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An Enhanced Multimodal Stacking Scheme for Online Pornographic Content Detection

Kwangho Song, Yoo-Sung Kim
2020 Applied Sciences  
In addition, the proposed stacking scheme can accurately detect harmful contents up to 74.58% and an average rate of 62.16% faster than the previous stacking scheme.  ...  An enhanced multimodal stacking scheme is proposed for quick and accurate online detection of harmful pornographic contents on the Internet.  ...  Lastly, in order to ensure that the harmfulness of the online content is quickly and accurately determined, the harmfulness is first investigated using a fusion classifier that considers both the visual  ... 
doi:10.3390/app10082943 fatcat:ka6e3o7ryzgc3hg2hfqw4yfqpm

Le Stack à venir [chapter]

Benjamin H. Bratton
2019 Le Stack  
If harms do arise, we should carefully consider whether existing laws and regulations are sufficient to address them before assuming that new rules are required.  ...  To focus on just one of many examples, consider how remote diagnoses and medical monitoring through phone handsets or wearable devices may provide populations located far from a doctor or the homebound  ... 
doi:10.4000/books.ugaeditions.12002 fatcat:7j2q5nvcnrexdnc5zzrvg4yduu

The Trauma Severity Model: An Ensemble Learning Approach to Risk Prediction [article]

Michael T. Gorczyca, Nicole C. Toscano, Julius D. Cheng
2017 bioRxiv   pre-print
textquotesingle s predictive performance, this study compares TSM to three established risk prediction models: the Bayesian Logistic Injury Severity Score (BLISS), the Harborview Assessment for Risk of Mortality (HARM  ...  Previously, stacked generalization has seldom been considered in this setting.  ...  TSM TSM was developed using stacked generalization [17, 18] . Our approach to stacked generalization followed this sequence.  ... 
doi:10.1101/210575 fatcat:xpmnx5fphrhcnarb5mxdas2gxu

Survey on IoT Security Issues and Security Protocols

Nikshepa N., Vasudeva Pai
2018 International Journal of Computer Applications  
Keywords IoT, Networks The other security features supported and implemented by the RPL network layer routing protocol includes: Support of Integrity and Data Authenticity: Authenticity refers to the phenomenon  ...  Physical capture: It is an attempt from an intruder to harm the physical components associated with the network setup. 2.  ...  Also explained different types of the attacks that can harm the various IoT applications.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2018917108 fatcat:t55fqamffzefhjuqilrm7wczda

Neural network approach to classifying alarming student responses to online assessment [article]

Christopher M. Ormerod, Amy E. Harris
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Such engines are not designed to appropriately deal with responses that a human reader would find alarming such as those that indicate an intention to self-harm or harm others, responses that allude to  ...  Our neural network models have been designed to help identify these anomalous responses from a large collection of typical responses that students give.  ...  Analogous to the types of features observed in stacking convolutional and dense layers in convolutional neural networks [38] , it is suspected that stacking recurrent layers allows a neural network to  ... 
arXiv:1809.08899v1 fatcat:ganigzes7vda3iwpgqjifzby2m

Open source firmware

Jesse Frazelle
2019 Communications of the ACM  
keyboard, mouse, CPU, network card, and other devices. Exploits in firmware can cause a lot of harm because of the many privileged operations for which firmware is responsible.  ...  Each of these kernels has its own networking stacks and web servers, which is unnecessary and potentially dangerous, especially if you do not want these rings reaching out over the network to update themselves  ... 
doi:10.1145/3343042 fatcat:fzwndosnb5eyxgwolgo54epfqi

Examining the tech stacks of Czech and Slovak untrustworthy websites [article]

Jozef Michal Mintal, Anna Macko, Marko Paľa, Františka Pirosková, Pavlo Yakubets, Jaroslav Ušiak, Karol Fabián
2021 arXiv   pre-print
However, combating this harmful phenomenon has proven to be difficult, with approaches primarily focusing on tackling consequences instead of prevention, as websites are routinely seen as quasi-sovereign  ...  Notwithstanding the apparent power hold by such tech stack layers, scholarship on this topic remains largely limited.  ...  Various key service providers present in the tech stacks of Czech and Slovak untrustworthy websites already have provisions in their Terms of Services that might be used to combat harmful disinformation  ... 
arXiv:2109.02359v1 fatcat:45msyaqto5cedpaxh7vsoedfb4

Earthquake-induced prompt gravity signals identified in dense array data in Japan

Masaya Kimura, Nobuki Kame, Shingo Watada, Makiko Ohtani, Akito Araya, Yuichi Imanishi, Masaki Ando, Takashi Kunugi
2019 Earth, Planets and Space  
Though no signal was identified in the single-trace records, the stacked trace of the broadband seismometer array data in Japan showed a clear signal above the reduced noise level.  ...  Abbreviations FUK: Fukue; F-net: Full Range Seismograph Network of Japan; GSN: Global Seismographic Network; Hi-net: High Sensitivity Seismograph Network Japan; IRIS: Incorporated Research Institutions  ...  They first considered the prompt gravity perturbation δg induced by the earthquake elastic deformation and then considered the prompt gravity effect on the elastic deformation, which they termed a "two-step  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40623-019-1006-x fatcat:nqq6xoghgnhe3g7sfmbbuimn34

