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Psychological Response to Negative Paradoxical Metaphors of Terminal Illness in Promise Ogochukwu's Sorrow's Joy

Joy Eyisi Jr, Emmanuel Babatunde Omobowale
2021 International Journal of Literature and Arts  
This study, therefore, investigates the impact of para-metaphors on the character, Sefi, who suffers from cancer in Promise Ogochukwu's Sorrow's Joy.  ...  The theory bears relevance to the text, which is purposively selected and critically analysed to highlight the destructive influence of parametaphors related to the underlying disease in the text.  ...  This essay, however, deals with the destructive tendencies of metaphorical statements when they are used to refer to terminal illnesses or the sufferings of the affected characters or patients.  ... 
doi:10.11648/j.ijla.20210906.11 fatcat:ca252dmdtbcezhx2v6omheas2e

Hive Psychology, Happiness, and Public Policy

Jonathan Haidt, J. Patrick Seder, Selin Kesebir
2008 The Journal of legal studies  
We next consider psychological phenomena such as the joy of synchronized movement and the ecstatic joy of self-loss, which might be proximal mechanisms underlying the extraordinary pleasures people get  ...  to reach the highest levels of human flourishing.  ...  Durkheim and Turner can help us understand many of the most joyful human celebrations.  ... 
doi:10.1086/529447 fatcat:4257dvuprberxdr3on7rpa472q

Centre That Holds: An Inquiry into the Model of Peace and Protection in T.S. Eliot's Selected Ariel Poems

Kongkona Dutta
2020 IAFOR Journal of Literature & Librarianship  
As a poet, philosopher and social commentator of the 20th century, T.  ...  Eliot via his model of peace and protection shows a path of moral conscience, which is in sync with the individual and the civil conscience.  ...  This poem lays the foundation of the family as a micro structure which cultivates the ties of belongingness, unity, care and mutual obligation.  ... 
doi:10.22492/ijl.9.1.06 fatcat:pyzubsevkndt5oa3hkralaqhzm

Positive Emotions Broaden and Build [chapter]

Barbara L. Fredrickson
2013 Advances in Experimental Social Psychology  
Joy. Joy emerges when one's current circumstances present unexpected good fortune. People feel joy, for instance, when receiving good news or a pleasant surprise.  ...  He did, however, describe a low arousal state of "mild or receptive joy" that I think is better characterized as contentment or serenity.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-407236-7.00001-2 fatcat:cxtwk3zvinc5vop47hets5r6va

Page 1 of The Columbian Star Vol. 5, Issue 32 [page]

1826 The Columbian Star  
be expe ected to be mutual, where dangers [Iv holds the fi ilowing language concern | ing vortex, or one soul snatched from the dCTUTE Tht. a Mier is 3 we ie , . 2 * } = ee : ‘ : , F P woe . . 7 > middle  ...  stature, well proportioned. and re-|'* iim—that they willdefend tothe utmost of {are so, But, in the circ umstances Of the | ing the firmness of our nee fathers:— | gulf of destruction, still great thine  ... 

Bodies Underwater

Franziska Strack
2021 Environmental Humanities  
In doing so, the films inspire a plurality of ethico-political perspectives on species entanglement that all propose distinct responsibilities without making any organism the center of agentic events.  ...  The article argues that Painlevé's films establish a corporeal and nonlinguistic mode of interspecies communication that draws upon the spectators' immediate emphatic and empathetic reactions to the animal  ...  I presented earlier versions of this article at the 2017 Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies and the 2019 Storytelling and the Body Conference, and I would like to thank the participants of  ... 
doi:10.1215/22011919-8867263 fatcat:heuhfbl52jb5xecamf4gpqaute

Dogs and humans and what earth can be

Naveeda KHAN
2014 HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory  
In contradistinction to the approach that studies how people come to be schooled to perceive climate change or produce their own accounts of change in an indigenous idiom, I show how knowledge of it is  ...  If one were to turn away from asking how people are taking up (or not) the issue of climate change, it is in smaller gestures of incorporating repugnant others, in this case dogs, that one sees reflections  ...  Acknowledgments Research for this article was funded by The American Institute of Bangladesh Studies and The Wenner-Gren Foundation.  ... 
doi:10.14318/hau4.3.015 fatcat:34qxkfdjqjgcdcp5f6kyuxe4i4

