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NADA: A Unified Congestion Control Scheme for Low-Latency Interactive Video

Xiaoqing Zhu, Rong Pan
2013 2013 20th International Packet Video Workshop  
Low-latency, interactive media applications (e.g., video conferencing) present a unique set of challenges for congestion control.  ...  This paper presents a unified approach for congestion control of interactive video: network-assisted dynamic adaptation (NADA).  ...  for low-latency interactive video.  ... 
doi:10.1109/pv.2013.6691448 dblp:conf/pv/ZhuP13 fatcat:lssuuxd2i5bs5mvu6wff3e7p3y

A Survey of Performance Optimization in Neural Network-Based Video Analytics Systems [article]

Nada Ibrahim, Preeti Maurya, Omid Jafari, Parth Nagarkar
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Neural networks are the state-of-the-art for performing video analytics tasks such as video annotation and object detection.  ...  As a result of a large number of video data that need to be processed, optimizing the performance of video analytics systems has become an important research topic.  ...  ExSample ExSample [24] is a low-cost framework for object search in an unindexed video.  ... 
arXiv:2105.14195v1 fatcat:klq3urgjsjhb7ef7qfdp6dly3u

Internet of vehicle's resource management in 5G networks using AI technologies: Current status and trends

Nada M. Elfatih, Mohammad Kamrul Hasan, Zeinab Kamal, Deepa Gupta, Rashid A. Saeed, Elmustafa Sayed Ali, Md. Sarwar Hosain
2021 IET Communications  
One of the main challenges for V2X is resource allocation and management for a high-speed vehicular environment.  ...  The 5G new radio is based on a cloud-radio access network (CRAN), considered as the communication infrastructure for IoV.  ...  The 5G networks enable more reliable communication at ultra-high speeds and low latency.  ... 
doi:10.1049/cmu2.12315 fatcat:pber6we3f5a7zl3nbd52e4kq2u

A Survey of Big Data Machine Learning Applications Optimization in Cloud Data Centers and Networks [article]

Sanaa Hamid Mohamed, Taisir E.H. El-Gorashi, Jaafar M.H. Elmirghani
2019 arXiv   pre-print
However, the increasing traffic between and within the data centers that migrate, store, and process big data, is becoming a bottleneck that calls for enhanced infrastructures capable of reducing the congestion  ...  In this survey, we present a summary of the characteristics of various big data programming models and applications and provide a review of cloud computing infrastructures, and related technologies such  ...  as low latency or low jitter.  ... 
arXiv:1910.00731v1 fatcat:kvi3br4iwzg3bi7fifpgyly7m4

Bridging Socially Enhanced Virtual Communities

Venugopal Rao
2013 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering  
The communication and interactions across the companies has become a common phenomenon.  ...  For the purpose of bringing the previously separated groups and also finding new relevant groups we introduced broker discovery concept that makes use of techniques and metrics pertaining to interactive  ...  help given to us in the completion of our project titled, 'Video Watermarking scheme based on DWT and PCA for copyright protection'.  ... 
doi:10.9790/0661-0940104 fatcat:zejgpenvqzb7rkchkznv5igfwm

ICDT 2015 Technical Program Committee

Barcelona, Spain, Jaime Mauri, Abdulrahman Yarali, Michael Grottke, Javier Del, Ser Lorente, Gerard Damm, Alcatel Lucent, Dan Usa, Romascanu, Israel Avaya (+99 others)
2015 unpublished
We are grateful to the members of the ICDT 2015 organizing committee for their help in handling the logistics and for their work to make this professional meeting a success.  ...  We hope that ICDT 2015 was a successful international forum for the exchange of ideas and results between academia and industry and for the promotion of progress in the field of digital communications.  ...  In [16] , a trace driven simulation was performed to investigate prefetching schemes for YouTube videos.  ... 

INNOV 2017 Technical Program Committee

Carlos Westphall, Carlos Westphall, Carlos Westphall, Albert Cheng, Marco Furini, Kuo-Chan Huang, Shih-Chang Huang, Wen-Jyi Hwang, Sergio Ilarri, Yiming Ji, Eugene John, Katina Kralevska (+16 others)
2017 unpublished
We also gratefully thank the members of the INNOV 2017 organizing committee for their help in handling the logistics and for their work that made this professional meeting a success.  ...  We also hope Athens provided a pleasant environment during the conference and everyone saved some time for exploring this beautiful historic city. INNOV Steering Committee  ...  As far as Vegas and Vegas-A are concerned, their congestion control algorithms are relatively conservative. As a result, their Cwnds change gradually in low P ER environment.  ... 

