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Notations for the specification and verification of composite web services

S.J. Woodman, D.J. Palmer, S.K. Shrivastava, S.M. Wheater
Proceedings. Eighth IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference, 2004. EDOC 2004.  
In addition, the paper proposes a composition language for defining the structure of a composite service.  ...  Both languages have an XML notation and a formal basis in the pi-calculus (a calculus for concurrent systems).  ...  This work is part-funded by the European Union under Project IST-2001-37126: ADAPT (Middleware Technologies for Adaptive and Composable Distributed Components) and by the UK EPSRC under grant GR/S63199  ... 
doi:10.1109/edoc.2004.1342503 fatcat:nhehd5y2y5fajcrlict4uz2dqa

A Development of AWSCPM Framework for Automation of Web Services Composition Processes

Nouha Adadi, Mohammed Berrada, Driss Chenouni, Mohamed Halim
2019 Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences  
The composition of web services that is the combination of several services to obtain new features becomes more and more popular and presents a necessary stage for the realization of the collaboration  ...  This study presents a summary of our developed approach of web services composition this approach is separated into three tasks: specification using BPMN notation and Multi-Agent Reactive Decisional (MARDS  ...  Phase of verification and implementation: This approach considers not only the specification of composite services but also their verification.  ... 
doi:10.36478/jeasci.2019.10442.10451 fatcat:fzbq5p4b25hzbj2vwl4dihenn4

Current solutions for Web service composition

N. Milanovic, M. Malek
2004 IEEE Internet Computing  
There are many existing approaches to service composition, ranging from abstract methods to those aiming to be industry standards. The authors describe four key issues for Web service composition.  ...  Web service composition lets developers create applications on top of serviceoriented computing's native description, discovery, and communication capabilities.  ...  The SCSL specification consists of the composite service's interface and the composition logic.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mic.2004.58 fatcat:e4evym4phbelvevbrbb7eql4qy

Web Applications Development by Formal Refinement Approach

Meftah Mohammed Charaf Eddine, Kazar Okba
2015 International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications  
This approach involves the generation of a web application on both sides (users' side (Ajax) and the web service side (Composition)) from formal specifications.  ...  This paper proposes a formal approach for development of safe web applications.  ...  ASDL focuses on providing a minimalistic syntax with specification oriented semantics for describing services and their compositions ASDL provides a model for the verification of properties of services  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijseia.2015.9.12.07 fatcat:c4uvrinwujgizm6jtddqujuf6y

A Rigorous Methodology for Composing Services [chapter]

Kenneth J. Turner, Koon Leai Larry Tan
2009 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Creating new services through composition of existing ones is an attractive option. However, composition can be complex and service compatibility needs to be checked.  ...  A rigorous and industrially-usable methodology is therefore desirable required for creating, verifying, implementing and validating composed services.  ...  In other work, it has been used to describe a variety of voice services and also web services. CRESS can be used as a graphical workflow notation for grid and web services.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-04570-7_13 fatcat:aflfqzjnhjcx7lxas2fsgfm2zy

Tool support for model-based engineering of Web service compositions

H. Foster, S. Uchitel, J. Magee, J. Kramer
2005 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS'05)  
By providing early design verification and validation, the implementation, testing and deployment of web service compositions can be eased through the understanding of the behavior exhibited by the composition  ...  In this paper we describe tool support for a modelbased approach to verifying compositions of web service implementations.  ...  Verification Verification is achieved through the use of formal model checking techniques and we evaluate specific topics of our approach for web service compositions by wrapping and applying these techniques  ... 
doi:10.1109/icws.2005.119 dblp:conf/icws/FosterUMK05 fatcat:25qodlckmjfzhghau4wdg74awy

Rigorous development of composite grid services

Kenneth J. Turner, Koon Leai Larry Tan
2012 Journal of Network and Computer Applications  
CRESS (Communication Representation Employing Systematic Specification) is introduced as notation, a methodology and a toolset for service development.  ...  The usability of the service design notation is assessed, and a comparison is made of the approach with similar ones.  ...  The approach supports automates specification and verification. Mapping to BPMN and BPEL is also possible, including support for web services.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jnca.2012.01.015 fatcat:fljrvznybzea7foud7w45is5fm

Web services

Andrea Ferrara
2004 Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on Service oriented computing - ICSOC '04  
In this paper we present a framework for the design and the verification of WSs using process algebras and their tools.  ...  Process algebras are not useful only for temporal logic verification: we remark the use of simulation/bisimulation for verification, for the hierarchical refinement design method, for the service redundancy  ...  an adequate framew specification languages and reasoning tools) to ad of these issues (description, composition, correct ferent proposals have emerged recently to abs  ... 
doi:10.1145/1035167.1035202 dblp:conf/icsoc/Ferrara04 fatcat:6yhqft25dzcsthnyzccvfza5ry

