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Multimedia Montage : 対位法に基づいた映像合成の研究
Multimedia Montage : A study of movie synthesis based on the counterpoint method

Ryotaro Suzuki, Yuichi Iwadate
1999 ITE Technical Report  
By maldng example movies based on counterpoint theory , develop え ng a proto も ype 8yste 皿 , and making a movie synthesiS experi 皿 ent u 日ing the prototype , we confirm the effectivene890f our counterpo  ...  In this paper, we propose " Mu1 廿皿 edia Montage " , which is the 8tructural syntheBi80f 皿 ultilnedia content3 , such as movies and 80unds , 血 "me and 8pace , for the purpose of com 皿 unications by images  ... 
doi:10.11485/itetr.23.33.0_31 fatcat:4jsa37kqrfhqrb2jqf5remlrma

Making and Breaking Space: Rethinking Montage in Digital Writing

Will Luers
2020 Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge  
In popular movies, comics and commercials, montage has become normalized into a more fragmented continuity.  ...  In tweets, blogs, hypertext, multimedia fiction and recombinant poetry, the juxtapositions and constellations of distinct elements (text, image and sound) are the norm.  ...  in video games and, of course, the end of Flash as a multimedia writing platform.  ... 
doi:10.20415/rhiz/036.e07 fatcat:vfpsehj3dvbz7eyby2qo52j7j4

17-1 リズム情報に基づいた映像の同期合成
17-1 Rhythmic Synchronization of Movie Elements

Ryotaro Suzuki, Yuichi Iwadate, Michihiko Minoh
2000 Proceedings of the ITE Annual Convention  
参 考 文 献 工 1]鈴 木 良太 郎 、礬舘祐 一 : 対 位 法 に 基 づ い た 映 像 合 成 の 研 究 、映像 情 報 メ デ ィ ア 学 会 技 術 報 告 VoL23 , No , 33 , pp . 31 -36 、1999 121Suzuki , R . , Iwadate , Y ; Multimedia Montage _ Coumterpoint Synthesis of  ...  study caBed " Muitgmedia M . ontage " , which synthesizes movie componcnt5 utihzlng tke counterpoint method , we have s しarted a new study of 責 mage sy 正 1chronizatlon ealled " lmage Wave " ' . ln th重  ... 
doi:10.11485/iteac.2000.0_248 fatcat:es2l3g5pmnfhvdjbpqa4nugq2e

Horizons of the image: interweaving photography, collage and the digital realm

Carlos Fadon Vicente
2021 Leonardo: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology  
He also discusses the relationship between photography and collage/montage, the extended imagination enabled by digital imaging, the issue of human-machine collaboration and the design of narrative structures  ...  The author addresses the question of visual representation in his body of work, focusing on the genesis of his interest for digital imaging and its relationship to photography.  ...  collage / montage principles, and the design of interactive and non-linear narratives.  ... 
doi:10.1162/leon_a_02093 fatcat:6h5frg57dba4tiexsdowtfdlfy

Musique Lab 2: From computer-aided composition to music education

Jean Bresson, Fabrice Guédy, Gérard Assayag
2013 Journal of Music, Technology and Education  
A general contextualization and overview of the software is given as well as several specific examples illustrating possible uses and musical domains covered by the application.  ...  However, most of the recent projects bridging computer music technology and education tend to seek technological advances in the fields of information access or multimedia integration by focusing on problems  ...  In this example a complete variation is reproduced using the tonal transposition and the counterpoint operators.  ... 
doi:10.1386/jmte.5.3.273_1 fatcat:dpgefjr2abbw3bkwcsf4po5gcy

Musique Concrète Thinking in Visual Music Practice: Audiovisual silence and noise, reduced listening and visual suspension

Joseph Hyde
2012 Organised Sound  
Here Evans talks of principles such as consonance (and dissonance), tension and release, proportion, progression, various kinds of montage and, indeed, counterpoint.  ...  (figure 1; Movie example 1).  ... 
doi:10.1017/s1355771812000106 fatcat:quqa5w27jvdpfjv2p3e56ygfge

Repetition and distance in ASCO's fotonovelas

Paloma Checa Gismero
2016 Re-visiones  
Judith Butler's definition of the performative is taken as a point of departure for the inquiry, paying special attention to how repetition features in them as a mechanism to reformulate the genre of fotonovela  ...  This essay analyzes the fotonovelas produced by the Los Angeles based group ASCO in the early 1980's, works recently claimed as key productions of later American art history.  ...  montage.  ... 
doaj:af1512589172428a82d93bed06328e67 fatcat:6fzj2mlr4berhhwmpq5danhnwa

Jorge Antunes: Musica Eletronica 70's I; Musica Eletronica 70's II; Musica Eletronica 90's I

Osvaldo Budón
2000 Computer Music Journal  
Both compositions consist of editing and otherwise manipulating recordings of the human voice into a montage.  ...  Chapter 13 covers the topic of interactive movies, both for entertainment and education.  ... 
doi:10.1162/comj.2000.24.3.86 fatcat:4mb6n4oopnafng2qljdnnx656a

