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Easton Gazette March 1832

(:Unkn) Unknown
From which I infer that he did not, himself,believe it unconstitutional.  ...  "The Cherokees are struggling puff we extract the following, which for existence, the Gorgians for their bears directly upon "the greatest and the for existence, non-existence.  ...  A distinct understanding must be had with one of the subscribers, or fi authorised agent, in every case relating to ensumnce, and the person ensuring, will be held answerable for the amount thereof, in  ... 
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Eastern Shore Whig and People's Advocate 12-1838

(:Unkn) Unknown
NT; K1.IK. k, n any o(A< THB E R. nent, in i the |inhrrftitgeiuenl Uv GA2INE, >ITt.D BY E, now mfornif ius nude an Washington inecled witb he pagetot ill md Hill . 1888.  ...  In mbvr ol the )LOURKD Liraordinnry lor i he very nni hi* kind % the nnmy IIIIS III) tWO Miose varied doin a work is also men EY, erica. "ptiilmenl, it I in endt-avil III.  ...  While (now a member of (he House ol Representatives) has been elected a Senator of the United Status from the Stale ol Indiana, lo serve for nix years from lhe4lh day of March next. MAB.PJBD  ... 
doi:10.13016/m2736m26c fatcat:hpujyan7hva7pllwn2qvtm6fxe

Eastern Shore Whig and People's Advocate 01-1838

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ANTED B.Teacher for fhe Primary School, Election District No. 4.  ...  of th« pabluher ' AttVertlsemoats not o*»««U»g» aquare, Userled hr«* Uaws for one dollar, and twenty-five eenu for *rerr i«bseaucaiia«ertion larger advcrUsemcuU la jOCF-All eommunication* to Innire attention  ...  Merrick,Iron which wu lake ll.e subjoined extract, for tb special consideration ul ihe originals, at we) a* to show ol what material* Ihe political con cience ofa renegade iscoiulitutetl, uhen afle uttering  ... 
doi:10.13016/m2td9n822 fatcat:4rmuqfmbtzawhb7qsws4z5vd6q