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Multimodality in the Rainfall Drop Size Distribution in Southern England [chapter]

K'ufre-Mfon E. Ekerete, Francis H. Hunt, Ifiok E. Otung, Judith L. Jeffery
2015 Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering  
Mutimodality appears in the modelling of rainfall drop size distributions (DSDs), and the understanding of the distribution in general is important as it helps in the predicting and mitigation of attenuation  ...  This work looks at the occurrence of multimodality in the rainfall DSDs in southern England, with data captured at the Chilbolton Observatory for a seven year period (2003 to 2009).  ...  in the Rainfall Drop Size Distribution  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-25479-1_13 fatcat:xtaslv5wnfefpml24ionomrbse

Exploring the hydrological robustness of model-parameter values with alpha shapes

José-Luis Guerrero, Ida K. Westerberg, Sven Halldin, Lars-Christer Lundin, Chong-Yu Xu
2013 Water Resources Research  
The shape depth is a nonconvex measure that may provide an accurate and tight delimitation of the geometric structure of the behavioral space for both unimodal and multimodal parameter-value distributions  ...  based on shapes and an in-depth posterior performance analysis of the simulations in relation to the observed discharge uncertainty.  ...  topography and the intensity of the rainfall make for a fast rainfall-runoff response in this area.  ... 
doi:10.1002/wrcr.20533 fatcat:3m2olyei7jeedjobwq5kqtd7b4

An anomalous atmospheric dust deposition event over Central Europe, 24 March 2007, and fingerprinting of the SE Ukrainian source

J. Hladil, L. Strnad, M. Šálek, V. Jankovská, P. Šimandl, J. Schwarz, J. Smolík, L. Lisá, L. Koptíková, J. Rohovec, V. Böhmová, A. Langrová (+3 others)
2008 Bulletin of Geosciences  
The polydisperse and multimodal sediment consisted predominantly of angular to subrounded quartz particles, of which 80-90 wt.% were silt sized (4-63 μm).  ...  A small amount of sand grains up to 0.5 mm in size was regularly observed (≤ 10 wt.%) and was higher than that of particles smaller than 4 μm.  ...  Acknowledgements Sedimentological study of modern dust deposits was supported by the Grant Agency AS CR, in two projects which relate to mechanics of particulates (IAAX00130702-Stromatactis) and varia-tion  ... 
doi:10.3140/bull.geosci.2008.02.175 fatcat:ubee6iyv6bgs7bd6c5jlrexddm

Hydrological analysis of a flash flood across a climatic and geologic gradient: The September 18, 2007 event in Western Slovenia

Francesco Zanon, Marco Borga, Davide Zoccatelli, Lorenzo Marchi, Eric Gaume, Laurent Bonnifait, Guy Delrieu
2010 Journal of Hydrology  
Examination of the rainfall distribution and flood response shows that the extent and the position of the karst terrain provided a major control on flood response in the region impacted by the storm.  ...  Unit peak discharges range from 5 to 7 m 3 s À1 km À2 in basins characterised by size up to approximately 25 km 2 .  ...  Bat provided valuable assistance in the interpretation of the flood response in the karst terrain.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2010.08.020 fatcat:mq4x4maqgfcttm4tf2fh4ia7x4

Late Pleistocene human population bottlenecks, volcanic winter, and differentiation of modern humans

Stanley H. Ambrose
1998 Journal of Human Evolution  
If a population has been of relatively constant size for a very long time, then its mismatch distribution tends to be multimodal or ragged (Harpending et al., 1993) .  ...  sediments exposed by a drop in sea level.  ...  Pairwise distributions were generated from a sample of 50 individuals in each subpopulation, so MPW for each iteration is calculated on a sample of pairwise comparisons between 150 individuals.  ... 
doi:10.1006/jhev.1998.0219 pmid:9650103 fatcat:7y6e6vkfd5c3laqabqguwamf2u

Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) Mitochondrial Population Genomics Reveals Structure, Divergence, and Evidence for Heteroplasmy

Yvette A. Halley, David L. Oldeschulte, Eric K. Bhattarai, Joshua Hill, Richard P. Metz, Charles D. Johnson, Steven M. Presley, Rebekah E. Ruzicka, Dale Rollins, Markus J. Peterson, William J. Murphy, Christopher M. Seabury (+1 others)
2015 PLoS ONE  
Notably, discordant demographic inferences were observed when mismatch distributions of partial (i.e., partial D-Loop) versus complete mitogenome sequences were compared, with the reduction in mitochondrial  ...  variants (SNVs) distributed across 12 protein coding genes.  ...  Acknowledgments We thank Texas AgriLife Research and the College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University, and are especially grateful to Doug Schoeling, Jena Donnell, and the Oklahoma Department  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0144913 pmid:26713762 pmcid:PMC4699210 fatcat:gmgtt6rqmvewng7jaoi436ne6m


1980 Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society - (BAMS)  
The coffee get-together will enable guests to become acquainted and to plan tours, should they so wish.  ...  Room information will be available at the conference registration desk. There is no formal social program planned.  ...  The multimodal multivariate normal distribution may be used to describe data distributions in meteorology as well as in many other disciplines.  ... 
doi:10.1175/1520-0477-61.9.1091 fatcat:m43yy7gprrav7cptw4bzbskuvi

