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Complex knowledge modelling with functional entity relationship diagrams

Diarmuid J. Pigott, Valerie J. Hobbs
2011 Vine: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems  
Modelling complex knowledge resources can be problematical as there is currently no formalism that can represent the nature of the data-seeking process at a conceptual level.  ...  We use functional entities to develop a generalisation of the Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD), the Functional-Entity Relationship Diagram (FERD), which can be used for high level conceptual modelling  ...  data modelling theory, and which is underpinned by formal category theory.  ... 
doi:10.1108/03055721111134817 fatcat:frsprvpq2jennln654df2qx7uu

Linked open data, linked open libraries. Notes on the symposium "Data in the Net" (University of Salerno, December 4, 2015)

Luigi Catalani
2016 AIB Studi  
The paper describes the main topics discussed during the symposium "Data in the Net: archives and libraries in the Semantic Web" held on December 4, 2015 at the Central Library "Caianiello" of the University  ...  Beyond the variety of techniques and solutions, there's a clear need to disseminate knowledge and to enhance the librarianship's social dimension, that can be paraphrased in the expression 'linked open  ...  Bibliographic framework as a Web of data: linked data model and supporting services.  ... 
doi:10.2426/aibstudi-11455 doaj:ccaf05902ae145d09cfd619522ed744f fatcat:qx6i6gxfnfhmjc4n2x2jchywve

Principal Semantic Components of Language and the Measurement of Meaning

Alexei V. Samsonovic, Giorgio A. Ascoli, Jeffrey Krichmar
2010 PLoS ONE  
This is a fundamental step toward a universal metric system for semantics of human experiences, which is necessary for developing a rigorous science of the mind.  ...  Metric systems for semantics, or semantic cognitive maps, are allocations of words or other representations in a metric space based on their meaning.  ...  Olds for valuable discussions and feedback. Author Contributions Conceived and designed the experiments: AS GAA. Performed the experiments: AS. Analyzed the data: AS GAA. Wrote the paper: AS GAA.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0010921 pmid:20552009 pmcid:PMC2883995 fatcat:cbnjk5ckfnhfzies7nalavttnq

N-Watch: A program for deriving neighborhood size and other psycholinguistic statistics

Colin J. Davis
2005 Behavior Research Methods  
It is designed for use by researchers in psycholinguistics, particularly those concerned with recognition of isolated words.  ...  The program computes measures of orthographic similarity on line, either with respect to a default vocabulary of 30,605 words or to a vocabulary specified by the user.  ...  a line break; any additional columns of data will be ignored).  ... 
doi:10.3758/bf03206399 pmid:16097345 fatcat:oxrkiemervfczchnz27hiixijm

Models, Metaphors and Symbols for Information and Knowledge Systems

David Williams
2014 Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation  
This paper seeks to summarise development of the Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom hierarchy, explore the extensive criticism of it and present a more logical (and accurate) construct for the elements  ...  A literature search indicates that Data, Information and Knowledge continue to be placed into a hierarchical construct where it is considered that information is more valuable than data and that information  ...  Acknowledgments I acknowledge members of the actKM community who supplied references and engaged in a robust discussion on this topic, although not always in agreement with the author.  ... 
doi:10.7341/20141013 fatcat:q5ut4ab2unflnf5kazvblyjnau

Analisi della struttura e del modello concettuale di RDA – Resource description and access [chapter]

Antonella Trombone
1. Seminario Nazionale di Biblioteconomia  
The data are encoded using MARC field and all the semantic entrances are connected only to the work level. The display model is a tree graph, which represents also a navigation model among data.  ...  The knowledge pattern is theoretically considered as a unit of meaning for the semantic web, a multidimensional model able to capture its descriptive, informational, situational, social, and formal characters  ... 
doi:10.4000/books.ledizioni.1611 fatcat:75sf5xjebnf3jjplkn3kloky3q

Letteratura professionale italiana, a cura di Vittorio Ponzani

Vittorio Ponzani
2014 AIB Studi  
Tomasi -Fabio Vitali -Jacopo Zingoni, Semantic lenses as exploration method for scholarly articles, p. 118-129). Models and evaluation for DLs (N.  ...  ConNeKTion: a tool for handling conceptual graphs automatically extracted from text, p. 93-104.  ... 
doi:10.2426/aibstudi-10043 doaj:a4338e9d9bf047fdbac703b373c8014a fatcat:6itdegoveva6lhcmvmxymt3lzu

Proposal for a new methodological approach to the study of 20th century Bibliography

Carlo Bianchini, Fiammetta Sabba, Lucia Sardo
, tools, and objectives) both in diachronic and synchronic terms.  ...  context – i.e., the traditional survey method of Bibliography – and a quantitative investigation necessarily conducted with the decisive help of the application of Linked Data technology to the most recent  ...  Here, openness concerns not only access to research re- sults (such as papers, reports, books, etc.) but also the availability of research data on the semantic web in a totally new and fruitful way (Linked  ... 
doi:10.6092/issn.2283-9364/14051 fatcat:2oam3j6mvvfkvcwsyubwmhs2yy

Dal Web of documents al Web of data

Alberto Salarelli
Questa visione, basata su alcu-ne regole di base enunciate dallo stesso Berners-Lee nel 2006 e che vengono ormai considerate come le tavole della legge dei Linked Data, ovvero i 'Linked Data princi-ples  ...  e analisi Sul perché, anche nel mondo dei Linked Data, non possiamo rinunciare al concetto di documento  ...  tema si veda: Andreas Harth; Axel Polleres; Stefan Decker, Towards a social provenance model for the Web, « The Health Well», 2007, Workshop on Principles of Provenance (PrOPr), <  ... 


