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The Next Steps [chapter]

Patrick Moore, John Watson
2003 Astronomy with a Budget Telescope  
Steps Early Intervention: The Next Steps Early Intervention: The Next Steps Early Intervention: The Next Steps Early Intervention: The Next Steps Early Intervention: The Next  ...  Steps Recommendation Early Intervention: The Next Steps Early Intervention: The Next Steps Early Intervention: The Next Steps � HM Government (2010) Healthy Lives, Healthy People: Our  ...  I look forward to the launch of Graham's next report, which will look at how we can go beyond state funding and develop innovative means to finance a growing and proven set of Early Intervention programmes  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-1-4471-3765-8_9 fatcat:pbdmah45sbbytihq5rizrmb7t4

Conclusions and Resources for Next Steps [chapter]

Valerie Cerra
2021 How to Achieve Inclusive Growth  
Next Steps and Other Resources This book has aimed at providing a high-level synthesis of the key issues for achieving inclusive growth.  ...  Table 22 .1 lists a selected set of such resources that can be tapped as the next steps in implementing policies for inclusive growth. OECD, 2018. World Bank, 2018.  ... 
doi:10.1093/oso/9780192846938.003.0022 fatcat:xpgs3cv2hrg6xmyb6flv3vekve


Otis W. Caldwell
1929 School Science and Mathematics  
And,in a democracy in which the relative NEXT STEPS IN SCIENCE TEACHING 11 strength of voting is by the number of individuals who vote, and where voting is sometimes a hilarious but uninformed pastime,  ...  Of the 1,000 words, which according to Thorndike are most commonly used \ NEXT STEPS IN SCIENCE TEACHING 15 in speech, in print and in writing, Ayers’ list includes 672, and Mulcaster includes 857.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1949-8594.1929.tb00608.x fatcat:5uuzx337krdcboskgogdddhqbu

Next steps in implementing Kaput's research programme

Celia Hoyles, Richard Noss
2008 Educational Studies in Mathematics  
In practice, however, this last step proved to be much more difficult than we imagined.  ...  Surely not: it would be strange indeed if each piece of a technology itself had a specific and measurable outcome on some educationally relevant practice.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10649-007-9102-4 fatcat:iry7u5spcvgejcxnyenwwfclxy

Translating Fit and Strong!: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

Susan Hughes, Renae L. Smith-Ray, Amy Shah, Gail Huber
2015 Frontiers in Public Health  
Once we understood the causal chain, it was clear that our next step should be the development of an intervention to interrupt it.  ...  NEXT STEPS Finally, while offering the program on the south side of Chicago we were asked by participants to include more information in the Fit and Strong!  ... 
doi:10.3389/fpubh.2014.00131 pmid:25964894 pmcid:PMC4410404 fatcat:snc2aw44jrc2nn3bnlzyevbdmu

Next steps toward an Arctic human dimensions observing system

Matthew D. Berman
2011 Polar Geography  
, and (2) recommendations for essential new primary data collection.  ...  The review highlights issues of comparability of data across different scales in different nations, as well as key observation gaps.  ...  1 Next Steps toward an Arctic Human Dimensions Observing System The Arctic Observation Network Social Indicators Project (AON-SIP) compiled existing data to support future research on the interaction  ... 
doi:10.1080/1088937x.2011.593302 fatcat:e73jsgr47vbm3gqva7ej5a76by

Health in all policies: lessons learned and next steps in Utrecht

M Weber, H Schreurs
2018 European Journal of Public Health  
Using the innovation solutions in health education tailored to the needs of the different groups provides equal opportunities to improve health literacy.  ...  Key messages: Innovation solutions in health education should enable equal opportunities to improve health literacy both for people with and without disabilities.  ...  No organizational-Health in all policies: lessons learned and next steps in Utrecht Miriam Weber M Weber, H Schreurs City of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands Contact: Issue A  ... 
doi:10.1093/eurpub/cky212.289 fatcat:dbepzkktuzffjo5w3l52hxld6e

Clinical Legal Education in Afghanistan: Next Steps

Stephen A. Rosenbaum
2004 Social Science Research Network  
Faculties that gloss over some of these steps will have a harder time thriving.  ...  This means adopting an evaluation tool that measures performance. 34 32 Legal English Specialist Eisa Khan Ayoob Ayoobi observed recently that Afghan university students tend to excel in oral and aural  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2555437 fatcat:aztpuip6vvflpcufipfg3ub7hy

