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Review of Brain-Machine Interfaces Used in Neural Prosthetics with New Perspective on Somatosensory Feedback through Method of Signal Breakdown

Gabriel W. Vattendahl Vidal, Mathew L. Rynes, Zachary Kelliher, Shikha Jain Goodwin
2016 Scientifica  
Recently, somatosensory feedback has become the focus of many research groups given its ability in increased neural control by the patient and to provide a more natural sensation for the prosthetics.  ...  This process involves recording data from force sensitive locations on the prosthetics and encoding these signals to be sent to the brain in the form of electrical stimulation.  ...  Applications Clinical Applications. BMI technology can aid tremendously in restoring function and patient rehabilitation in a clinical setting.  ... 
doi:10.1155/2016/8956432 pmid:27313959 pmcid:PMC4904116 fatcat:wtbhou4y75aizh4qcavzq3mftm

Page 6 of Artificial Limbs Vol. 1, Issue 1 [page]

1954 Artificial Limbs  
To adapt new and different materials for use in fitting and fabrication. 2.  ...  Ever amputee is to some extent a special case. [ has therefore been necessary to incorporate the case-study phase in order to ensure the applicability of technical improvements.  ... 

Guest Editorial "State-of-the-art in Underactuated Grasping"

L. Birglen, G. A. Kragten, J. L. Herder
2010 Mechanical Sciences  
The goals of the workshop were to share and expand our mutual knowledge; to identify avenues for the industrial application of underactuated robotic hands; to identify open issues in the theoretical framework  ...  We are pleased to present a special issue on the theme of underactuated grasping, which relates to the notion of having fewer actuators than degrees of freedom in a mechanism, in this case a grasper.  ...  The goals of the workshop were to share and expand our mutual knowledge; to identify avenues for the industrial application of underactuated robotic hands; to identify open issues in the theoretical framework  ... 
doi:10.5194/ms-1-3-2010 fatcat:23dsx4g4ujdalbvqueyitqkywu

Robotic interfaces for cognitive psychology and embodiment research: A research roadmap

Philipp Beckerle, Claudio Castellini, Bigna Lenggenhager
2018 Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science  
We conclude the integration of dexterous control and multisensory feedback to be a promising roadmap towards future robotic interfaces, especially regarding applications in the cognitive sciences.  ...  This turns robots into formidable neuroscientific tools to study processes such as the adaptation between a human operator and the operated robotic device and how this adaptation modulates human embodiment  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors thank Jasmine Ho for support in language editing.  ... 
doi:10.1002/wcs.1486 fatcat:yp2h47ymfvdi5biujsdbfvzlxu

Page 20 of Artificial Limbs Vol. 1, Issue 2 [page]

1954 Artificial Limbs  
Others of these devices are more general in application and are adaptable for use by any prosthetist regardless of the particular alignment prin- ciples he advocates.  ...  HistToRICAL BACKGROUND In 1919 Franz Schede (2) wrote Theoretische Grundlagen fiir den Bau von Kunstbeinen, a work generally considered to be one of the first important contributions in the field of prosthetic  ... 

Closed-Loop Control of a Neuroprosthetic Hand by Magnetoencephalographic Signals

Ryohei Fukuma, Takufumi Yanagisawa, Shiro Yorifuji, Ryu Kato, Hiroshi Yokoi, Masayuki Hirata, Youichi Saitoh, Haruhiko Kishima, Yukiyasu Kamitani, Toshiki Yoshimine, Gerwin Schalk
2015 PLoS ONE  
Finally, using the trained decoders, the subjects controlled a neuroprosthetic hand in a closed-loop condition.  ...  Objective A neuroprosthesis using a brain-machine interface (BMI) is a promising therapeutic option for severely paralyzed patients, but the ability to control it may vary among individual patients and  ...  The onset decoder consisted of a mutual information estimator and a movement detector.  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0131547 pmid:26134845 pmcid:PMC4489903 fatcat:er2xe4witrcyjd4poz6t73wpn4


Yuris Idris Bayramov, the Azerbaijan Medical University, Yusif Huseyn Achundov, the Azerbaijan Medical University
2019 Theoretical & Applied Science  
However, it is impossible to form the transition bending with complete plaque-prosthesis, mutual relations of mucous membrane at the edge of prosthesis in a size to be obtained with an individual spoon  ...  The distance between a prosthetic area in a size obtained by an individual spoon and the internal surface of size is not the same with the distance between the internal surface of prosthesis foundation  ...  Adaptation of all patients for whom prostheses were made, to full denture prosthesis was complete in the third period of adaptation.  ... 
doi:10.15863/tas.2019.12.80.4 fatcat:hd2ilysogrhx5m3azfe6s2hmui

Cognitive Control Signals for Neural Prosthetics

S. Musallam
2004 Science  
It would be valuable to determine what parameters can be decoded and used for prosthetic applications.  ...  For neural prosthetic applications, the goal signals can be used to operate computers, robots, and vehicles, whereas the expected value signals can be used to continuously monitor a paralyzed patient's  ...  Future applications of cognitivebased prosthetics will likely record from multiple cortical areas to derive a number of variables.  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.1097938 pmid:15247483 fatcat:ubj5nhmmhjb6dp2huvdsp337qe


