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Relationships between Cerebral Blood Flow and IQ in Typically Developing Children and Adolescents

Emily Kilroy, Collin Y Liu, Lirong Yan, Yoon Chun Kim, Mirella Dapretto, Mario F Mendez, Danny J J Wang
2011 Journal of Cognitive Science  
The objective of this study was to explore the relationships between IQ and cerebral blood flow (CBF) measured by arterial spin labeling (ASL) in children and adolescents.  ...  Voxel Based Morphometry (VBM) analysis, which measures regional cortical volume, was performed as a control.  ...  Moreover, in the developing brains of children 7 to 17 years old, the trajectory or rate of change in the thickness of the cerebral cortex, rather than cortical thickness itself, has been found to be most  ... 
pmid:23976891 pmcid:PMC3749787 fatcat:xltpoc5wkjefvoa5q2teswfj7i

Regional grey and white matter volumetric changes in myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue syndrome): a voxel-based morphometry 3 T MRI study

B K Puri, P M Jakeman, M Agour, K D R Gunatilake, K A C Fernando, A I Gurusinghe, I H Treasaden, A D Waldman, P Gishen
2012 British Journal of Radiology  
The aim of this study was to investigate this by conducting the largest voxel-based morphometry study to date in CFS.  ...  occipital cortex, superior division; and left supracalcrine cortex), the right angular gyrus and the posterior division of the left parahippocampal gyrus.  ...  Acknowledgments We also wish to acknowledge the involvement of several myalgic encephalomyelitis/CFS charities, including ME Research UK (formerly known as MERGE) and ME Solutions.  ... 
doi:10.1259/bjr/93889091 pmid:22128128 pmcid:PMC3474083 fatcat:vdcomimuqrdxzdbn42cyuzsxta

In vivo magnetic resonance images reveal neuroanatomical sex differences through the application of voxel-based morphometry in C57BL/6 mice

Cassandra E. Meyer, Florian Kurth, Stefano Lepore, Josephine L. Gao, Hadley Johnsonbaugh, Mandavi R. Oberoi, Stephen J. Sawiak, Allan MacKenzie-Graham
2017 NeuroImage  
This validated our VBM findings that showed a larger cerebral cortex in male mice and a pattern of dimorphism in the cerebellum where the lateral portion was larger in females and the medial portion was  ...  Females displayed larger anterior hippocampus, basolateral amygdala, and lateral cerebellar cortex volumes, while males exhibited larger cerebral cortex, medial amygdala, and medial cerebellar cortex volumes  ...  The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2017.09.027 pmid:28923275 pmcid:PMC5716897 fatcat:yogbzriglbetvmqojdo6zi56j4

Central region morphometry in a child brain; Age and gender differences

I Otag, H Tetiker, MI Kosar, A Otag, M Atalar, M Çimen
2014 Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice  
Objective: In the present study, central region morphometry of a child brain in mid-sagittal MR images was analyzed in age and gender groups.  ...  Materials and Methods: Different points determined previously, commissura posterior (PC) and the distances between cerebral cortex point (VCS) vertical to commissura anterior-commissura posterior line,  ...  Acknowledgements We would like to thank Cumhuriyet University, faculty of Medicine, Department of Radiology.  ... 
doi:10.4103/1119-3077.130239 pmid:24714016 fatcat:uqhbcxzxsbcwjdsn3fyvgrnayi

Non-invasive monitoring of cortical volume alterations in rat brains using a clinical 3T whole body MRI scanner [chapter]

K. -H. Herrmann, S. Schmidt, M. Metzler, C. Gaser, O. W. Witte, J. R. Reichenbach
2009 International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering Proceedings  
Deformation based morphometry, a fully automatic intensity based method, was used to detect the cerebral volume changes on 3 and 26 months old rats.  ...  On animals, a cortical dysplasia was induced on the day of birth by freeze lesions in the right-hemispheric motor cortex.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We thank Noras MRI products GmbH and Siemens Medical Solutions for their support and the MR technician Ines Krumbein for her active participation in all the MRI experiments.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-03879-2_115 fatcat:zn7lwwywqjefdorn4z54tokbhm

