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Tuning Fiber Alignment to Achieve Mechanical Anisotropy on Polymeric Electrospun Scaffolds for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering

Markatos DN, Sarakinis A, Dimosthenis Mavrilas
2018 Journal of Material Science & Engineering  
Methods: To this end, we used a specifically designed drum collector, with accurate velocity control, and tested different electrospinning parameters (polymeric solution concentrations, transfer rates,  ...  Electrospinning is an attractive technique by which we can produce biodegradable polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.  ...  To this end, we utilized a low cost, Arduino-driven drum collector with accurate angular velocity control, specifically designed and constructed for our in-house electrospinning system.  ... 
doi:10.4172/2169-0022.1000466 fatcat:chi4tezbjvabrdt2h32exbxpry

Discrete and Continuum Approaches for Modeling Solids Motion Inside a Rotating Drum at Different Regimes

César Martín Venier, Santiago Márquez Damián, Sergio Eduardo Bertone, Gabriel Darío Puccini, José María Risso, Norberto Marcelo Nigro
2021 Applied Sciences  
In this work, the performance of discrete and continuum computational models for addressing granular flow dynamics in a rotating drum at different regimes is studied.  ...  The solids distribution and velocities for each one of the tests considered are fairly similar between both computational techniques and the experimental observations.  ...  The authors also wish to thank Sebastian Jappert from DEISA S.A. for his collaboration with the experimental setup.  ... 
doi:10.3390/app112110090 doaj:7c7d6f092e974f3db087cc28c44b46bd fatcat:u3qc7xropzhn7ipinqhrxa6sxi

Review of noninvasive methods to characterize granular mixing

Humair Nadeem, Theodore J. Heindel
2018 Powder Technology  
The advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques are summarized and a comparison of the utility of the techniques in various applications is discussed.  ...  Spectroscopic techniques focus on the chemical composition of the sample and are well suited for applications where there is little difference in the physical properties of the constituents such as particle  ...  Qualitative imaging techniques are low cost and well suited for preliminary investigation of granular mixing, surface phenomenon, flow regime transition, and pattern formation.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2018.03.035 fatcat:asmo7gabanhsjkrff74wovolcu

Adaptive High-Performance Velocity Evaluation Based on a High-Resolution Time-to-Digital Converter

J.N. Lygouras, T.P. Pachidis, K.N. Tarchanidis, V.S. Kodogiannis
2008 IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement  
The adaptation of the next sampling period, according to the instant velocity, results in better response times at low speeds and a very high accuracy at medium and high speeds.  ...  The method incorporates encoder pulse counting and very accurate time measurement. The velocity sampling interval is not constant but is continuously modified.  ...  Accurate determination of the surface velocity profile of an almost uniformly rotating drum is considered in [7] , where a measuring wheel is placed in direct contact with the drum and is rigidly coupled  ... 
doi:10.1109/tim.2008.919039 fatcat:e4ii5d7efzeu3chwusnsr6h2iq

Control of insects and mites in grain using a high temperature/short time (HTST) technique

H Mourier, K.P Poulsen
2000 Journal of Stored Products Research  
A rotating drum, connected to a natural-gas burner was fed with grain which was in constant movement along the drum and thereby mixed thoroughly during the process.  ...  For control of P. truncatus in maize, an inlet temperature of 7008C resulted in a complete disinfestation when the exposure time was 19 s.  ...  Acknowledgements This work was funded by the Danish Directorate for Development. We thank Ole Toftdahl Olesen from Cimbria Unigrain Ltd for assistance.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0022-474x(99)00054-5 pmid:10758269 fatcat:ol4soxsxwnaflmn4mraftnvy3a

Page 206 of SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal Vol. 63, Issue 5 [page]

1954 SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal  
Schade make use of surface discharges on an elec- trolyte-impregnated ceramic material in order to record reflexion pictures on a rotating drum.  ...  The cost per viewer can drop to as low as 3 mills over the life of the film if a good film is made for a broad, general purpose, audience.  ... 

Optimization of angular velocity of drum mixers

Gennadii Golub, Yaroslav Myhailovych, Oksana Achkevych, Viacheslav Chuba
2019 Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies  
A., Aung Naing So A. N. S. Faraday waves in a movable tank and their mechanical analog // Engineering Journal: Science and Innovation. 2013. Issue 12.  ...  Pru n kyvadlo: od teoretick mechaniky k pokus m a zase zp tky // Pokroky matematiky, fyziky a astronomie. 2006. Vol. 51, Issue 4. P. 312-327. 28. Havr nek A., ert k O.  ...  One of the techniques for ensuring an improvement in mixing efficiency and for obtaining a cataracting mode at a smaller angular velocity is to mount blades at the inner surface of a smooth drum.  ... 
doi:10.15587/1729-4061.2019.166944 fatcat:yyqjngmd25favjgn6s7rgmtjuy

Tracking Single Particles in Process Equipment or Probing Processes Using Positrons