Possible Sustainability of Intermodal Transportation in Africa

Che Kingsley Chenikwi, Xuefeng Wang
2019 Open Journal of Applied Sciences  
transport network in the Sub-Saharan African region.  ...  The African Union in collaboration with other organization has committed to bridge the transport gap in Africa but still, face some challenges.  ...  Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this paper.  ... 
doi:10.4236/ojapps.2019.94013 fatcat:j3ryi3fqjffa5fppw3mpgvzyjq

Modification and preservation of environmental signals in speleothems

Ian J. Fairchild, Claire L. Smith, Andy Baker, Lisa Fuller, Christoph Spötl, Dave Mattey, Frank McDermott, E.I.M.F.
2006 Earth-Science Reviews  
Thanks to Melanie Leng for the opportunity to present on this topic at the ISOPAL2 meeting at Keyworth and for her support in preparation of this paper.  ...  Comments on the manuscript by Graham Weedon and three journal reviewers (including Pauline Treble) are much appreciated.  ...  Figure 14b illustrates that if the hydrological model for drip site B at Brown's Folly Mine is driven by the monthly stable isotope data from the Wallingford site in southern England, significant deviation  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2005.08.003 fatcat:xbk6duonqjcull5dmnbfzyvklu

Modelling the bimodal distribution of indoor gamma-ray dose-rates in Great Britain

G. M. Kendall, P. Chernyavskiy, J. D. Appleton, J. C. H. Miles, R. Wakeford, M. Athanson, T. J. Vincent, N. P. McColl, M. P. Little
2018 Radiation and Environmental Biophysics  
The distribution of indoor gamma-ray dose-rates in the UK is compared with those in other countries, which also tend to appear bimodal (or possibly multimodal).  ...  In the present paper, indoor measurements of naturally occurring gamma-rays at representative locations in Great Britain are summarized.  ...  Maps for England and Wales (and a small part of Southern Scotland) were converted for use in a GIS in a project of the Environment Agency about ten years ago (Southall et al. 2007 ) (Environment Agency  ... 
doi:10.1007/s00411-018-0752-7 pmid:30132159 fatcat:lp74mixxfbgvbclhlw22yugvhm

Methods of dendrochronology—Applications in the environmental sciences

1991 Environment International  
This performance overlap is likely when 4 the frequency distribution is principally skewed or long-tailed, rather than bimodal or multimodal.  ...  The specific character of these series is also year-toresulted in a dramatic drop of solar activity. year persistence, i.e., the influence of the size and conditions of growth during the previous year  ...  in the eastern part of the Hemisphere) and North America (i.e., in the western part of the Hemisphere)].  ... 
doi:10.1016/0160-4120(91)90295-2 fatcat:7u3bfvhbkbhgxhp3w27g27xiwa

Methods of dendrochronology — Applications in the environmental sciences

1990 Environment International  
This performance overlap is likely when 4 the frequency distribution is principally skewed or long-tailed, rather than bimodal or multimodal.  ...  The specific character of these series is also year-toresulted in a dramatic drop of solar activity. year persistence, i.e., the influence of the size and conditions of growth during the previous year  ...  in the eastern part of the Hemisphere) and North America (i.e., in the western part of the Hemisphere)].  ... 
doi:10.1016/0160-4120(90)90039-9 fatcat:latk4xpo7bduxfx5ixcr67qlna

Size-Fractionated Microbiome Structure in Subarctic Rivers and a Coastal Plume Across DOC and Salinity Gradients

Marie-Amélie Blais, Alex Matveev, Connie Lovejoy, Warwick F. Vincent
2022 Frontiers in Microbiology  
There was a downstream increase in taxonomic richness along the GWR, suggesting that sub-catchment inputs influence microbial community structure in the absence of sharp environmental gradients.  ...  The microbial communities differed by size-fraction (separated with a 3-μm filter), and clustered into three distinct environmental groups: (1) the GWR sites throughout a 150-km sampling transect; (2)  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We thank the communities of Kuujjuarapik and Whapmagoostui, Sydney Arruda for the help at the field station, Marc-Antoine Bansept for his assistance in the field, Marianne Potvin for her  ... 
doi:10.3389/fmicb.2021.760282 pmid:35046910 pmcid:PMC8762315 fatcat:f5cu7ozevzfprkn7glvixvrduq

CLUES: A web-based land use expert system for the Western Cape

Adriaan van Niekerk
2009 2009 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium  
At 129 462 km 2 it is about the same size as England or Bangladesh. (Statistics South Africa 2006b).  ...  In the southern hemisphere, northern slopes receive more solar radiation than southern slopes, especially during winter.  ...  APPENDIX G CD containing the CLUES website source code (see back cover)  ... 
doi:10.1109/igarss.2009.5418291 dblp:conf/igarss/Niekerk09 fatcat:ssorghwgzvauxey5mi6u3mmleq


1896 Science  
that increase in size over time.  ...  activation, size distribution, precipitation development, and in-cloud and below-cloud scavenging; and atmospheric radiation.  ...  Past changes are used to model vegetation response to climatic variables.This knowledge is applied in forecasting the effects of future climate change on the distribution of vegetation in the western United  ... 
doi:10.1126/science.3.57.145 pmid:17741597 fatcat:q32s63dvgreljbmozxlqfzvp6m
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