Barbara Beatriz Lira da Silva, Ana Klara Rodrigues Alves, Raquel de Brito Pereira, Ana Kamila Rodrigues Alves, Ana Karla Rodrigues Alves, Fábio Dias Nogueira, Danielle Souza Silva Varela
2021 Medicina Integral: Desafios enfrentados no ambiente hospitalar  
Todos os manuscritos foram previamente submetidos à avaliação por parte dos membros do Conselho Editorial desta Editora e pareceristas convidados, tendo sido aprovados para a publicação.  ...  A Synapse Editora não se responsabiliza por eventuais mudanças ocorridas nos endereços convencionais ou eletrônicos citados nesta obra.  ...  Thus, the terms converge for all semantic traits belonging to the context of war, reinforcing the understanding of the reason for the semantic and conceptual relationship, at a metaphorical level, between  ... 
doi:10.36599/editpa-2021_mint-0002 fatcat:yuvzzbrs6ngybfu6jfkwdefx4y

CIRF - Sobre a fenomenologia e seu entorno, contribuições do Centro Italiano de Pesquisas Fenomenológicas

Angela Ales Bello, Ademir Menin
2021 Aoristo. International journal of phenomenology, hermeneutics and metaphysics  
Phenomenology, Hermeneutics and Metaphysics (veículo criado no período de franco desenvolvimento dos estudos de fenomenologia da Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná – UNIOESTE, ímpeto este reconhecido a  ...  A ordem é para ele um substrato favorável. Ele a transforma em seus objetivos.  ...  Esta é a diferença entre a literatura do mero nojo e a literatura naturalista, na qual, apesar de todos os objetos feios, o otimismo ainda domina.  ... 
doi:10.48075/aoristo.v4i2.27991 fatcat:blsrnqttyrc5vmxezo2r2ftidi

Conhecimento e infinito ou finitude mental e infinda diferenciação criativa

Carlos H. Do C. Silva
Keisler, Model Theory for Infinitary Logic, Logic with countable conjunctions and finite quantifiers, Amsterdam/ London, North-Holland Publ.  ...  Seuren, «Autonomous versus Semantic Syntax», in: Id., (ed.), Semantic Syntax, Oxford, Univ.  ... 
doi:10.34632/theologica.2010.2049 fatcat:u5oqioduwbdihe2k5ca43rreyy

Oxímora 17 (Jul-Dic 2020)

Oxímora Comité Editorial
2020 Oxímora. Revista Internacional de Ética y Política  
In analyzing the implications of text, writing, and trace for the philosophical discourse on violence, I follow Derrida "just to see" what could make the scene tremble.  ...  En el curso del ensayo, analizo esta escena cuasi-jurídica a través de las lecturas de Aristóteles, Walter Benjamin y Giorgio Agamben, entre otros.  ...  Macron's model for the unity of Europe is the spirit of the Sorbonne: the gathering of scholars from all over the continent. A Franco-Roman model.  ... 
doaj:7269e4b89a864a4e80ea018a0dd9ed5a fatcat:uaf5sgotkjc7blxfugtnocnp6y

Origini e prospettive del progetto SBN

Di Fiammetta Sabba, Giorgia Plachesi
Utile a questo fine si è rivelata un'analisi dei punti di forza e di debolezza del progetto SBN, valutando se quelli che furono gli obiettivi originari fossero stati realizzati e con che grado di sviluppo  ...  A Giorgia Plachesi si devono i paragrafi: Lo studio di fattibilità della GEAC e dell'ITALSIEL per l'architettura del SBN, Le reazioni alle proposte della GEAC e dell'ITALSIEL, Le conseguenze biblioteconomiche  ...  /10.1080/10911360802087374>; Antonella Trombone, Cataloghi, modelli concettuali, data model: gli orientamenti della ricerca e gli ordinamenti tematici nella Library and information science, «  ... 

Philosophical Readings X.2 (2018) - Special Issue: Lotze'S Back!

Sgarbi Marco (Ed.)
2018 Zenodo  
A Middle Position in the Materialism Controversy Charlotte Morel...... 90 L'espressione del pensiero.  ...  Lotze e la confutazione di Hegel nella Logica del 1874 Danilo Manca...... 101 Hermann Lotze and Franz Brentano Nikolay Milkov...... 115 "A halting-stage in the evolution of logical theory".  ...  As for the concept of matter, Lotze very often goes into detail when discussing physicalist and chemical models of his time. 58 Accordingly, when it comes to clarifying the primary concepts of natural  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1210314 fatcat:p4g6fh6qy5gdtju27vrjvhih4e
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