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Breakthroughs in field-scale bacterial transport

D. Balkwill, J. Chen, M. DeFlaun, F. Dobbs, H. Dong, J. Fredrickson, M. Fuller, M. Green, T. Ginn, T. Griffin, W. Holben, S. Hubbard (+12 others)
2001 EOS  
Rubin's group, and is described in detail in: Hydrogeological characterization of the South Oyster bacterial transport site using geophysical data, by  ...  In addition, radar tomography, seismic tomography, cone penetrometer test profiles, borehole electromagnetic flowmeter measurements and individual core samples were collected.  ...  minimally invasive manner.� This experiment allowed us to investigate the relative effects of hydrogeological and geochemical heterogeneity on the transport of a low-adhesion bacterial strain through a  ... 
doi:10.1029/01eo00255 fatcat:izm4vh7fyzc6zeish6zbfd2pmi

Lessons Learned from Bacterial Transport Research at the South Oyster Site

Timothy D. Scheibe, Susan S. Hubbard, Tullis C. Onstott, Mary F. DeFlaun
2011 Ground Water  
efficacy of conventional colloid filtration theory, 3) scale effects in bacterial transport, 4) development of new methods for microbial enumeration and screening for low adhesion strains, 5) application of novel  ...  This paper provides a review of bacterial transport experiments conducted by a multiinvestigator, multi-institution, multi-disciplinary team of researchers under the auspices of the U. S.  ...  and clearly demonstrated the efficacy of non-invasive hydrogeophysical measurements for improving predictions, even when compared with more extensive borehole-based hydrologic characterization than is  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1745-6584.2011.00831.x pmid:21671936 fatcat:aob2aicjjrgyzo7vn7whtgzziu

Near Surface Electrical Characterization of Hydraulic Conductivity: From Petrophysical Properties to Aquifer Geometries—A Review

Lee Slater
2007 Surveys in geophysics  
Inversions, based on the conversion of an image of a geophysical property to a hydrological property assuming a valid petrophysical relationship, as well as joint/constrained inversion methods, whereby  ...  This paper reviews the recent geophysical literature addressing the estimation of saturated hydraulic conductivity (K) from static low frequency electrical measurements (electrical resistivity, induced  ...  Andrew Binley, Andreas Kemna and David Lesmes provided valuable review comments on an earlier version of this manuscript submitted to the 18th Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth Workshop (EMIW).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10712-007-9022-y fatcat:o2x736zgozfz7fnvupq4dw4dmq

3-D characterization of high-permeability zones in a gravel aquifer using 2-D crosshole GPR full-waveform inversion and waveguide detection

Anja Klotzsche, Jan van der Kruk, Niklas Linde, Joseph Doetsch, Harry Vereecken
2013 Geophysical Journal International  
Laterally continuous low-velocity waveguides and their boundaries were identified in the measured data alone.  ...  Recently, a novel GPR full-waveform inversion algorithm was introduced, which is here applied and used for 3-D characterization by inverting six crosshole GPR cross-sections collected between four wells  ...  In comparison with ERT and seismics, GPR returns images with the highest resolution for aquifers (Doetsch et al. 2010a) , and several non-invasive surface and minimally invasive crosshole GPR measurements  ... 
doi:10.1093/gji/ggt275 fatcat:r5xl6ygtjrasppcurilb2byjba

Joint and constrained inversion of geophysical data for improved imaging of aquifer structure and processes

Joseph Doetsch
2012 Geophysics  
[2010] using pumping and slug tests, sieve analysis and flowmeter logs.  ...  right borehole with hydraulic conductivity estimates based on flowmeter measurements and a pumping test ( Figure F2a ).  ...  single-and crosshole GPR reflection data Appendix G: Fracture imaging using single-and crosshole GPR reflection data Appendix G: Fracture imaging using single-and crosshole GPR reflection data  ... 
doi:10.1190/2012-0210-geodis.2 fatcat:22a4cd5bwff7ncuskqu2g5ulsi

Proceedings Of The 7Th Asian-Australasian Conference On Precision Agriculture [article]

