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Cardiac output in conscious toads (Bufo marinus)

N H West, A W Smits
1994 Journal of Experimental Biology  
Pulmocutaneous flows have previously been determined to be bilaterally equivalent (Smits et al. 1986 ).  ...  N=5. The vertical bars represent the standard error of the mean values. Pulmocutaneous flow is reported as bilateral flow.  ... 
pmid:7964373 fatcat:6texa2qbjvbrbcxl32p6ojl3fy

Morphology of Emoleptalea nwanedi n. sp. from Schilbe intermedius from Nwanedi-Luphephe Dam, Limpopo Province, South Africa

P. H. King, W. J. Smit, C. Baker, W. J. Luus-Powell
2018 Helminthologia  
A new species, Emoleptalea nwanedi n. sp. is described from the intestine of Schilbe intermedius, the silver catfish or butter barbel, from the Nwanedi-Luphephe Dam in the Limpopo Province of South Africa  ...  Emoleptalea nwanedi n. sp.  ...  The newly described E. nwanedi n. sp. however, was described from a siluriforme fi sh, the silver catfi sh S. intermedius.  ... 
doi:10.1515/helm-2017-0051 pmid:31662629 pmcid:PMC6799525 fatcat:kzeqacnn7ba6hiom2xhnb6jtli

Note on automated spectrophotometric set-point titrations

W. Smit, H. N. Stein
1976 Fresenius Zeitschrift für Analytische Chemie  
Aug. 2017 Note on Automated Spectrophotometric Set-Point Titrations of Submicromole Amounts of Ca 2 + and Zn 2 + W. Smit and H. N.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf00424410 fatcat:qtcqcso75zhrdginhurxlj5zzu

Cytokine production capacity in depression and anxiety

N Vogelzangs, P de Jonge, J H Smit, S Bahn, B W Penninx
2016 Translational Psychiatry  
Remitted disorder vs no disorder N = 354 vs N = 297 Current disorder vs no disorder N = 591 vs N = 297 Depression severity (IDS) N = 1228 Anxiety severity (BAI) N = 1230 N OR 95%CI P  ...  Table 1 compares baseline characteristics across persons without a depressive or anxiety disorder (n = 297), with a history of an anxiety or depressive disorder (n = 354) and with a current (that is,  ... 
doi:10.1038/tp.2016.92 pmid:27244234 pmcid:PMC5070051 fatcat:5h25tte3qnamvkiepictqusbj4

COSY communication IP's

J.-Y. Brunel, W. M. Kruijtzer, H. J. H. N. Kenter, F. Pétrot, L. Pasquier, E. A. de Kock, W. J. M. Smits
2000 Proceedings of the 37th conference on Design automation - DAC '00  
For instance, wkw call-backs are generated by F and received by W. In YSH1, W is mapped to software hence the RTOS model accounts for the task arbitration and resume time.  ...  The status variables (rtr , n) are memory-mapped registers in the interface.  ... 
doi:10.1145/337292.337515 dblp:conf/dac/BrunelKKPPKS00 fatcat:aom6sbrucjcf7oaaz6zzjigava

Efficacy of L-glutamic acid, N,N-diacetic acid to improve the dietary trace mineral bioavailability in broilers

G M Boerboom, R Busink, C H Smits, W H Hendriks, J Martín-Tereso
2020 Journal of Animal Science  
L-glutamic acid, N,N-diacetic-acid (GLDA) is a readily biodegradable chelating agent that could be used as a suitable alternative to EDTA.  ...  N-diacetic acid (GLDA) is a readily biodegradable alternative to EDTA.  ...  Abbreviations: AICC Akaike information criterion CCC concordance correlation coefficient DWG daily weight gain EDTA ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid GLDA l-glutamic acid, N,N-diacetic-acid ICPMS inductively  ... 
doi:10.1093/jas/skaa369 pmid:33205196 pmcid:PMC7846178 fatcat:wtwhcgotsbh2xmggnovuw7jxbm

Advanced glycation end products and the absence of premature atherosclerosis in glycogen storage disease Ia

N. C. den Hollander, D. J. Mulder, R. Graaff, S. R. Thorpe, J. W. Baynes, G. P. A. Smit, A. J. Smit
2007 Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease  
CML, N-(carboxymethyl)lysine; CEL, N-(carboxyethyl)lysine; CLF, collagen linked fluorescence; AU, arbitrary units; NS, not significant. a n=27. b n=7.  ...  of patients and controls Controls (n=29) Patients (n=8) p-Value Table 2 2 Characteristics of patients and controls Controls (n=29) Patients (n=8) p-Value Autofluorescence (Â10 j2 AU) 1.55  ... 
doi:10.1007/s10545-007-0507-0 pmid:17570077 pmcid:PMC2799632 fatcat:as6ugmpjkrefxmwseg6luhwcwi

Simplicity from Complexity

M Freer, S Almaraz-Calderon, J Carter, A Aprahamian, N I Ashwood, M Barr, B Bucher, P Copp, M Couder, N Curtis, X Fang, F Jung (+8 others)
2012 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
.; Curtis, N.; Malcolm, J.D.; Wheldon, C. Abstract. The emergence of clustering in light nuclear systems is explored using the deformed harmonic oscillator as a starting point.  ...  From Fig. 1 it is clear that the binding energy per nucleon is maximal for a given element when N=Z and in particular when A=4n (n=1, 2, 3 ….).  ...  Here the states correspond to different values of K (K = 3n, n = 0,1,2...) and L.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/381/1/012009 fatcat:x354ayapvzeapnsztytei2wsom

Neurobeachin Regulates Glutamate- and GABA-Receptor Targeting to Synapses via Distinct Pathways

