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Moltres: finite element based simulation of molten salt reactors

Alexander Lindsay, Kathryn Huff
2018 Journal of Open Source Software  
Moltres is a physics application for multiphysics modeling of fluid-fueled molten salt reactors (MSRs) .  ...  Moltres sits on top of the Multi-physics Object-Oriented Simulation Environment (Gaston et al. 2015) and hence uses the finite element method to discretize the governing partial differential equations.  ...  Summary Moltres is a physics application for multiphysics modeling of fluid-fueled molten salt reactors (MSRs) .  ... 
doi:10.21105/joss.00298 fatcat:hpx5r66atzfgdnt5llmialocna

Introduction to Moltres: An application for simulation of Molten Salt Reactors

Alexander Lindsay, Gavin Ridley, Andrei Rykhlevskii, Kathryn Huff
2018 Annals of Nuclear Energy  
Moltres is a new physics application for modeling coupled physics in fluid-fuelled, molten salt reactors.  ...  Results for many-channel configurations in 2D-axisymmetric and 3D coordinates are presented and compared against other coupled models as well as the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment.  ...  ., 2017) was used to convert rasterized MSRE line plots into point data for plotting alongside Moltres data.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.anucene.2017.12.025 fatcat:nbfzzbrmsnhwbmf2ezpqrdqkya

A workflow leveraging MOOSE transient multiphysics simulations to evaluate the impact of thermophysical property uncertainties on molten-salt reactors

A. Abou-Jaoude, S. Harper, G. Giudicelli, P. Balestra, S. Schunert, N. Martin, A. Lindsay, M. Tano, R. Freile
2021 Annals of Nuclear Energy  
A new approach is proposed to evaluate the safety of molten-salt reactors (MSRs), using advanced modeling and simulation (M&S) tools.  ...  In light of the challenges associated with predicting the effect of reactor operations and burnup on bulk salt properties, this work demonstrates how Griffin/ Pronghorn multiphysics simulations may be  ...  Department of Energy (DOE). The U.S. Government retains and the publisher, by accepting the article for publication, acknowledges that the U.S.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.anucene.2021.108546 fatcat:azz7nrchvjfbjjz72uzza4hxfu

Trustworthy Computational Evidence Through Transparency and Reproducibility

Lorena A. Barba, Lorena A. Barba, George K. Thiruvathukal
2021 Computing in science & engineering (Print)  
Many high-performance computing applications are of high consequence to society. Global climate modeling is a historic example of this.  ...  In 2020, the societal issue of greatest concern, the still-raging COVID-19 pandemic, saw a legion of computational scientists turning their endeavors to new research projects in this direction.  ...  hydraulics in a liquid-fueled molten-salt reactor design; and Salt-Proc: a Python tool for fuel salt reprocessing simulation.  ... 
doi:10.1109/mcse.2020.3048406 fatcat:vuqyvzkbdvcztcov556reuo6ra

Development of Neutronics Analysis Capabilities for Application of Flowing Fuel Molten Salt Reactors [article]

Mustafa Jaradat, University, My
As one of generation IV reactor designs, molten salt reactors (MSRs) with fuel dissolved in liquid salt are gaining increasing interest from the industry due to their excellent characteristics in sustainability  ...  The design and safety analyses of flowing fuel MSRs require new modeling and simulation capabilities that can address the unique characteristics of flowing liquid fuel, which are different from conventional  ...  Characteristics of Molten Salt Fast Reactor.  ... 
doi:10.7302/3937 fatcat:ik2vahi7sncmhi73cmpc62waoq