W Nelson
2017 Zenodo  
The water flow rate of the spray pump from the buffer tank was measured using a turbine flowmeter.  ...  A quasi-2D electromagnetic conductivity model for a field site was developed using electrical conductivity (ECa) data measured by a multi-coil DUALEM-421 sensor and a DUALEM-1s sensor.  ...  Finally, the countermeasures to promote the rapid development of RPPM were put forward, which including broaden the coverage of a single spraying operation, strengthening the method innovation of paddy  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1006669 fatcat:jb6sqa7ayngmlg7amwlpdkfmcy

Tomography of the Earth's Crust – From Geophysical Sounding to Real-Time Monitoring : Status Seminar 2. May 2011, GFZ, German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam ; Programme & Abstracts

Münch U., U. Münch
A lot of technological developments and innovations have been made in recent years like the real-time data acquisition andevaluation in addition to computer-aided visualization programmes.But there is  ...  source surveys, and hence avoiding very expensive invasive measurements (boreholes).  ...  In this context, vertical profiles of hydraulic conductivity by DP-based injection logging, and flowmeter measurements are measured.  ... 
doi:10.2312/ fatcat:eifbydnlcbh5tjl6d4rjii5egu

Applied Physics Research, Vol. 1, No. 2, November 2009, all in one file

Editor APR
2009 Applied Physics Research  
TS, depth, and position (x-y-z) of fish have been monitored at every ping using echogram.  ...  The work is supported by the Vote # 79011 managed by UTM Research Management Center (RMC) Abstract Identification of target strength (TS) of fish species in the South China Sea has been conducted using  ...  Introduction Electrical charge tomography (EChT) is a non-invasive imaging technique that is aimed to reconstruct the image of material being conveyed in pipeline.  ... 
doi:10.5539/apr.v1n2p0 fatcat:o2qjdhosrneihhske3xzb3mggu

67. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Geophysikalischen Gesellschaft : 26. - 29. März 2007 in Aachen

Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft
Special emphasis will be placed on assessing whether the detected signals could be used in a CTBT verification scenario together with the seismically detected explosion signals to initiate and to guide  ...  Soergel The potential of combined seismological and differential InSAR processing in a CTBT verification scenario Email: Although satellite imagery analysis is not an element of  ...  Featuring a non invasive measurement layout, the georadar is especially suited for use on sites intended to remain undisturbed.  ... 
doi:10.2312/dgg67 fatcat:aamxyri2orgdlhzr7rzaanjhk4

13th International Bologna Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media - Bologna 2016 Conference Handbook and Book of Abstracts

Villiam Bortolotti, Paola Fantazzini, Leonardo Brizi
Using diffusion MRI to study tissue microstructure in traumatic brain injury (TBI) M Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a major cause of disability and death worldwide, accounting for about 30% of all injuries  ...  While clinical MRI is routinely used to detect robust physiological and vascular abnormalities, more subtle cellular alterations are challenging to observe, identify, and characterize using conventional  ...  Non-Invasive Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Nanoparticle Migration and Water Velocity Inside Sandstone.  ... 
doi:10.6092/unibo/amsacta/5446 fatcat:nft5sqhwizdqli7ev6cfxehiwi

TUHH Spektrum Special Research 2001 [article]

Präsident Der Technischen Universität Hamburg-Harburg, TUHH Universitätsbibliothek, TUHH Universitätsbibliothek, Präsident Der Technischen Universität Hamburg-Harburg
The research activities of the Research Unit will make one of the last unexplored sectors of the electromagnetic spectrum  ...  How can the measuring tasks outlined above be performed by using electromagnetic waves?  ...  Thus, the mass transfer rate and the velocity of pourable solid matter in transport conduits can be contactlessly measured.  ... 
doi:10.15480/882.28 fatcat:jguopm2ydvdfthlquuiyzpbuoy

Rome, Italy SENSORDEVICES 2017 Editors

Winfried Vonau, Vítor Carvalho, Jerzy Lukaszewicz, Eiji Higurashi, Jean Salvestrini, Georgiatech Lorraine, Giovanni Usa, Pau, Yurong Jiang, Hewlett-Packard Labs, Jerzy Lukaszewicz, Eiji Higurashi (+76 others)
The creation of such a high quality conference program would not have been possible without their involvement.  ...  a series of events focusing on sensor devices themselves, the technology-capturing style of sensors, special technologies, signal control and interfaces, and particularly sensors-oriented applications.  ...  Abstract-We present a plane surface non-invasive sensing system for creating new cross-device interaction in the wild based on electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) measurement setup.  ...