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Capturing the interaction between aggregation and text planning in two generation systems

Hua Cheng, Chris Mellish
2000 Proceedings of the first international conference on Natural language generation - INLG '00  
In natural language generation, different generation tasks often interact with each other in a complex way.  ...  The preferences are implemented in two generation systems, namely ILEX-TS and a text planner using a Genetic Algorithm.  ...  They tend to have floral motifs. For instance, this necklace has floral motifs. It was designed by Jessie King. King was Scottish. She once lived in London. 2.  ... 
doi:10.3115/1118253.1118279 dblp:conf/inlg/ChengM00a fatcat:accx4kluqfefpmfitn77vlkbay

"If you thought this story sour, sweeten it with your own telling" – Cross-cultural intertextuality and a feminist poetics of rewriting in Susan Price's Ghost dance

Sanna Lehtonen
2010 Barnboken: Tidskrift för Barnlitteraturforskning  
the fi rst place.  ...  (In Bayley 1978, 13.) This passage is reformulated in Price's novel as follows: In a place far distant from where you are now grows an oak tree by a lake.  ... 
doi:10.14811/clr.v33i1.9 fatcat:dtoml7ssxzewfkj22qa55zx5s4

Representations of nature in ecotourism advertisements

Dita Trčková
2016 Discourse and Interaction  
It is revealed that a number of empowering discursive devices with regard to nature are employed in the data, including the allocation of the agentive role in constructive processes to inanimate natural  ...  Employing the appraisal theory and the system of transitivity, the study explores representations of nature and the human-nature relationship in ecotourism advertisements on the website Responsible Travel  ...  The second type of activation, the activation of experiences, involves the transformation of Experiences in mental processes into Actors in material processes, such as the reconstruction of you will love  ... 
doi:10.5817/di2016-1-79 fatcat:l6kv7ylfb5gazfgan22o6qny3i

Chapter Four. STYLE [chapter]

2019 Keys to The Gift  
Vladimir Alexandrov delineates the "footstep motif" in The Gift: in addition to the shoe-purchasing episode there are two more instances of the motif near the novel's end, the fi rst when Fyodor is swimming  ...  Motif: Nabokov associated the captivity motif with Pushkin and his long path in exile.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9781618117045-009 fatcat:lm432bwhqjgyxgvmyqaxsza6qe

Mark's Portrait of Jesus [chapter]

William R. Telford
2010 The Blackwell Companion to Jesus  
antiquity that was employed and recognized both in oral teaching and in written discourse as a structuring mechanism.  ...  the temple, the cursing of the fi g tree, the last supper).  ... 
doi:10.1002/9781444327946.ch1 fatcat:zbnnktyy4vf6fdapijjugqma6m


Dmitry F. Bumazhnov
2008 Scrinium  
With this hermeneutical principle in mind, the author goes through several biblical stories, starting with the rst chapter of the book of Genesis and reaching Moses at the end of his discourse.  ...  The baptismal context is evident also in Barn. 11:10-11, where the trees planted by the river are associated with recently baptized Christians, though the Paradise motif is not explicit here.  ... 
doi:10.1163/18177565-90000180 fatcat:ul67vesci5h7lh6lkmm66nr4iq

Playing out the Rising: Sean O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars and Tom Murphy's The Patriot Game

Alexandra Poulain
2006 Études anglaises  
By deconstructing the various isolated discourses of the rebels, however, Murphy reconstructs a strangely moving symphonic poem of his own, which mingles irony with compassion and achieves a ritual dimension  ...  gure of the onstage spectator, a motif which fi nds its full signifi cance in the fi nal moments of the play.  ... 
doi:10.3917/etan.592.0156 fatcat:yv5fmc3w75ch3k4waozlwq45ji

Chapter Five. COMMENTARY [chapter]

2019 Keys to The Gift  
(Eiche = oak; Baum = tree; this was fi rst suggested by M.  ...  the novel as a whole, is dependent on successfully applying the technique of slow reading in the fi rst pages and on accurately reconstructing the manuscript variants.  ...  (A) The Chinese theme in a false, reversed, parodic variation; (b) something unreal, pseudo-authentic. Motif. The coldness and insensitivity of the man.  ... 
doi:10.1515/9781618117045-010 fatcat:x3vdzgko7zclrebobgmq2c5adu