Database of normal human cerebral blood flow measured by SPECT: I. Comparison between I-123-IMP, Tc-99m-HMPAO, and Tc-99m-ECD as referred with O-15 labeled water PET and voxel-based morphometry

Hiroshi Fro, Kentaro Inoue, Ryoi Goto, Shigeo Kinomura, Yasuyuki Taki, Ken Okada, Kazunori Sato, Tachio Sato, Iwao Kanno, Hiroshi Fukuda
2006 Annals of Nuclear Medicine  
The regional distribution of tissue fractions of gray matter determined by voxel-based morphometry was also compared with SPECT and PET CBF distributions.  ...  Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging studies for voxel-based morphometry were performed on 43 of the 48 subjects who underwent SPECT study.  ...  in support of "Future Medical Engineering Based on Bio-nanotechnology," and Health and Labour Science Research Grants for Research on Advanced Medical Technology (Hl4-Nano-020).  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf02985625 pmid:16615422 fatcat:jvpulq5dtfhefd7y5jiw73tgwi

Voxel-based morphometry analyses of in vivo MRI in the aging mouse lemur primate

Stephen J. Sawiak, Jean-Luc Picq, Marc Dhenain
2014 Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience  
Citation: Sawiak SJ, Picq J-L and Dhenain M (2014) Voxel-based morphometry analyses of in vivo MRI in the aging mouse lemur primate. Front. Aging Neurosci. 6:82.  ...  The objective of our work was to perform user-independent assessment of age-related morphological changes in the whole brain of large mouse lemur populations thanks to VBM.  ...  FIGURE 1 | The steps involved in the voxel-based morphometry study.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnagi.2014.00082 pmid:24834052 pmcid:PMC4018531 fatcat:t7uo7jcj5rednn6nmxmi5fdf5m

VBM based MR Imaging Volumetric Analysis of AD and MCI

M.M. Patil, A.R. Yardi
2011 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Voxel-based morphometry is a method for detecting group differences in the density or volume of brain matter.  ...  The authors reviewed the literature on use of voxel-based morphometry in brain MRI imaging research to examine the capabilities of this method for clearly identifying specific differences in patients with  ...  AD is associated with the atrophy of gray matter in the cerebral cortex, which leads to a volume decrease of the cerebral cortex or a volume increase of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in cerebral sulci and  ... 
doi:10.5120/1749-2383 fatcat:g57py6u7crbure5sdnrfcu4c2q

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Neuroimaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Débora Gonçalves, Andreia Costa, Pedro Abreu
2016 International Journal of Clinical Neurosciences and Mental Health  
The limited role of conventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in ALS encourages the study of new advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) techniques.  ...  Our aim was to review the advances of MRI techniques applied to ALS and to analyze their contribution to the knowledge and monitoring of this disease.  ...  based morphometry; TDM: Tensor based morphometry; TSA: Tract-Specific Analysis; UMN: Upper motor neurons; VBM: Voxel-based MRI morphometry; WM: White matter Table 1 . 1 Description of the MRI advanced  ... 
doi:10.21035/ijcnmh.2016.3.5 fatcat:6buc5yvnmzabhkbpokmom67ybu

Brain morphometry in adult: volumetric visualization as a tool in image processing

Katherine S. Hernandez-Cortés, Adrián A. Mesa-Pujals, Odalis García-Gómez, Pedrón A. Montoya
2021 Revista Mexicana de Neurociencia  
Concepts such as: brain morphometry and its main techniques, volumetric and its objective in the field of medicine will be reaffirmed.  ...  An overview of the influence of age and gender on brain morphometry will be provided.  ...  The complexity of age-related brain morphological differences may be related to lamellar organization and regional evolutionary history of the cerebral cortex.  ... 
doi:10.24875/rmn.20000074 fatcat:h6ves5qvebbadg3e3ml4b5tbku

