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View-consistent 4D Light Field Depth Estimation [article]

Numair Khan, Min H. Kim, James Tompkin
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Khan et al.'s [14] light field superpixel algorithm operates in EPI space to ensure a view consistent segmentation.  ...  This operator is similar in respects to the large Prewitt filters of Khan et al. [14] but has a larger support, and provides more accurate estimates.  ... 
arXiv:2009.04065v1 fatcat:ookrn347pngrxhxi6cxam6rs34

On Temporal Regularity in Social Interactions: Predicting Mobile Phone Calls [article]

Mehwish Nasim, Aimal Rextin, Numair Khan, Muhammad Muddassir Malik
2015 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we predict outgoing mobile phone calls using a machine learning approach. We analyze to which extent the activity of mobile phone users is predictable. The premise is that mobile phone users exhibit temporal regularity in their interactions with majority of their contacts. In the sociological context, most social interactions have fairly reliable temporal regularity. If we quantify the extension of this behavior to interactions on mobile phones we expect that caller-callee
more » ... ion is not merely a result of randomness, rather it exhibits a temporal pattern. To this end, we tested our approach on an anonymized mobile phone usage dataset collected specifically for analyzing temporal patterns in mobile phone communication. The data consists of 783 users and more than 12,000 caller-callee pairs. The results show that users' historic calling patterns can predict future calls with reasonable accuracy.
arXiv:1512.08061v1 fatcat:seyg7l6esfb4jlycu4hvautv2i

Edge-aware Bidirectional Diffusion for Dense Depth Estimation from Light Fields [article]

Numair Khan, Min H. Kim, James Tompkin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Acknowledgments Numair acknowledges an Andy van Dam PhD Fellowship, and James acknowledges a gift from Cognex. Min H. Kim acknowledges the support of Korea NRF grant (2019R1A2C3007229)  ...  Khan et al.  ... 
arXiv:2107.02967v1 fatcat:vywlluf7qbhl3gupyuubzuaodq

Differentiable Diffusion for Dense Depth Estimation from Multi-view Images [article]

Numair Khan, Min H. Kim, James Tompkin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
[42] , Khan et al. [15] , Jiang et al. [13] , Shi et al. [30] , and Li et al. [20] . Khan et al.'s algorithm is diffusionbased, whereas the last three methods are deep-learning-based.  ...  Khan et al. find accurate sparse Epipolar Plane Image (EPI) points using large Prewitt filters [16] , then diffuses these across all views using occlusionaware edges [15] . Zhang et al.  ... 
arXiv:2106.08917v2 fatcat:if4dgfvvgvbenhby7n22ga3n4m

Automated Fault Detection and Extraction under Gas Chimneys Using Hybrid Discontinuity Attributes

Qazi Sohail Imran, Numair A. Siddiqui, Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff, Yasir Bashir, Muhammad Khan, Kamran Qureshi, Abd Al-Salam Al-Masgari, Nisar Ahmed, Muhammad Jamil
2021 Applied Sciences  
3D-seismic data have increasingly shifted seismic interpretation work from a horizons-based to a volume-based focus over the past decade. The size of the identification and mapping work has therefore become difficult and requires faster and better tools. Faults, for instance, are one of the most significant features of subsurface geology interpreted from seismic data. Detailed fault interpretation is very important in reservoir characterization and modeling. The conventional manual fault
more » ... is a time-consuming and inefficient process. It becomes more challenging and error-prone when dealing with poor quality seismic data under gas chimneys. Several seismic attributes are available for faults and discontinuity detection and are applied with varying degrees of success. We present a hybrid workflow that combines a semblance-based fault likelihood attribute with a conventional ant-tracking attribute. This innovative workflow generates optimized discontinuity volumes for fault detection and automatic extraction. The data optimization and conditioning processes are applied to suppress random and coherent noise first, and then a combination of seismic attributes is generated and co-rendered to enhance the discontinuities. The result is the volume with razor sharp discontinuities which are tracked and extracted automatically. Contrary to several available fault tracking techniques that use local seismic continuity like coherency attributes, our hybrid method is based on directed semblance, which incorporates aspects of Dave Hale's superior fault-oriented semblance algorithm. The methodology is applied on a complex faulted reservoir interval under gas chimneys in a Malaysian basin, yet the results were promising. Despite the poor data quality, the methodology led to detailed discontinuity information with several major and minor faults extracted automatically. This hybrid approach not only improved the fault tracking accuracy but also significantly reduced the fault interpretation time and associated uncertainty. It is equally helpful in detecting any seismic objects like fracture, chimneys, and stratigraphic features.
doi:10.3390/app11167218 fatcat:z5x2n5tzw5bmbbzmgo6rpyuqma

