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Scalp and Intracranial EEG-fMRI in Epilepsy

Louis Andre Van Graan
2013 Journal of Neurology & Neurophysiology  
The rapid increase in the literature on EEG-fMRI attests to its promised contribution in understanding of epilepsy-related and physiological networks of the brain.  ...  Here, we review the published literature to raise the awareness of different concepts pertaining to the applications of simultaneous EEG-fMRI in epilepsy and discuss their potential impact on our understanding  ...  Acknowledgements We are thankful to the Action Medical Research, UK and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for funding our research work through grants and bursaries.  ... 
doi:10.4172/2155-9562.1000156 fatcat:railabcg2zbtlasjgfplh2p6ym

Localization of Epileptic Foci Based on Simultaneous EEG-fMRI Data

Seyyed Mostafa Sadjadi, Elias Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad Shams, Masoud Seraji, Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh
2021 Frontiers in Neurology  
One of the applications of EEG and fMRI combination as a valuable clinical approach is the pre-surgical evaluation of patients with epilepsy to map and localize the precise brain regions associated with  ...  response function (HRF) to provide a model of epileptiform BOLD activity and use as a regressor for general linear model (GLM) analysis of the fMRI data.  ...  In a study of LeVan (96), 15 patients with focal epilepsy underwent simultaneous EEG-fMRI, and ICA was applied to each of their fMRI data.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2021.645594 pmid:33986718 pmcid:PMC8110922 fatcat:c6vtg7tipre47ezhi7j6puouc4

The combination of EEG Source Imaging and EEG-correlated functional MRI to map epileptic networks

Serge Vulliemoz, Louis Lemieux, Jean Daunizeau, Christoph M. Michel, John S. Duncan
2010 Epilepsia  
With recent advances in methodology and clinical validation, EEG source imaging (ESI) may now be used to map epileptic activity as well as evoked responses to external stimuli.  ...  Functional electrophysiologic techniques such as electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) give insights into the dynamics of the networks involved in the generation of interictal and  ...  We are grateful to the Big Lottery Fund, Wolfson Trust, and National Society for Epilepsy for supporting the 3T MRI scanner at NSE.  ... 
doi:10.1111/j.1528-1167.2009.02342.x pmid:19817805 fatcat:wkzeojfr5fge5drheubnqxoiiu

The impact of mapping interictal discharges using EEG-fMRI on the epilepsy presurgical clinical decision making process: A prospective study

Sofia Markoula, Umair J. Chaudhary, Suejen Perani, Alessio De Ciantis, Tinonkorn Yadee, John S. Duncan, Beate Diehl, Andrew W. McEvoy, Louis Lemieux
2018 Seizure  
Methods: Patients with refractory extra-temporal focal epilepsy, referred for presurgical evaluation were recruited in a period of 18 months.  ...  Conclusion: The study is a prospective observational cohort study specifically designed to assess the impact of EEG-fMRI on the clinical decision making process, suggesting a significant influence of EEG-fMRI  ...  In all cases the following phenomena were also identified on the intra-MRI video and EEG, and marked as confounding events and each represented as a series of zeroduration stick functions or variable duration  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.seizure.2018.07.016 pmid:30059825 fatcat:lyeo47foyvd6lbt2ixjhp4kp4e

Mapping Epileptic Activity: Sources or Networks for the Clinicians?

Francesca Pittau, Pierre Mégevand, Laurent Sheybani, Eugenio Abela, Frédéric Grouiller, Laurent Spinelli, Christoph M. Michel, Margitta Seeck, Serge Vulliemoz
2014 Frontiers in Neurology  
In this paper, we review the potential clinical contribution of these functional mapping techniques as well as invasive electrophysiology in human beings and animal models for characterizing network connectivity  ...  Epileptic seizures of focal origin are classically considered to arise from a focal epileptogenic zone and then spread to other brain regions.  ...  fMRI and EEG-fMRI studies in focal epilepsy Unfortunately, only few of the many studies on RS-FC have been done with the simultaneous recording of EEG.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2014.00218 pmid:25414692 pmcid:PMC4220689 fatcat:onsc67xnxnd6vhuvh6lmcjgsha