Association Between Cortical Thickness and Childhood Body Mass Index: Role of Race and Income

Shervin Assari
2020 International Journal of Health and Life Sciences  
More research is needed on obesogenic environments' role in altering the salience of cerebral cortex morphometry as a risk factor for high BMI.  ...  There is mixed literature on the association between cerebral cortex morphometry and body mass index (BMI), with only some but not all studies documenting an inverse association between cortical thickness  ...  The cerebral cortex and many other parts of the brain, such as the striatum, are involved in food-seeking behaviors and alcohol (24) .  ... 
doi:10.5812/ijhls.109747 fatcat:6lj2o7gdznedfovgiocxyidiwq

Short Latency Gray Matter Changes in Voxel-Based Morphometry following High Frequent Visual Stimulation

Steffen Naegel, Tim Hagenacker, Nina Theysohn, Hans-Christoph Diener, Zaza Katsarava, Mark Obermann, Dagny Holle
2017 Neural Plasticity  
Magnetic resonance imaging studies using voxel-based morphometry (VBM) detected structural changes in the human brain within periods of months or weeks.  ...  We therefore favour cerebral fluid shifts to be the underlying correlate of the here observed VBM gray matter changes.  ...  Acknowledgments This research project was supported by an "IFORES" grant of the University Duisburg-Essen.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2017/1397801 pmid:28293437 pmcid:PMC5331306 fatcat:atinkdbjrjdondr32qv4saswwm

Age-related changes of cerebral white and grey matter structures from childhood to adulthood using voxel-based morphometry

S Groeschel, B Vollmer, A Connelly
2005 Neuropediatrics  
We used voxel-based morphometry (VBM) as an objective whole-brain technique for quantifying and localising changes of grey and white matter structures in the brain during normal development.  ...  Groeschel S, Vollmer B, Connelly A (2004) Age-related changes of cerebral white and grey matter structures from childhood to adulthood using voxel-based morphometry.  ... 
doi:10.1055/s-2005-867982 fatcat:3dhdqhtomjfqplvczk3iysxcuq

MRI Morphometry of the Brain and Neurological Diseases [chapter]

Sergey Kotov
2017 New Insights into Morphometry Studies  
The diagnosis of diseases of the brain is based on additional methods, confirming the clinical diagnosis. One of the most objective methods is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  ...  In patients with multiple sclerosis the correlation was found between the score on a scale of Expanded Disability Status Scale and the total thickness of the cerebral cortex.  ...  Disability Status Scale (EDSS) and the total thickness of the cerebral cortex, precentral cortex, postcentral, parahippocampal, occipital gyri, and the caudate nucleus volume and a striped body.  ... 
doi:10.5772/intechopen.69098 fatcat:je6x62jo6zbtvoa54ahin7shai

Head Circumference and Brain and Hippocampal Volume after Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in Childhood

Robert C Tasker, Claire H Salmond, Amber Gunn Westland, Alonso Pena, Jonathan H Gillard, Barbara J Sahakian, John D Pickard
2005 Pediatric Research  
302 Post hoc testing taking account of multiple comparisons (p Ͻ 0.05): a non-ICP group versus ICP sub-group with VBM-identified tissue loss; b ICP sub-group with no VBM-identified tissue loss versus patients  ...  Mortimer Miskin (National Institute of Mental Health, Bethesda, MD) for help with hippocampal and perihippocampal morphometry.  ...  We thank Debbie White and Vicki Lupson (Addenbrooke's Hospital and the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, Cambridge) and Dr.  ... 
doi:10.1203/01.pdr.0000169965.08854.25 pmid:16006434 fatcat:eya2znm3yfhx5mmjbe6nh34l5q
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