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MultiPARTES: Multicore Virtualization for Mixed-Criticality Systems

Salvador Trujillo, Alfons Crespo, Alejandro Alonso
2013 2013 Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design  
Without appropriate preconditions, the integration of mixed-criticality subsystems can lead to a significant and potentially unacceptable increase of engineering and certification costs.  ...  The MultiPARTES FP7 project aims at supporting mixedcriticality integration for embedded systems based on virtualization techniques for heterogeneous multicore processors.  ...  MULTIPARTES METHODOLOGY The development of mixed-criticality virtualized multi-core systems poses new challenges that are being subject of active research work.  ... 
doi:10.1109/dsd.2013.37 dblp:conf/dsd/TrujilloCA13 fatcat:2z3fpqxdvfecpa2zv4jd3mj4se

On real-time partitioned multicore systems

Juan Zamorano, Juan A. de la Puente
2013 ACM SIGAda Ada Letters  
The paper describes an architecture for multi-core partitioned systems including critical subsystems built with the Ada Ravenscar profile.  ...  Partitioning is a common approach to developing mixed-criticality systems, where partitions are isolated from each other both in the temporal and the spatial domain in order to prevent low-criticality  ...  Acknowledgments The authors wish to acknowledge the fruitful collaboration with the members of the Hi-PARTES and Mul-tiPARTES teams.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2552999.2553003 fatcat:6mzzccz2ofclha6ornmduhgn5u

Technologies for Web and cloud service interaction: a survey

Harald Lampesberger
2015 Service Oriented Computing and Applications  
The evolution of Web and service technologies has led to a wide landscape of standards and protocols for interaction between loosely coupled software components.  ...  The survey focuses on the communication aspect of interaction by reviewing languages, protocols, and architectures that drive today's standards and software implementations applicable in clouds.  ...  The author thanks the anonymous reviewers, Roxana Holom, Tania Nemes, Mircea Boris Vleju, and Philipp Winter for the valuable feedback to improve this work.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11761-015-0174-1 fatcat:x6thdhdg7rebxa34q6avzgrsma

A survey on standards for real-time distribution middleware

Héctor Pérez, J. Javier Gutiérrez
2014 ACM Computing Surveys  
Unlike general-purpose systems, a real-time system is defined as a special kind of system whose logical correctness is based on both the correctness of the outputs and their timeliness.  ...  Examples of the MOM model are the Java Message Service (JMS) [Sun Microsystems 2002], a de facto standard, and the Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) [OMG 2007].  ...  ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors want to thank the anonymous reviewers for their many detailed comments that have allowed the article to be enhanced significantly.  ... 
doi:10.1145/2532636 fatcat:gjgkut7szzbkxnuxrkfvqmq2km

Présentée et soutenue par : Mme SOUKAYNA RAJA MSIRDI le mercredi 5 juillet 2017 Modular Avionics Software Integration on Multi-Core COTS: Certification-Compliant Methodology and Timing Analysis Metrics for Legacy Software Reuse in Modern Aerospace Systems Directeur(s) de Thèse : Membre(s) du jury

M Yamine, Ait Ameur, M Marc, Pantel Rapporteurs, Christine Mme, Universite Rochange, Toulouse, Président Boniol, Onera Toulouse, Membre Pantel, Inp Toulouse
Hassan and Patel [77] presented a criticality-aware bus arbitrator for mixed-criticality systems. Reineke et al.  ...  [181] designed a new PRET machine architecture called Flex-PRET for mixed criticality systems support.  ... 

United States Geological Survey

1899 Nature  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors thank the members of the NGMDB project staff and collaborators for their enthusiastic and expert support, without which the project would not be successful.  ...  Three Dimensional Representations of Aeromagnetic and Isostatic Residual Gravity Surfaces with Geology in Montana  ...  , and -Ease of implementation.  ... 
doi:10.1038/060182a0 fatcat:5yixy3u2xzempgcwdbidvtq7wq

The United States Geological Survey

H. B. W.
1903 Nature  
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The authors thank the members of the NGMDB project staff and collaborators for their enthusiastic and expert support, without which the project would not be successful.  ...  Three Dimensional Representations of Aeromagnetic and Isostatic Residual Gravity Surfaces with Geology in Montana  ...  , and -Ease of implementation.  ... 
doi:10.1038/069115a0 fatcat:x3tsgfnyfzbpjdm2tgu2jenbze

Assessing mathematical proficiency

2008 ChoiceReviews  
, and many other things.  ...  Acknowledgements Suzanne Wilson found the California exams which Lee Shulman used in his Acknowledgment My sincere thanks to Meghan Shaughnessy for her help with reading drafts, locating references  ...  with relative ease.  ... 
doi:10.5860/choice.45-5629 fatcat:wmtmsl3pejgndjvljup34bjsiy

