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2012 Journal of Thoracic Oncology  
De Marinis 2 1 Pneumo-oncology, San Camillo-Forlanini High Specialization Hospital, Rome, ITALY, 2 Department of Lung Disease, AO San Camillo-Forlanini, Rome, ITALY Introduction: the purpose of this study  ...  Results: Median age was 57 ± 10 years. 83, 5% of patients were men. 81% of patients were treated with platinum based chemotherapy. 36% had a low bMI at diagnosis. the mean bMI among patients with low bMI  ...  Longo 2 1 Thoracic Oncology Unit, Ospedale San Luigi, Turin, ITALY, 2 Thoracic Oncology Unit, University of Turin, Orbassano, ITALY For a long period of time lung cancer has been considered as a malignancy  ... 
doi:10.1097/jto.0b013e318253d2ff fatcat:gk4cuwksgnct3camgbii5vfqaq