Marc Treib: Space Calculated in Seconds: The Philips Pavilion, Le Corbusier, Edgard Varèse

James Harley
2000 Computer Music Journal  
Both compositions consist of editing and otherwise manipulating recordings of the human voice into a montage.  ...  Chapter 13 covers the topic of interactive movies, both for entertainment and education.  ... 
doi:10.1162/comj.2000.24.3.74 fatcat:fpbcsb4punce5dmq2b35o5b72e

Alvin Lucier: 40 Rooms CD-ROM, 1998, iEAR Studios, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, USA; available from Electronic Music Foundation, 116 North Lake Ave., Albany, New York 12206, USA; telephone (518) 434-4110; fax (518) 434-0308; electronic mail; World Wide Web

Ann Warde
2000 Computer Music Journal  
In sum, anyone who has an interest in the applications of digital signal processing to problems in musical multimedia, acoustics, or the construction of music-analysis or music-synthesis systems should  ...  to make use of all forms of multimedia capable of producing both integration and dissociation.  ...  Each scene consists of a larger movie of Ms. Cotter dancing in various parklike settings, and a smaller movie showing empty swing sets with the swings in slight motion.  ... 
doi:10.1162/comj.2000.24.2.110 fatcat:ookpwatdc5hkhggcwt67d3l3fi

Zoom In, Zoom Out, Refocus: is a Global Electronic Literature Possible?

Ana Marques da Silva
2017 Hyperrhiz  
For example, a multimedia "movie" authored in popular Macromedia Director software may consist from hundreds of still images, QuickTime movies, and sounds which are all stored separately and are loaded  ...  The synthesis of these two histories? The translation of all existing media into numerical data accessible for computers.  ... 
doi:10.20415/hyp/016.e01 fatcat:ad7domr7inb7rlxhuh2rx7ekwe

Gustav Ciamaga, Heinz-Josef Florian, Ron Fein, Bruno Degazio, Kirk Corey, Karl Mohr, Karlheinz Essl, Gordon Monro, James Harley, Robert Del Buono, and Martin Guertner: Roads to Chaos Compact disc Soundprints 9603, 1996; available from Electronic Music Foundation, 116 North Lake Ave., Albany, New York 12206, USA; World Wide Web

Warren Burt
1999 Computer Music Journal  
At times, it evolved into a counterpoint of pitched water drops.  ...  A compilation of old horror-movie soundtrack cliches, it was a hilarious piece, and at 4:30 in duration, perfectly timed.  ...  This results in dense clouds of pitched percussion samples and attacks, with a sparse, fast counterpoint of single tones that fall outside the bands of these rushing particles.  ... 
doi:10.1162/comj.1999.23.4.110 fatcat:ljemgu5dszgv7o3o2a5pyhtuyu

The Kubrick Cinematic UniverseMethod

Rod Munday
2018 Essais  
of dialectical montage to represent Alex's masturbatory daydream sequence -which include the intercutting of other films-the hanging scene from Cat Ballou (Silverstein 1965) and the rocks falling on cave  ...  In Barry Lyndon, for instance, the narration is used as an ironic counterpoint to the events shown in the narrative. 18 The pronounce-ments of the Thackerayan narrator are constantly contradicted by  ...  It is a closed system in which the meta-storyworld of "the universe" represents a synthesis of various component storyworlds which have hitherto developed separately and in isolation.  ... 
doi:10.4000/essais.728 fatcat:7dlpsou4obhfnk4jrvmcdcxq3e

The Last Great American Picture Show:New Hollywood Cinema in the 1970s

Coyne Michael
2007 Film International  
a final, ridiculously gung ho montage of American invasion stock footage that was inserted by Lippert and 20th Century-Fox after the film was cut).  ...  films; the caressing attention to the technological sensuousness of the motorcycles derives from Kenneth Anger's Kustom Kar Kommandos, as the use of rock music structurally and as ironic counterpoint  ...  Though it is perhaps something of an oversimplification, one can understand these three components as roughly analogous to the shot sequence in Kuleshovian montage: 1) we see a person looking; 2) we see  ... 
doi:10.1386/fiin.5.2.64 fatcat:3owmp4iurne37pyewm223zalqq

"Fun, Yes, but Music?" Steve Reich and the San Francisco Bay Area's Cultural Nexus, 1962–65

2012 Journal of the Society for American Music  
montage of sports imagery (rather like a video counterpoint to Reich's soundtrack for Plastic Haircut).  ...  a short "early sketch" The Mystery of Amelia Airheart Solved [sic] and two home movies with his wife Gunvor, recording the building of their house in Muir Beach and their daughter Oona's bath. 89 For  ... 
doi:10.1017/s175219631200020x fatcat:vlivqddawfdgrpqqgm4qoihqfa
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