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Long Distance Chromatin Interactions

Mohammad Ramezanali, Anirvan Sengupta
2014 Biophysical Journal  
Ramezanali 1 , Anirvan Sengupta 2 . 1 Physics and Astronomy, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Piscataway, NJ, USA, 2 Physics and Astronomy, and BioMaPS Institute, Rutgers, The State University  ...  combination of speed, simplicity, and low input requirements of ATAC-seq will enable new gene regulatory insights into biology and medicine. 416-Pos Board B171 Long Distance Chromatin Interactions Mohammad  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.bpj.2013.11.504 fatcat:3pjgczmvgvfvbim2vkhwov2ucy

FNetAR: Mixing Tokens with Autoregressive Fourier Transforms [article]

Tim Lou, Michael Park, Mohammad Ramezanali, Vincent Tang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
In this note we examine the autoregressive generalization of the FNet algorithm, in which self-attention layers from the standard Transformer architecture are substituted with a trivial sparse-uniformsampling procedure based on Fourier transforms. Using the Wikitext-103 benchmark, we demonstratethat FNetAR retains state-of-the-art performance (25.8 ppl) on the task of causal language modelingcompared to a Transformer-XL baseline (24.2 ppl) with only half the number self-attention layers,thus
more » ... viding further evidence for the superfluity of deep neural networks with heavily compoundedattention mechanisms. The autoregressive Fourier transform could likely be used for parameterreduction on most Transformer-based time-series prediction models.
arXiv:2107.10932v1 fatcat:m4hgxfs7qrg7hfbdcigaxjq4k4

The cavity method for analysis of large-scale penalized regression [article]

Mohammad Ramezanali, Partha P. Mitra, Anirvan M. Sengupta
2015 arXiv   pre-print
Penalized regression methods aim to retrieve reliable predictors among a large set of putative ones from a limited amount of measurements. In particular, penalized regression with singular penalty functions is important for sparse reconstruction algorithms. For large-scale problems, these algorithms exhibit sharp phase transition boundaries where sparse retrieval breaks down. Large optimization problems associated with sparse reconstruction have been analyzed in the literature by setting up
more » ... esponding statistical mechanical models at a finite temperature. Using replica method for mean field approximation, and subsequently taking a zero temperature limit, this approach reproduces the algorithmic phase transition boundaries. Unfortunately, the replica trick and the non-trivial zero temperature limit obscure the underlying reasons for the failure of a sparse reconstruction algorithm, and of penalized regression methods, in general. In this paper, we employ the "cavity method" to give an alternative derivation of the mean field equations, working directly in the zero-temperature limit. This derivation provides insight into the origin of the different terms in the self-consistency conditions. The cavity method naturally involves a quantity, the average local susceptibility, whose behavior distinguishes different phases in this system. This susceptibility can be generalized for analysis of a broader class of sparse reconstruction algorithms.
arXiv:1501.03194v2 fatcat:3qicnhkv45bafaa3znogtg2zjm

Compact printed antenna with novel radiating element for UWB applications

Mohammad Naser Moghadasi, Mohsen Koohestani, Ramezanali Sadeghzadeh Sheykhan, Bal S. Virdee
2010 IEICE Electronics Express  
This paper presents a very compact printed antenna with simple and novel radiator for Ultra-Wideband applications. The proposed antenna is fed by a coplanar waveguide feed line to achieve wide bandwidth performance. The impedance bandwidth of the antenna is from 2.88 to 12.82 GHz for which S 11 < −10 dB, which constitutes about 127%. The total size of the fabricated antenna is 18 × 27 × 0.787 mm 3 . The radiation patterns of the antenna are measured and presented. Also the effects of
more » ... parameters on the performance of the antenna are investigated through a parametric study. The agreement obtained between the measured and simulated results is excellent.
doi:10.1587/elex.7.228 fatcat:kaxutoubqvdbpaui3mnw4xdbie

