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Toward Developing Intelligent Mobile Obe System In Higher Learning Institution [article]

Abdifatah Farah Ali, Rusli Haji Abdulah, Mohamed M. Mohamed
2021 arXiv   pre-print
The rapid growth in Mobile application users has made the researchers and practitioners to think of intelligent tools that can help the users and applications in delivering quality of services. Therefore, intelligent agent is expected to become the tool for development of mobile outcome based education (OBE) particularly in higher learning Institutions (HLI). In this context, there is a lacking of OBE intelligent agent in assisting the academicians to use in OBE management for mobile
more » ... system environment. This paper presents the conceptual design and development of a mobile intelligent agent based on mobile OBE called as i-MOBE. Since that, i-MOBE that we developed is considered very important for academicians and students to facilitate them in using for academic purpose in HLI particularly in helping them to monitor the performance in teaching and learning (T&L). The system architecture will be covering the conceptual design and its interaction as well as the system configuration in helping the academicians to use the system in their T&L toward effective and efficiency also can be applied in monitoring based on scenarios such as test, assignment and projects and so on.
arXiv:2105.00431v1 fatcat:vzvsgyd52zc5lkitz2h4xwdcsa

The Impact of Occupational Health and Safety on Organizational Commitment at Sugar Companies Factories in Sudan: أثر السلامة والصحة المهنية على الالتزام التنظيمي في مصانع شركات السكر/ السودان

Farah Yasin Farah Abdelkhair, Hamid Altaib Mohammed, Mamoun Farah Yasin Farah Abdelkhair, Hamid Altaib Mohammed, Mamoun
2021 المجلة العربية للعلوم ونشر الأبحاث مجلة العلوم الاقتصادية والإدارية والقانونية  
The study presented a problem related to knowing the impact of occupational safety and health on organizational commitment in sugar companies' factories in Sudan, as it aimed to verify the impact of occupational safety and health on organizational commitment. The study followed the descriptive and analytical approach, in which a questionnaire was designed and distributed to a random sample of (256) employees in (3) factories of sugar companies in Sudan (Sinnar, White Nile, and Kenana). The most
more » ... important findings of the study were: that the practices of occupational safety and health and organizational commitment were characterized by an increase with arithmetic averages of 3,883 and 4,041, respectively; the results of the study also showed a statistically significant impact of occupational safety and health on organizational commitment (continuity commitment, emotional commitment, and normative commitment). Finally, the study presented a set of recommendations to support decision-makers in the sugar industry and in sugar companies' factories in Sudan to build and enhance occupational safety and health as a catalyst for organizational commitment of employees.
doi:10.26389/ajsrp.r080421 fatcat:iarxnsctjrdxxhkrnbzylto6se


Safaa Mohammed Rizk Alhertani Farah Ziad Adel Ramadan
2019 Zenodo  
Obturating materials: It is a frequent and severe cause of single tooth discoloration. w w w . i a j p s . c o m 06 (01), 1429-1436 Farah ziad adel ramadan et al ISSN 2349-7750 IAJPS 2019, Extrinsic  ...  Incomplete IAJPS 2019, 06 (01), 1429-1436 Farah ziad adel ramadan et al ISSN 2349-7750 removal of obturating materials and sealer remnants in the pulp chamber, mainly those containing metallic components  ... 
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2545637 fatcat:c4x47tmupzgple42lb45w6377a


Benjamin R. Buckley, Mohamed M. Farah
2011 Annual Reports Section B (Organic Chemistry)  
Reactions carried out with substoicheiometric quantities of organic molecules as catalysts have received much attention over the past decade. This review highlights progress in 2010 towards highly enantioselective organocatalytic systems and the natural product/biologically active compounds that can be prepared using these types of processes.
doi:10.1039/c1oc90020j fatcat:o3hjwvcurbf3roe6b6r2zvygfy

Hybrid Intrusion Detection and Prediction multiAgent System HIDPAS [article]