F. Farzana, R. Zalm, N. Chen, K. W. Li, Seth G. N. Grant, A. B. Smit, R. F. Toonen, M. Verhage
2015 Molecular Neurobiology  
, n=18, 3 independent experiments).  ...  , n=18, 3 independent experiments).  ... 
doi:10.1007/s12035-015-9164-8 pmid:25934101 pmcid:PMC4823379 fatcat:i6ivzms6anehbfhzp3gv5pvblm

Unsustainable fuelwood extraction from South African savannas

K J Wessels, M S Colgan, B F N Erasmus, G P Asner, W C Twine, R Mathieu, J A N van Aardt, J T Fisher, I P J Smit
2013 Environmental Research Letters  
The Carnegie Airborne Observatory is made possible by the W M Keck Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, and William Hearst III  ...  Thus, S n = S n + S n−1 . (5) Therefore, n * = ln w target w current ln(1 + v) (6) n * = number of years to reach w target , rounded to the next largest integer.  ...  Equation ( 4 ) was expanded to: S n = Tf (S n−1 ) + Tg(A) − Th(w n−1 , P, z). (4) Time ( T) was discretized into annual time steps n such that, T = 1.  ... 
doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/1/014007 fatcat:6utgi4h2bjd2pngm4hx4tgrcny

Covalency in resonance-assisted halogen bonds demonstrated with cooperativity in N-halo-guanine quartets

Lando P. Wolters, Nicole W. G. Smits, Célia Fonseca Guerra
2015 Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics - PCCP  
that occurs with donoracceptor orbital interactions in the σ electron system, from N and O lone pair orbitals on one X-G base to σ* N-H or σ* N-X acceptor orbitals on the other X-G base.  ...  The donor-acceptor interactions between antibonding σ* N-X acceptor orbitals of the N-X moiety on one X-G and N and O lone pair orbitals on a second X-G lead to a slight but important charge transfer in  ... 
doi:10.1039/c4cp03740e pmid:25437147 fatcat:cduokhtnfbgnparn6n75llrrne

Further evidence for the broad22+state at 9.6 MeV in12C

W. R. Zimmerman, N. E. Destefano, M. Freer, M. Gai, F. D. Smit
2011 Physical Review C  
C School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham, Birmingham B15 2TT, United Kingdom W. R. Zimmerman, 1,2 N. E. Destefano, 1,2 M. Freer, 3 M. Gai, 1,2 and F. D.  ...  Smit 4 1 Laboratory for Nuclear Science at Avery Point, University of Connecticut, Groton, Connecticut 06340-6097, USA 2 WNSL, Department of Physics, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8124  ... 
doi:10.1103/physrevc.84.027304 fatcat:jtmnaxjyebgxxhetmjsudf45f4

Photoluminescence characterization of Er‐implanted Al2O3films

G. N. van den Hoven, E. Snoeks, A. Polman, J. W. M. van Uffelen, Y. S. Oei, M. K. Smit
1993 Applied Physics Letters  
.; Smit, M.K. A1,03 films on oxidized Si substrates were implanted with 800 keV Er ions to peak concentrations ranging from 0.01 to 1 at. %.  ...  that f or cr n increases, or that r,ad decreases upon anneal, ing. The latter is unlikely because this would cause a de, crease of r.  ...  the 2H11,2 manifold is followed by rapid decay to the first excited state (4113/2), the PL intensity (I& of the 41.13/2-+4115/: transition can be written as where f is the fraction of active Er ions, N  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.109136 fatcat:e3pef2rq2zfi3kcxb2y2c3lc7q

Crystal structure of [μ-(3,4-η:4,5,6,7-η)-{5,6-di(n-propyl)-3,4,6-decatrien}] [bis(η5-cyclopentadiendiyl)(dimethyl)silan]tricarbonyl-1k2C:2K1Ctungstenmolybdenum( W-Mo), C31H42MoO3SiW

W. P. Bosman, J. M. M. Smits, K. Kriebisch, J. Heck
1997 Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - New Crystal Structures  
Crystal: brown plate, size 0.08 χ 0.35 χ 0.35 mm Wavelength: Mo K a radiation (0.71073 A) μ: 42.77 cm" 1 Diffractometer: Enraf-Nonius CAD4 Scan mode: ω (see refs. 3-4) Τmeasurement: 293 Κ 20max: 40° N(  ...  15/20 6:29 AMC31H42M0O3S1W Table 2 . 2 (Continued) Table 2 . 2 (Continued) Atom Site Table 3 . 3 Final atomic coordinates and displacement parameters (in  2 ) Atom Site U11 U22 I/33 Un U13 Í/23 W(  ... 
doi:10.1524/ncrs.1997.212.jg.391 fatcat:wumckvhvx5cflb6dgmu2tpmf6q

Upconversion in Er‐implanted Al2O3waveguides

G. N. van den Hoven, E. Snoeks, A. Polman, C. van Dam, J. W. M. van Uffelen, M. K. Smit
1996 Journal of Applied Physics  
.; Smit, M.K.  ...  Thus, powers of up to 5 mW could be coupled into the guides, resulting in pump intensities of up to 2ϫ10 5 W/cm 2 .  ...  Ϫ N 2 2 ϩ N 3 3 Ϫ2C 24 N 2 2 ϪN 2 R 24 , ͑2͒ dN 3 dt ϭϪ N 3 3 ϩ N 4 4 , ͑3͒ dN 4 dt ϭϪ N 4 4 ϩC 24 N 2 2 ϩN 2 R 24 , ͑4͒ where N 1 -4 are the Er 3ϩ concentrations in the first four energy levels ͑see  ... 
doi:10.1063/1.361020 fatcat:ezsam4zrpnegbnjlitjxqbtbxa
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