Neural Fields in Visual Computing and Beyond [article]

Yiheng Xie, Towaki Takikawa, Shunsuke Saito, Or Litany, Shiqin Yan, Numair Khan, Federico Tombari, James Tompkin, Vincent Sitzmann, Srinath Sridhar
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Recent advances in machine learning have created increasing interest in solving visual computing problems using a class of coordinate-based neural networks that parametrize physical properties of scenes or objects across space and time. These methods, which we call neural fields, have seen successful application in the synthesis of 3D shapes and image, animation of human bodies, 3D reconstruction, and pose estimation. However, due to rapid progress in a short time, many papers exist but a
more » ... hensive review and formulation of the problem has not yet emerged. In this report, we address this limitation by providing context, mathematical grounding, and an extensive review of literature on neural fields. This report covers research along two dimensions. In Part I, we focus on techniques in neural fields by identifying common components of neural field methods, including different representations, architectures, forward mapping, and generalization methods. In Part II, we focus on applications of neural fields to different problems in visual computing, and beyond (e.g., robotics, audio). Our review shows the breadth of topics already covered in visual computing, both historically and in current incarnations, demonstrating the improved quality, flexibility, and capability brought by neural fields methods. Finally, we present a companion website that contributes a living version of this review that can be continually updated by the community.
arXiv:2111.11426v4 fatcat:yteqzbu6gvgdzobnfzuqohix2e

Frequency of Extensively Drug-Resistant Gram-Negative Pathogens in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pakistan

Sundas Abbas, Asad Ullah Sabir, Noor Khalid, Sarah Sabir, Sana Khalid, Shawal Haseeb, Muhammad Numair Khan, Waqas M Ajmal, Faryal Azhar, M.Talha Saeed
2020 Cureus  
Gram-negative bacteria are frequently involved in nosocomial infections. These bacteria have a particular tendency to develop antibiotic resistance and may become extensively drug-resistant (XDR). This study aimed to detect the prevalence of XDR Gram-negative bacteria in a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. Materials and methods Clinical samples were obtained from patients admitted to different inpatient wards and sent for microbial analysis and culture. Antibiotic susceptibility testing of
more » ... lates was performed by the disk diffusion method to detect XDR strains. Results Antibiotic susceptibility patterns of a total of 673 clinical samples were studied. Of all bacterial isolates, 64% were extensively drug-resistant. Klebsiella pneumoniae had the highest percentage of XDR isolates (68.4%), followed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa (67.6%) and Escherichia coli (56.1%). Most XDR pathogens were isolated from the burn unit (87.7%), followed by the intensive care unit (69.2%) and surgical unit (68.9%). Conclusions The rate of extensive drug-resistance is alarmingly high, which calls for strict surveillance and control measures to prevent the development of further resistance. Proper sanitation and rational prescription of antibiotics should be ensured.
doi:10.7759/cureus.11914 pmid:33425500 pmcid:PMC7785486 fatcat:yrxnnqo7bndpzl2ibfjr7criqy

Traumatic History and Transcultural Memory: A Reading of Numair Atif Choudhury's Babu Bangladesh in the context of Nation formation

Dr. Sagarika Dutta
2022 International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences  
For this purpose Numair Atif Choudhary's Babu Bangladesh (2019) is chosen to elucidate how the process of nation building is intrinsically connected to the present and past lives of its citizens.  ...  Prime Minster Bhutto was hanged in 1979 and General Yahya Khan was overthrown. General Niazi became a "scapegoat" for signing the capitulation (195).  ...  Dutta CONCLUSION Towards the end of the novel, Numair Asif Choudhury puts certain unpredictabilities lying at the heart of Babu's life.  ... 
doi:10.22161/ijels.71.39 fatcat:xlbwnk4fnza77imddaieznw7mu

Camel Milk Has Beneficial Effects on Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review

Parvin Mirmiran, Hanieh-Sadat Ejtahed, Pooneh Angoorani, Fariba Eslami, Fereidoun Azizi
2017 International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism  
Khan et al. examined the effect of camel milk on 40 diabetic rats, divided in a model similar to that of Al-Numair.  ...  Diabetic with no treatment milk group (n = 20) Khan, AA. (2013) (14) Streptozotocin-induced diabetic (N = 8) Camel milk 400 mL/day 1.  ... 
doi:10.5812/ijem.42150 pmid:29026408 pmcid:PMC5626114 fatcat:c55272akz5fj5gyd4qr426sn5y

