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Solving complex problems with a bioinspired model

Alberto Arteta, Nuria Gomez, Luis Fernando Mingo
2011 Engineering applications of artificial intelligence  
The rules application phase is studied and updated accordingly to obtain the desired results. Certain rules are candidate to be eliminated which can make the model improving in terms of time.  ...  As a part of unconventional computing, P-systems are proven to be effective in solving complex problems.  ...  Order in rules Fast linear algorithm (FIA) The algorithm is based on elimination of rules one by one: When a rule has been applied to its maximal applicability benchmark, this rule is not active anymore  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.engappai.2011.03.007 fatcat:4ouc6kk6dffm5gaxfgrnkg3hoy

Fusion of Computational Intelligence Techniques and Their Practical Applications

Rahib H. Abiyev, Rafik Aliev, Okyay Kaynak, I. Burhan Turksen, Karl Walter Bonfig
2015 Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience  
Fusion of computational intelligence techniques covers the spectrum of applications, comprehensively demonstrating the advantages of fusion techniques in industrial applications that deal with various  ...  Each respective technique enhances the capability of the other and the fusion of these paradigms in system design offsets the demerits of one paradigm by the merits of another.  ...  Acknowledgments We would like to thank all the authors for submitting their papers to the special issue as well as the reviewers for providing their expertise and making valuable comments. Rahib H.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2015/463147 pmid:26413087 pmcid:PMC4568056 fatcat:wydc2szxoja4tkvy2ivx4gbqsq

Beware the evolving 'intelligent' web service! An integration architecture tactic to guard AI-first components [article]

Alex Cummaudo, Scott Barnett, Rajesh Vasa, John Grundy, Mohamed Abdelrazek
2020 arXiv   pre-print
When the internals within the abstracted 'black box' become hidden and evolve, pitfalls emerge in the robustness of applications that depend on these evolving services.  ...  The tactic involves creating an application-specific benchmark dataset baselined against an intelligent service, enabling evolutionary behaviour changes to be mitigated.  ...  The full set of parameters that Pam has to set are based on the rules shown in Workflow 4. Invalid Request Post-Evolution.  ... 
arXiv:2005.13186v1 fatcat:ukoctizxs5d5dn3acrj5jmxyka

Evolutionary neural networks for practical applications

Kyung-Joong Kim, Sung-Bae Cho
2011 Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems  
It is intended to give the researchers and practitioners insight on the use of ENN for several interesting new application areas.  ...  In the evolution of learning rules, it evolves the learning rules used to adjust connection weights of architectures under investigation.  ...  It is intended to give the researchers and practitioners insight on the use of ENN for several interesting new application areas.  ... 
doi:10.3233/ifs-2011-0475 dblp:journals/jifs/KimC11 fatcat:s6uyhcukcbb47p4l54v7ebkav4

Development of Backtracking Search Optimization Algorithm Toolkit in LabVIEW™

Yashpal Sheoran, Vineet Kumar, K.P.S. Rana, Puneet Mishra, Jitendra Kumar, Sreejith S. Nair
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
The development of BSA toolkit was motivated by the fact that only Differential Evolution (DE) toolkit was provided in LabVIEW ™ .  ...  Developed BSA toolkit has been tested on several benchmark test functions and a comparative study with inbuilt DE toolkit has been performed, which shows results obtained from BSA toolkit are found superior  ...  Physics-based optimization techniques are based on physical rules.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.07.476 fatcat:je5sxy4horbfxhp6vjt73wduha

BenchCouncil's View on Benchmarking AI and Other Emerging Workloads [article]

Jianfeng Zhan, Lei Wang, Wanling Gao, Rui Ren
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We conclude the challenges of benchmarking modern workloads as FIDSS (Fragmented, Isolated, Dynamic, Service-based, and Stochastic), and propose the PRDAERS benchmarking rules that the benchmarks should  ...  This paper outlines BenchCouncil's view on the challenges, rules, and vision of benchmarking modern workloads like Big Data, AI or machine learning, and Internet Services.  ...  Those benchmarks are in fast evolution. We release the source code, pre-trained model, and container-based deployment on the BenchCouncil web site (  ... 
arXiv:1912.00572v2 fatcat:oc73gvvw2behdiq27ib2yvdifu

Leveraging Evolution Dynamics to Generate Benchmark Complex Networks with Community Structures [article]

Muhammad Qasim Pasta, Faraz Zaidi
2016 arXiv   pre-print
We study the behaviour of different community detection algorithms based on the proposed model and compare it with other models to generate benchmark graphs.  ...  We introduce a network generation model which is based on evolution dynamics of real world networks and, it can generate networks with community structures that can be used as benchmark graphs.  ...  Comparison of community detection algo-In this paper, a new model is proposed to generate benchmark graphs for community detection algorithms based on evolution dynamics and microscopic rules such as the  ... 
arXiv:1606.01169v1 fatcat:kckubx4wnjccpe24tuw3jzvqqi

A review on Artificial Bee Colony algorithm

Balwant Kumar Verma, Dharmender Kumar
2013 International Journal of Engineering & Technology  
the field of ABC algorithm and its applications.  ...  In recent years large number of algorithms based on the swarm intelligence has been proposed by various researchers.  ...  The authors proposed a new algorithm based on ABC algorithm for solving this problem.  ... 
doi:10.14419/ijet.v2i3.1030 fatcat:p2nhjwwluvdzlkkwffcqh7brg4