Unified Modelling Functional and Non-Functional Aspects of Web Services Composition Using PTCCS 1

Fangxiong Xiao, Zhiqiu Huang, Zining Cao, Jun Hu, Linyuan Liu, Min Yuan
2011 International Journal of Web Services Research  
The authors present another algorithm that can generate cost optimal path for cost optimal Web services composition and time optimal path for time optimal Web services composition based on cost state space  ...  Cost state space for a process in PTCCS is proposed and an algorithm to generate it to support cost optimal Web services composition or time optimal Web services composition is presented.  ...  Third, lots of formal tools have been available to support formal modelling and verification. There are three ways to set up formal models for Web services composition.  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijwsr.2011100103 fatcat:hzdhfhapurdcxggoq4b6ccix5i

Modeling and Formal Verification of Web Services Composition Using CADP

Nouha ADADI, IPI Laboratory, ENS-Fez, Morocoo
2019 International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering  
allows to apply the behavioral properties and validate the system of Web services composition.  ...  For verification, we propose a transformation of the BPMN model to a formal LOTOS specification, which has the advantage of being supported by formal verification tools such as the CADP toolkit, which  ...  CONCLUSION In this work, an approach for specification and formal verification of composite web services is proposed.  ... 
doi:10.30534/ijatcse/2019/73852019 fatcat:mkbmu6blhfbn5cuebd6222mjje

Compatibility verification for Web service choreography

H. Foster, S. Uchitel, J. Magee, J. Kramer
2004 Proceedings. IEEE International Conference on Web Services, 2004.  
The described approach is supported by a suite of cooperating tools for specification, formal modeling and providing verification results from orchestrated web service interactions.  ...  The move towards implementing web service compositions by multiple interested parties as a form of distributed system architecture promotes the ability to support 1) compatibility verification of activities  ...  The authors would like to acknowledge that this research was supported, in part, by the STATUS ESPIRIT project (IST-2001-32298), the EPSRC READS project (GR/S03270/01) and by an IBM Innovation Award (2004  ... 
doi:10.1109/icws.2004.1314806 dblp:conf/icws/FosterUMK04 fatcat:rdakpqjkrrf7bd5mpykzfgijz4

Verifying web services composition based on hierarchical colored petri nets

YanPing Yang, QingPing Tan, Yong Xiao
2005 Proceedings of the first international workshop on Interoperability of heterogeneous information systems - IHIS '05  
Current Web services composition proposals, such as BPML, BPEL, WSCI, and OWL-S, provide notations for describing the control and data flows in Web service collaborations.  ...  However, such proposals remain at the descriptive level, without providing any kind of mechanisms or tool support for verifying the composition specified in the proposed notations.  ...  With the semantics in hand, they encode service descriptions in Petri Net formalism and provide decision procedures for Web service simulation, verification and composition.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1096967.1096977 dblp:conf/ihis/YangTX05 fatcat:nhxowpqfqnd37n7mfckluhk6hy

Guiding Service Composition in a Visual Service Creation Environment

Mathieu Braem, Niels Joncheere, Wim Vanderperren, Ragnhild Der Straeten, Viviane Jonckers
2006 2006 European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS'06)  
Current web service composition languages like WS-BPEL require in-depth knowledge of these languages by the service composition designers.  ...  This SCE provides service composition templates, verification of compatibility and guidelines, and advanced separation of concerns through Aspect-Oriented Software Development.  ...  Acknowledgments This research is partly funded by Alcatel Belgium and the Institute for the Promotion of Innovation Through Science and Technology in Flanders (IWT-Vlaanderen) through the WIT-CASE project  ... 
doi:10.1109/ecows.2006.23 dblp:conf/ecows/BraemJVSJ06 fatcat:ouoimmvv6fdqzobz3s5fbwvjhe

Discussion summary

Shriram Krishnamurthi, Tevfik Bultan
2005 Software engineering notes  
This is a summary of the comments from a discussion session at the end of the Workshop on Testing, Analysis and Verification of Web Services (TAV-WEB) 2004.  ...  The comments were made by the workshop participants, and were compiled and edited by the workshop organizers.  ...  The interplay between testing, analysis and verification of Web services, and the work on the Semantic Web, is still a little unclear.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1039174.1039189 fatcat:tqjufxfwlfgyjapd6ojnjl6axa

A Survey of Formal Verification for Business Process Modeling [chapter]

Shoichi Morimoto
2008 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
They have defined semantics of the models and applied various logics and formal methods to verification of the rigorousness.  ...  The establishment of the verification will be surely helpful toward solving the problems on business process reengineering, business process management, service-oriented architecture, and so on.  ...  The paper [52] proposes a Petri-net-based design and verification tool for web service composition. The tool can visualize, create, and verify business processes.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-69387-1_58 fatcat:thdl3ghdcrc2bnzqtih6czsyzi
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