Investigating the Health Information Literacy Knowledge of Health Care Students as an Essential Next Step in Medical and Health Professional Training

2020 International Journal of Nursing Education  
Health information literacy has been described as a cornerstone and prerequisite to EBP.  ...  As such, health information literacy should be valuated and included in prospective health care professionals' training.  ...  Howard consciously verify that for this manuscript "Investigating the Health Information Literacy Knowledge of Health Care Students as an Essential Next Step in Medical and Health Professional Training  ... 
doi:10.37506/ijone.v12i1.3709 fatcat:ag4fymemrbgnvgiwssdajc47pq

What Is My Next Step? School Students' Perceptions of Feedback

Cameron Brooks, Yangtao Huang, John Hattie, Annemaree Carroll, Rochelle Burton
2019 Frontiers in Education  
The questionnaire was used to collect data about the helpfulness to learning of different feedback types and levels.  ...  What is my next step?  ...  What is my next step?). These questions position the feedback types from the learner's perspective.  ... 
doi:10.3389/feduc.2019.00096 fatcat:cxdm5o2amvad7bgtztvzinb53u

Mobile Phones: The Next Step towards Healthcare Delivery in Rural India?

Sherwin I. DeSouza, M. R. Rashmi, Agalya P. Vasanthi, Suchitha Maria Joseph, Rashmi Rodrigues, Christian Lovis
2014 PLoS ONE  
The data is described using basic statistical measures. Results: The primary use of mobile phones was to make or receive phone calls (100%).  ...  Factors such as sex, English literacy, employment status, and presence of chronic disease affected preferences regarding mode and content of communication.  ...  Analyzed the data: SID MRR APV SMJ RR. Wrote the paper: SID RR.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0104895 pmid:25133610 pmcid:PMC4136858 fatcat:3y6ko55oancizewyln3zioar6i

Financial Integration in Asia: Recent Developments and Next Steps

Leslie Teo, David Cowen, Hemant Shah, Ranil Salgado, Alessandro Zanello
2006 IMF Working Papers  
What are the next steps for institutional reform and development in Asia? There are well-known benefits from increasing financial integration in Asia.  ...  A number of steps could be taken to address this. • First, measures could be taken to enhance transparency to promote market participation, and hence market liquidity.  ... 
doi:10.5089/9781451864564.001 fatcat:vwyksg5jurde5bb3tvd4ryeg2i

Automated Experimentation in Walden 3.0. : The Next step in Profiling, Predicting, Control and Surveillance

Martijn Van Otterlo
2014 Surveillance & Society  
Big data technologies are increasingly able to automatically gather data, experiment with action strategies, observe results of such strategies, and learn from their effects.  ...  framed as "control over information" it becomes apparent that some areas in the digital world might be heading to what I call Walden 3.0; communities of interest that are influenced and controlled by measurement  ...  Traditional privacy-as-access is about data and control of who gets to see that data, and forms the first step.  ... 
doi:10.24908/ss.v12i2.4600 fatcat:khom2be77bdgtc3nes72avdwpi

Promoting the Health of Older People: The Next Step in Health Generation Anthony Chiva Promoting the Health of Older People: The Next Step in Health Generation and David Stears (editors)Open University Press151pp£16.990 335 20438 40335204384

Stephen Weeks
2001 Nursing Older People  
With this concept in mind The proem to the next step in health generation DAVID STEARS AND ANTHONY CHIVA health promotion is best conducted as a process of informing, equipping and empowering rather than  ...  We are grateful to the Department of Health for permission to use the Health Survey for England data and to the ESRC Data Archive and Manchester Computing Centre for access to data.  ... 
doi:10.7748/nop.13.8.38.s22 fatcat:jm4pquzjzbd6pgnqn4zte5udi4

Obsolete Ideologies for the Knowledge Based Creative Economy: Essential Next Steps for Innovative Classroom Practices

Patricia Dawn Altass, Sean Wiebe
2017 Teaching and Learning  
The next section describes the first dominant technological paradigm, Digital Taylorism: Technology Replacing/Simplifying Work, followed by a discussion highlighting the implications of this labour force  ...  The difficulty of previous educational reform efforts is that they have typically been envisioned as changes in the classroom with isolated, easily measurable outcomes.  ... 
doi:10.26522/tl.v11i1.437 fatcat:wjag5fmojjarvn6gn2tqerwilq
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