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Re-written narrative: transformation of the image of Ivan-chaj in Eastern Europe

Julia Prakofjewa, Raivo Kalle, Olga Belichenko, Valeria Kolosova, Renata Sõukand
2020 Heliyon  
It is clear that the change of status and the economic success that Ivan-chaj now enjoys is due to the virality of the narrative, which has reshaped the image of Ivan-chaj from an "outcast" imitation and  ...  Having appeared in Russia, mostly as a Russian cultural marker, the narrative went viral and spread beyond its borders where neighbors have tried in turn to embrace Ivan-chaj as their own cultural marker  ...  However, there also seems to be some signs of over-production of Ivan-chaj, as, for example, a pack of it was offered as the final bonus to kitchenware sold on a TV shop commercial broadcast on the RenTV  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2020.e04632 pmid:32904257 pmcid:PMC7452402 fatcat:jzvfjaef6jdqtgx57v23c4zq4m

Human-Nature Interactions during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic in Moscow, Russia: Exploring the Role of Contact with Nature and Main Lessons from the City Responses

Diana Dushkova, Maria Ignatieva, Anastasia Konstantinova, Viacheslav Vasenev, Elvira Dovletyarova, Yury Dvornikov
2022 Land  
Both respondents and experts expressed their opinions regarding the future development of UGS network and how the UGS's structure and design should be adapted to the current challenges.  ...  It also analyses the effects of social isolation on the usage and perception of UGS during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.  ...  Conflicts of Interest: The authors declare no conflict of interest.  ... 
doi:10.3390/land11060822 fatcat:abvnuer7zbga3ory4onkpxekpq

Digital oases and digital deserts in Sub-Saharan Africa

Robert Wentrup, Patrik Ström, H. Richard Nakamura
2016 Journal of Science and Technology Policy Management  
For example, in the case of business when there is both a physical shop and an online shop.  ...  of servers and broadband networks (Zook, 2002) , and also through the lens of e-commerce (Ekeledo and Sivakumar, 2004) .  ...  internationalization of Internet-dependent firms, so-called Online Services Providers (OSPs), and it assesses its effect on the economic geography, i.e. the places where online services are produced and  ... 
doi:10.1108/jstpm-03-2015-0013 fatcat:v533aetmdjayphf43a4ijwfr24

Developing a routine to enter e-commerce for small chinese companies

Pang Bo, Николай Павлов, Никита Лукашевич, экономики и торговли менеджмента
The main purpose of this study is to determine the most important factors affecting the entry of Chinese small enterprises into the Russian e-business market, and to find out the strategies to overcome  ...  Nowadays, the international e-commerce market is still in its initial stage, but its annual growth rate is indeed amazing.  ...  The most successful e-commerce companies in Russia use social networks not only for the marketing reasons; they use it as a trading platform.  ... 
doi:10.18720/spbpu/2/v18-4986 fatcat:wszjscqt4fe6vb5pmyyhpppi6e

Landscape metrics and cultural ecosystem services: an integrative resource-driven mapping approach for landscape harmony

Oleksandr Karasov, Mart Külvik, Igor Chervanyov
Mainstream mapping research usually refers to uniqueness, diversity and naturalness of landscapes as the main factors for landscape values and preferences.  ...  Retrieved map-based indices were examined with geo-located photographs of landscapes and outdoor recreation, uploaded to social media, such as Flickr, and former Panoramio.  ...  Tanel Kaart (Estonian University of Life Sciences) whose comprehensive consultations on statistical analysis helped to revise this paper, as well as to Prof.  ... 
doi:10.15159/emu.58 fatcat:lfbudsqsjjfrdgr4sqyvgdlm44

The impact of the national Arctic policy on the socio-economic transformations of Russia's polar regions
Влияние национальной арктической политики на социально-экономические преобразования в арктических регионах России

Tatiana P. Skufina, Luzin Institute for Economic Studies, Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergey V. Baranov, Vera P. Samarina, Aleksandr V. Samarin, Luzin Institute for Economic Studies, Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Luzin Institute for Economic Studies, Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Belgorod State National Research University, Stary Oskol branch
2022 СЕВЕР И РЫНОК:формирование экономического порядка  
It has been established that policy is a determining factor in the development of the Russian Arctic.  ...  trends and dependencies of interaction between the main factors of GRP production (the number of employees, investment in fixed capital).  ...  Main Findings:  it has been found that national Arctic politics is the determining factor of influencing the socio-economic transformations of Russia's Polar regions, and a new impact factor has been  ... 
doi:10.37614/2220-802x.2.2022.76.006 fatcat:hqsghxsgqfgspe5gsopmedqtiq

Jihadist media networks and virtual propaganda in the Russian cyberspace

Julia Sweet
The study reveals that while the ISIS network focused on the promotion of its global brand through domestic outlets, the Al-Qaeda network advanced local sub-brands, overshadowing its master brand.  ...  Further research is needed on online fundraising campaigns conducted by radicals as well as the limits of censorship software.  ...  The study heeds this trait, considering it as a less influential factor for this type of brand.  ... 
doi:10.7282/t3-6re9-zw14 fatcat:hjjhvgegxvf77kkactjr2u4sb4

