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The clinical relevance of plasma potassium abnormalities on admission in trauma patients: a retrospective observational study

Takaaki Ookuma, Koji Miyasho, Nobuhiro Kashitani, Nobuhiko Beika, Naoki Ishibashi, Takahiro Yamashita, Yoshihito Ujike
2015 Journal of Intensive Care  
Abnormalities in potassium levels can lead to several clinical difficulties in trauma patients admitted to the ICU. However, the significance of potassium abnormalities soon after admission in trauma patients has not yet been clearly delineated. The objective of this study was to describe the plasma potassium abnormalities in trauma patients on admission and to examine the clinical outcomes associated with these abnormalities. Methods: We performed a retrospective observational study of plasma
more » ... otassium levels in trauma patients admitted to the Fukuyama City Hospital between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2013. Five hundred twenty consecutive trauma patients were included and categorized into six groups according to their plasma potassium level on admission (<3.0, 3.0-<3.5, 3.5-<4.0, 4.0-<4.5, 4.5-<5.0, and ≥5.0 mEq/L). After adjusting for covariates, including age, gender, the Revised Trauma Score, and the Injury Severity Score, logistic regression analysis was used to examine the association between plasma potassium levels and outcomes, including life-saving interventions and in-hospital mortality. Results: Two hundred twenty-seven patients (43.7 %) presented with hypokalemia (<3.5 mEq/L), while seven patients (1.3 %) presented with hyperkalemia (≥5.0 mEq/L). Patients in the lowest potassium group (<3.0 mEq/L, n = 36 [6.9 %]) were significantly associated with craniotomy (adjusted odds ratio 5.25 [95 % confidence interval 2.06-13.40]; p < 0.001) and showed an increased trend toward in-hospital mortality. In the second lowest potassium group (3.0-< 3.5 mEq/L, n = 191 [36.7 %]), the adjusted odds ratio for craniotomy was significantly higher (2.03 [95 % confidence interval 1.01-4.07]; p = 0.048) compared to the reference group. Conclusions: Trauma patients presenting with hypokalemia (<3.5 mEq/L) on admission may be associated with severe head trauma requiring life-saving craniotomy.
doi:10.1186/s40560-015-0103-6 pmid:26269745 pmcid:PMC4534081 fatcat:5yeg5canrffn5i3izd7dga6vbi

The ERK-MAPK Pathway Regulates Longevity through SKN-1 and Insulin-like Signaling inCaenorhabditis elegans

Tetsuya Okuyama, Hideki Inoue, Sadatsugu Ookuma, Takayuki Satoh, Kei Kano, Sakiko Honjoh, Naoki Hisamoto, Kunihiro Matsumoto, Eisuke Nishida
2010 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
It has not been determined yet whether the ERK-MAPK pathway regulates longevity of metazoans. Here, we show that the Caenorhabditis elegans ERK cascade promotes longevity through the two longevity-promoting transcription factors, SKN-1 and DAF-16. We find that RNAi of three genes, which constitute the ERK cascade (lin-45/RAF1, mek-2/MEK1/2, and mpk-1/ERK1/2), results in reduction of life span. Moreover, RNAi of lip-1, the gene encoding a MAPK phosphatase that inactivates MPK-1, increases life
more » ... an. Epistasis analyses show that the ERK (MPK-1) cascade-mediated life span extension requires SKN-1, whose function is mediated, at least partly, through DAF-2/DAF-16 insulin-like signaling. MPK-1 phosphorylates SKN-1 on the key sites that are required for SKN-1 nuclear accumulation. Our results also show that one mechanism by which SKN-1 regulates insulin-like signaling is through the regulation of expression of insulin-like peptides. Our findings thus identify a novel ERK-MAPK-mediated signaling pathway that promotes longevity.
doi:10.1074/jbc.m110.146274 pmid:20624915 pmcid:PMC2943277 fatcat:bybywulhajcorpm2wkxkxsobei

Improved power and far-field pattern of surface-emitting quantum cascade lasers with strain compensation to operate at 4.3 μm