In Vitro Microleakage of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate, Calcium-Enriched Mixture Cement and Biodentine Intra-Orifice Barriers

Fatemeh Ramezanali, Sasan Aryanezhad, Fatemeh Mohammadian, Fatemeh Dibaji, Mohammad Javad Kharazifard
2017 Iranian endodontic journal  
B Ramezanali et al. To date, different materials and techniques have been suggested to decrease coronal microleakage.  ... 
doi:10.22037/iej.2017.41 pmid:28512488 pmcid:PMC5431712 fatcat:b4onpdtg5jf3bhhtc52iuooi7a

A study on relationship between the return of value/growth portfolio and market return: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange

Monireh Mashhadi Ramezanali, Mohammadreza Setayesh, Mohammad Hassan Janani
2014 Management Science Letters  
This study examines the relationship between the returns of two value and growth portfolios and the return of market on 15 selected firms on Tehran Stock Exchange over the period 2008-2011. The study divides the firms into two groups in terms of the ratios of price on earning as well as price on book value into two groups of value and growth portfolios. Using some regression analysis, the study has determined a positive and meaningful relationship between value portfolio and market return when
more » ... he market is on the upside but this relationship is not meaningful during the bear session. The results indicate that during the bull sessions, value portfolios provide better investment opportunities than growth ones do.
doi:10.5267/j.msl.2014.6.013 fatcat:cccjodgo3vbrtid3pvxnwgig7q

Comparison of Cleaning Efficacy and Instrumentation Time in Primary Molars: Mtwo Rotary Instruments vs. Hand K-Files

Fatemeh Ramezanali, Farzaneh Afkhami, Ali Soleimani, Mohammad Javad Kharrazifard, Farshid Rafiee
2015 Iranian endodontic journal  
P Ramezanali et al. In another study, Pinheiro et al.  ... 
doi:10.7508/iej.2015.04.006 pmid:26523138 pmcid:PMC4609661 fatcat:2bmotz5qwzhwvjy3r6xun3nbee

Design of a Broadband Band-Pass Filter with Notch-Band Using New Models of Coupled Transmission Lines

Navid Daryasafar, Somaye Baghbani, Mohammad Naser Moghaddasi, Ramezanali Sadeghzade
2014 The Scientific World Journal  
We intend to design a broadband band-pass filter with notch-band, which uses coupled transmission lines in the structure, using new models of coupled transmission lines. In order to realize and present the new model, first, previous models will be simulated in the ADS program. Then, according to the change of their equations and consequently change of basic parameters of these models, optimization and dependency among these parameters and also their frequency response are attended and results
more » ... these changes in order to design a new filter are converged.
doi:10.1155/2014/238717 pmid:25243202 pmcid:PMC4163316 fatcat:darxygj5nfa43of4wctuc7m2im

The Status of Posttraumatic Growth in Earthquake Survivors, Three Years After the Earthquake in East Azerbaijan

Mustafa Mardani, Fardin Alipour, Ramezanali Qaderi, Mohammad Sabzi Khoshnam
2017 Health in Emergencies & Disasters Quarterly  
Experience of difficult incidents, besides its negative and adverse consequences, can have positive consequences and lead to the growth of people in several areas. Evaluating the status of posttraumatic growth in earthquake survivors could help better understand the various dimensions of this incident. The present study aimed to evaluate the status of posttraumatic growth in East Azerbaijan earthquake survivors. Materials and Methods: This study is a cross-sectional and descriptive-analytical
more » ... search. The study population consisted of East Azerbaijan earthquake survivors and the study sample included 295 survivors randomly selected from those who were eligible for the study. The research tools were a demographic questionnaire and posttraumatic growth inventory. Results: The mean (SD) age of the participants was 43(14.3) years, and 50.5% of them were male. The mean (SD) of the posttraumatic growth score of the study sample was 48.25(21.18). The findings of this study showed that among posttraumatic growth dimensions, "spiritual changes" (11.11[5.1]) and "connecting with others" (4.9[2.3]) had the highest score, while the "new possibilities" got the lowest score (16.3[7.19]). Conclusion: Posttraumatic growth issue requires further attention in the mental and social health policies. The study results indicate that despite the many problems that the earthquake creates for people, dealing with this disaster leads to positive psychological effects on people, too.
doi:10.18869/nrip.hdq.2.3.155 fatcat:7o5ot7ajznhrljyklzji3mgapi