Farah Jemili, Montaceur Zaghdoud, Mohamed Ben Ahmed
2009 arXiv   pre-print
This paper proposes an intrusion detection and prediction system based on uncertain and imprecise inference networks and its implementation. Giving a historic of sessions, it is about proposing a method of supervised learning doubled of a classifier permitting to extract the necessary knowledge in order to identify the presence or not of an intrusion in a session and in the positive case to recognize its type and to predict the possible intrusions that will follow it. The proposed system takes
more » ... nto account the uncertainty and imprecision that can affect the statistical data of the historic. The systematic utilization of an unique probability distribution to represent this type of knowledge supposes a too rich subjective information and risk to be in part arbitrary. One of the first objectives of this work was therefore to permit the consistency between the manner of which we represent information and information which we really dispose.
arXiv:0909.4889v1 fatcat:e3y6mtgewjfsvloww6u3vey3gu

The Impact of Drain and Reinforcement on the Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery: A Prospective Study

Mohamed A Salman, Ahmed Safina, Ahmed Salman, Mohamed Farah, Khaled Noureldin, Mohamed Issa, Ahmed Dorra, Mohamed Tourky, Hossam El-Din Shaaban, Mohammed Aradaib
2021 Cureus  
Purpose We aimed to investigate the impact of reinforcement and abdominal drains on the outcome of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG). Methods The present study was a prospective study that included obese patients scheduled to undergo LSG. Patients were assigned to receive drain, reinforcement, or both according to the surgeon's preference and followed up for one month after surgery. The present study's primary outcome was the identification of the association between intraoperative
more » ... nforcement and the incidence of postoperative complications. Results A total of 125 (20.3%) patients received intraoperative drains. The proportion of postoperative morbidity was comparable between the drain and non-drain groups (3.2% versus 1.6%; p = 0.25). Patients in the drain group had similar incidence of blood transfusion (2.4% versus 1.7% in non-drain group; p = 0.43) and postoperative leakage (0.8% versus 0.2% in non-drain group; p = 0.36). The incidences of blood transfusion (p = 0.56) and reoperation (p = 0.98) were comparable between the drain and non-drain groups. There were no statistically significant differences between the drain and non-drain groups regarding postoperative mortality and wound infection (p > 0.05). On the other hand, 440 (71.3%) patients received reinforcement. The proportion of postoperative morbidity was comparable between the reinforcement and non-reinforcement groups (1.6% versus 2.8%, p = 0.07). Patients in the reinforcement group were less likely to develop postoperative bleeding (0.7% versus 4% in the non-reinforcement group; p = 0.004), while no significant difference was detected in terms of postoperative leakage (p = 0.33) and in-hospital mortality. Conclusion In conclusion, abdominal drainage did not reduce the complications of LSG patients. Reinforcement has some role in controlling the bleeding but not leaks. Both techniques did not significantly impact the mortality rate. In the future, additional, large randomized trials are needed to examine the gastrointestinal-related quality of life.
doi:10.7759/cureus.20382 pmid:34926093 pmcid:PMC8673688 fatcat:pontoi4cgfbetnffhu3t6glkia

Transpedicular or Transthoracic Approach: An Outcome Comparison Study on Patients with Neurological Manifestation

Mohammed Zarei, Furqan Mohammed Yaseen Khan, Mahdi Heshmatifar, Saied Besharaty, Mohammed Farah Mohamoud
2021 Archives of Neuroscience  
Approach to lower-thoracic spine for discectomy remains controversial. In this study, we compare primary and secondary outcomes of transpedicular (TP) and transthoracic (TT) approach for discectomy at lower thoracic levels in patients with neurological manifestations. Methods: In this retrospective study, 12 patients with TP or TT approach for lower thoracic discectomy with neurological manifestation, mainly foot drop, were included. During TP approach, cord manipulation was kept at minimum.
more » ... terior fusion was performed in all patients. TT approach was performed by intended level thoracotomy, anterio-lateral fusion was achieved in this group. The postoperative primary and secondary outcomes of the approach were compared in these patients. SPSS software version 20 was used for analysis, and a P-value < 0.005 was considered significant. Results: Twelve patients with neurological manifestation were operated using either of the approaches. Six patients in TP group and four in TT group attained complete neurological recovery after 10.2 and 7.6 weeks, respectively. The mean operative time was 50% more in TT approach. Blood loss in TP approach was less than half, and patients were mobilized earlier with decreased hospital stay. All patients with TT approach needed postoperative intensive care unit (ICU) admission, two of them developed pulmonary complications and postsurgical intercostal neuralgia, and one had cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak and readmission within 30 days of discharge. Conclusions: Although TT approach offers excellent exposure for discs in lower thoracic levels, it is associated with increased morbidity and higher complication rates. On the other hand, TP approach offers ample exposure with reduced operative time and blood loss, as well as early mobilization and discharge.
doi:10.5812/ans.105947 fatcat:or6oal3c3rcl7gudzpodegxiwq