Romans and Barbarians Beyond the Frontiers: Archaeology, Ideology and Identities in the North [chapter]

Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez, A. Guglielmi
2017 Zenodo  
TRAC THEMES IN ROMAN ARCHAEOLOGY, VOLUME 1 Series Editor: Darrell Rohl  ...  Comparable, though less offi cial in terms of their executors, are fi rst-and second-century A.D. tombstones of ethnic cavalrymen that use the 'horseman and trampled foe' (Reitertyp) motif, and which also  ...  Boniface, the apostle to the Germans, supposedly felled the sacred tree of the Chatti in A.D. 723.  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3588382 fatcat:3nrychluwvacfom3jgofr34jsi

Constructing National Identity in Soviet Estonian Documentary Cinema: A Case Study of the Documentary Ruhnu (1965) by Andres Sööt

Riho Västrik
2015 Baltic Screen Media Review  
This article aims to find out how Soviet Estonian documentaries constructed the national discourse in the 1960s, by focusing on the case of the 10-minute documentary Ruhnu (1965) by Andres Sööt.  ...  The research method used, critical discourse analysis, allows us to analyse the archetypes created in the documentary and the archetypal landscapes used as a framework for the narrative.  ...  ' The man is shovelling the sand next to an apple tree in the upper right corner of a long shot.  ... 
doi:10.1515/bsmr-2015-0021 fatcat:5amlqq2v2ncnzj3t7wisoga5h4

Conquest and Form: Narrativity in Joshua 5–11 and Historical Discourse in Ancient Judah

Ian Douglas Wilson
2013 Harvard Theological Review  
Noth's reconstruction has been particularly infl uential over the years (e.g., A. D. H.  ...  But this would require a complete and confi dent reconstruction of each layer, surely a diffi cult task.  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0017816013000138 fatcat:eyiajwxcynebfgf3e34wurbdum

"This text deletes itself": Traumatic Memory and Space-Time in Zoë Wicomb's David's Story

Shane Graham
2008 Studies in the Novel  
must have turned her hand to it again for the reader to be holding the book in the fi rst place.  ...  In that novel, Sethe acquires her scars under slavery in Kentucky; and in one famous scene, she is reunited with a fellow former slave, Paul D, who touches the "chokecherry tree" of scars on her back:  ... 
doi:10.1353/sdn.0.0001 fatcat:r2ki7qi7jfc43bgervioggct3u

Terror films: The socio-cultural reconstruction of trauma in contemporary Israeli cinema

Yael Ben-Moshe, Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann
2019 Images The International Journal of European Film Performing Arts and Audiovisual Communication  
The public discourse in Israel regarding events such as the Holocaust, war, or terror attacks mostly failed to embrace the trauma caused by such events, and to integrate their effects in the collective  ...  This paper explores the notion of trauma in contemporary Israeli cinema as it was reconstructed during and after the Second Intifada (2000–2008).  ...  )"[ ] An example is the rst attack on the base in Beaufort.  ... 
doi:10.14746/i.2019.34.05 fatcat:wcjayi55tja23iyzqmotpa2wjm

Revisiting Bialik: A Radical Mizrahi Reading of the Jewish National Poet

S. S. Chetrit
2010 Comparative Literature  
Here, in the East, Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Zion. 6 Bialik was one of the fi rst to develop the Zionist motif of Zion as a barren and abandoned land, as in the saying, "a land without a people, for  ...  Perhaps he is referring to the Yemenites who came before the fi rst Zionist Ashkenazi aliya, in a wave they named after Song of Songs 7:9: "I shall climb up into the palm tree."  ... 
doi:10.1215/00104124-2009-029 fatcat:ti2xszxufbfx3i7kn5rktiojeu

Never mind mind, essence is not essential, and matter does not matter [chapter]

2014 Nelson Goodman  
This made necessary a systematic reconstruction of discourse in an artificial ideal language: the language of formal logic.  ...  He told me that a robin had built her nest and laid her eggs in an apple tree outside his window.  ... 
doi:10.4324/9781315712178-15 fatcat:dhahdxjyovegrjaxkgvhabs3hi
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