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PHM-Qingdao 2019 Author Index

2019 2019 Prognostics and System Health Management Conference (PHM-Qingdao)  
o f Dynamic Tooth Wear on Gear Dynamic Characteristics Research on Joint Optimization o f Condition Inspection Interval and Spare Parts Inventory Periodic Inspection Policies o f a System Subject to Shocks  ...  Sensors [o f Ship Maintenance System Based on Arena [2 019250] Xiong, Xin Vibration performance o f a three-phase asynchronous motor with air-gap eccentricity [2 019 2 5 4 ] Dynamic modelling o f a two-stage  ... 
doi:10.1109/phm-qingdao46334.2019.8942830 fatcat:foexkfircjhvbocvagfdhddsjm

Metrics of Security [chapter]

Yi Cheng, Julia Deng, Jason Li, Scott A. DeLoach, Anoop Singhal, Xinming Ou
2014 Advances in Information Security  
Security metrics can be 3 naturally interpreted as a standard (or system) used for quantitatively measuring an organization's security posture.  ...  processes. ( * ) =  ...  According to Jakobson (2011) , during the mission execution stage, the real-time mission impact assessment depends on two major factors: (i) the impact that can be caused by the attacks, and (ii) in  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-11391-3_13 fatcat:7k3ok7zl6vgpdmvg5doae3wz2q

Decision support model for effects estimation and proportionality assessment for targeting in cyber operations

C. Maathuis, W. Pieters, J. van den Berg
2020 Defence Technology  
In order to do that, a multi-layered fuzzy model was designed and implemented by analysing real and virtual realistic cyber operations combined with interviews and focus groups with technical e military  ...  Cyber operations are relatively a new phenomenon of the last two decades.  ...  Acknowledgement We are thankful to LtCol(R) MSc Rudi Gouweleeuw and BG prof. dr. Paul Ducheine BG for their valuable support, and to all participating experts in this research.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.dt.2020.04.007 fatcat:jczbhbrbvjbsheahs6o2rsgt3q

Conference Digest

2020 2020 IEEE Aerospace Conference  
abort contingency scenarios, return-to-orbit abort scenarios, and as an early proof of capability into larger and more ambitious artificial gravity designs needed for extended exploration missions in  ...  ). 2) To isolate subjective perceptions of the two systems from the objective guidance quality, the second independent variable was the source of the guidance as briefed to the subject (perceived autonomous  ...  The goal is for diagnostic systems to identify impending faults quickly and automatically, providing the information needed to the intelligent scheduling system in order for the intelligent scheduling  ... 
doi:10.1109/aero47225.2020.9172613 fatcat:ioqf5ijrx5gvffu3ls34aa2nsq

New Millenium Program Space Technology 8 Dependable Multiprocessor: Technology and Technology Validation

John Samson, Eric Grobelny, Sandra Driesse-Bunn, Matthew Clark, Susan Van Portfliet
2012 Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets  
The idea behind DM was to be able to configure the processing system to maximize the processing capability available to the mission.  ...  The Matrix Multiply and HSI applications were the two applications that were subjected to comprehensive SWIFI campaigns.  ... 
doi:10.2514/1.51383 fatcat:aj4x6bbjdrbwngaoqjf7mjsboy

A new policy science paradigm for emerging population trends and issues

Alexander N. Christakis
1974 Greek Review of Social Research  
In his approach to interdisciplinary synthesis, Erich Jantsch adopted a multi-echelon (multi-level, multi-goal, hierarchical) representation presented in Figure 5 .3 In this multi-echelon system, interdisci  ...  Level of Multi · Echelon Structure Considerations at each level Population Size Policy (e.g. Abortion Clinics) . Kan Chen, et al., Op cit., footnote 3. 2.  ... 
doi:10.12681/grsr.294 fatcat:ygaphuvldjbrrfhupqnlewryrq

Development of translational medicine in China: Foam or feast?

Ke-Rong Dai, Fei Yang, Yao-Kai Gan
2013 Journal of Orthopaedic Translation  
There are many questions that need to be answered prior to when translational medicine can proceed from being a concept to reality.  ...  This paper highlights the essential requirements for developing "patients and clinic oriented" translational medicine and shares "an enriched stem cells technique" as an example of orthopaedic translation  ...  ), 12% were being processed, and 33% were in the planning stage.  ... 
doi:10.1016/ fatcat:n6hbkstn4ndivoaqh62l45pgty

Design Guidelines for General-Purpose Payload-Oriented Nanosatellite Software Architectures

Carles Araguz, Marc Marí, Elisenda Bou-Balust, Eduard Alarcon, Daniel Selva
2018 Journal of Aerospace Information Systems  
has been envisaged as an enabler for new Earth observation missions with enhanced performance and improved system qualities [9].  ...  During the last years, the number of nanosatellite missions has noticeably increased, posing the need to improve several system characteristics to ultimately endorse the full potential of this class of  ...  Process Manager The second component of the autonomy system is a multi-threaded process named Process Manager They also have the ability to control the power mode of the OBC, allowing them to set low-power  ... 
doi:10.2514/1.i010537 fatcat:tfw326272fgczdi4wlylvhs34q