Modeling the Contamination of Soil Adjacent to Mohammed AL-Qassim Highway in Baghdad

Farah Feasal Ghazi
2020 Iraqi Journal of Science  
The aim of this paper is to estimate the concentrations of some heavy metals in Mohammed AL-Qassim Highway in Baghdad city for different distances by using the polynomial interpolation method for functions  ...  This paper was carried out on the soil of the road sides of Mohammed AL-Qassim highway in Baghdad city.  ...  Figure 1 - 1 A map of Baghdad city showing Mohammed AL-Qassim highway. Figure 2 - 2 The polynomial interpolation.  ... 
doi:10.24996/ijs.2020.61.10.23 fatcat:sc6smpxrlbatvkffpgv5tn2eam

COVID-19: Social Media Sentiment Analysis on Reopening [article]

Mohammed Emtiaz Ahmed, Md Rafiqul Islam Rabin, Farah Naz Chowdhury
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is the most talked topic in social media platforms in 2020. People are using social media such as Twitter to express their opinion and share information on a number of issues related to the COVID-19 in this stay at home order. In this paper, we investigate the sentiment and emotion of peoples in the United States on the subject of reopening. We choose the social media platform Twitter for our analysis and study the Tweets to discover the sentimental
more » ... pective, emotional perspective, and triggering words towards the reopening. During this COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have made some analysis on various social media dataset regarding lockdown and stay at home. However, in our analysis, we are particularly interested to analyse public sentiment on reopening. Our major finding is that when all states resorted to lockdown in March, people showed dominant emotion of fear, but as reopening starts people have less fear. While this may be true, due to this reopening phase daily positive cases are rising compared to the lockdown situation. Overall, people have a less negative sentiment towards the situation of reopening.
arXiv:2006.00804v1 fatcat:xpkzjnsscngwdeltz2z5phhv7m

COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake and its Determinants among Adult Population in Somali Region of Ethiopia

Olusola Oladeji, Mowlid Aklil Aden, Alinoor Mohamed Farah, Ida Marie Ameda, Mohamed Diaaeldin Omer, Bukhari Shikh Aden, Asli Hassan Aden, Abdifatah Elmi Farah, Adawe Warsame
2022 Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research  
Aims: To ensure effectiveness of COVID 19 vaccine in controlling the pandemic, high vaccination coverage rates are necessary to achieve herd immunity which will help reduce the transmission of the virus and ensure reduction in the risk of transmission of infection. The study assessed COVID-19 vaccine uptake and its determinants among the adult population in Somali region of Ethiopia. Study Design: This was a cross-sectional analytical study Place and Duration of Study: Somali Region of Ethiopia
more » ... in October 2021 Methodology: A structured interviewer-administered questionnaire adapted from the World Health Organization (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunisation vaccine hesitancy survey question, administered to 433 adult population in eight selected sites. Bivariate analysis and multiple logistic regression were used to test association between vaccine uptake and some selected determinants. The level of significance was set at a p-value<5%. Results: Only 29% of the respondents had received at least one dose of COVID 19 vaccine, 219(50.6%) reported no concern at all in getting infected and the perception of low risk of infection was significantly higher among those not vaccinated (χ2 =12.62, p<0.05). Only 101(23.3%) of the respondents reported that the vaccine was very important in the prevention of the disease and perceived no benefit was significantly higher among those not vaccinated (χ2 =32.30, p<0.05). Only 79(18.2%) of the respondents believed the vaccine was very safe and perceived lack of safety of the vaccine was significantly higher among those not vaccinated (χ2 =22.24, p<0.05). There was positive association between level of education and vaccine uptake (AOR = 1.90, 95% CI: 1.02–2.52; p<0.05 ) while 126(47.5%) of those who had desired to be vaccinated actually got vaccinated. Other factors associated with COVID-19 vaccination uptake were friends getting vaccinated and support by community and religious leaders. Conclusion: The perceived low risk among the population to COVID19 infection which significantly affected the poor vaccine uptake is a major concern. With only half of the population who intended to be vaccinated and ended up being vaccinated shows the need for targeted socio behavioural change communication strategies with focus on benefit of the vaccine not only to individual but to the other members of their community.
doi:10.9734/jammr/2022/v34i731323 fatcat:strexr2aufagrjsskker2gbvaq

COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake and its Determinants among Health Care Workers in Somali Region of Ethiopia

Olusola Oladeji, Alinoor Mohamed Farah, Mowlid Aklil Aden, Mohamed Diaaeldin Omer, Ida Marie Ameda, Bukhari Shikh Aden, Asli Hassan Aden, Abdifatah Elmi Farah, Adawe Warsame
2022 Asian Journal of Research in Infectious Diseases  
Aims: Healthcare workers are known to be at higher risk of COVID-19 infection and have a role in transmitting the infection to others in the work environment and communities. Public health measures and vaccination are the major strategies being implemented to prevent and control the infection. The study assessed COVID -19 vaccine uptake and its determinants among health care workers in Somali region of Ethiopia. Study Design: This was a cross-sectional analytical study. Place and Duration of
more » ... dy: Somali Region in October 2021. Methodology: A structured self-administered questionnaire adapted from the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization vaccine hesitancy survey question was used and administered to 427 healthcare workers in eight selected sites. Bivariate analysis and multiple logistic regression were used to assess association between vaccine uptake and some selected determinants. The level of significance was set at a p-value<5%. Results: About 71% of the health workers have been vaccinated at least once and vaccination was significantly higher among those with perceived risk of being infected (χ2 =12.19, p<0.05), perceived benefit of the vaccine (χ2 = 47.30, p<0.05) and perceived protection of the vaccine for their communities (χ2 =22.13, p<0.05). About 45% of the respondents believed the vaccine was very safe and vaccination was significantly higher among those who believed the safety of the vaccine (χ2 = 23.06, p<0.05). Vaccine uptake was higher among medical doctors than other health professionals, (AOR = 2.32, 95% CI: 1.09–5.48), p<0.05. The study showed significant relationship between inclination towards vaccination and actual vaccination where about 78% of those who had desired to be vaccinated actually got vaccinated. Other factors associated with vaccination uptake were colleagues getting vaccinated and support by community and religious leaders to vaccination. Conclusion: The study identified key determinants to vaccine uptake among the health workers which included perceived risk of being infected, perceived benefit, safety of the vaccines and perceived protection of the vaccine for their communities. These require targeted Social and behavioural change communication strategies to address.
doi:10.9734/ajrid/2022/v9i330268 fatcat:ku3ka2tz7rafbljkjnywqfgxuq