Cardiovascular effects of waterpipe smoking: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Radwan Al Ali, Davor Vukadinović, Wasim Maziak, Lama Katmeh, Viktoria Schwarz, Felix Mahfoud, Ulrich Laufs, Michael Böhm
2020 Reviews in cardiovascular medicine  
Two (Al-Numair et al., 2007; Koubaa et al., 2015a) of three studies (Al-Numair et al., 2007; Khan et al., 2020; Koubaa et al., 2015a) observed significantly increased levels of malondialdehyde among  ...  Furthermore, the three studies that compared CRP levels (Diab et al., 2015; Khan et al., 2020; Saffar Soflaei et al., 2018) and the two studies that compared levels of malondialdehyde and TAC (Khan  ... 
doi:10.31083/j.rcm.2020.03.135 pmid:33070549 fatcat:ec4dpo5bmrf5dhwfvtd4d5skom


Muhammad Sajid Khan, Aneela Qureshi, Shuja Anwar Kazi, Amin Fahim, Husan Bano, Navaid Kazi, Asghar Khan, Mazhar ul Haque
2018 The Professional Medical Journal  
El desoky GE, Aboul soud M, Al numair KS. Anti diabetic and hyperlipidemic effects of Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) in alloxan diabetic rats. HS, Avinash P, Tekade MD, Namrata H.  ...  Khan A, Safdar M. Role of diet, nutrients, spices and natural products in Diabetes Mellitus. 719 ORAL HYPOGLYCEMIC DRUGS Professional Med J 2014;21(4): 717-722.  ... 
doi:10.29309/tpmj/2014.21.04.2425 fatcat:lqr5wytmh5dmbbgvqfecetr4na

To study the hypotensive and hypolipidemic effects of garlic in smokers in the North Indian population

Jayballabh Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Farhan Khan
2015 International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences  
Our findings are in accordance with the study conducted by Al-Numair et al. who observed the effect of garlic extracts on lipid profile.  ... 
doi:10.18203/2320-6012.ijrms20150326 fatcat:jscljk27wbfgzfkbq2rhitcjx4

Tomato Role on Seven Deadliest Non-Communicable Disease

Lathifah Dzakiyyah Zulfa, Dessyani Salim, Abigail Tirza Melia Silalahi, Sharon Levita Hutapea, Margaretha Maria Odilia Natasha
2021 Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Sains  
A., Khan, S., Sarker, J., Ahmed, N., Nath, P. D., Hasan, N., Mohib, M. M., Tisha, A., & Sagor, M. A. T. (2019).  ...  So the 100 mg/kg BW dose was fixed as the optimum dose and used for further study (Al-Numair et al., 2015) .  ... 
doi:10.36418/jiss.v2i8.385 fatcat:ugrn3vgninhsvpbtlsn5iggmjy

Ameliorate the effect of camel milk on obesity in male albino rats

2019 Bulletin of the National Nutrition Institute  
(Agrawal et al., 2003, Mohamad et al., 2009, El-Sayed et al ., 2011 and Lusis, 2000). 25 mmol/L (El-Said et al., 2010, Sboui et al., 2010, Khan et al., 2012, Al-Numair, 2010 and Ali et al., 2013).  ...  In addition, lower HDL-c levels can also occur because of reduced activity in lecithincholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) (Al-Numair , 2010).  ... 
doi:10.21608/enj.2019.143754 fatcat:4wrc2l76nndjlanvrotsru5blu

Simulated learning in rural community environment: pushing the boundary

Burhanuddin Ali Akber, Mehak Ismail Rajani, Farah Khalid, Charles Docherty
2021 Advances in Simulation  
Acknowledgements We would like to acknowledge Associate Professor Yasmin Parpio and her research team, Numair Shahpur, Ghulam Nabie, Muhammad Jalal Uddin, Naveed Muhammad Anwar, Sajid Mithani, and Suneel  ...  The need for a simulated community environment Aga Khan University's (AKU) Centre for Innovation in Medical Education (CIME), Pakistan, a recent Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH)-accredited simulation  ...  This paper discusses the strategies and preparation required for the recreation of a simulated village area in the Aga Khan University, Centre for Innovation in Medical Education (AKU, CIME), to provide  ... 
doi:10.1186/s41077-021-00155-3 pmid:33597046 fatcat:otvfolrurrgsvo6sdxbbu2qlli
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