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Multiplicity of nodal solutions for elliptic equations with supercritical exponent in contractible domains

Donato Passaseo
1996 Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis  
The domains Ω h ε considered in this paper do not have a smooth boundary; however, it is clear that the same methods can be used to state analogous results for smooth symmetric domains having a more general  ...  Introduction This paper is concerned with existence and multiplicity of solutions for the problem P (Ω, p)      ∆u + |u| p−2 u = 0 in Ω, u = 0 on ∂Ω, u + ≡ 0, u − ≡ 0 in Ω, where Ω is a bounded domain  ... 
doi:10.12775/tmna.1996.031 fatcat:olnufdz4unfk7lhc4tx6byfrla

Multiple positive solutions for a singularly perturbed Dirichlet problem in "geometrically trivial" domains

Giovanna Cerami, Caterina Maniscalco
2002 Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis  
The aim of this paper is to show that multiplicity results can be obtained even if the domain is "geometrically trivial" (in the sense that the distance function admits only its global maximum as critical  ...  During the last ten years the relations between the shape of Ω and the multiplicity of solutions to problems like (P ε ), when ε → 0 have been intensively investigated.  ... 
doi:10.12775/tmna.2002.004 fatcat:snfu5vncendsrhofimepopo4ym

A multiplicity result for a degenerate elliptic equation with critical growth on noncontractible domains

Elisa Garagnani, Francesco Uguzzoni
2003 Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis  
The aim of this paper is to show a first multiplicity result for P λ (Ω).  ...  In this paper we consider the semilinear problem with critical growth in the Heisenberg group −∆ H n u = u (Q+2)/(Q−2) + λu in Ω, u > 0 in Ω, u = 0 in ∂Ω, and we provide a multiplicity existence result  ...  Multiplicity results The aim of this section is to show that, if λ is small enough, then for noncontractible H-flat domains it is possible to find more than one solution of P λ (Ω).  ... 
doi:10.12775/tmna.2003.027 fatcat:dwflk7tctzfrxgeji32mmtgjze

The Splitting Method and the GFEMin the Two-Dimensional Analysis of Linear Elastic Domains with Multiple Cracks

Igor Frederico Stoianov Cotta, Sergio Persival Baroncini Proença
2016 Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures  
The Splitting Method is a decomposition method considered for mechanical modeling of multiple interacting cracks.  ...  The aim of this paper is to analyse two-dimensional linear elastic continuum containing multiple interacting cracks.  ...  In this paper, the main given contribution is related to the combination of the Splitting Method and the GFE Maiming at numerical modeling of the behavior of linear elastic domains with multiple cracks  ... 
doi:10.1590/1679-78252859 fatcat:dz33iok35zemhkpt6u6gywpyvi

Fractal Analysis and Texture Classification of High-Frequency Multiplicative Noise in SAR Sea-Ice Images Based on a Transform- Domain Image Decomposition Method

Iman Heidarpour Shahrezaei, Hyun-Cheol Kim
2020 IEEE Access  
INDEX TERMS Discrete wavelet transform, fractal analysis, high-frequency multiplicative noise, raw data generation, synthetic aperture radar.  ...  As a novel approach, fractal analysis relies on SAR sea-ice spatial backscattering data generation and time-frequency domain (TFD) formulations from the perspective of uncorrelated HMN.  ...  With the advent of studies on scaling properties, the use of the texture transform method based on time-frequency domain (TFD) techniques has become popular for the purpose of texture analysis [27] -  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2020.2976815 fatcat:zfquxols6faubiparlayzcpcti

On the comparison between multiple-region and dual-grid finite-difference time-domain methods for the analysis of antenna arrays

Romain Pascaud, Raphaël Gillard, Renaud Loison
2010 Microwave and optical technology letters (Print)  
A comparison between the multiple-region (MR) and dual-grid (DG) finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) methods for the analysis of antenna arrays is presented.  ...  The application of both methods shows that the DG-FDTD method is more accurate when computing the mutual coupling between antennas.  ...  The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method has been successfully used for the analysis of antenna arrays [2] .  ... 
doi:10.1002/mop.25456 fatcat:sir3e47j45grdi3ta6xqo3r6vi

Fast power network analysis with multiple clock domains

Wanping Zhang, Ling Zhang, Rui Shi, He Peng, Zhi Zhu, Lew Chua-Eoan, Rajeev Murgai, Toshiyuki Shibuya, Nuriyoki Ito, Chung-Kuan Cheng
2007 2007 25th International Conference on Computer Design  
This paper proposes an efficient analysis flow and an algorithm to identify the worst case noise for power networks with multiple clock domains.  ...  Based on the analysis results, we then present the worst case clock gating pattern algorithm to analyze the power networks with multiple clock domains.  ...  The noise analysis is more complicated when there are multiple clock domains, and the clock gating pattern is different in each domain. Clock gating is a technique to reduce clock power.  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccd.2007.4601939 dblp:conf/iccd/ZhangZSPZCMSIC07 fatcat:fmk6n7y3xjajtayaljowjgp3fy

Full-wave directional illumination analysis in the frequency domain

Jun Cao, Ru-Shan Wu
2009 Geophysics  
The results of illumination analysis demonstrated the advantages of this method. The two decomposition methods produced similar results.  ...  We have analyzed the illumination in the frequency domain using full two-way wave propagators considering the extensive computation and huge storage required for time-domain methods, and the fact that  ...  Second, the frequency-domain analysis method requires less storage compared with the time-domain method.  ... 
doi:10.1190/1.3131383 fatcat:eh77yixkgzei3e4wzvzcr5rhji

