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Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Section on M-Health: Beyond Seamless Mobility and Global Wireless Health-Care Connectivity

R.S.H. Istepanian, E. Jovanov, Y.T. Zhang
2004 IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine  
Impact of Future Wireless Communications and Mobile Networks on m-Health 1) 3G and Beyond Networking: The evolution of current 3G wireless communication and mobile network technologies will be the major  ...  Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Section on M-Health: Beyond Seamless Mobility and Global Wireless Health-Care Connectivity Abstract-M-Health can be defined as "mobile computing, medical sensor  ...  He was principle Investigator or Co-investigator on several grants from NSF and industry in the field of wireless and sensor networks, wireless intelligent sensors, and wearable health monitors.  ... 
doi:10.1109/titb.2004.840019 pmid:15615031 fatcat:5cwwj7zzpjdy3ajrhnldacv52y

Understanding the (Ir)Relevance of Shareholder Votes on M&A Deals

James D. Cox, Tomas Mondino, Randall S. Thomas
2019 Social Science Research Network  
and its actors from any claim of misconduct incident to the approved transaction.  ...  We also point out that the position of courts and commentators who pronounce the death of corporate fiduciary law is deeply qualified by the deep conflicts of interest institutional investors face when  ...  Also placing the termination fee in perspective is that KFH's investment bank garnered $17 million-65 percent of the termination fee-for its fairness opinion and advice in connection with the acquisition  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3333241 fatcat:l2efox7svvgrlawzdafwhtyso4

Evaluating the Impact of Government Policies and Regulations on M-Commerce in India: A System Dynamics Modelling Approach

Deepali Sharma, Diatha Krishna Sundar, Rajluxmi Vaish Murthy
2012 International Journal of Business and Management  
The simulation models are used to analyze the impact of policy and regulatory interventions on the growth of M-Commerce in India.  ...  With significant uncertainties and complexities due to evolving business and regulatory models, growth of M-Commerce is a function of appropriate and timely policy interventions from the government(s).  ...  impact on M-Commerce.  ... 
doi:10.5539/ijbm.v7n23p54 fatcat:hnxijt7xtjaqfgw6rfvws3ixtu

Co-evolution of the brand effect and competitiveness in evolving networks

Jin-Li Guo
2014 Chinese Physics B  
Our model accurately describes the evolution of social and technological networks.  ...  We show that standard preferential attachment, the growing random graph, the initial attractiveness model, the fitness model and weighted networks, can all be seen as degenerate cases of our model.  ...  However, the co-evolution of networks and behavior has not received as much attention as it deserves.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/23/7/070206 fatcat:a4vr7v4dgrcrnabjnwsqvhfe2i

Asymmetric coevolutionary voter dynamics

Stefan Wieland, Ana Nunes
2013 Physical Review E  
We study the stochastic properties of the corresponding metastable state in finite-size networks, discussing the applicability of the analytic approximations developed for the coevolutionary voter model  ...  We consider a modification of the adaptive contact process which, interpreted in the context of opinion dynamics, breaks the symmetry of the coevolutionary voter model by assigning to each node type a  ...  Acknowledgments Financial support from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) under Contract POCTI/ISFL/2/261 is gratefully acknowledged.  ... 
doi:10.1103/physreve.88.062809 pmid:24483513 fatcat:7w6v37rerrfzlexdvioutijm2u

Opinion dynamics on a general compact Riemannian manifold

Aylin Aydoǧdu, Sean T. McQuade, Nastassia Pouradier Duteil
2017 Networks and Heterogeneous Media  
The dynamics of an opinion formation system depend on the state-space [1] and interaction network [11] .  ...  This work formulates the problem of defining a model for opinion dynamics on a general compact Riemannian manifold. Two approaches to modeling opinions on a manifold are explored.  ...  Let N ∈ N represent the number of agents with opinions evolving on M . We denote by x := (x i ) i∈{1,...,N } ∈ M N the set of opinions. For each i ∈ {1, ..., N }, x i ∈ T xi M .  ... 
doi:10.3934/nhm.2017021 fatcat:66iomlnfkvagzeekt6q2mali6e

Three Essays on M&A and Technology

Danqing Mei
Chapter 1 studies the role of M&A in a firm's innovation process, while Chapter 2 and 3 study how activism and appraisal litigation governs the market for corporate control.  ...  In Chapter 1, I examine the motives as well as the consequences of M&A transactions between companies with varying degrees of technological overlap.  ...  After combining the M&A sample with the patent database, I focus on M&As that involve innovative firms if both the target and the acquirer are innovative in the year of a deal announcement (because otherwise  ... 
doi:10.7916/d8-gk5p-yc44 fatcat:4egwsvjgdjg4rje4qhazh3ghqu

Persuasion dynamics

Gérard Weisbuch, Guillaume Deffuant, Frédéric Amblard
2005 Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications  
We concentrate on the version of the model in the presence of few extremists which might drive the dynamics to generalised extremism.  ...  We here discuss a model of continuous opinion dynamics in which agents adjust continuous opinions as a result of random binary encounters whenever their difference in opinion is below a given threshold  ...  Acknowledgements We acknowledge partial support from the FET-IST grant of the EC IST 2001-33555 COSIN.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.physa.2005.01.054 fatcat:h6zid3fuhvfn5mkdnghz2rtwg4