Recent Advances in Flower Pollination Algorithm

Nabil Diab, Emad El-Sharkawy
2016 International Journal of Computer Applications Technology and Research  
Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA) is a nature inspired algorithm based on pollination process of plants.  ...  Based on its applications in the field of optimization it was seemed that this algorithm has a better convergence speed compared to other algorithms.  ...  Some applications of FPA in Computer science field: Robust and Efficient 'RGB' based Fractal Image Compression [28] Pollination Based Optimization (PBO) is a new technique based on Pollination Based  ... 
doi:10.7753/ijcatr0506.1003 fatcat:jqmosk6ajbgddfoupjdurtgbmm

AutoTunium: An Evolutionary Tuner for General-Purpose Multicore Applications

Andreas Zwinkau, Victor Pankratius
2012 2012 IEEE 18th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems  
This paper presents a smarter way to tackle this problem algorithmically for a variety of multicore applications, including non-numerical ones.  ...  The evaluation shows that AutoTunium's evolutionary strategies work well despite the broad scope of applications and perform better in this context than other simplex-based search algorithms.  ...  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We thank the German Excellence Initiative and KIT for their support while the second author was at KIT in Karlsruhe.  ... 
doi:10.1109/icpads.2012.61 dblp:conf/icpads/ZwinkauP12 fatcat:epbezr6f6fg5lhouqqhknihvru

Investigative prototyping a Tissue P system for solving distributed task assignment problem in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network

Titus Issac, Salaja Silas, Elijah Blessing Rajsingh
2020 Journal of King Saud University: Computer and Information Sciences  
Based on the investigation, Tissue P-System inspired task assignment algorithm for the distributed heterogeneous WSN has been modelled.  ...  However, mission-critical applications such as tsunami, earthquake, and landslide monitoring were based on random sporadic events [14] .  ...  The selection of the benchmark algorithms was based on the following criteria.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jksuci.2020.06.008 fatcat:rlw6dy4ezramvohllatzvyog7q

A Shaking Optimization Algorithm for Solving Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Ehab A. Abdelhafiez, Fahd A. Alturki
2011 Industrial Engineering & Management Systems  
In this paper a new algorithm titled "Shaking Optimization Algorithm" is proposed that follows the common methodology of the Evolutionary Computations while utilizing different heuristics during the evolution  ...  In solving the Job Shop Scheduling Problem, the best solution rarely is completely random; it follows one or more rules (heuristics).  ...  Such algorithms are belongs to the Evolutionary Computations Algorithms (EC). They are based on the processes of evolution in nature.  ... 
doi:10.7232/iems.2011.10.1.007 fatcat:zdo3dhsab5gvzjbhd2xbhkcevu

Differential gradient evolution plus algorithm for constraint optimization problems: A hybrid approach

Muhammad Farhan Tabassum, Sana Akram, Saadia Mahmood-ul-Hassan, Rabia Karim, Parvaiz Ahmad Naik, Muhammad Farman, Mehmet Yavuz, Mehraj-ud-din Naik, Hijaz Ahmad
2021 An International Journal of Optimization and Control: Theories & Applications  
A novel hybrid meta-heuristic optimization algorithm that is based on Differential Evolution (DE), Gradient Evolution (GE) and Jumping Technique named Differential Gradient Evolution Plus (DGE+) are presented  ...  To evaluate the efficiency, robustness, and reliability of DGE+ it has been applied on seven benchmark constraint problems, the results of comparison revealed that the proposed algorithm can provide very  ...  Acknowledgment The authors thank the reviewers and editors for their useful comments, which led to the improvement of the content of the paper.  ... 
doi:10.11121/ijocta.01.2021.001077 doaj:fc3b414272c24b688af074367afbc6ee fatcat:4uvwqhleevg35a44b5ygqg6swu

Hybrid Fuzzy Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Fuzzy Job Shop Scheduling Problem (FJSSP)

Aylin Pakzad, Malek Tajadod
2014 International Journal of Computer Applications  
The quality of the PSO algorithm final solution depends on two factors: the quality of initial solutions and adjustment of PSO parameters.  ...  Therefore, the presented algorithm in this study was called hybrid fuzzy adoptive PSO (HFAPSO). Benchmarks with fuzzy processing time were used for testing the presented algorithm.  ...  According to last researches in JSSP, hybrid evolution algorithms had better result than evolution algorithms. Some new valid algorithm operators are proposed.  ... 
doi:10.5120/15863-4792 fatcat:sjflaj2s2jccfphggluzs5i3za

Modified Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm with Uniform Mutation using Self-Adaptive Approach

Ramlakhan SinghJadon, Unmukh Dutta
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm is a novel metaheuristic algorithm that has been widely used for different combinational optimization problem and inspired by the foraging behavior of real ant colonies  ...  Here mutation operator is used for enhancing the algorithm escape from local optima. The algorithm converges to the optimal final solution, by gathering the most effective sub-solutions.  ...  Liang, An Improved Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm Based on Route Optimization and Its Applications in Traveling Salesman Problem, IEEE 2007. 1-4244-1509-8.Table 2.  ... 
doi:10.5120/12943-9931 fatcat:vxxslih7lndcxcsxgvakiv6rzy
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