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N-Prolog: An extension of prolog with hypothetical implication. II. Logical foundations, and negation as failure

D.M. Gabbay
1985 The Journal of Logic Programming  
We shall also introduce negation as failure into N-PROLOG.  ...  Success of an onginal goal G from a database P through a computation in N-PROLOG with the restart rule means that P I-G in classical logic.  ...  D NEGATION AS FAILURE IN N-PROLOG It is possible, natural, and very useful to add negation as failure to N-PROLOG.  ... 
doi:10.1016/s0743-1066(85)80003-0 fatcat:rrivl5ddsncxldghsnwsmnyn4e

N-Prolog: An extension of Prolog with hypothetical implications. I

D.M. Gabbay, U. Reyle
1984 The Journal of Logic Programming  
We will investigate negation as failure in a continuation paper, where we study the logical foundations of N-PROLOG.  ...  D An extension of PROLOG called N-PROLOG is presented. N-PROLOG allows hypothetical implications in the clauses. For clauses without implication, N-PROLOG acts like PROLOG.  ...  An (I) An (2) An (3) In this order.  ... 
doi:10.1016/0743-1066(84)90029-3 fatcat:je4w6muzbffn7pkkwc7egpfg3i

Page 3841 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue 87g [page]

1987 Mathematical Reviews  
M. (4-LNDIC-C) N-PROLOG: an extension of PROLOG with hypothetical implication. II. Logical foundations, and negation as failure. J. Logic Programming 2 (1985), no. 4, 251-283.  ...  Negation as failure is introduced to N-Prolog and its peculiarities are investigated.  ... 

Planning for an Efficient Implementation of Hypothetical Bousi Prolog [article]

Pascual Julián-Iranzo, Fernando Sáenz-Pérez
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This paper explores the integration of hypothetical reasoning into an efficient implementation of the fuzzy logic language Bousi~Prolog.  ...  To this end, we first analyse what would be expected from a logic inference system, equipped with what is called embedded implication, to model solving goals with respect to assumptions.  ...  Finally, he augmented the logic with negation-as-failure so that nonmonotonic queries can be expressed, a subject that we let as future work.  ... 
arXiv:2108.03602v1 fatcat:5jcolrwl4nbaboqca4tfadrb4u

Applications of scott's notion of consequence to the study of general binary intensional connectives and entailment

Dov M. Gabbay
1973 Journal of Philosophical Logic  
File: DovPapers/055/055-TFNMR.tex N-Prolog: An Extension of Prolog with Hypothetical Implications 2 Journal of Logic Programming, 2, 251-283, 1986.  ...  It is the main, most powerful and most extensive method for solving the decision problem in the area of non-classical logics.  ...  Temporal Logic in Context of Databases (with I. Hodkinson) In Modal Provability Interpretation for Negation by Failure In Extensions of Logic Programming, P Schroeder-Heister, ed. pp 179-222.  ... 
doi:10.1007/bf00129607 fatcat:e6lokulrwrfcvl525fgj6dcr3m

Modularity in Logic Programming

Michele Bugliesi, Evelina Lamma, Paola Mello
1994 The Journal of Logic Programming  
They have proposed module systems equipped with compositional operators for building programs as combinations of separate and independent components.  ...  Other proposals have instead concentrated on the problem of programming-in-the-small in an attempt to enrich logic programming with abstraction and scoping mechanisms available in other programming paradigms  ...  This article has greatly benefited from joint work and many fruitful discussions with Annalisa Bossi, Antonio Brogi, Paolo Mancarella, Dale Miller, Luis Monteiro, Antonio Natali, Antonio Porto, Gianfranco  ... 
doi:10.1016/0743-1066(94)90032-9 fatcat:xkz7isn57zgcphapihejhwy4gm

Page 383 of Mathematical Reviews Vol. , Issue Index [page]

Mathematical Reviews  
(Giovanni Criscuolo) 87d:03071 03B60 (68T99) N-PROLOG: an extension of PROLOG with hypothetical implication. II. Logical foundations, and negation as failure. J.  ...  (with Reyle, U.) N-PROLOG: an extension of PROLOG with hypothetical implications. I. J. Logic Programming 1 (1984), no. 4, 319-355. (P.  ... 

Web ontology reasoning with logic databases [online]

Raphael Volz
The main contribution is the enabling of Web ontology reasoning with logic databases for the Web ontology language (OWL), an international standard that has been recently proposed by the World Wide Web  ...  On the practical side, we show that logic databases allow to overcome the predominant limitation of current approaches to ABox reasoning with Description Logics (DL) such as OWL.  ...  A more detailed account of SLD-resolution and its extension for dealing with negation as failure (SLDNF) is given in (Lloyd, 1987) .  ... 
doi:10.5445/ir/162004 fatcat:bxucyqe54vb2zcjti6eg5yvbea