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Why Not Privacy by Default?

Lauren E. Willis
2013 Social Science Research Network  
Past experience with the use of defaults in policymaking teaches that Track-Me defaults are likely to be too sticky, Don't-Track-Me defaults are likely to be too slippery, and neither are likely to result  ...  required an affirmative action.  ...  to content, apps, and other services on consumers being in the Track-Me position, as is the case for many apps and some email services today. 224 Don't-Track-Me the default for websites, most Dutch  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2349766 fatcat:4vxr5jeoizewtjwathio5d6cpe

The Rule of Law in the Technological Age Challenges and Opportunities for the EU Collected Papers

Maria Weimer, Kati Cseres, Christina Eckes, Roger Brownsword, Geert van Calster, Kathleen Garnett, Leonie Reins, Ariel Ezrachi, Maurice E. Stucke, Tamara K. Hervey, Orla Lynskey, Indra Spiecker genannt DDhmann
2017 Social Science Research Network  
rules) to what ought or ought not to be done.  ...  The news provider went on to launch a Web-based version of its mobile app in a bid to retain reader interest. 30 Smaller news outlets have chosen not to provide an app in a bid to retain custody of their  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.3005914 fatcat:ohpwvoeajbdkzdqpx7gddiesda

Deploying authentication in the wild: towards greater ecological validity in security usability studies

Seb Aebischer, Claudio Dettoni, Graeme Jenkinson, Kat Krol, David Llewellyn-Jones, Toshiyuki Masui, Frank Stajano
2020 Journal of Cybersecurity  
We evaluate Pico's claim with two deployments and user studies, one on a web-based service and another within an organization.  ...  In our first study we team up with an established website, Gyazo, to offer this alternative login mechanism to users intent on performing a real task of image sharing.  ...  Pico project as well as to our external collaborator Jiny Bradshaw whose Bluetooth know-how was invaluable.  ... 
doi:10.1093/cybsec/tyaa010 fatcat:buiytsxuqbdbxdjy6m6q6j5nkm

The Next Generation Internet: a selection of contributions to the debate

Nadia El-Imam
2021 Zenodo  
They are published as regular forum posts on the Exchange platform; in 2021, we plan to add a second delivery method, using micro-websites that allow readers to comment posts without having to navigate  ...  The posts in the community journalism program are meant to be read as stand-alone articles; shared on social media; and interacted with by way of a "Comment" button.  ...  The Internet may work better when it's spread out, as originally designed." 13 hat strikes me most from Odysseus is that it is part of an ecosystem different from the one I live in (Mac OS X + Firefox  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6320727 fatcat:ghuvcxm5pjhlhi6cfn6dpf2aou

Individual experiences of an acceptance-based pain management programme: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Beth Mathias, Beth Parry-Jones, Jaci C. Huws
2013 Psychology and Health  
manage it you know how to stop before getting the pain, so in a way my pain has lessened because I've teamed how to stop before it kicks in'.  ...  Firstly, as behaviour(s) which successfully reduce the impact of pain and secondly as behaviour(s) exhibited in response to pain regardless of the resul0l.  ...  It is included in order to provide an example of (part oo the process of analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1080/08870446.2013.845667 pmid:24125012 fatcat:mh7pm5ka4jf7hm35hgfbtd6u5q

A primer on higher education in the 21st century: the university as a whole and contributions made by law schools

Ronald Charles Griffin
2015 International Journal of Public Law and Policy  
She furnished me with an education that made my life better . ] now want my grandchildren to have that and more. ] want them to learn how to read, weigh what they read, reason, and apply ethics to everyday  ...  The simulation There is a saying ascribed to elders that got reinforced in me. Everybody's an accident. Catherine filed a timely appeal.  ... 
doi:10.1504/ijplap.2015.071040 fatcat:zw2egids6nf4ra25viaka4kjfu

Competing Notions of "Competition" in Late Nineteenth-Century American Economics

M. S. Morgan
1993 History of Political Economy  
Both as an abstract idea, and as a set of customary rules of behaviour. the classical notions of competi tio n proved inapplicable in the new circumstances.  ...  Because competition was as an institutional rule of individual behaviour, its role is envisaged not as an external regulator (as the classical notion of competition is sometimes portrayed) but rather as  ... 
doi:10.1215/00182702-25-4-563 fatcat:hia5bzdoazfafkg6dp24puw3cq


2014 Cadernos do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Direito – PPGDir./UFRGS  
Othcrwise, one would h ave to admit that the right decision in thc case would h ave bcen to trust someone who knows nothing about investment (me) instead o f the person I recognise as som cone who knows  ...  I then take the wise step o f consulting an expert who is, I h ave reasons to believe, the best advisor I could gct, and he tells me to invest ali my money in foreign currency.  ... 
doi:10.22456/2317-8558.49175 fatcat:fqs4v3e34fai5duem65rpnhrly