Unique Word DFT-Spread-OFDM for Fast Time-Varying Channels

Gilberto Berardinelli, Klaus Pedersen, Frank Frederiksen, Troels B. Sorensen, Preben Mogensen
2017 2017 IEEE 85th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring)  
Using 5G there will be a next generation of applications taking advantage of extremely low latency and even higher broadband connectivity performance.  ...  Communications Wenyi Zhang, University of Science and Technology of China T11: Ultra-Low Latency Heterogeneous Cellular Networking for Autonomous Vehicles Kwang-Cheng Chen, University of South Florida  ...  As a result, significant efforts have been recently made to design more spectrally and energy efficient MA schemes for future wireless networks.  ... 
doi:10.1109/vtcspring.2017.8108396 dblp:conf/vtc/BerardinelliPFS17 fatcat:cluawq7mefdwbcxf3ytluuau54

GREEN IPTV: a resource and energy efficient network for IPTV

Fernando M. V. Ramos, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository
To reduce the inefficiencies of current static multicast distribution schemes, I propose a semi-dynamic scheme where only [...]  ...  This is the latency experienced by users when switching between TV channels. Synchronisation and buffering of video streams can cause channel change delays of several seconds.  ...  [153] followed a different approach. They proposed a combined congestion control and rate-adaptation scheme for Internet access nodes which allows them to reduce energy consumption.  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.14034 fatcat:l7pyqyd4kneg7dzlxiddx7nsb4

2019 | Scientific Abstracts

2019 Reproductive Sciences  
If tested with antibiotics, a strategy of chemokine inhibition may prolong gestational latency and prevent neonatal infectious morbidity.  ...  gland-specific transcription factor important for fertility, in endometrial tissue from infertile women with endometriosis and normal controls. 5) We developed Ltf cre/+ Arid1a f/f mice to determine the  ...  Plasma metabolites were analyzed by GC/MS/ MS for relative ion intensity, and their differences in abundance between SPTB and healthy control groups were evaluated by a multivariate logistic regression  ... 
doi:10.1177/1933719119834079 pmid:31997299 fatcat:7z3ip6eu5raabfxulta2cxzo3u


2013 Cerebrovascular Diseases  
a non-invasive, low-cost, short-duration neuroimaging method that allows highresolution imaging of deep brain structures in patients with movement disorders.  ...  The average of the far wall IMT of the common carotid artery CCA (CIMT) from both right Fax +41 61 306 12 34 E-Mail Using a pulsed Doppler system with low transmitter frequency  ...  Object: Sonothrombolysis (ST) has recently been considered an emerging modality for the treatment of stroke.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000351748 pmid:23712294 fatcat:kuw65edukrgkfdsnvwgsbj2r4m

The 49th Congress of the European Society for Surgical Research May 21-24, 2014, Budapest, Hungary: Abstracts

2014 European Surgical Research  
Background: Pringle maneuver(PM) has been used widely to control blood loss during liver resection.  ...  Grafts were stored in University of Wisconsin (UW) solution at 4°C for 1 hour (GI), for 3 hours (GII), and for 6 hours (GIII); and in PACAP-38 containing UW solution for 1 hour (GIV), for 3 hours (GV),  ...  For comparative analysis, an illustration-enhanced video prototype was rendered.  ... 
doi:10.1159/000363269 pmid:24854186 fatcat:ofafa5cf4vhknamsraqekjznpy

Towards a framework of enabling efficient and secured energy based cyber-physical system (CPS)

Guobin Xu
To address those challenges and corresponding issues, in this dissertation, we develop a framework to enable efficient and secured energy based CPS by developing effective schemes to address the uncertainty  ...  A number of CPSs, including the Smart Grid, process control systems, transportation systems, and healthcare systems are expected to be developed using advanced computing and communication technologies.  ...  Cloudera Impala enables the capability for users to issue low-latency SQL queries to ./cloudera-manager-installer.bin" to install the Cloudera Manager. The server is set on port 7180.  ... 
doi:10.13016/m27h9d fatcat:b2rzesqpgbfmdhimnxuzl6lcsu


Rubén Bengió, Alfredo Martinez, Marull Roberto, Madoery, Secretario De Redaccion, Eduardo Cuestas, Paula Alba, Comité, D Redaccion, Ernesto Jakob, Maria Bernardi, Carolina Mahieu (+56 others)
To this end, we used an interactive video of a toad experiments, including that of Claude Bernard, suspended heart and Pfluger laws.  ...  Regarding latency, animals fed with ω-6 had a lower latency (15 days ± 6.3) than those fed chia (21 days ± 8.7).  ...  Severe OSAS poses a double risk for night ventricular arrhythmias and 6 times for atrial fibrillation.  ... 

Hyperbolic Realism in Thomas Pynchon's and Roberto Bolaño's Late Maximalist Novels: Against the day & 2666 [article]

Sellami Samir
does not hover above the perspectives as a unifying instance.  ...  Pynchon does not merely merge the high and the low, which has by now become a classical move in 'serious' fiction.  ...  , but something else is uncovered along the way, a reality sometimes more extreme and far-reaching than the one they were searching for.  ... 
doi:10.6092/tdunibg_129722 fatcat:m75en7pr3jdj7ipgaqxzmb46ja