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Neurophysiology of functional imaging

Pieter van Eijsden, Fahmeed Hyder, Douglas L. Rothman, Robert G. Shulman
2009 NeuroImage  
The influence of brain energy upon functional imaging maps is changing the interpretations of neuroimaging experiments, from psychological concepts generating computer-like responses to empirical responses  ...  The modularity concept and the computer theory of brain both have been challenged by neurophysiological measures of baseline and incremental functional energetics, and by the many reports of delocalized  ...  Cognitive neuroimaging In the earliest years of functional imaging, its main focus was on Neurophysiology so as to determine the regulation of cerebral metabolism and blood flow during brain function.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2008.08.026 pmid:18801442 pmcid:PMC2677905 fatcat:ymx4hjq25vdbrkczpmuxkurcda

Neurophysiological Architecture of Functional Magnetic Resonance Images of Human Brain

Raymond Salvador, John Suckling, Martin R. Coleman, John D. Pickard, David Menon, Ed Bullmore
2005 Cerebral Cortex  
We investigated large-scale systems organization of the whole human brain using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data acquired from healthy volunteers in a no-task or 'resting' state.  ...  Functional MRI demonstrates a neurophysiological architecture of the normal human brain that is anatomically sensible, strongly symmetrical, disrupted by acute brain injury, subtended predominantly by  ...  This neuroinformatics research was supported by a Human Brain Project grant from the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging & Bioengineering and the National Institute of Mental Health.  ... 
doi:10.1093/cercor/bhi016 pmid:15635061 fatcat:d5sjoydswzdlhjwtxyvfspwl64

Quantification of Optical Images of Cortical Responses for Inferring Functional Maps

Gopathy Purushothaman, Ilya Khaytin, Vivien A. Casagrande
2009 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Quantification of optical images of cortical responses for inferring functional maps. .  ...  Optical imaging of cortical signals enables the mapping of functional organization across large patches of cortex with good spatial resolution.  ...  Optical imaging of cortical signals enables the mapping of functional organization across large patches of cortex with good spatial resolution.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.90696.2008 pmid:19225176 pmcid:PMC2681427 fatcat:cqvtleaxljblllwe3alvc6ssve

Voltage imaging to understand connections and functions of neuronal circuits

Srdjan D. Antic, Ruth M. Empson, Thomas Knöpfel
2016 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Voltage imaging to understand connections and functions of neuronal circuits.  ...  Understanding of the cellular mechanisms underlying brain functions such as cognition and emotions requires monitoring of membrane voltage at the cellular, circuit, and system levels.  ...  We also acknowledge the many other important contributions in the voltage imaging community that, regrettably, could not be included in the present review owing to focus and space constraints.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.00226.2016 pmid:27075539 pmcid:PMC4961759 fatcat:nb5eyownwfb6fcqpooyd3g2hmq

Quantitative Comparison Between Functional Imaging and Single-Unit Spiking in Rat Somatosensory Cortex

Susan A. Masino
2003 Journal of Neurophysiology  
The encouragement of Drs. Tom Dunwiddie and Ron Frostig and C. Chen-Bee is gratefully acknowledged.  ...  This work was supported by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Grants NS-29173, NS-34519, and NS-39760.  ...  Constant improvements in imaging technologies and increasingly widespread availability of noninvasive functional imaging virtually guarantee future relevance for investigating brain function.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.00860.2002 pmid:12612026 fatcat:bq33hgeuxfhojox3ypvl5zm5sq

Fast Functional Imaging of Single Neurons Using Random-Access Multiphoton (RAMP) Microscopy

Vijay Iyer, Tycho M. Hoogland, Peter Saggau
2006 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Fast functional imaging of single neurons using random-access multiphoton (RAMP) microscopy. .  ...  Here we present a novel approach to functional imaging, termed random-access multiphoton (RAMP) microscopy, which combines multiphoton excitation with an inertiafree scanning mechanism.  ...  G R A N T S This project was supported by grants of NIBIB (EB-01048) and National Science Foundation Grant DBI-0138052 to P. Saggau.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.00865.2005 pmid:16221746 fatcat:35ly4r33mbep3pyquyga2x2yjq

Language and the Aging Brain: Patterns of Neural Compensation Revealed by Functional Brain Imaging

Arthur Wingfield, Murray Grossman
2006 Journal of Neurophysiology  
We review data from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to describe a two-component model of sentence comprehension: a core sentence-processing area located in the perisylvian region of the left  ...  Human aging brings with it declines in sensory function, both in vision and in hearing, as well as a general slowing in a variety of perceptual and cognitive operations.  ...  Functional imaging research has begun to answer these questions.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.00628.2006 pmid:17110737 fatcat:2jo52lut4zbtnh5xjhrd32mdqq

Ocular Dominance in Human V1 Demonstrated by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ravi S. Menon, Seiji Ogawa, John P. Strupp, Kâmil Uǧurbil
1997 Journal of Neurophysiology  
and optical imaging of intrinsic signals (Grinvald et al. 1986, bil. Ocular dominance in human V1 demonstrated by functional 1991; Tso et al. 1990 ).  ...  This which the vast majority of cortical mapping using functional necessitates the use of a difference paradigm to visualize the regions of ocular dominance accurately.  ...  Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) maps of striate cortex to binocular and monocular visual input. A: T 1 -weighted MRI image of subject 1.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.1997.77.5.2780 pmid:9163392 fatcat:e4fnmstdi5hnzn3umpjuvjwina

