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A System Dynamics Approach to Model Photosynthesis at Leaf Level Under Fluctuating Light

Nicole Salvatori, Fabrizio Carteni, Francesco Giannino, Giorgio Alberti, Stefano Mazzoleni, Alessandro Peressotti
2022 Frontiers in Plant Science  
The plants were sown in 3 L pots and grown inside a controlled growth chamber system (Salvatori et al., 2021) for 5 weeks with either nonfluctuating light or fluctuating light conditions.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpls.2021.787877 pmid:35154180 pmcid:PMC8833254 fatcat:5kzgr36y3rfh7k5yl6eqed3oay

A low-cost automated growth chamber system for continuous measurements of gas exchange at canopy scale in dynamic conditions

Nicole Salvatori, Alberti Giorgio, Onno Muller, Uwe Rascher, Alessandro Peressotti
2021 Plant Methods  
Background Obtaining instantaneous gas exchanges data is fundamental to gain information on photosynthesis. Leaf level data are reliable, but their scaling up to canopy scale is difficult as they are acquired in standard and/or controlled conditions, while natural environments are extremely dynamic. Responses to dynamic environmental conditions need to be considered, as measurements at steady state and their related models may overestimate total carbon (C) plant uptake. Results In this paper,
more » ... describe an automatic, low-cost measuring system composed of 12 open chambers (60 × 60 × 150 cm; around 400 euros per chamber) able to measure instantaneous CO2 and H2O gas exchanges, as well as environmental parameters, at canopy level. We tested the system's performance by simulating different CO2 uptake and respiration levels using a tube filled with soda lime or pure CO2, respectively, and quantified its response time and measurement accuracy. We have been also able to evaluate the delayed response due to the dimension of the chambers, proposing a method to correct the data by taking into account the response time ($${t}_{0}$$ t 0 ) and the residence time (τ). Finally, we tested the system by growing a commercial soybean variety in fluctuating and non-fluctuating light, showing the system to be fast enough to capture fast dynamic conditions. At the end of the experiment, we compared cumulative fluxes with total plant dry biomass. Conclusions The system slightly over-estimated (+ 7.6%) the total C uptake, even though not significantly, confirming its ability in measuring the overall CO2 fluxes at canopy scale. Furthermore, the system resulted to be accurate and stable, allowing to estimate the response time and to determine steady state fluxes from unsteady state measured values. Thanks to the flexibility in the software and to the dimensions of the chambers, even if only tested in dynamic light conditions, the system is thought to be used for several applications and with different plant canopies by mimicking different environmental conditions.
doi:10.1186/s13007-021-00772-z pmid:34193215 pmcid:PMC8243713 fatcat:vslucvtpvvbcjky2yqjcukko4y

From local spectral species to global spectral communities: a benchmark for ecosystem diversity estimate by remote sensing [article]

Duccio Rocchini, Nicole Salvatori, Carl Beierkuhnlein, Alessandro Chiarucci, Florian de Boissieu, Michael Foerster, Carol X. Garzon-Lopez, Thomas W. Gillespie, Heidi C. Hauffe, Kate S. He, Birgit Kleinschmit, Jonathan Lenoir (+8 others)
2020 bioRxiv   pre-print
In the light of unprecedented change in global biodiversity, real-time and accurate ecosystem and biodiversity assessments are becoming increasingly essential. Nevertheless, estimation of biodiversity using ecological field data can be difficult for several reasons. For instance, for very large areas, it is challenging to collect data that provide reliable information. Some of these restrictions in Earth observation can be avoided through the use of remote sensing approaches. Various studies
more » ... e estimated biodiversity on the basis of the Spectral Variation Hypothesis (SVH). According to this hypothesis, spectral heterogeneity over the different pixel units of a spatial grid reflects a higher niche heterogeneity, allowing more organisms to coexist. Recently, the spectral species concept has been derived, following the consideration that spectral heterogeneity at a landscape scale corresponds to a combination of subspaces sharing a similar spectral signature. With the use of high resolution remote sensing data, on a local scale, these subspaces can be identified as separate spectral entities, the so called "spectral species". Our approach extends this concept over wide spatial extents and to a higher level of biological organization. We applied this method to MODIS imagery data across Europe. Obviously, in this case, a spectral species identified by MODIS is not associated to a single plant species in the field but rather to a species assemblage, habitat, or ecosystem. Based on such spectral information, we propose a straightforward method to derive alpha- (local relative abundance and richness of spectral species) and beta-diversity (turnover of spectral species) maps over wide geographical areas.
doi:10.1101/2020.11.04.367995 fatcat:xokfc3qso5e7dohtgj7s5t6z6e

