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A secure unidirectional proxy re-encryption using identity and secret key exchange

Edna Milgo
2009 Proceedings of the 47th Annual Southeast Regional Conference on - ACM-SE 47  
Proxy re-encryption, abbreviated as PRE, is a cryptosystem which allows the proxy to re-encrypt a cirphertext without accessing the underlying message.  ...  PRE should also be secure from signature re-usability, where unreliable proxies store and re-use the signatures without the authorization of the signature bearer.  ...  PRE protocols capable of re-encrypting a message from Alice to Bob and then from Bob to Charlie are said to be a multi-hop or multi-use proxy [8, 2] .  ... 
doi:10.1145/1566445.1566478 dblp:conf/ACMse/Milgo09 fatcat:ynacguaje5cvzaatgaox75baoe

Secure Data Forwarding in Cloud Storage System by using UMIB Proxy

P Radha Krishna Reddy, S Sivaramaiah, U Sesadri
In this paper we developed a secure distributed storage system by using (UMIB-PRE) Unidirectional and Multiuse Identity based proxy re encryption technique with decentralized erasure code.  ...  The main theme of this UMIB proxy re encryption is to support encoding, storing and forwarding operations over encrypted data.  ...  Multi-use is an important property for proxy re-encryptions.  ... 
doi:10.24297/ijct.v10i8.1472 fatcat:wt7llqwmsjgu5banzlh3pl4o44

Cryptanalysis of A Multi-use CCA-secure Proxy Re-encryption Scheme

Yi Cai, Deyu Qi
2014 International Journal of Security and Its Applications  
Proxy re-encryption (PRE) can be classified as single-hop PRE and multi-use PRE according to the times which the ciphertext is transformed.  ...  But we also found that different with single-hop PRE, multi-use PRE without randomize encrypt key in its re-encryption algorithm could be vulnerable to attack.  ...  Multi-Use-PRE Scheme Definition A multi-use unidirectional proxy re-encryption scheme is a tuple of algorithms (Key-Gen, ReKeyGen, Encrypt, ReEncrypt, Decrypt): − KeyGen(1 k )→(pk, sk):Taking as input  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijsia.2014.8.4.15 fatcat:3s6qkbfmbffxfoqjk4joh2o77m

Secure and efficient bi-directional proxy re-encyrption technique

B. M. Chandrakala, S. C. Lingareddy
2016 2016 International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, Communication and Computational Technologies (ICCICCT)  
Proxy re-encryption plays a significant role in protecting data that are stored in semi-untrusted server.  ...  To address this work present a Bidirectional Proxy Re-encryption scheme by adopting lattice based cryptography technique.  ...  In [23] presented unidirectional and multiple usage Proxy Re-Encryption technique by adopting multi-linear map [24] considering strong multi-linear groups and address the issues of [14] in designing  ... 
doi:10.1109/iccicct.2016.7987923 fatcat:kuwqzcztjnaevari5x6cta74ee

Cryptanalysis of Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme [chapter]

Kunwar Singh, C. Pandu Rangan, A. K. Banerjee
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
At Eurocrypt 1998, Blaze, Bleumer and Strauss [7] presented a new primitive called Proxy Re-Encryption (PRE).  ...  Second, based on Aono et al's paper [4] we have constructed unidirectional PRE which is also secure under master secret security model. Like [4], our scheme is also multi-use.  ...  Cryptanalysis of the Aono et al's Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme Aono et al's Unidirectional Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme In Indocrypt 2013, Aono et al [4] presented key private unidirectional  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-55032-4_58 fatcat:hijmwgex6jhjdcstgdk5fqrvna

Proxy Re-encryption Scheme based on New Multivariate Quadratic Assumptions

Shuaishuai Zhu, Xiaoyuan Yang
2013 Journal of Computers  
The compactness and security of the algorithm illumined us in applying it in proxy re-encryption scheme.  ...  In this paper, a novel unidirectional PRE scheme (NMQ-PRE) is constructed based on new multivariate quadratic assumptions.  ...  And, there are single-hop(single-use) PRE and multi-hop(multi-use) PRE system, according to whether the delegatee can spread the ciphertext to another user.  ... 
doi:10.4304/jcp.8.12.3238-3242 fatcat:dxeg33yykbdalixtxsnwwpfyee

A Lattice-Based Homomorphic Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme with Strong Anti-Collusion for Cloud Computing

Juyan Li, Zhiqi Qiao, Kejia Zhang, Chen Cui
2021 Sensors  
The existing homomorphic proxy re-encryption schemes use key switching algorithms to generate re-encryption keys, so it can not resist strong collusion attack.  ...  The homomorphic proxy re-encryption scheme combines the characteristics of a homomorphic encryption scheme and proxy re-encryption scheme.  ...  [44, 45] constructed a single-hop homomorphic proxy re-encryption via key homomorphic computation and obtained a multi-hop proxy re-encryption using a branching program. Li et al.  ... 
doi:10.3390/s21010288 pmid:33406662 fatcat:6a75kznlbzdrvn6uzxgvfnovju

Proxy Re-Encryption: Analysis of constructions and its application to secure access delegation