Andor Toni CIGU, Cătălina CIOBANU, Ecaterina COVALCIUC, Marcel POPOVICI, Leonard CÂRLIGEANU, Shardi ARDESHIR
2015 International Journal of Medical Dentistry  
a result of mutations occurring in their structure, and of the migration of metal ions prosthetic works.  ...  In this context, the new Bio HPP material opens new perspectives in solving prosthetic implant superstructures.  ...  Occlusal rebalancing will be achieved in a mutually-protected, muscular-skeletal stable position. Treatment targets 1. To control periodontal disease; 2.  ... 
doaj:a4a707ba7cf84725b9b5edc525d12820 fatcat:fpkpcjzfk5g65mlzikk4xfta4u

Immunological Peculiarities Of Adaptation Of Patients With Cardiovascular Diseases To The Non-Removable Dentures On The Background Of Balneological Immunocorrection

A.T. Iakovlev *, T.F. Danilina, V.N. Naumova, V.A. Virabian, M.S. Patrusheva, А.V. Sevbitov
2017 Zenodo  
The gingival fluid of pregnant women was studied for interleukins 8 and 10, and immunoglobulins A and G in 31 female patients of SHI CH No.5 of Volgograd, at the age of 20-25 years - the first period of  ...  In both groups, professional oral hygiene, active training and monitoring of the performance of individual hygiene were carried out.  ...  Mutual complication of cardiovascular and dental diseases is associated with the processes of systemic inflammation in the body.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1069435 fatcat:im6r622dfvh3thltwamaowdliu

The children's prosthetics and orthotics program

H W Kay
1971 Artificial limbs  
of a mutually useful program.  ...  Already in progress or about to be initiated as a result of prior action by the Subcommittee on Child Prosthetics Problems are a number of studies of great potential value in the evaluation of improved  ... 
pmid:5135225 fatcat:mui3vv7awbaxncm5f63ditgwp4

Restoring the 3D vestibulo-ocular reflex via electrical stimulation: The Johns Hopkins multichannel vestibular prosthesis project

M. A. Rahman, Chenkai Dai, G. Y. Fridman, N. S. Davidovics, B. Chiang, JoongHo Ahn, R. Hayden, Thuy-Anh N. Melvin, D. Q. Sun, A. Hedjoudje, Charles C. Della Santina
2011 2011 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society  
We have developed a head-mounted multichannel vestibular prosthesis that restores sufficient semicircular canal function to partially recreate a normal 3-dimensional angular vestibulo-ocular reflex in  ...  Here we describe several parallel lines of investigation directed toward refinement of this approach toward eventual clinical application.  ...  We gratefully acknowledge: Americo Migliaccio (Neuroscience Research Australia) and Hamish MacDougall (Sydney University), who helped create a precursor to the VOG system used in this work; and Lani Swarthout  ... 
doi:10.1109/iembs.2011.6090857 pmid:22255006 pmcid:PMC3270063 dblp:conf/embc/RahmanDFDCAHMSH11 fatcat:2ipsug6qyrgo5lnulpkck53fzm

Ultraconservative fixed partial denture: esthetic and preservation of dental structure

Wilson MATSUMOTO, Rossana Pereira de Almeida ANTUNES, Regina Maura FERNANDES, Iara Augusta ORSI, Takami Hirono HOTTA
2014 RGO: Revista Gaúcha de Odontologia  
Finally, it can be concluded that the ultraconservative fixed partial denture is a treatment option to be used in the small prosthetic space with success both mechanically and esthetically.  ...  The sequential presentation of the realized procedures emphasized the unique aspects of the dental preparation, impression techniques, and cautions during metal structures and ceramic try-in procedures  ...  In this phase, the metal structure should be adapted to the gingival margin of the proximal box of the preparation 8 similar to the adaptation of a conventional fixed partial denture, avoiding the need  ... 
doi:10.1590/1981-86372014000200000122507 fatcat:7bkq5yqb7nfovm2hvnks7g43jy


2013 International Journal of Medical Dentistry  
In the case of mobilized prosthetic restorations supported on implants, rigidization of implants from the anterior region of the mandible may be obtained by means of a bar.  ...  the Clinics of Prosthetics and Oral Implantology, Military Emergency Hospital of Sibiu, on a group of mandibularly totally edentated patients.  ...  The occlusal surfaces of prosthetic restoration will be metallic, and thinner than the ceramic crowns, a characteristic which permits the application of a longer prosthetic dies, that will assure a higher  ... 
doaj:f6cdd516db0e468d9a8b1e17d3f7f58e fatcat:f74nieiwkbe7fkohlml4witola

Development Of Underactuated Robot Hand Using Cross Section Deformation Spring

Naoki Saito, Daisuke Kon, Toshiyuki Sato
2013 Zenodo  
This hand is suitable for use as a lightweight prosthetic hand that can grasp various objects using few input channels.  ...  Results demonstrate the effectiveness of across section deformation spring in reducing the actuator power. Moreover, adaptive grasping movement is realized by an easy operation.  ...  Many prosthetic hands have been developed in previous studies [2] , [3] .  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1335903 fatcat:yvwb6zxqkzbgbjv44pevs7al6e
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