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More Real Than Ideal: Household and Community Diversity at Metapontum, South Italy

Andrew H. F. Cabaniss
2019 Frontiers in Digital Humanities  
I then illustrate its uses within the context of urban demography by examining the distribution of house forms to calculate household characteristics specific to Metapontum, an ancient Greek city.  ...  I introduce to the archaeological literature the entropy estimating statistical bootstrap (EESB), a tool developed in information theory and computational social science by DeDeo et al. (2013) which provides  ...  Houses and Families at Metapontum The community at Metapontum, an ancient Greek city in the south of the Italian peninsula, has an extensively documented material record because of the density of excavations  ... 
doi:10.3389/fdigh.2019.00011 fatcat:g33t6giywzfk5l2hrzelksbtja

Colonial Engagements in the Global Mediterranean Iron Age

Tamar Hodos
2009 Cambridge Archaeological Journal  
Acknowledgements I am grateful to Peter van Dommelen, Silke Knippschild, colleagues and students at Bristol and Gothenburg Universi--ties, and the anonymous reviewers, whose stimulating ques--tions and  ...  Similar ideas continue to circulate: In the eighth century Greeks were moving into the relatively close territories of central and south--ern Italy, whilst the Phoenicians established small --manence;  ...  Evidence of competition, therefore, may be --gested that goods from diverse cultures at a particular markets, rather than co---operative ventures (Winter 1995, 254-5) .  ... 
doi:10.1017/s0959774309000286 fatcat:bysm4fgrpbdlzckqbyulioqvoi

Code-Switching and Identity in the Western Provinces

Louise Revell
2013 HEROM  
e journal is open to international research submitted by individual scholars as well as by interdisciplinary teams, and especially wishes to promote work by junior researchers and new and innovative projects  ...  Challenging research themes can be explored in dedicated issues, and theoretical approaches are welcomed. Book reviews and review articles further screen the pulse of the eld.  ...  Puglia) in South Italy.  ... 
doi:10.11116/herom.2.7 fatcat:adwn57cwlndq3b4iyctycgsdha

Part 1: Numismatic Introduction [chapter]

2016 Coinage and History of the Roman Empire  
information and market conditions.  ...  This work is for reference purposes only, and does not constitute an offer to  ...  Hardly a more ideal reign existed than his in which the 900th anniversary of Rome's foundation should be celebrated.  ... 
doi:10.4324/9781315063546-22 fatcat:j2tsogq3uvdbbhazfrfuzxi3nm

Women in Early Pythagoreanism

Caterina Pellò, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Apollo-University Of Cambridge Repository, Gábor Betegh, Myrto Hatzimichali
In the first chapter, I analyse the social conditions of women in Southern Italy, where the first Pythagorean communities were founded.  ...  The sixth-century-BCE Pythagorean communities included both male and female members.  ...  Therefore, what Plato envisions is an ideal model, whereas the Pythagoreans gave structure to real communities.  ... 
doi:10.17863/cam.24346 fatcat:djrg6luc3ngmvbw3fddnav5ubi

City-dwelling Samnites : urban settlement at Monte Pallano and Monte Vairano [article]

Kevin Stuart Lee
The ancient Samnites of south-central Italy have been cast by both ancient and modern authors as rough-and-tumble highlanders due to their habitation of the rugged river valleys of the southern Apennines  ...  These chapters further illuminate aspects of community, state formation, and spatial organization at these cities in light of Michael Mann's IEMP theory of power relations and Roberto Camagni's factors  ...  Faustoferri and Riccitelli, 2005: 872 111 Oakley, 1995: 84-85 more porous than would be ideal for defense, 112 though it would expedite the movement of flocks in and out.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0308080 fatcat:tt7epdxgizhyzeogloiutbgm4m


Canada Montreal
2006 unpublished
conclude that the revolt was motivated by a desire to overthrow Roman hegemony and establish a state more in keeping with the diverse cul- Andrew Swidzinski tural traditions of non-Roman Italy.  ...  Within three years, however, Sulla was the undisputed master of Italy, and his army had more than doubled to include a full 23 legions 67 .  ...  complicated and less transparent than Caelius claims.  ... 

Imperial Neighbors: Empires and Land Allotment in the Ancient Mediterranean World

Tim Sorg
As such, land allotment was a means to an end, more self-reflexive than aimed at imperial control: instead, I argue that the three patterns of land allotment can be distinguished, first and foremost, in  ...  During his research, he excavated at archaeological sites in Italy and Greece.  ...  In the highly-competitive world of central Italy, Roman territory was probably no more than 800 km 2 at the end of the Archaic period-still smaller than Syrakousai and little more than a third the size  ... 
doi:10.7298/x4ng4nw1 fatcat:zdfpgttfobdmxfjaw5zkatosyq

Interrogative conceptual displays : a new direction for museums of anthropology

Jill A. Willmott
the whole display is arranged to raise questions, rather than answer them, and to stimulate new thinking.  ...  In recent years this problem has become so acute that many academics can find nothing good at all to say about the work of museum-based anthropologists, let alone collaborate with them, and vice versa.  ...  than three hundred and eighty in Italy, and about two hundred in France.  ... 
doi:10.14288/1.0104388 fatcat:3mgq3i5g3vbp5cl2vamjpv6ozm

The city walls of Pompeii : perceptions and expressions of a monumental boundary [article]

Ivo Van Der Graaff
displayed affinities with Temple B at Pyrgi and the Temple of Apollo Lycaeus at Metapontum.  ...  Nevertheless, their boundary defining and protective roles translate naturally from the real enceintes defending the community.  ... 
doi:10.15781/t2nc5sc5h fatcat:nq5jzkr34bcytkzqutsh6gjhkq

Dedication and Display of Portrait Statues in Hellenistic Greece: Spatial Practices and Identity Politics Dedication and Display of Portrait Statues in Hellenistic Greece: Spatial Practices and Identity Politics

Elizabeth Baltes, Elizabeth Baltes, Sheila Dillon, Supervisor, Annabel Wharton, Carla, Antonaccio, Mary Sturgeon, John Baltes, John Baltes, Hampton
2016 unpublished
Instead of treating sites independently, I have found it to be more productive-and, indeed, necessary-to examine broader patterns of statue dedication.  ...  social identities, how space was utilized and manipulated on a local and a regional level, and how patrons responded to the spatial pressures and visual politics of statue dedication within a constantly  ...  More often, however, the subjects were linked by familial ties; in these cases, the exedra displayed an ideal oikos, or household, which, according to Aristotle, formed the basis of and model for the larger  ... 


Sandra Blakely
Classics and Anthropology share a long history of interaction. 1  ...  and ethnographic bailiwicks.  ...  I thank too my friends, Soulemayne Bachir Diagne and Kenneth Vaux, professors of religion and theology, respectively, for reminding me daily of the transcendent.  ...