Critical behavior and universality classes for an algorithmic phase transition in sparse reconstruction [article]

Mohammad Ramezanali, Partha P. Mitra, Anirvan M. Sengupta
2015 arXiv   pre-print
Optimization problems with sparsity-inducing penalties exhibit sharp algorithmic phase transitions when the numbers of variables tend to infinity, between regimes of 'good' and 'bad' performance. The nature of these phase transitions and associated universality classes remain incompletely understood. We analyze the mean field equations from the cavity method for two sparse reconstruction algorithms, Basis Pursuit and Elastic Net. These algorithms are associated with penalized regression
more » ... (y-Hx)^2+λ V(x), where V(x) is an algorithm-dependent penalty function. Here λ is the penalty parameter, x is the N-dimensional, K-sparse solution to be recovered, y is the M dimensional vector of measurements, and H is a known 'random' matrix. In the limit λ→ 0 and N→∞, keeping ρ=K/N fixed, exact recovery is possible for sufficiently large values of fractional measurement number α=M/N, with an algorithmic phase transition occurring at a known critical value α_c = α(ρ). We find that Basis Pursuit V(x)=||x||_1 and Elastic Net V(x)=λ_1 ||x||_1 + λ_22 ||x||_2^2 belong to two different universality classes. The Mean Squared Error goes to zero as MSE ∼(α_c-α)^2 as α approaches α_c from below for both algorithms. However, for Basis Pursuit, precisely on the phase transition line α=α_c, MSE ∼λ^4/3 for Basis Pursuit, whereas MSE∼λ for Elastic Net. We also find that in presence of additive noise, within the perfect reconstruction phase α>α_c there is a non-zero setting for λ that minimizes MSE, whereas at α=α_c a finite λ always increases the MSE.
arXiv:1509.08995v2 fatcat:mxnprfu6uneubnnbb2gihdqtgq

Combination of cyclophosphamide, etoposide, carboplatin and dexamethasone as a salvage regimen for refractory multiple myeloma patients: a comparison with a historical control group

Reza Safaee, Ahmad Ahmadzadeh, Ramezanali Sharifian, Amirhossein Emami, Mir Saeed Yekaninejad, Mohammad Hossein Jalili, Armita Valizadeh
2012 Hematology Reports  
The aim of this study was to design a regimen for refractory multiple myeloma with minimum complications to achieve a reasonable response. Fifteen patients with active multiple myeloma after at least two lines of conventional treatment underwent therapy with our regimen for two cycles. Disease activity was evaluated after the last cycle. Another 15 patients with refractory multiple myelomas that had previously received only supportive therapy and pain management formed a historical control
more » ... . The followup period was 12 months for each study group. Of the patients receiving therapy, 6.7% achieved a complete response and 26.7% a partial response; overall response rate was 33.3%. Stable disease was achieved in 46.7% and 20% of the patients had progressive disease. There was no treatment related mortality. The hazard rate of death was 0.73 lower in the intervention group than in the historical control group. In the historical control group, 60% had progressive disease and 40% had stable disease; approximately 40% of patients died during the 12-month follow up. Also, the severity of pain was significantly reduced in the intervention group (P=0.033). Our chemotherapy regimen showed a reasonable response in end stage patients with multiple myeloma in terms of disease control, reducing bone pain and improving survival, in addition to reducing toxicity.
doi:10.4081/hr.2012.e14 pmid:23087803 pmcid:PMC3475936 fatcat:63ezzmxqcncqpjjp5cvdwdjufu

