New York Times Book Co., New York, xiii + 176 pp. 1982.  ...  Oliver and Boyd, Hayman, P., J. Marchant y T. Prater. 1986. Shorebirds: an identification guide. Houghton Mifflin Co.,Boston, 412 pp. Hellmayr, Charles E. 1924-1949.  ... 


2000 Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History  
, 1943 (Oliver, -1951 Bogert and Oliver, 1945) .  ...  Two later papers cited (Oliver, 1963 (Oliver, , 1970 were written on behalf of the Museum while he was Director.  ... 
doi:10.1206/0003-0090(2000)252<0001:ahohat>;2 fatcat:kjxki34ffzfghaaeliyuwh2qka

A health promotion intervention to improve lifestyle choices and health outcomes in people with psychosis: a research programme including the IMPaCT RCT

Fiona Gaughran, Daniel Stahl, Anita Patel, Khalida Ismail, Shubulade Smith, Kathryn Greenwood, Zerrin Atakan, Poonam Gardner-Sood, Dominic Stringer, David Hopkins, John Lally, Marta Di Forti (+6 others)
2020 Programme Grants for Applied Research  
Barrowclough C, Haddock G, Tarrier N, Lewis SW, Moring J, O'Brien R, et al.  ...  Barrowclough C, Haddock G, Beardmore R, Conrod P, Craig T, Davies L, et al.  ... 
doi:10.3310/pgfar08010 fatcat:45qiwtruufahvlcflugzee6tey

Full Issue

2017 Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club  
The curators and staff of American Museum of Natural History, New York (George Barrowclough, Paul Sweet, Peter Capaniolo and Shannon Kenny), CORBIDI (Thomas Valqui) and MUSM (Irma Franke) permitted access  ...  There are very few data concerning the breeding biology of any of the four species of Mitrospingidae, with nothing being known for Olive-backed Tanager Mitrospingus oleagineus and for Olive-green Tanager  ...  Orzechowski & David W. Winkler, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, NY, 14850, USA. Eric R. Gulson-Castillo & David W. Winkler, Cornell Univ. Mus. of Vertebrates, Ithaca, NY, 14850, USA. Justin M.  ... 
doi:10.25226/bboc.v137i3.2017.a11 fatcat:r3oo7ranv5bkznwkbhi6nxca4q

A New Zealand Style of Military Leadership? Battalion and Regimental Combat Officers of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces of the First and Second World Wars [article]

Wayne Stack, University Of Canterbury
David Pitt (Auckland, 1977), pp. 1-6 207 Ibid.  ...  This 1095 David Horner, Blamey: The Commander-in-Chief (St.  ... 
doi:10.26021/4255 fatcat:6gmhfjfjxjdnbjxaoadgbic5hm
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