Comparative analysis data of SF1 and SF2 helicases from three domains of life

Wafi Chaar, Hiba Ibrahim, Juliana Kozah, Hala Chamieh
2017 Data in Brief  
This article provides a comparative analysis for SF1 and SF2 helicase families from three domains of life archaea, human, bacteria.  ...  Phylogenetic analysis presented on certain protein families are essential for further studies tracing the evolutionary history of helicase families.  ...  Sequences were inspected for their correct alignment within the helicase core domain. Multiple sequence alignment was trimmed using TrimAl v1.3 method set to automated [6] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.dib.2017.02.047 pmid:28337468 pmcid:PMC5349461 fatcat:egjjzt5ea5fufagfh3fqkcwoxu

Relative performance of moveout‐based multiple‐suppression methods for amplitude variation with offset (AVO) analysis and common midpoint (CMP) stacking

Gabriel Alvarez, Ken Larner
2004 Geophysics  
The three approaches are filtering in the frequencywavenumber f -k domain, the Hampson method of filtering in the parabolic Radon transform domain, and a hybrid method that improves upon Hampson's approach  ...  The f -k approach is unsuitable prior to AVO analysis; moreover, it is little better in suppressing the multiples than the CMP stack itself.  ...  to AVO analysis.  ... 
doi:10.1190/1.1649395 fatcat:gjp4ccnxfzanlbsbrvlubkkrwi

Do alternative weighting approaches for an Index of Multiple Deprivation change the association with mortality? A sensitivity analysis from Germany

Florian Schederecker, Christoph Kurz, Jon Fairburn, Werner Maier
2019 BMJ Open  
addition to the original (normative) weighting of the GIMD domains, four alternative weighting approaches were applied: equal weighting, linear regression, maximization algorithm and factor analysis.  ...  ObjectivesThis study aimed to assess the impact of using different weighting procedures for the German Index of Multiple Deprivation (GIMD) investigating their link to mortality rates.Design and settingIn  ...  Factor analysis: weighting of the domains with loadings from principal axis factoring. GIMD, German Index of Multiple Deprivation.  ... 
doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2018-028553 pmid:31455703 pmcid:PMC6719755 fatcat:sar6jkpjz5bjvjvshh645orvfm

Multiple effects health economic evaluation of the Ahead of The Game Study for mental health promotion in sporting club communities

Simon Eckermann, Nikki McCaffrey, Utsana Tonmukayakul, Christian Swann, Stewart Vella
2021 Health Economics Review  
Methods Analysis is undertaken between matched communities with difference in differences analysis of joint multiple pre-post effect changes alongside implementation costs employing radar plots in cost-disutility  ...  Evaluation methods extend conventional cost-effectiveness analysis to enable robust joint presentation and triangulation under uncertainty of multiple effect dimensions alongside costs.  ...  UT contributed to undertaking analysis and interpretation of data, creating robust bootstrapping software and in drafting and revision of the manuscript.  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13561-021-00323-1 fatcat:o5pfdocfv5hxxgagutsm4bswgy

Towards a Capabilities Taxonomy for Prognostics and Health Management

Jeff Bird, Nancy Madge, Karl Reichard
2020 International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management  
Preliminary results of the development of Analytics, Test and Experiment Design and Cost Benefit Studies sub-domains within the PHM field are reported based on workshops at the PHM 2012 and 2013 Annual  ...  Domain 3-Cost Benefit Analysis The group who discussed the Cost Benefit Analysis domain proposed adding sub-domains for asset management, maintenance and the effect of prognostics management, and business  ...  , alignment and calibration Synchronize signals from multiple sensors Define appropriate telemetry or remote methods Design and apply adaptive, multidiscipline, multi bandwidth methods  ... 
doi:10.36001/ijphm.2014.v5i1.2201 fatcat:3r4md4pi5je5la3qqovlzn76va

Caveat emptor: the combined effects of multiplicity and selective reporting

Tianjing Li, Evan Mayo-Wilson, Nicole Fusco, Hwanhee Hong, Kay Dickersin
2018 Trials  
Reasons for nonreproducibility include that outcomes are defined in multiple ways, results can be obtained using multiple methods of analysis, and trial findings are reported in multiple sources ("multiplicity  ...  Multiplicity combined with selective reporting can influence dissemination of trial findings and decision-making.  ...  The consequences of multiplicity in RCTs Compared with the number of "domains" in a trial, multiplicity in outcome definitions and methods of analysis may lead to an exponentially larger number of RCT  ... 
doi:10.1186/s13063-018-2888-9 pmid:30223876 pmcid:PMC6142307 fatcat:ygpmrji4rja4pnifmac6quefvu

A Theoretical Study of Convergence Characteristics of a Multiple Channel ANC System

Guoyue Chen, Kenji Muto
2004 International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration  
This paper presents a method for evaluating the adaptive algorithm for the ANC system with multiple noise sources and multiple control points in the frequency domain.  ...  Analysis in the time domain, however, requires a great deal of computation, and its physical meaning is unclear.  ...  The analysis method presented facilitates a better understanding of the physical meaning, such as the effects of multiple secondary paths (secondary path matrix), and of the correlations among the output  ... 
doi:10.20855/ijav.2004.9.4167 fatcat:s65kdmcddvcx5fqiortkanyogy
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