David Nuñez, Isaac Agudo, Javier Lopez
2017 Journal of Network and Computer Applications  
Proxy re-encryption is a special type of public-key encryption that permits a proxy to transform ciphertexts from one public key to another, without the proxy being able to learn any information about  ...  Finally, we discuss some applications of proxy re-encryption, with a focus on secure access delegation in the cloud.  ...  The multi-use property is achieved using an expansive construction, so ciphertexts grow on each re-encryption.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jnca.2017.03.005 fatcat:wlmfwffpwffnjhkopjuwg4yqfe

Proxy Re-Encryption in cloud using ALBC (adaptive lattice based cryptography)

Chandrakala B M, S C Lingareddy
2019 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science  
To provide the security several Proxy re-encryption scheme has been introduced, however all these method lacks of efficiency.  ...  Hence In this paper, we propose a scheme known as ALBC (Adaptive Lattice Based Cryptography), this scheme follows the two phase i.e. encryption and Re-encryption.  ...  In [12] , unidirectional as well as multi-use PRE scheme has been proposed, these scheme are based on the multi-linear maps.  ... 
doi:10.11591/ijeecs.v16.i3.pp1455-1463 fatcat:emujamnsabgotcxk5pg4ry4mrq

Improved Data Security Protection Mechanism for Cloud Storage using Two Factors

Ravali Kolli, Swetha Mile, Shreya Shetty, Sharana Jyothi B, Chandrakala BM
2017 IJARCCE  
This system proposed an improve data security protection mechanism for cloud using two components. In this system sender sends an encrypted message to a receiver with the help of cloud system.  ...  That makes the encryption process more complicated.  ...  and collusionresistant multi-use unidirectional IDbased proxy re-encryption MUIBPRE.  ... 
doi:10.17148/ijarcce.2017.6505 fatcat:7onrbz5anfagtpycvojyxzqy54

CCA-secure unidirectional proxy re-encryption in the adaptive corruption model without random oracles

Jian Weng, MinRong Chen, YanJiang Yang, Robert Deng, KeFei Chen, Feng Bao
2010 Science China Information Sciences  
Proxy re-encryption (PRE), introduced by Blaze, Bleumer and Strauss in Eurocrypt'98, allows a semitrusted proxy to convert a ciphertext originally intended for Alice into an encryption of the same message  ...  Unidirectional chosen-ciphertext secure proxy re-encryption. This is the extended version of [5]. 3 Zhang, X, Chen, M.R, Li, X.  ...  Chow, Cheng-Kang Chu and Junzuo Lai for the helpful discussions on the topic of proxy re-encryption.  ... 
doi:10.1007/s11432-010-0047-3 fatcat:knvhng6yu5b3pfsagp23hknkma

Obfuscating Re-encryption Algorithm With Flexible and Controllable Multi-Hop on Untrusted Outsourcing Server

Mingwu Zhang, Yan Jiang, Yi Mu, Willy Susilo
2017 IEEE Access  
For a multi-hop re-encryption, the delegatee can re-encrypt the ciphertext to another user in delegation chain, repeatedly.  ...  However, the proxy or outsourcing server needs a re-encryption key (i.e., re-key) and the re-encryption program must execute in a black-box manner (cannot trace into or debug and monitor the program),  ...  In order to obtain the multi-hop and unidirectional re-encryption, we use the multilinear map to obtain delegation depth control.  ... 
doi:10.1109/access.2017.2771335 fatcat:i2berlgkmvfjlf4nuzujyec2ji

Privacy-Preserving Protocol in Multi-User Cloud

Somayeh Sobati
2017 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In this paper, we propose a privacy preserving query protocol based on proxy re-encryption schemes. The proposed protocol protects data privacy of all users in a multi-user cloud setting.  ...  In bidirectional proxy function both Alice and Bob can decrypt the ciphertext of each other using the same bidirectional proxy function while in unidirectional they need to use completely different functions  ...  The proxy function could be: unidirectional or bidirectional.  ... 
doi:10.5120/ijca2017915620 fatcat:2ur3riw6g5ejxmrp3q5s3o7g5u

Identity Based Proxy Re-encryption Scheme under LWE

2017 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
The proxy re-encryption allows an intermediate proxy to convert a ciphertext for Alice into a ciphertext for Bob without seeing the original message and leaking out relevant information.  ...  Unlike many prior identity based proxy re-encryption schemes which are based on the number theoretic assumptions such as large integer factorization and discrete logarithm problem.  ...  Preliminaries Identity-Based Unidirectional Proxy Re-encryption Scheme (IB-uPRE) An Identity-Based unidirectional proxy re-encryption scheme is a tuple of algorithms- ( A proxy re-encryption system  ... 
doi:10.3837/tiis.2017.12.023 fatcat:4wywttapvrhyfn72dosc7ylmie

RSA-TBOS signcryption with proxy re-encryption

Varad Kirtane, C. Pandu Rangan
2008 Proceedings of the 8th ACM workshop on Digital rights management - DRM '08  
Our scheme is Weak-IND-CCA2 secure, unidirectional, extensible to multi-use and does not use bilinear maps.  ...  The recent attack on Apple iTunes Digital Rights Management [17] has brought to light the usefulness of proxy re-encryption schemes for Digital Rights Management.  ...  The central idea behind the conversion to a multi-use scheme is that of proxy re-encryption of the ReKey.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1456520.1456531 dblp:conf/drm/KirtaneR08 fatcat:iziaoirr5rcxxlrfqgfd4zycja
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