Validity and reliability of Arabic MOS social support survey

Mohamed Dafaalla, Abdulraheem Farah, Sheima Bashir, Ammar Khalil, Rabab Abdulhamid, Mousab Mokhtar, Mohamed Mahadi, Zulfa Omer, Asgad Suliman, Mohammed Elkhalifa, Hanin Abdelgadir, Abdelmoneim E. M. Kheir (+1 others)
2016 SpringerPlus  
We aimed to generate a valid reliable Arabic version of MOS social support survey (MOS-SSS). We did a cross sectional study in medical students of Faculty of Medicine in Khartoum, Sudan. We did a clustered random sampling in 500 students of which 487 were suitable for analysis. We followed the standard translation process for translating the MOS-SSS. We accomplished factor analysis to assess construct validity, and generated item-scales correlations to evaluate the convergent and discriminant
more » ... lidity. We extracted the Cronbach's α and Spearman Brown coefficient of spit half method to determine internal consistency. We measured stability by correlation between the scores of the MOS survey taken at two different occasions with ten days apart in 252 participants. All items correlated highly (0.788 or greater) with their hypothesized scales. All items in subscales correlated higher by two standard errors with their own scale than with any other scale. Principle component analysis with varimax rotation was conducted on the 19 items and examination of scree plot graphically suggested 4 predominant factors that account for 72 % of variance. It showed high loadings, ranging from 0.720 to 0.84 for items of emotional support, 0.699-0.845 for tangible support, 0.518-0.823 for affectionate support, and 0.740-0.816 for positive social interaction. Cronbach's alpha for overall MOS scale and subscales indicated high internal consistency. The test-retest correlation showed weak correlation between the test and retest (ranges from 0.04 to 0.104). The Arabic MOS-SSS had high validity and internal consistency.
doi:10.1186/s40064-016-2960-4 pmid:27547680 pmcid:PMC4978659 fatcat:fkb4uduakzbaxmgtfckzuyqw5i

Patient Resources in a Cancer Center [chapter]

Farah Yassine, Mohamed A. Kharfan-Dabaja
2021 The Comprehensive Cancer Center  
AbstractDespite the emergence of more effective targeted therapies, cancer treatment remains a complex process requiring a holistic patient-centered approach, beyond the direct medical care offered by the treating hematologist/oncologist. This entails empowering patients with knowledge about prescribed regimens and their risks and side effects, within a multifaceted treatment team involving hematologists/oncologists, advanced practice providers, nurses, nutritionists, and pharmacists, among
more » ... rs. Additionally, a multitude of resources are generally available including financial, religious, and spiritual support to help patients in the treatment journey. This chapter describes resources generally available to cancer patients, as well as an array of supporting services in a cancer center to address the patient needs.
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-82052-7_15 fatcat:ehhgdl2xnzerfdev7kwgrmnyke

An outranking approach for information retrieval

Mohamed Farah, Daniel Vanderpooten
2008 Information retrieval (Boston)  
Over the last three decades, research in Information Retrieval (IR) shows performance improvement when many sources of evidence are combined to produce a ranking of documents. Most current approaches assess document relevance by computing a single score which aggregates values of some attributes or criteria. They use analytic aggregation operators which either lead to a loss of valuable information, e.g., the min or lexicographic operators, or allow very bad scores on some criteria to be
more » ... ated with good ones, e.g., the weighted sum operator. Moreover, all these approaches do not handle imprecision of criterion scores. In this paper, we propose a multiple criteria framework using a new aggregation mechanism based on decision rules identifying positive and negative reasons for judging whether a document should get a better ranking than another. The resulting procedure also handles imprecision in criteria design. Experimental results are reported showing that the suggested method performs better than standard aggregation operators.
doi:10.1007/s10791-008-9046-z fatcat:p425ljy5vveo3oazgusyo67iky

Soft dielectric elastomer microactuator for robot locomotion

Farah Afiqa Mohd Ghazali, Wong Yi Jie, Mariatul Rawdhah Ahmad Fuaad, Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Ali
2020 Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics  
Locomotion speed of the multiple crawler model Crawler activation period (s) Locomotion speed (mm/sSoft dielectric elastomer microactuator for robot locomotion (Farah Afiqa Mohd Ghazali) Propelling force  ...  Figure 2 . 2 The crawler model design, (a) Single crawler, (b) Multiple crawler 2289 Figure 3 . 22893 Soft dielectric elastomer microactuator for robot locomotion (Farah Afiqa Mohd Ghazali) The fabrication  ... 
doi:10.11591/eei.v9i6.2208 fatcat:6jl3pij5czaxpc66spnox5krqq
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