High-Speed Real-Time Resting-State fMRI Using Multi-Slab Echo-Volumar Imaging

Stefan Posse, Elena Ackley, Radu Mutihac, Tongsheng Zhang, Ruslan Hummatov, Massoud Akhtari, Muhammad Chohan, Bruce Fisch, Howard Yonas
2013 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience  
This SBCA approach is shown to minimize the effects of confounds, such as movement, and CSF and white matter signal changes, and enables real-time monitoring of RSN dynamics at time scales of tens of seconds  ...  In patients with motor impairment, resting-state fMRI provided focal localization of sensorimotor cortex compared with more diffuse activation in task-based fMRI.  ...  The MEVI pulse sequence was developed in collaboration with Maxim Zaitsev and Jochen Rick (U. Freiburg, Germany), and Oliver Speck (U. Magdeburg, Germany).  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnhum.2013.00479 pmid:23986677 pmcid:PMC3752525 fatcat:2cxy324ipfcitc25qdu37tzjke

The Role of Functional Neuroimaging in Pre-Surgical Epilepsy Evaluation

Francesca Pittau, Frédéric Grouiller, Laurent Spinelli, Margitta Seeck, Christoph M. Michel, Serge Vulliemoz
2014 Frontiers in Neurology  
In the last years, non-invasive neuroimaging techniques, such as simultaneous recording of functional magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalogram (EEG-fMRI), positron emission tomography (PET),  ...  The prevalence of epilepsy is about 1% and one-third of cases do not respond to medical treatment.  ...  and simultaneously EEG during fMRI (93) , offering much improved modelization of the BOLD signal.  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2014.00031 pmid:24715886 pmcid:PMC3970017 fatcat:vhvfwtphvbfh5jtxp7hbghsewy

Characterization of the hemodynamic modes associated with interictal epileptic activity using a deformable model-based analysis of combined EEG and functional MRI recordings

Frédéric Grouiller, Laurent Vercueil, Alexandre Krainik, Christoph Segebarth, Philippe Kahane, Olivier David
2009 Human Brain Mapping  
Our study suggests that one cannot assume a priori that HRFs in epilepsy are similar to the canonical model.  ...  Second, interictal EEG/fMRI data measured in ten patients suffering from epilepsy are analysed.  ...  For EEG/fMRI data, all statistical analyses were performed using the alpha power as a confound variable (Tyvaert, et al. 2008 ).  ... 
doi:10.1002/hbm.20925 pmid:20063350 fatcat:k2vczr2mqneirbp4r6ywfuwrnu

Recent advances in recording electrophysiological data simultaneously with magnetic resonance imaging

H. Laufs, J. Daunizeau, D.W. Carmichael, A. Kleinschmidt
2008 NeuroImage  
in epilepsy and movement disorders.  ...  Examples are derived from simultaneous electroencephalography (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) during functional MRI in cognitive and systems neuroscience as well as in clinical neurology, in particular  ...  from a grant from the Medical Research Council (MRC grant number G0301067), and AK from the Volkswagen Foundation and the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle epiniere.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2007.11.039 pmid:18201910 fatcat:tx6aw6o6ebeujkaix6g2nhm7vm

EEG-Informed fMRI: A Review of Data Analysis Methods

Rodolfo Abreu, Alberto Leal, Patrícia Figueiredo
2018 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience  
Fernando Lopes da Silva for his feedback and help in structuring this paper.  ...  More recently, a study by our group applied both PSI and GFS in an EEG-fMRI study of epilepsy (Abreu et al., 2018) .  ...  It was originally motivated by the need to accurately and non-invasively map epileptic networks in patients with drug-resistant focal epilepsy undergoing pre-surgical evaluation (Ives et al., 1993; Lemieux  ... 
doi:10.3389/fnhum.2018.00029 pmid:29467634 pmcid:PMC5808233 fatcat:vocpso63pjeg3ktkqwrsvf6ixe

Causal Hierarchy within the Thalamo-Cortical Network in Spike and Wave Discharges