A Model to Measure Bombardier/Navigator Performance During Radar Navigation in Device 2F114, A-6E Weapon System Trainer

Ted R. Mixon
1981 Proceedings of the Human Factors Society Annual Meeting  
Some measures may be combined in the processing stage and used as output data for comparisons to established MOEs. 2 .  ...  - pared to human processing of data, although some data types may not be convertible to a digital format and must be carried to the system output stage in raw form.  ... 
doi:10.1177/1071181381025001107 fatcat:mtpdqjtssjdfjmxq5uhpjhu32e

Institutionalization of Strategic Partnerships : Comparative Analysis of Established European Union Partnerships with the United States, Japan and Canada

Agata Domachowska, Karolina Gawron-Tabor, Joanna Piechowiak-Lamparska
2018 Athenaeum. Polish Political Science Studies  
Strategic partnerships are nowadays one of the tools most willingly applied in foreign policy� The subject of the presented analysis is the institutionalization process of a strategic partnership understood  ...  diplomatic practices and integration processes as well as to new forms of international institutions -networks which create bonds (Pietraś, 2014) � The subject literature distinguishes five categories  ... 
doi:10.15804/athena.2018.60.12 fatcat:wxjiz4vxi5ebdjwehe5bjsniza

Application of reliability technologies in civil aviation: Lessons learnt and perspectives

Enrico ZIO, Mengfei FAN, Zhiguo ZENG, Rui KANG
2018 Chinese Journal of Aeronautics  
We consider reliability in a broad sense, referring to other system characteristics that are related to it, like availability, maintainability, safety and durability.  ...  Lessons learnt from reliability engineering practices in civil aviation industry are given, which might serve as reference for reliability managers and engineers, also from other industries with high reliability  ...  The experience of collaborating with them greatly helps the authors to shape this paper.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.cja.2018.05.014 fatcat:xwf35d2fx5gfvmxktigtdbazle

Experimental investigation of density and thermal capacity of liquid pure hydrazine
Экспериментальное исследование плотности и теплоёмкости жидкого чистого гидразина

V.A. Altunin, N.B. Davlatov, M.A. Zaripova, M.M. Safarov, I.N. Aliev, M.L. Yanovskaya
2019 Engineering Journal Science and Innovation  
The paper presents the results of experimental investigation concerning density and thermal capacity of liquid pure hydrazine undergoing natural convection when heated to Т = 293...560 K and subjected  ...  properties of liquid pure hydrazine, for example, by means of introducing dry fullerenes into the hydrazine or employing electrostatic fields, which will be further described in detail in the papers to  ...  NASA matures EVA systems that are critical to every foreseeable human exploration mission, including a launch, entry, and abort (LEA) suit system that protects the crew from launch to transition for planetary  ... 
doi:10.18698/2308-6033-2019-11-1934 fatcat:taedzuan6fhnvd6o7hwz57uvfe

Cross-Sector Partnerships for Implementing Community Climate Action Plans: Implementation Structures, Partner Outcomes and Plan Outcomes [chapter]

Krista Wong, Amelia Clarke, Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce
2020 Transitioning to Strong Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals  
Volumes in the series: Volume 1: Transitioning to No Poverty ISBN 978-3-03897-860-2 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-03897-861-9 (PDF) Volume 2: Transitioning to Zero Hunger ISBN 978-3-03897-862-6 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-03897  ...  -863-3 (PDF) Volume 3: Transitioning to Good Health and Well-Being ISBN 978-3-03897-864-0 (Hbk); ISBN 978-3-03897-865-7 (PDF) Volume 4: Transitioning to Quality Education ISBN 978-3-03897-892-3 (Hbk);  ...  Acknowledgments: We would like to acknowledge the Water Revolution Foundation and, Robert van Tol in particular, for providing access to information and thoughts about the foundation.  ... 
doi:10.3390/books978-3-03897-883-1-9 fatcat:4l27f3pqpnbwlhykdzwktbxs5m

Building Strong Partnership for SDGs: Analyzing Participation of Nigerian Stakeholders [chapter]

Okechukwu Enechi, Philipp Pattberg
2020 Transitioning to Strong Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals  
He is the author of various publications on subjects such as foundation management, governance, and nonprofit management.  ...  Acknowledgments: We would like to acknowledge the Water Revolution Foundation and, Robert van Tol in particular, for providing access to information and thoughts about the foundation.  ...  Also thanks to Megan Meaney and ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability who contributed to the research design and supported the related Mitacs internship. Lei Huang, M.  ... 
doi:10.3390/books978-3-03897-883-1-3 fatcat:zrff32ktmraonclu6dgvgli6mi

Politicas de segurança e coexistência pacífica em escolas latino-americanas: os direitos humanos em perspetiva

Ana María Rodino
2013 Sociologia  
The two countries that performed best on the latter two indicators (Mexico and Argentina) have developed information systems that collect quantitative and qualitative data to support every stage of the  ...  A move toward using common criteria and categories in processing data would make it possible to draw comparisons across different situations.  ... 
doi:10.7458/spp2013712331 fatcat:igtseh57yrd4zc3dfbbavhrpnq
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