A neonatal cluster of novel coronavirus disease 2019: clinical management and considerations

Nicole Olivini, Francesca Ippolita Calò Carducci, Veronica Santilli, Maria Antonietta De Ioris, Alessia Scarselli, Dario Alario, Caterina Geremia, Mary Haywood Lombardi, Caterina Marabotto, Rosanna Mariani, Raffaele Edo Papa, Emanuela Peschiaroli (+17 others)
2020 Italian Journal of Pediatrics  
., resources, review of the manuscript, final approval of the version to be published; Salvatori G., D'Argenio P., Dotta A., Rossi P., Villani A., supervision/oversight, review of the manuscript, final  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13052-020-00947-9 pmid:33287880 fatcat:g4moq3vfsvfsvfbj6u2elj655i

Page 159 of Bulletin of the History of Medicine Vol. 3, Issue 2 [page]

1935 Bulletin of the History of Medicine  
michi puella, cui nomen inposui Lucrecia, cuius conpatres fuerunt frater Iacobellus vastapan ordinis humiliatorum, signor redulfus de mazuchis, zaninus sapon- arius, signor andreas nicole. 1419. die 4  ...  novembris Veneciis, in contrata sancti salvatoris in cha dandulo natus est michi puer cui nomen inposui Alovisius.  ... 

Page 93 of Geophysics Vol. 14, Issue 1 [page]

1949 Geophysics  
Johnson) Archibald John Nicol (C. H. Green, C. M. Moore Jr., Ross Henderson) George Gust Pagonis (Eugene Cronin, R. S. Jackson, John Wilson) Alfred Ernest Pallister (F. H. Agee, M. W. Harding, P. K.  ...  Donnally, Dean Walling, David Sheffet) William August Williges (Dean Walling, Robert Dyk, Henry Salvatori) David Grinnell Willis (W. H. Myers, M. W. Harding, Herbert Hoover Jr.)  ... 

Does Fluctuating Light Affect Crop Yield? A Focus on the Dynamic Photosynthesis of Two Soybean Varieties

Nicole Salvatori, Giorgio Alberti, Onno Muller, Alessandro Peressotti
Air temperature and transmitted light across the canopy were monitored every second within each chamber using thermistors and a solar bar (Salvatori et al., 2021) .  ...  The understanding of the mechanisms of adaptations to such dynamic conditions is fundamental to improve April 2022 | Volume 13 | Article 862275 Salvatori et al. Does Fluctuating Light Affect Yield?  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpls.2022.862275 pmid:35557734 pmcid:PMC9085482 fatcat:cw2qu24nlvcl7ep24nyabbckdi

Page 1087 of Journal of Paleontology Vol. 33, Issue 6 [page]

1959 Journal of Paleontology  
SALVATORI, U., Diagnosi di nuove forme: Tritaxilina maxima n. sp.: Riv. Ital. Palaeont. Strat., v. 62, p. 35-36, 3 text figs. SALVATORI, U., I coralli ed i foraminiferi del Miocene inferiore di M.  ...  ROUBICHOU, NICOLE, Etude micrographique du Crétacé supérieur de la bordure nord du massif de Vercors: Univ. Grenoble, Fac. Sci., Lab. Géol., Trav., v. 33, p. 157-206, 8 pls., 9 text figs., 1 table.  ... 