Moving Target Defense

Jason Li, Justin Yackoski, Nicholas Evancich
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Workshop on Moving Target Defense - MTD'16  
Quantitative evaluations are of great importance in network security decision-making.  ...  First, taxonomy of MTD techniques is stated according to the software stack model. Then, a concrete review and comparison on existing quantitative evaluations of MTD is presented.  ...  Despite it's very potential to be widely applied in different level of software stack or network systems, MTD has limited deployment in the real scenario.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2995272.2995286 dblp:conf/ccs/LiYE16 fatcat:nfoxehu4bzgsvofwsmc2tqxy7m

Beyond socket options: making the Linux TCP stack truly extensible [article]

Viet-Hoang Tran, Olivier Bonaventure
2019 arXiv   pre-print
The Linux TCP stack is one of the most widely used TCP stacks given its utilisation on servers and Android smartphones and tablets. However, TCP and its implementations evolve very slowly.  ...  In this paper, we demonstrate how to leverage the eBPF virtual machine that is part of the recent versions of the Linux kernel to make the TCP stack easier to extend.  ...  However, it currently induces some memory overhead and the dynamicity of the network stack was not considered.  ... 
arXiv:1901.01863v2 fatcat:oepic3vevbdlpmle7l6qfsgdwy

Facial Mask Detection Using Stacked CNN Model

Anushka G. Sandesara, Dhyey D. Joshi, Shashank D. Joshi
2020 International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology  
Such convolutional neural networks work effectively as they can deduce even minute pixels of the images.  ...  In this paper, we propose a stacked Conv2D model that is highly efficient for the detection of facial masks.  ...  In such hard times, WHO advises all the people to wear a mask to avoid the spread of the harmful virus.  ... 
doi:10.32628/cseit206553 fatcat:76xl2ahjc5a2rip4dz5mk3t7h4

Design and Implementation of Logical Topology in Sensor Network for an Industrial Stack Monitoring

Author P.Velmani, Author K.Ramar
2011 International Journal of Computer Applications  
This paper presents an approach of simulation of various sampling techniques (logical topology) of industrial stacks emission and also defines a network with rough node deployment.  ...  Large-scale sensor networks will not be able to simply send all the raw sensed sample data to a sink.  ...  INTRODUCTION In recent years, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has evolved worldwide attention due to the importance of monitoring in harmful / hazardous environment.  ... 
doi:10.5120/3047-4141 fatcat:u3bavilr7rbf7h5piivi37efpy

Optimal Power Distribution Control for a Network of Fuel Cell Stacks [article]

Resmi Suresh M P, Ganesh Sankaran, Sreeram Joopudi, Shankar Narasimhan, Suman Roy Choudhury, Raghunathan Rengaswamy
2016 arXiv   pre-print
In power networks where multiple fuel cell stacks are employed to deliver the required power, optimal sharing of the power demand between different stacks is an important problem.  ...  This is because the total current collectively produced by all the stacks is directly proportional to the fuel utilization, through stoichiometry.  ...  Equivalent network formation for a network with multiple stacks in each branch Consider a network of 30 fuel cell stacks unequally distributed in 15 branches with parameters as given in Ta-ble 4 .  ... 
arXiv:1601.07275v1 fatcat:3jk5m3daxvflzgbdwpkf6ltwu4

Refactor, Reduce, Recycle: Restructuring the I/O Stack for the Future of Storage

Steven Swanson, Adrian M. Caulfield
2013 Computer  
In particular, poor storage hardware performance has made the performance of software layers that manage storage-local and remote file systems, storage hardware drivers, storage networks, databases, and  ...  first hard drive revolutionized how computer systems store data, but since then, computer systems have had to deal with storage system performance that lags far behind that of memory, processors, and networks  ...  To illustrate the impact of these sources, consider the iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN block transport layers. iSCSI uses a conventional network stack to implement block transport functions.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mc.2013.222 fatcat:6lnwvopfjffl7cmufkqcq446r4

Comment on "Earthquake-induced prompt gravity signals identified in dense array data in Japan" by Kimura et al

Martin Vallée, Jean Paul Ampuero, Kévin Juhel, Pascal Bernard, Jean-Paul Montagner, Matteo Barsuglia
2019 Earth, Planets and Space  
This deficient data processing also explains why the signal amplitude reported by K19 after stacking data from multiple stations is lower than the individual signals reported by V17.  ...  When properly processed, this unique sensor has a better SNR than the stack of 27 stations considered by K19, whose SNR is only 7.  ...  After the pioneering works in modeling (Harms et al. 2015; Harms 2016; Heaton 2017 ) and observation (Montagner et al. 2016) , PEGS have been directly observed, understood and modeled in the last 2 years  ... 
doi:10.1186/s40623-019-1030-x fatcat:5km5saccqbfj3fupt4hiqt3tsq
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