Interacting Social Processes on Interconnected Networks

Lucila G. Alvarez-Zuzek, Cristian E. La Rocca, Federico Vazquez, Lidia A. Braunstein, Peter Csermely
2016 PLoS ONE  
We propose and study a model for the interplay between two different dynamical processes --one for opinion formation and the other for decision making-- on two interconnected networks A and B.  ...  The opinion dynamics on network A corresponds to that of the M-model, where the state of each agent can take one of four possible values (S=-2,-1,1,2), describing its level of agreement on a given issue  ...  Therefore, the shape of V A varies with time through m B . An analogous interpretation can be done for V B , which depends on m A .  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0163593 pmid:27689698 pmcid:PMC5045172 fatcat:uepw35jbqzd3vhmkvcq33aq2wu

How the anti-rumor kills the rumor: Conflicting information propagation in networks

Jie Wang, Wenye Wang, Cliff Wang
2016 2016 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)  
propagation processes in connected networks.  ...  A trace collected from the Internet is analyzed to validate our model and methods.  ...  Different propagation models have been proposed to study the competition and co-existence of multiple epidemics, in terms of time-invariant state of the network, for instances, the final infected fraction  ... 
doi:10.1109/icc.2016.7511492 dblp:conf/icc/WangWW16 fatcat:pcsqpsdtivek5kv37c466xslse

Vaccination and public trust: a model for the dissemination of vaccination behavior with external intervention [article]

A. D. Medus, C. O. Dorso
2014 arXiv   pre-print
Additionally, we have considered two classes of edges in the underlying social network: personal edges able to spread both opinions and diseases; and the non-personal ones representing interactions mediated  ...  In this work, we propose a general agent-based model to study the spread of vaccination behavior in social networks, not as an isolated binary opinion spreading on it, but as part of a process of cultural  ...  is a member of the "Carrera del Investigador Científico" CONICET.  ... 
arXiv:1412.0583v2 fatcat:pwnl526gcbac5cmybynhbwzemm

A network model of immigration: Enclave formation vs. cultural integration

Yao-Li Chuang, Tom Chou, Maria R. D'Orsogna
2019 Networks and Heterogeneous Media  
We develop an agent-based network model to study interacting "hosts" and "guests" and identify the conditions under which cooperative/integrated or uncooperative/segregated societies arise.  ...  Fast cultural adjustment results in cooperation and the establishment of host-guest connections that are sustained over long times.  ...  The utility U t i of node i depends on its attitude relative to that of its m t i connections in Ω t i and on m t i .  ... 
doi:10.3934/nhm.2019004 fatcat:6rimlbqg5zckxfcjit3f3icsxm

The Dynamical Interplay of Collective Attention, Awareness and Epidemics Spreading in the Multiplex Social Networks during COVID-19

Marialisa Scata, Barbara Attanasio, Grazia Veronica Aiosa, Aurelio La Corte
2020 IEEE Access  
We propose a mathematical framework to model the interplay between the collective attention and the co-evolving processes of awareness diffusion, modelled as a social contagion phenomenon, and epidemic  ...  Our proposed modeling approach structures a systematically understanding as a social network marker of interdependent collective dynamics through the introduction of the multiplex dimension of both networked  ...  To analyze the co-evolving dynamics of both epidemics and awareness spreading on M 1 multiplex network, we exploit the Dynamic Microscopic Markov Chain Approach (MMCA) (see section III-C3).  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3031014 pmid:34812363 pmcid:PMC8545290 fatcat:aawz3f2gs5dpxaeemti4pc7mia

Discrete Event System Specification-based framework for modeling and simulation of propagation phenomena in social networks: application to the information spreading in a multi-layer social network

Youssef Bouanan, Gregory Zacharewicz, Judicael Ribault, Bruno Vallespir
2018 Simulation (San Diego, Calif.)  
In more detail, we define a set of models of individuals characterized by a set of state variables to represent the behavior of an individual and the individual's network within a multi-layer social network  ...  Finally, a military scenario of message diffusion during a stabilization phase is used to test our DEVS models on the platform and the relevancy of the simulation results.  ...  It involves the following partners: IMS University of Bordeaux, LSIS University of Marseille, and MASA Group. ORCID iD Gregory Zacharewicz  ... 
doi:10.1177/0037549718776368 fatcat:nawluo6snnephbkjnszscfgzvu

Coarse-Grained Analysis of Microscopic Neuronal Simulators on Networks: Bifurcation and Rare-events computations [article]

Konstantinos G. Spiliotis, Constantinos I. Siettos
2010 arXiv   pre-print
with respect to certain characteristics of the underlying network topology such as the connectivity degree  ...  microscopic stochastic models, of neurons that interact on complex networks.  ...  The minimum of the curve corresponds to the coarse-grained etastable equilibrium and the maximum to the unstable one. m ok of Stochastic Methods for Physics, Chemistry, and the Natural Sciences, Springer  ... 
arXiv:1010.5113v1 fatcat:lblbk5qz7vgubcfdsn6m7iyxqm
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