EXTRACTING SPARSE SIGNALS FROM HIGH-DIMENSIONAL DATA: A STATISTICAL MECHANICS APPROACH Extracting Sparse Signals from High-dimensional Data: A Statistical Mechanics Approach

Mohammad Ramezanali, Mohammad Ramezanali, Mohammad Ramezanali, Anirvan Sengupta
Sparse reconstruction algorithms aim to retrieve high-dimensional sparse signals from a limited amount of measurements under suitable conditions. As the number of variables go to infinity, these algorithms exhibit sharp phase transition boundaries where the sparse retrieval breaks down. Several sparse reconstruction algorithms are formulated as optimization problems. Few of the prominent ones among these have been analyzed in the literature by statistical mechanical methods. The function to be
more » ... ptimized plays the role of energy. The treatment involves finite temperature replica mean-field theory followed by the zero temperature limit. Although this approach has been successful in reproducing the algorithmic phase transition boundaries, the replica trick and the non-trivial zero temperature limit obscure the underlying reasons for the failure of the algorithms. In this thesis, we employ the "cavity method" to give an alternative derivation of the phase transition boundaries, working directly in the zero-temperature limit. This approach provides insight ii into the origin of the different terms in the mean field self-consistency equations. The cavity method naturally generates a local susceptibility which leads to an identity that clearly indicates the existence of two phases. The identity also gives us a novel route to the known parametric expressions for the phase boundary of the Basis Pursuit algorithm and to the new ones for the Elastic Net. These transitions being continuous (second order), we explore the scaling laws and critical exponents that are uniquely determined by the nature of the distribution of the density of the nonzero components of the sparse signal. Not only is the phase boundary of the Elastic Net different from that of the Basis Pursuit, we show that the critical behavior of the two algorithms are from different universality classes. iii

The Influence of Accounting Standard Precision on Auditors Decisions

Mohammad Abbasian, Ahmad Yaghoob-Nezhad, Ramezanali Royaee, Yahya Hassas, Yeganeh
2015 European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences   unpublished
A total of 120 auditors were distributed a requesting their participation in the Mohammad Mehdi Abbasian, Ahmad Yaghoob-Nezhad, Ramezanali Royaee, Yahya Hassas Yeganeh Openly accessible at  ... 

Effect of political ownership on the relationship between productivity and the cost of equity

Mohammad Mahdifard, Ramezanali Royayee
2013 European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences   unpublished
Reza Mahdifard, Ramezanali Royayee  ...  The results of this research are the same as the ones of Bani Mahd and Mohammad Rezaee research (2012).  ... 

A Study of Association Between Students' Behavioral Parameters and the Rate of the Effectiveness of Facebook Virtual Social Network: A Case Study About Girls' Secondary Education at Nonprofit Schools

Mohammad Ziaei, Haji Majid, Ramezanali, Seyed Alavi
2013 International Journal of Basic Sciences & Applied Research   unpublished
The purpose of this research is studying the effects of virtual social networks on students' various dimensions and behavioral parameters. The research is of a descriptive-survey kind and the statistical society is composed of the whole 1500 girl students of non-profit secondary schools of Gorgan Province in 2011-2012 academic years. The sample volume was calculated 306 people according to Krejcie & Morgan table and a simple sampling method was used to choose the statistical samples. Although
more » ... me samples denied answering and some did not have Facebook membership, finally there were 148 participants. Data-collection tool is questionnaires which have been developed based on Likert scales. Imagery and content suitability of questionnaires was studied and finally confirmed by some educational experts. The calculated Cronbach's alpha was 0.753. Also, Pearson Correlation Coefficient test was used for analyzing and studding the research hypotheses. The initial results showed that 48 percent (148 of 306) of students had been Facebook's members. Other results also revealed that finding friend variable have the highest rate (0.682) of correlation with Facebook effects. The next variable is spending time (0.384). But according to research data, no significant correlation was observed about sharing variable (0.093).
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