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Nothing Free About Free Market [chapter]

Eli Larsen, Gunnar Ellingsen
2014 COOP 2014 - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on the Design of Cooperative Systems, 27-30 May 2014, Nice (France)  
The strategies have transitioned into a top-down approach, with the Directorate of Health as the dominant stakeholder in a dedicated and specialised market.  ...  Article 5: Nothing free about free market This article elucidates the effects of the different strategies that Norwegian authorities have adopted in enlisting users and vendors to establish electronic  ...  Theories are nothing else than ideas about how to analyse specific situations.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-06498-7_5 dblp:conf/coop/LarsenE14 fatcat:qyv4srynszdijj54mbjvf7ivdm

The Impact of Free Information Technology (IT) on Financial Markets

Hossein Niavand, Farzaneh Haghighat Nia, R. Mahesh
2018 Business Management and Strategy  
About, Thirty years back the huge online analysis was conceived; the most recent questions were the fight between free frameworks versus the paid ones.  ...  Till now, relatively every great or administration offered "for nothing" was the aftereffect of what financial experts consider to be a cross-endowment: you get a free well on the off chance that you'll  ...  As of recently, any great or administration offered "for nothing" was the aftereffect of what market analysts considered as a cross-endowment: you get a free well in the event that you purchase another  ... 
doi:10.5296/bms.v9i1.13113 fatcat:yjqfthhhuzfdtkcn74owma22by

Page 5 of New Englander and Yale Review Vol. 53, Issue 244 [page]

1890 New Englander and Yale Review  
She loses no free market, and is not embar- rassed by new obstructions to her trade. England pays duties  ...  from foreign importations free of duty through Canada, and England nothing of which to complain.  ... 

Page 10 of AMC Journal Vol. 78, Issue 7 [page]

1992 AMC Journal  
On the Mexican side, the aver- age tariff on U.S. products entering the market is now about 10 percent.  ...  Without a NAFTA, we have now, in effect, a one-way free trade agreement with Mexico that does nothing to stop the flight of jobs.  ... 

Page 44 of The Living Age Vol. 297, Issue 3848 [page]

1918 The Living Age  
But we'll talk it all out some night in London, when we've nothing better to talk about. But now—but now we're going to explore this magic wood.”  ...  I wished often that it was a market.  ... 

Page 417 of English Review Vol. 50, Issue [page]

1930 English Review  
The world will only take our goods if we can sell as cheaply as other people; therefore we must do nothing that even may mcrease the cost of production, and, in particular, we must leave industry free  ...  We know exactly what opponents will say about it all during the next election.  ... 

Page 672 of Arena Vol. 21, Issue 6 [page]

1899 Arena  
She loses no free market and is not embarrassed by new obstructions to her trade.  ...  Canada, and England nothing to complain of.  ... 

Page 38 of The St. Croix Review Vol. 31, Issue 5 [page]

1998 The St. Croix Review  
The free market always provides the most choice and parental satisfaction.  ...  Not if the jseople have anything to say about it.  ... 

On Free Markets, Their Benefits and Shortcomings and on How Competition Policy Operates in Such Markets

Adriaan Ten Kate
2016 Social Science Research Network  
People have strong feelings about the free market, and even more so about free-market capitalism.  ...  Market freedom is about what people are free to do, not about what motivates them. It is about the rules of the game, not about what players pursue.  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2726296 fatcat:nzeaa3mvfjfjxj7q6mbqspyq2i

Page 233 of None Vol. 107, Issue 2782 [page]

1909 None  
HE stock markets have been quite unaffected by the King’s Speech, which is not wonderful, seeing that there was nothing in it.  ...  , she is now about to raise her taxes against us much higher than ever. ‘‘ Free Trade ’’ means increased freedom for everyone but the “* Free Trader ’’.  ... 

Page 730 of Penn Monthly: Devoted to Literature, Art, Science and Politics Vol. 8, Issue [page]

1877 Penn Monthly: Devoted to Literature, Art, Science and Politics  
, nothing about the consumer and the identity of his interests with those of society, nothing about his “natural right” to buy in the cheapest market and sell in the dearest!  ...  But these Saratoga Resolutioners say nothing about monopolies, nothing about the elevation of prices (those of ships excepted), nothing about taxes levied on the people to sup- port hot-house industries  ... 

Page 532 of Commonweal Vol. 16, Issue 23 [page]

1932 Commonweal  
In consequence of his obstinacy concerning arbitration of the dispute about annuities, the most important products of the Free State have been deprived of markets and the only sub- stitute now in sight  ...  De Valera’s government is found in his statements about finding “alternative markets” for the cattle and the animal products that can no longer be profitably sold in Great Britain.  ... 

Page 167 of Gunton's Magazine Vol. 14, Issue [page]

1898 Gunton's Magazine  
Free trade seemed the readiest means of promoting this effort, while English manufacturers really had nothing to lose by abandoning protection.  ...  in her own markets and was ready, even, to take possession of the world’s markets for manufactured goods.  ... 

Page 105 of Ethics Vol. 52, Issue 1 [page]

1941 Ethics  
Yet the com- mutative justice of the free market is definitely not in accord with the communistic ideal, “from each according to his ability, and to each ac- cording to his needs”—to say nothing of the  ...  ethical about the relationship of freedom and equality in exchange.  ... 

Page 1425 of Appleton's Magazine Vol. 5, Issue 6 [page]

1905 Appleton's Magazine  
It is pure, cooked, unsweetened, Hawaiian taro meal—nothing added, nothing taken away. Chil- dren fed on it become rugged and happy ; Invalides gain strength.  ...  Catalogues and Estimates Free, Book “‘American Homes" sent free. Catalogue No. 80 for residences ; No. 46 for hotels, restau- rants, clubs, public institutions, etc.  ... 
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