'I'll See': How Surveillance Undermines Privacy by Eroding Trust

Robert H. Sloan
2016 Social Science Research Network  
It threatens our very selves as individuals. It's a dehumanizing tactic employed in prisons and detention camps." We address the open question of why (and under what conditions) it does so.  ...  Neil Richards and Woodrow Hartzog argue persuasively that "modern privacy law is incomplete because from its inception it has failed to account for the importance of trust."  ...  As The New York Times journalist Philip Shenon remarked, "My goodness, if I were one of my sources, I would never talk to me again, even about stories that really would have been a public service." 89  ... 
doi:10.2139/ssrn.2747435 fatcat:bpecalvhbbb57ait3jod5jpuda

Open Praxis, volume 11 issue 4

Inés Gil-Jaurena (ed.), various authors
2019 Open Praxis  
This Open Praxis publishes 10 selected papers among those presented in the 2019 Open Education Global Conference, hosted by Politecnico di Milano (Polimi) and held in Milan (Italy) from November 26 to  ...  Acknowledgements The authors acknowledge Jenni Hayman, Vasudha Kamat, Igor Lesko and Jayashree Shinde for their support to the program as hub coordinators.  ...  We wish to thank Nchangwi Munung who conducted most of the interviews that were used in this research and Soraya Lester who continued in this role.  ... 
doi:10.5944/openpraxis.11.4.1108 fatcat:aqc2ji6h4raerla3xcos5a7mne

Open learning in the African context: challenges and possibilities for self-directed learning [article]

M. Letseka
2021 Zenodo  
This chapter looks into ways in which self-reliance and self-directness might be facilitated in an African open learning context.  ...  The chapter argues that SDL and ODL are pertinent modes of delivering teaching and learning in times of global crises such as the current COVID-19  ...  Our chapter builds on previous research linking OS principles to science education in order to increase transparency and trustworthiness (see, e.g., Cook, 2016; Cook et al., 2018; Johnson & Cook, 2019  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.5647852 fatcat:vicfudh4bfbkfdp7ndzsw7cofm

Emerging Trends in Management, IT and Education

Dr. P S Aithal, Shreepathy R Bhat
2019 Zenodo  
International Conference on Emerging Trends in Management, IT and Education  ...  my father, let my country awake".  ...  As an eminent player in the OS market, the corporation employs its organization-structure to keep competitive advantage in phase with development approaches.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3492020 fatcat:wytrxibqsjegfi6oouvfjcoiia

Em busca do potencial institucional emancipatório da Defensoria Pública: reflexões e proposições sobre o desafio de construção de marcadores institucionais para incremento da tridimensionalidade do acesso à justiça [chapter]

2021 Acesso à Justiça nas Américas  
Community organizations become better able to serve their own clients and better able to work as effective partners with clinics in a network of access to justice services.  ...  to mitigate against the risk of eviction and put the client in the best possible position to respond to any allegations about her behaviour at an eviction hearing.  ...  Their role remains essential in the guarantee of the above-mentioned rights and in the conquest of others, such as better working conditions.  ... 
doi:10.53080/forjus-ajam.009 fatcat:q2bdbdbxbjajtbzi456ixgto4u

Are marketing degrees fit for purpose? : Re-shaping the undergraduate marketing curriculum to better equip early career marketing practitioners for employment and career progression

Neil Wellman
The research identifies that the curriculum's focus on strategy above tactics, large consumer above business and services markets and 'full-mix' (4/7Ps) marketing as promulgated in standard textbooks and  ...  This thesis asks if, as literature and stakeholders suggest, the primary purpose of marketing degrees is to educate the next generation of marketing professionals, are they 'fit for purpose?'  ...  I thank him and my mother for bringing me up as a reader and supporting me through my early education and career.  ... 
doi:10.25401/cardiffmet.20231214.v1 fatcat:pdtsaezw4rbwhb42mwts3dep4i

A Study On Customers' Perception On Service Of Star Hotels In Coimbatore City

J.K. Bharath
2019 Zenodo  
Hotel industries are provide best service to their customers which is come under service sector.  ...  Service sectors are different from manufacturing sectors, all customers are important to this service sectors.  ...  "Inclusive growth method ought to go towards the improvement of quality of basic services as well as education, power, attention and water system for each individual across, ought to be not only to the  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4301202 fatcat:hoihqmlounbbtbj5xiqpyp6354
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