Anna E. Vaudano, Helmut Laufs, Stefan J. Kiebel, David W. Carmichael, Khalid Hamandi, Maxime Guye, Rachel Thornton, Roman Rodionov, Karl J. Friston, John S. Duncan, Louis Lemieux, Liset Menendez de la Prida
2009 PLoS ONE  
This study is the first demonstration of a causal link between haemodynamic changes in the precuneus -an index of awareness -and the occurrence of pathological discharges in epilepsy.  ...  Bayesian model comparison revealed Model C (GSW as autonomous input to precuneus), to be the best in 5 patients while model A prevailed in two cases.  ...  Anna Teresa Giallonardo and Dr. Carlo Di Bonaventura for scientific input and helpful comments on the manuscript. Author Contributions  ... 
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0006475 pmid:19649252 pmcid:PMC2715100 fatcat:ltyljbrvdrgt7n7ubd6lw5e7py

The spatio-temporal mapping of epileptic networks: Combination of EEG–fMRI and EEG source imaging

S. Vulliemoz, R. Thornton, R. Rodionov, D.W. Carmichael, M. Guye, S. Lhatoo, A.W. McEvoy, L. Spinelli, C.M. Michel, J.S. Duncan, L. Lemieux
2009 NeuroImage  
ESI was performed on the IED recorded during fMRI acquisition using a realistic head model (SMAC) and a distributed linear inverse solution (LAURA). ESI could not be performed in one case.  ...  In concordant cases, the distance between maxima of ESI and the closest EEG-fMRI cluster was less than 33 mm, in agreement with previous studies.  ...  Burdett and E. Williams for EEG and fMRI acquisition. We would also like to thank P. Gilford at the National Society for Epilepsy for his precious IT support as well as H.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2009.01.070 pmid:19408351 pmcid:PMC2977852 fatcat:7etpeo5npnhivbv7y4b26bubsy

Network Perspectives on Epilepsy Using EEG/MEG Source Connectivity

Pieter van Mierlo, Yvonne Höller, Niels K. Focke, Serge Vulliemoz
2019 Frontiers in Neurology  
These fundamental challenges affect all potential applications of EEG/MEG source connectivity analysis, be it in a resting, spiking, or ictal state, and also its application to cognitive activation of  ...  The evolution of EEG/MEG source connectivity is both, a promising, and controversial advance in the characterization of epileptic brain activity.  ...  Interestingly, even in idiopathic/genetic generalized epilepsy, there is a certain level of focality both in resting-state imaging (7) as well as for generators of epileptiform activity (8) and seizures  ... 
doi:10.3389/fneur.2019.00721 pmid:31379703 pmcid:PMC6651209 fatcat:plsu4oyosverlntrrc62jhg5ge

EEG-fMRI in the presurgical evaluation of temporal lobe epilepsy

Ana C Coan, Umair J Chaudhary, Frédéric Grouiller, Brunno M Campos, Suejen Perani, Alessio De Ciantis, Serge Vulliemoz, Beate Diehl, Guilherme C Beltramini, David W Carmichael, Rachel C Thornton, Roberto J Covolan (+2 others)
2015 Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry  
In addition, topographic electroencephalographic correlation maps were calculated between the average IED during video-EEG and intra-MRI EEG and used as a condition.  ...  Interictal epileptiform discharges (IEDs) were identified on intra-MRI EEG and used to build a model of hemodynamic changes.  ...  [18] [19] [20] In fact, in this work we have attempted to model such confounding effects thoroughly, in line with our philosophy of measuring and modelling as many effects as possible.  ... 
doi:10.1136/jnnp-2015-310401 pmid:26216941 fatcat:uakybq2gifh23orbevdejy5sae

Bayesian multi-modal model comparison: A case study on the generators of the spike and the wave in generalized spike–wave complexes

Jean Daunizeau, Anna E. Vaudano, Louis Lemieux
2010 NeuroImage  
We propose to use probabilistic fMRI-constrained EEG source reconstruction as a complement to EEG-correlated fMRI analysis to disambiguate between networks that co-occur at the fMRI time resolution.  ...  We illustrate the method using EEG-correlated fMRI data acquired in a patient with ictal generalized spike-wave (GSW) discharges, to examine whether different networks are involved in the generation of  ...  The model is based on an over-complete basis set expressing a linear relationship between cardiac-related MR signal and the phase of the cardiac cycle and has been validated anatomically and its effect  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2009.06.048 pmid:19559798 fatcat:kksj72oebbhbvlcwtt454ykmku
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