Yuanzhao Yao, Naoki Ikeda, Siti Chalimah, Takashi Kuroda, Yoshimasa Sugimoto, Takaaki Mano, Hiromi Koyama, Rei Hashimoto, Kei Kaneko, Tsutomu Kakuno, Shinji Ookuma, Ryuichi Togawa (+6 others)
2022 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics  
We fabricated surface-emitting quantum cascade lasers with photonic crystal resonators whose active layers were strain-compensated InGaAs/AlInAs multiple quantum wells to operate at 4.3 μm. We tested two kinds of square-lattice photonic crystals consisting of circular and pentagonal InGaAs cylinders as a unit structure. We examined their output power and far-field pattern to find that both of them were improved by lowering the photonic-crystal symmetry to achieve a high extraction efficiency.
more » ... e maximum output power was 50 mW at 77 K and the far-field pattern was a single peak with a divergence angle smaller than 1° for the pentagonal cylinder structure. In addition, we attributed the lasing mode to a B2-symmetric (quadrupole) eigenstate on the Γ point for the circular cylinder structure by observing the polarization dependence of the far-field pattern and comparing it with calculations by the k · p perturbation method.
doi:10.35848/1347-4065/ac5dbb fatcat:mvrxomvw5rcm3f5dss4b6dob3i

Treatment of MRSA Pyogenic Arthritis of Hip Using Hydroxyapatite Blocks Impregnated Antibiotic: A Case Report

Takehiro Miyazaki, Akihiko Hijioka, Natuki Hara, Satoru Ookuma, Naoki Toba, Fumio Fukuda
2009 Orthopedics & Traumatology  
doi:10.5035/nishiseisai.58.23 fatcat:nrc7eshbgrghdjco7rc7hmt23a

Hemodynamic Effects of Intravenous Calcium Administration on Septic Shock Patients:A Retrospective Study

Naoki Ishibashi, Koji Miyasho, Tetsuhisa Kitamura, Takaaki Ookuma, Nobuhiro Kashitani, Nobuhiko Beika, Takahiro Yamashita, Yoshihito Ujike
doi:10.18926/amo/53555 pmid:26289910 fatcat:blz4u2zkcbbipgzarbt7mt53oa


2012 Political Economy Quarterly  
/Research Worker) Gender Chair: Naoki Umezawa (Shiga Univ.) Yuuichiro Kaneko (Ryukoku Univ.)  ...  Economic Growth and Greenhouse Gas Emission: An Analysis of Advanced Countries since the 1990s Commentator: Kazuhiro Ookuma (Ministry of the Environment) Studies on Marx's Capital II Chair: Sumio Kamezaki  ... 
doi:10.20667/peq.49.1_101 fatcat:ckh2vry4bzgpxfoder27tbhpu4

Page 1621 of Psychological Abstracts Vol. 81, Issue Index [page]

Psychological Abstracts  
Volume 81 Yoshida Yoshida, Toshihide; Sakane, Naoki; Wakabayashi, Yasuo; Umekawa, Tsunekazu et al.  ...  Life Sciences, 1994, Vol 54(22), 1745. 44488 Yoshida, Toshihide; Sakane, Naoki; Wakabayashi, Yasuo; Umekawa, Tsunekazu et al.  ... 

Report regarding decontamination of radioisotopes by wash from polluted clothes derived from the Fukushima nuclear accident and estimation of wash on radiation safety of the general public

Kazuhisa Nakazato
2013 Radiation Safety Management  
They stayed temporary on standby from 11 th to 12 th March 2011 in Ookuma-town, which was the restricted area and approximately 5 km away from the accidental Fukushima nuclear power plant.  ...  Naoki MATSUDA (Center for Frontier Life Science, Kazuyuki MORI (Ing Co., Ltd. ) Clothes Analysis Group Nagasaki University) Research Collaborators Report regarding decontamination of radioisotopes  ... 
doi:10.12950/rsm.12.61 fatcat:cu64swoubzf45mekg4frwygjxm