Abstracts of the 4th Pan American Regional Conference of WADEM

2013 Prehospital and Disaster Medicine  
Force Health Protection is important for several reasons, including the expense involved in recruiting and training new people, continuity of care, the resilience of the work force and protection of the  ...  The issue is one of appropriate sequencing: take care of the responder first and then disaster victims and survivors.  ...  Participants perceived personal growth in compassion and self-awareness and fuller appreciation of the destructive power of disasters and their impact on lives.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1049023x13000253 fatcat:nqeszmnxabgchiq2yq2qtmmo2q

Tripple Dialogue as a Pedagogy for Asia: Learning Together with the Other

Rudolf C Heredia
2015 Zenodo  
It would seem that dialogue was for him really a way of life, both at the personal and the professional level. This paper is meant as an acknowledgement and affirmation of Noel the diaiogist.  ...  Taking a cue from The Federation o f Asian Bishop's (FABC) call for a tripe dialogue, with the poor, with cultures and with religions, the paper indicates the outlines of such a multi-focual, pluri-dimensional  ...  And so in desperation we revive and cling to images and symbols that draw on the darkest recesses of our destructive potential.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4295696 fatcat:xrmw34tpwveyre6u73wln7ptiq

Transformance, Recognition Of Self By Self, And Effective Action

Diana Fosha
2008 Zenodo  
and bodies: the categorical emotions ---fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust-- play a powerful role in survival.  ...  We have a need for the expansion and liberation of the self, the letting down of defensive barriers, and the dismantling of the false self (Ghent, 1990; Schneider, in press).  ...  : state of assurance] it just feels like .. you know....  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.888161 fatcat:x2oclxab2rdm3gca22tdmcycua

Page 1 of Liberator Vol. 2, Issue 5 [page]

1832 Liberator  
Can the Negro Mother joy Over this her captive boy, Which in bondage and in tears, For a life of wo she rears ?  ...  a more| He was Some | should be one as long as s of the warmest friends of abolition voted in favor | in Virginia ; : ne atianaget sync bee !  ... 

Theatrical jazz: performance, Ase, and the power of the present moment

2015 ChoiceReviews  
to the force of justice and wisdom-it is all striking the same vibration, tweaking the same root.  ...  I ask myself this every time I am in the presence of this work. It takes me to the edge,  ...  of hope and joy, even in a world that tries to ensure that one's very Blackness is the epitome of sorrow, in a world where combating oppression assures the prominence of pain.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.192626 fatcat:h3nqnj3innhsjkutongfg3lebm

Transformance, Recognition Of Self By Self, And Effective Action

Diana Fosha
2008 Zenodo  
and bodies: the categorical emotions ---fear, anger, joy, sadness, disgust-- play a powerful role in survival.  ...  We have a need for the expansion and liberation of the self, the letting down of defensive barriers, and the dismantling of the false self (Ghent, 1990; Schneider, in press).  ...  : state of assurance] it just feels like .. you know....  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.888162 fatcat:3in6kwgkx5hcpmigsr2iyrosmu

On Seizing the Source: Toward a Phenomenology of Religious Violence

Michael Staudigl
2016 International Journal of Philosophical Studies  
In this paper I argue that we need to analyze 'religious violence' in the 'postsecular context' in a twofold way: rather than simply viewing it in terms of mere irrationality, senselessness, atavism, or  ...  Following Ricoeur, I discuss 'religious violence' in terms of a monopolizing appropriation of the originary source of givenness that conflates man's freedom to poetically respond to the appeal of the foundational  ...  , liberation, or possibly destruction.  ... 
doi:10.1080/09672559.2016.1284785 pmid:28690372 pmcid:PMC5479334 fatcat:scyht64upjfcdmjpe7csg4qnjm

Inverse Correlation: Comparative Philosophy in an Upside Down World

Mark T. Unno
2016 European Journal for Philosophy of Religion  
and infinite, human and divine/buddha, such that the greater the realization of human limitation and finitude, the greater that of the limitless, infinite divine or buddhahood.  ...  This essay explores the applicability of the logic and rhetoric of inverse correlation in the cases of the early Daoist Zhuangzi, medieval Japanese Buddhist Shinran, and modern Protestant Christian Kierkegaard  ...  There lies deep within my heart and mind, a source of tranquil repose beyond the reach of the waves of grief or joy.  ... 
doi:10.24204/ejpr.v8i1.71 fatcat:votowxp66zdrhgrvsa2zatvkdy
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