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Model-based fault detection in context-aware adaptive applications

Michele Sama, David S. Rosenblum, Zhimin Wang, Sebastian Elbaum
2008 Proceedings of the 16th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Foundations of software engineering - SIGSOFT '08/FSE-16  
We address this challenge by employing a finite-state model of adaptive behavior to enable the detection of faults caused by (1) erroneous adaptation logic, and (2) asynchronous updating of context information  ...  We identify a number of adaptation fault patterns, each describing a class of faulty behaviors that we detect automatically by analyzing the system's adaptation model.  ...  MODELING A CAAA In order to detect adaptation faults in CAAAs, we need a suitable abstract model of their adaptive behavior.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1453101.1453136 dblp:conf/sigsoft/SamaRWE08 fatcat:wahmxtlevzg7rovyqtskggtsau

An Adaptive Error Event Control Model for Smart Festival Management System running on Situation-Awareness Environments

Soongohn Kim, Eungnam Ko
2014 International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering  
This paper proposes a new adaptive error event control model for smart festival management running on situation-awareness environments by analyzing the window and attributes of the object error event.  ...  This paper presents the design of the adaptive error event control model for sharing control, which is running on RCSM (Reconfigurable Context Sensitive Middleware) for smart festival management.  ...  This paper proposes a new adaptive error event control model based on situation-awareness environments such as RCSM (Reconfigurable Context-Sensitive Middleware) for smart festival management by analyzing  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijmue.2014.9.2.35 fatcat:qwexuxeyhvge7penl55igl4dom

An Adaptive Fault Tolerance Running on a Cloud Computing Environment

Soongohn Kim, Eungnam Ko
2014 International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering  
This paper explains the design of the AFT_CCE (an Adaptive Fault Tolerance running on a Cloud Computing Environment).  ...  Since ubiquitous applications based on a cloud computing environment need situation-aware middleware services and computing environment (e.g., resources) keeps changing as the applications change, it is  ...  Context awareness (or context sensitivity) is an application software system's ability to sense and analyze context from various sources; it lets application software take different actions adaptively  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijmue.2014.9.5.36 fatcat:6a7vmtf4z5fadex5ryujttbsqa

Testing context-aware middleware-centric programs

Heng Lu, W. K. Chan, T. H. Tse
2006 Proceedings of the 14th ACM SIGSOFT international symposium on Foundations of software engineering - SIGSOFT '06/FSE-14  
Pervasive context-aware software is an emerging kind of application. Smart personal digital assistants and RFID-based location sensing software are two examples.  ...  Many of these systems register parts of their context-aware logic in the middleware. On the other hand, most conventional testing techniques do not consider such kind of application logic.  ...  Cheung and Chang Xu for their experimental platform as well as their discussions leading to improvements in the paper.  ... 
doi:10.1145/1181775.1181805 dblp:conf/sigsoft/LuCT06 fatcat:ahvgc5bumzhgtgvgugulekqiyi

AFChecker: Effective model checking for context-aware adaptive applications

Yepang Liu, Chang Xu, S.C. Cheung
2013 Journal of Systems and Software  
Context-aware adaptive applications continually sense and adapt to their changing environments.  ...  A large body of such applications relies on user-configured adaptation rules to customize their behavior. We call them rule-based context-aware applications (or RBAs for short).  ...  Conclusion and future work In this paper, we presented a hybrid approach toward effective adaptation fault detection for rule-based context-aware applications.  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.jss.2012.11.055 fatcat:zvzogoxqebbzfd7igiynppvukm

Towards Variation-Aware Test Methods

Ilia Polian, Bernd Becker, Sybille Hellebrand, Hans-Joachim Wunderlich, Peter Maxwell
2011 2011 Sixteenth IEEE European Test Symposium  
Coverage of defects in the process parameter space is modeled and maximized by an interplay between special fault simulation and multi-constrained ATPG algorithms.  ...  Coverage of defects in the process parameter space is modeled and maximized by an interplay between special fault simulation and multi-constrained ATPG algorithms.  ...  Of specific importance in the context of process variations are defect-based approaches to modeling delay defects, including [8] . C.  ... 
doi:10.1109/ets.2011.51 dblp:conf/ets/PolianBHWM11 fatcat:wdzk6ughijgulh226qblm75kmq

Managing Environment and Adaptation Risks for the Internetware Paradigm [chapter]

Jian Lü, Yu Huang, Chang Xu, Xiaoxing Ma
2013 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
Typical examples of Internetware systems include Internet-based and cyber-physical systems.  ...  These systems, although having addressed some practical needs, may still be subject to various environment and adaptation risks at runtime.  ...  ADAM identifies collision avoidance faults in context-aware adaptation, and recovers the vehicle from runtime adaptation errors.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-39698-4_17 fatcat:vo66ygov7bdwbcssiewla6bk6m