Imagens em trânsito

Maristela Salvatori
2013 PORTO ARTE Revista de Artes Visuais  
D O S S I Ê MAriSTelA SAlvATori, Imagens em trânsito MAriSTelA SAlvATori imagens em trânsito reSuMo este texto apresenta parcialmente aspectos do desenvolvimento do projeto imagens em trânsito, realizado  ...  Maristela Salvatori, sem título (série Québec), 2012, monotipia, 121 x 157 cm (políptico).  ... 
doi:10.22456/2179-8001.43753 fatcat:p4mi2ulm2rfcle7zkosij3kfzy

Page 677 of None Vol. 50, Issue 349 [page]

1821 None  
Ss. 566 Nicholson, Mr. 368, 565 Nivison, A. 448 Nicole, M. 452 Niebubr, Baron 553 Normand, Mad. de 461 Noble, Jas. 566 Oersted, Prof. 555 Oehlenschlager, M. 457 O‘Meara, B.  ...  J. 160 Ruggles, Thos. 70 Russell, Mr. 74 Salandiere,M. 164 Sauvigny, M. de 354 Sandham, Miss 353, 459, 561 Salami, Dr. 357 Savage, J. 460 Salvatori, M. 4555 Salles, M. 556 Scott, Rev.  ... 

Page 2751 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 91, Issue 7 [page]

2004 Psychological Abstracts  
Charles, 20268 Schumann, Barbara C., 18084 Schupf, Nicole, 19802, 19804 Schuster, Christof, 18069 Schutter, Dennis J. L.  ...  ., 18650 Salomé, Nicolas, 18698 Salomone, Loredana, 19338 Saltuklaroglu, Tim, 19833 Salvador, Luis, 20119 Salvatori, Penny, 19769 Salvendy, Gavriel, 21019 Salzinger, Suzanne, 19621, 19727 ‘g, Eslee, 20257  ... 

Page 1087 of Journal of Paleontology Vol. 33, Issue 6 [page]

1959 Journal of Paleontology  
RovuBICcHoUu, NICOLE, Etude micrographique du Crétacé supérieur de la bordure nord du massif de Vercors: Univ. Grenoble, Fac. Sci., Lab.  ...  SaLvaTorI, U., I coralli ed i foraminiferi del Miocene inferiore di M. Curlo (Voghera): ibid., v. 62, p. 125-131, pl. 12. SANTANI, L., Studi stratigrafici sul Terziario subalpino lombardo.  ... 

Page 371 of Notes and Queries Vol. 2, Issue 45 [page]

1856 Notes and Queries  
Regis gloriz thalamus. arca pietatis et gratia. mater misericordiz. refugium peccatoris. es mater Salvatoris. ad liberandum exulem hominem Filium Dei susce- pisti in uterum.  ...  Sir Jasper Nicolls, at that time Commander-in-Chief of the Indian army, was particularly mentioned? The paragraph oc- curred, I think, in the volume for 1845. Arram. John Moncrieff of Tippermalluch.  ... 

Page 870 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 84b [page]

1984 Mathematical Reviews  
V. ..... 51011 Cekirge, H.M. ....... 86003 Celakoski, N. ........ 20084 Celmaster, William ... 81084 Cerin, Zvonko Cerveré, José M. ..... 83026 Cesarina Salvatori, M. See Salvatori, M.  ...  Dedeié, Rajko De Dominicis, Rodolfo De Felice, Clelia De Giorgi, Ennio De Gottal, Ph. ....... 82003 De Grande-De Kimpe, Nicole De Greene, Kenyon B. Dehesa, Jesus S. OS aR 35105 Delneka, V. S.  ... 

O tempo que não nos pertence

Luiz Alberto De Farias, Paulo Nassar
2014 Organicom  
Como "Aberje: duas décadas de trabalhos voltados à responsabilidade histórica e à memória empresarial", de Mateus Furlanetto e Patrícia Salvatori, na seção Depoimento.  ...  Nicole nos leva a um mundo de imbricações e novos significados em nosso trabalho cotidiano de comunicadores nos ambientes organizacionais.  ... 
doi:10.11606/issn.2238-2593.organicom.2014.139212 fatcat:oqhskykbo5derl47mlxjwtgzaa
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