Robin Forster, Jonathan Seville, David Parker, Yulong Ding
2000 Kona : Powder and Particle  
A real time visualisation of the tracer motion enables the technique to be used for rapid diagnostic and development studies.  ...  Typically, a particle moving at 1 ms-1 can be located to within 1 mm 500 times a second, whilst at 0.1 ms-1 the spatial resolution is improved to 0.5 mm for a location calculated 50 times a second.  ...  PEPT analysis of rotary drums provides detailed velocity measurements without the need for invasive measurement techniques such as for example optical probes.  ... 
doi:10.14356/kona.2000020 fatcat:lkbdmgbg6ba4joidvbmul6ewa4

Naval biomedical research laboratory, programmed environment, aerosol facility

L J Goldberg
1971 Applied microbiology  
Mathematical considerations of the behavior of aerosolized particles in a rotating drum are presented, and the rotating drum as an aerosol-holding device is compared with a stirred settling chamber.  ...  The basic overall design elements of a facility employing eight rotating drums are presented.  ...  The measurement of humidity in the temperature range of 50 to 120 F (10 to 49 C) can be measured reasonably accurately with a calibrated "in-line" wet bulb/dry bulb technique.  ... 
pmid:5549701 pmcid:PMC377156 fatcat:ttbqlpvdyzf3rbwx6qp7ww22b4

Naval Biomedical Research Laboratory, Programmed Environment, Aerosol Facility

L. J. Goldberg
1971 Applied microbiology  
Mathematical considerations of the behavior of aerosolized particles in a rotating drum are presented, and the rotating drum as an aerosol-holding device is compared with a stirred settling chamber.  ...  The basic overall design elements of a facility employing eight rotating drums are presented.  ...  The measurement of humidity in the temperature range of 50 to 120 F (10 to 49 C) can be measured reasonably accurately with a calibrated "in-line" wet bulb/dry bulb technique.  ... 
doi:10.1128/aem.21.2.244-252.1971 fatcat:anoo2uhrgbgnbcejtzcrnoh72y

A low cost, light weight cenosphere–aluminium composite for brake disc application

2016 Bulletin of Materials Science  
The aim of this paper is to develop a light weight material for brake disc applications thereby substituting base alloy and conventional composite.  ...  To ensure the manufacturability of composite, composite brake rotor was casted using the sand casting technique and was machined to achieve the final component.  ...  This made infrared technology an area of interest for new applications and users. Infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature of an object.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12034-015-1134-2 fatcat:rrcvpvpmhrcsvo5kdaadwffo7y

Low-RPM Torque Converter (LRTC)

Andrej Savin, Dana Salar, Erik Hultman
2021 Energies  
The focus of this project is, therefore, a new generation of wave power device for utility-scale energy conversion offering a cost of energy that can compete with established energy resources.  ...  The concept concerned in this paper is based on energy conversion of the ocean waves via rotational generators. The objective of this research is to develop a new type of slow-motion converter.  ...  In order to obtain a more accurate measurement of the utilization power from the generators, voltage and current were measured directly over loads L1 and L2, see Figure 7 .  ... 
doi:10.3390/en14165071 fatcat:vosc7qgi7fdabep2u3p7y7nfz4

Laser-Optical System of the IBM 3800 Printer

J. M. Fleischer, M. R. Latta, M. E. Rabedeau
1977 IBM Journal of Research and Development  
A helium-neon laser, acousto-optical modulator and rotating polygonal mirror are used for the optical design of a computer printout system.  ...  A new technique utilizing a cylindrical/toroidal lens pair is described which reduces, by two orders of magnitude, scan line displacement errors produced by the polygonal mirror.  ...  Focus adjustment is determined by the use of a small rotating slit scanner for measuring the laser beam diameter.  ... 
doi:10.1147/rd.215.0479 fatcat:g5e7kmk65jhjffpytuzvliujaq

The Development and Application of a TFM for Dense Particle Flow and Mixing in Rotating Drums

Wenjie Rong, Baokuan Li, Yuqing Feng
2022 Processes  
rotating drums (diameter less than 0.5 m) and has not been used for industrial rotating drum analysis.  ...  It is found that several frictional viscosity models were proposed to consider the enduring contact of dense particles for the specific rotating studied, but there is still a lack of a universal model.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/pr10020234 fatcat:l4m3qnyorvhg3e4vmz4whueuk4

Determining of the influence of reactor parameters on the uniformity of mixing substrate components

Gennadii Golub, Mykola Trehub, Anna Holubenko, Nataliya Tsyvenkova, Viacheslav Chuba, Marina Tereshchuk
2020 Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies  
To describe the established conditions, a mathematical model has been built, which links the equation of the boundary of the blockage of substrate particles in the drum and their fall along a parabolic  ...  The result of solving the differential equations is the equation of the linear speed of particle movement on the curved surface of the drum blade at which their full dispersal at the free surface of the  ...  The reactor's drum frequency rotation was measured by a portable optical tachometer testo 465 (Germany).  ... 
doi:10.15587/1729-4061.2020.217159 fatcat:la2efeonnjasbbty7s6srbwmxq
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