International Research Conference on Smart Computing and Systems Engineering SCSE 2020 Proceedings [Full Conference Proceedings]

2020 2020 International Research Conference on Smart Computing and Systems Engineering (SCSE)  
ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors would like to thank the Department of Census and Department of Irrigation, Sri Lanka for providing the paddy yield and climate data for this study.  ...  in the University of Kelaniya for their immense support and encouragement they gave throughout the development phase of the data sets.  ...  It has consisted of 8 sub-multi-agent systems namely core system, GUI system, Natural Language Processing system, communication system, learning system, action system, searching system, and data access  ... 
doi:10.1109/scse49731.2020.9313027 fatcat:gjk5az2mprgvrpallwh6uhvlfi

Afro-Regions: The dynamics of cross-border micro-regionalism in Africa

K. Meagher
2010 African Affairs  
In contrast with this, the content and orientation of the Zambezi Valley SDI is driven by South Africa's hub and spoke system of dominance and its mix of private investment with public policy.  ...  The analysis also underscores that, even in such a hostile, arid environment and with physical isolation of the principal economic cores, a region has no single or unique meaning and is multi-faceted.  ... 
doi:10.1093/afraf/adq069 fatcat:b6cbz3vuzbf2bmm6bxdvagkcpi

Peer-To-Peer Grid Databases for Web Service Discovery [chapter]

Wolfgang Hoschek
Wiley Series in Communications Networking & Distributed Systems  
However, in a large cross-organizational system, the set of information tuples is partitioned over many such distributed nodes, for reasons including autonomy, scalability, availability, performance and  ...  WSDA specifies a small set of orthogonal multi-purpose communication primitives (building blocks) for discovery, covering service identification, service description retrieval, data publication as well  ...  This work was carried out in the context of a PhD thesis [6] for the European Data Grid project (EDG) at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and supported by the Austrian Ministerium  ... 
doi:10.1002/0470867167.ch19 fatcat:crekusiwa5eydi45ezbyu5ef4i

Improving dyslipidaemia management: focus on lifestyle intervention and adherence

2012 British Journal of Cardiology  
The World Health Organization was established in 1948 as the specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for directing and coordinating authority for international health matters and public health  ...  The European programme of WHO supports all countries in the Region in developing and sustaining their own health policies, systems and programmes; preventing and overcoming threats to health; preparing  ...  -The targets and strategies for public health policy of the Government of Denmark, 2002-2010 National action plan against obesity: recommendations and perspectives (16) Food and Nutrition Action Plan  ... 
doi:10.5837/bjc.2012.s03 fatcat:5mqt4vjihffjfilbtqiu5b5ptu

Proactive ontology-based content provision in the context of e-learning [article]

Steffen Mencke, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt, Martin-Luther Universität
Multiagent Infrastructure for Distributed Systems in Education [Soh et al., 2004] Virtual Reality Game for English [Virvou and Katsionis, 2003] Administration Environment Multi-Agent System for e-Learning  ...  Multi-Agent System for e-Learning and Skill Management The Multi-Agent System for e-Learning and Skill Management (MASEL) presented in [Garro and Palopoli, 2002] , [Garro and Palopoli, 2003] and [Garro  ...  They measure the distance between the focusing point instance I F and a concept C j of the ontology. C(I F ) determines the concept, that the instance I F is instantiated of.  ... 
doi:10.25673/4935 fatcat:ipcoqaupsnf7vcrwmzldy3phrq

Foresight: Countering malware through cooperative forensics sharing Foresight: Countering malware through cooperative forensics sharing

Muhammad Zaffar, Gershon Kedem, Jeff Chase, Jun Yang, Miguel Lobo, Wilfred Amaldoss, Muhammad Zaffar, Gershon Kedem, Jeff Chase, Jun Yang, Miguel Lobo, Wilfred Amaldoss
The fast replication and epidemic nature of the spreads limits the time security experts have to respond and be able to protect and fortify their systems.  ...  A better understanding of the pathogen allows for effective and timely immunization in order to thwart epidemic cascading of threats.  ...  It is impossible to thank them for the role that they have played in my life. They were always there when i needed them. Indeed I would not have been able to get from start to finish without  ... 

Is there a successful transition without European integration? Investigating the key determinants of Ukraine's post-communist transformation [article]

Iana Sabatovych, University Of Canterbury
While domestic conditions are determinant for the success of post-communist transformation, external assistance and especially that of the EU has been vital for post-communist transition in a number of  ...  Nearly thirty years have passed since the collapse of communism and the developmental paths of former communist states remain diverse and changeable.  ...  planning constituted the core of the Soviet economic system.  ... 
doi:10.26021/4702 fatcat:qzlcdlj6j5arpib2bn5ln5vqey
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