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Ontological Syncretistic Noneism

Alberto Voltolini
2018 The Australasian Journal of Logic  
distinguished from Quinean allism in terms of the different scope of the overall ontological domain on which the only particular/existential quantifier that there is ranges.  ...  For unlike the latter, the former is ontologically committed to objects that are nonentities. Once one splits ontological from existential commitment, this claim, I guess, is rather uncontroversial.  ...  Acknowledgements I thank Fred Kroon, as well as an anonymous reviewer for this journal, for their comments on an earlier version of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.26686/ajl.v15i2.4067 fatcat:goo7n7v2yvgtllqnmy7yhdhknm

Existence, actuality and logical pluralism

Alessandro Rossi, Kevin Scharp, A. J. Cotnoir
We will then go on, in Ch. 3, to illustrate the noneist programme of logical revision and a system, N^R, implementing its principles.  ...  The rest of the chapter is dedicated to defend a realist account about the ontological dependency of the non-existent on the existent.  ...  However, unexpectedly, the uses of 'exists' of allism and mid noneism do collapse.  ... 
doi:10.17630/sta/93 fatcat:esj4dmgyafgfdkxokqmzxiyiee

Minimising Existence. Or How to Stop Worrying and Love the Barcan Formulae

Nicola Ciprotti
The paper closes by surveying the main reasons why the account championed here isn't defective with respect to other possibilist accounts of existence and modality presently on stage.  ...  Not only do I put forth some arguments, both semantic and metaphysical, against recent criticism; I also take pains at supplying some rationale in favour of the formal semantics underlying the Formulae  ...  so argue both LZ and max Cresswell in m. Cresswell, In Defence of the Barcan For crisp remarks over the debate'loaded vs. Unloaded' see d. lewis, Noneism or Allism?  ... 
doi:10.13128/annali_dip_filos-2166 fatcat:u7ybzfzcafdnfgxcgqmoxc3ndq