Visual Responses of the Human Superior Colliculus: A High-Resolution Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Keith A. Schneider, Sabine Kastner
2005 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Visual responses of the human superior colliculus: a high-resolution functional magnetic resonance imaging study. .  ...  Functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI) of the human brain. J Neurosci Methods 54: 171-187, 1994. DeYoe EA, Carman GJ, Bandettini P, Glickman S, Wieser J, Cox R, Miller D, and Neitz J.  ...  images.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.00288.2005 pmid:15944234 fatcat:kiz45kibbvf4hid3omrqlecx6q

Functional imaging of sleep vertex sharp transients

John M. Stern, Matteo Caporro, Zulfi Haneef, Hsiang J. Yeh, Carla Buttinelli, Agatha Lenartowicz, Jeanette A. Mumford, Josef Parvizi, Russell A. Poldrack
2011 Clinical Neurophysiology  
Conclusion- The regions are consistent with electrophysiologic evidence from animal models and functional imaging of human sleep, but the results are specific to VSTs.  ...  It has been recognized since the beginning of sleep physiology research, but its source and function remain mostly unexplained. We investigated VST generation using functional MRI (fMRI).  ...  No conflicts of interest were present.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.clinph.2010.12.049 pmid:21310653 pmcid:PMC3105179 fatcat:fs3c3imisjfovcsxs65qfqoq7y

Emotions and Images in Language: A Learning Analysis of Their Acquisition and Function [chapter]

Arthur W. STAATS
1967 Research in Verbal Behavior and Some Neurophysiological Implications  
Professor Arthur Staats has, for a number of years, been conducting experimental and theoretical analyses in the task of developing what he calls an integrated-functional learning theory of human behavior  ...  In addition to providing a conception of human behavior, one of the aspects of the theory is that its principles and methods should contribute to the solution of problems of human behavior.  ...  When this has occurred the new stimulus will come to elicit the conditioned part of the sensory response, which we commonly call an image.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-1-4832-3264-5.50013-3 fatcat:cklbxk3llfcofet6guvo4w3mym

Automatic Identification of Fluorescently Labeled Brain Cells for Rapid Functional Imaging

Ilya Valmianski, Andy Y. Shih, Jonathan D. Driscoll, David W. Matthews, Yoav Freund, David Kleinfeld
2010 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Two examples of cell segmentation and fast scanning for functional imaging of neurons and astrocytes in rat parietal cortex.  ...  Two examples of cell segmentation and fast scanning for functional imaging of neurons and astrocytes in rat parietal cortex.  ...  at the start of a spline and for acceleration at the end of a spline.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.00484.2010 pmid:20610792 pmcid:PMC2944673 fatcat:ydxh3fifzjhzpdgvpbzxumvm6y

Functional Imaging of the Human Lateral Geniculate Nucleus and Pulvinar

Sabine Kastner, Daniel H. O'Connor, Miki M. Fukui, Hilda M. Fehd, Uwe Herwig, Mark A. Pinsk
2004 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) at 3 tesla (T), collective responses of neural populations in the LGN were measured as a function of stimulus contrast and flicker reversal rate and compared  ...  The peak of the LGN activation was found to be on average within Ϯ2 mm of the anatomical location of the LGN, as identified on high-resolution structural images.  ...  I N T R O D U C T I O N The topography and functional organization of human visual cortex have been studied in recent years using functional brain imaging, in particular functional magnetic resonance imaging  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.00553.2003 pmid:13679404 fatcat:yl2yenvvc5ggxasylkkvacsi5m

Novel method for functional brain imaging in awake minimally restrained rats

Pei-Ching Chang, Daniel Procissi, Qiyuan Bao, Maria Virginia Centeno, Alex Baria, A. Vania Apkarian
2016 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Novel method for functional brain imaging in awake minimally restrained rats.  ...  Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in rodents holds great promise for advancing our knowledge about human brain function.  ...  GRANTS This work was supported by National Institutes of Health Grants NS-057704 and DE-022746. DISCLOSURES No conflicts of interest, financial or otherwise, are declared by the author(s).  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.01078.2015 pmid:27052584 pmcid:PMC4961750 fatcat:wxnhyzpp5fhnpm6fnigdsy54zi

Lateralized Tinnitus Studied With Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Abnormal Inferior Colliculus Activation

J. R. Melcher, I. S. Sigalovsky, J. J. Guinan, R. A. Levine
2000 Journal of Neurophysiology  
This paper presents an approach for using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate the physiology of tinnitus and demonstrates that the approach is effective in revealing tinnitus-related  ...  Lateralized tinnitus studied with functional magnetic resonance imaging: abnormal inferior colliculus activation. J. Neurophysiol. 83: 1058Neurophysiol. 83: -1072Neurophysiol. 83: , 2000.  ...  acquiring an anatomic image of the functional imaging plane.  ... 
doi:10.1152/jn.2000.83.2.1058 pmid:10669517 fatcat:un5k6bdaojd6xlri47cfojseyq
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