Cooperative Borderlands: Trafficking Values and Waste Across Nesting Boundaries in Russian Karelia

Kateryna Pashkovska
In my research, I address the instances of such boundary crossings in a larger context of local urban life through the ethnographic approach of flânerie as well as through a case study of a joint Russian-Finnish  ...  In my dissertation, I explore the sense of place and the local identity in Petrozavodsk, the capital city of the Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation.  ...  Thus, I suggest that attempts to ask for a favor, a contact, information, etc. from someone in one's network were most likely to be successful in case there were personal ('human') ties between the two  ... 
doi:10.7939/r30g3hc0z fatcat:ro5ksjhninbpxiurxdhlvwwrlm

Как читать городские названия в Китае: иероглиф, цифра, буква

А.Н. Сперанская
2019 №1(15) (2018)  
It is concluded that the main means of fruitful contact are the Latin signs and superscriptions, figures, pictograms and so called object writing – namely things in the shop windows.  ...  Using these means for interrelation, the city as if wants to negotiate with foreigners. So the specificity of the Chinese city is the use of pinyin in signs.  ...  No. 18-412-530002 "Onomastic portrait of Veliky Novgorod: the dialectic of the ancient and modern"  ... 
doi:10.25513/2413-6182.2019.6(1).112-134 fatcat:2qckmc5lwncohjoii62dtdns4e

The Internet as a Space of Different Nostalgic Visions of the USSR by the Russian-speaking Internauts

Tatsiana Amosava, University, My
This thesis deals a lot with the issue of values, because, as it is shown in the research, longing for socialism is not a matter of age, but rather a matter of values.  ...  The first scholars who studied this phenomenon believed that it related to backward Soviet mentality typical of the old generations.  ...  The two key structural findings of her case study, that is, the fact that Russian social media networks are structured according to the closed style of social networking platforms and the fact that the  ... 
doi:10.20381/ruor-27455 fatcat:cklpnabqlna5jnrolyn3es5bwy


O.V. Alekseeva
Today, social networks are the main tool to attract public attention to the activities of universities, educational organizations and scientific, educational, social, and vocational guidance projects.  ...  Therefore, this channel can become a wonderful field for the development of marketing communications in the light of the promotion of various projects, including those aimed at professional education of  ...  With the same success, it can be compared with the birth of a living organism, which goes through all stages of growth, the formation of structures, tissues, volumes, etc. in its development.  ... 
doi:10.34660/inf.2019.1.40945 fatcat:yuau4optuzhxhjvafvafknwzly

Figurative Perception of the Concept Internet in Common Linguistic Consciousness

Svetlana Agagyulova, Astrakhan State University, Russia
2014 Language for International Communication: Linking Interdisciplinary Perspectives : 2nd International Symposium, Riga, Latvia   unpublished
For most social networks, users have to give personal information to add to their profiles.  ...  Only in this case the translation will be successful.  ...  It is not always possible to ensure a phraseological equivalent in translation; however, the remaining primary task of the translator is to preserve the pair structure as well as to emphasise other formal  ... 
doi:10.22364/liclip.2014.01 fatcat:dhfyygrjr5hbphfezktfv5craa

A scholarly journal

Karin Sunvisson
2014 unpublished
Lithuania is, like its Baltic neighbors, portrayed as a political and economic success.  ...  The success of the coalitions lay in their ability to lobby and gain concessions from the governments in concrete cases.  ...  To a number of conservationists, these derelict nets are darkly referred to as "ghost gear".  ... 

Infrastructures in Trouble: Public Transit, Crisis, and Citizens at the Peripheries of Europe

Andrey Vozyanov
different social groups reacted on it.  ...  The methodology used includes ethnographic methods such as participant observation of public transportation use and maintenance, a semi-structured survey, in-depth interviews with elderly passengers, expert  ...  I tend to join the critics of Lewis' concept 2 who note that it prioritizes cultural determinism over structural factors and serves more to the reproduction of the status quo rather than tackles the problems  ... 
doi:10.5283/epub.49375 fatcat:a5vjkwfqlvgilbbsknmmbrhqg4

Esta obra está bajo una Licencia Creative Commons Atribución 3.0 Unported Editorial The TV Needs a Digital Add-on: How Multi-screening Fosters Engagement, Social Interaction and Immersion (an Exploratory Study in Portugal)

Guillermo García, Consejo De Redacción, José Ignacio, Aguaded Gómez, Rodrigo Sartori, Universidad Austral, Chile Daniel, Cabrera Altieri, José Alberto, García Avilés, Miguel Hernández, España Felip Gascón (+21 others)
Questionnaires filled by 852 adolescents, as well as 26 interviews and 16 social network profiles, have been analyzed.  ...  Whether through the consumption of various social networks, games or TV series. Alternatively, in most cases, in all of these at the same time.  ...  També un ha considerat la vertebració del concepte de comunitat com el factor més important.  ... 
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