Exploiting Context-Aware Event Data for Fault Analysis

Cuong Huy Nguyen, Tran Manh Ha, Quy Tran Vu, Synh Viet Uyen Ha
2016 REV Journal on Electronics and Communications  
Fault analysis in communication networks and distributed systems is a difficult process that heavily depends on system administrator's experience and supporting tools.  ...  This paper introduces an approach of exploiting context-aware data and classification technique for improving this process.  ...  Acknowledgements This research activity is funded by Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM) under the type-B project of "Augmenting fault detection services on large and complex network  ... 
doi:10.21553/rev-jec.139 fatcat:abdk7cqymjbynm2q2avroov6xm

Recognizing Hardware Faults on Mobile Robots Using Situation Analysis Techniques [chapter]

Oliver Zweigle, Benjamin Keil, Markus Wittlinger, Kai Häussermann, Paul Levi
2013 Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing  
framework for fault detection and diagnosis in a multi robot system.  ...  In order to operate successfully in a highly dynamic physical world a mobile robot needs awareness to adapt its behavior according to the environment.  ...  In order to evaluate the universal applicability of the framework two typical fault cases were modeled and detected.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-33926-4_37 fatcat:tkleffyznzeqxauis2jgvmlt3q

Cyber-Physical Systems for Wide-Area Situational Awareness [chapter]

C. Alcaraz, L. Cazorla, J. Lopez
2017 Cyber-Physical Systems  
However, their application in SA solutions for the protection of large control distributions against unforeseen faults may be insufficient.  ...  Cyber-physical systems (CPSs), integrated in critical infrastructures, could provide the minimal services that traditional situational awareness (SA) systems demand.  ...  Even so, the provision of lightweight and dynamic fault tolerance systems composed of adaptive models in this type of application context is still required.  ... 
doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-803801-7.00020-1 fatcat:fzbs5dysqvaitgdra3mj2x3upy

Self-adaptation approaches for energy efficiency

Fahimen Alizadeh Moghaddam, Patricia Lago, Iulia Cristina Ban
2018 Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Software - GREENS '18  
Self--adaptive battery and context aware mobile application development 2014 P55 Nelly Bencomo, Paul Grace, and Peter Sawyer. 2009.  ...  Self--adaptive battery and context aware mobile application development. In Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), 2014 International. IEEE, 761-766.  ... 
doi:10.1145/3194078.3194084 dblp:conf/greens/MoghaddamLB18 fatcat:v7cbzxyj5vcz7icyvn5igxmgti

Algorithms for efficient symbolic detection of faults in context-aware applications

Michele Sama, Franco Raimondi, David Rosenblum, Wolfgang Emmerich
2008 2008 23rd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering - Workshops  
In this paper we present how techniques similar to the ones used in symbolic model checking can be applied to the verification of context-aware and adaptive applications.  ...  Context-aware and adaptive applications running on mobile devices pose new challenges for the verification community.  ...  Acknowledgements The work described in this paper builds on previous work with Sebastian Elbaum and Zhimin Wang of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  ... 
doi:10.1109/asew.2008.4686287 dblp:conf/kbse/SamaRRE08 fatcat:k4n7v33pdbab7atojn6uzsdkmy

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2009 2009 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications  
Pebbles and Urns: A Tangible, Presence-Based Messaging Service Energy Optimized Fault Tolerance for Pervasive Communication Spaces Quality-of-Inference Aware Context Determination A Logic-based Formalism  ...  for Pervasive Workflow Exploiting Semantics for Event Detection Systems Zone-Based Trust Management in Sensor Networks Towards Shrink-Wrapped Security: A Taxonomy of Security-Relevant Context Trust and  ... 
doi:10.1109/percom.2009.4912745 fatcat:fhuymlscefcqzge6hrv75diqou

A Reliable Multimedia Collaboration System based on Home Network Environment

Eungnam Ko, Soongohn Kim
2014 International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering  
The model aims at detecting, classifying, and recovering errors automatically. Section 2 describes situation-aware middleware as the context and QoS.  ...  The model for smart home network system aims at guaranteeing it through application fault tolerance. Windows 7 running on the situation-aware computing environment.  ...  1 , a conceptual architecture of situation-aware middleware based on Reconfigurable Context-Sensitive Middleware (RCSM) is proposed in [8] .  ... 
doi:10.14257/ijmue.2014.9.2.34 fatcat:klkyhunitfhbtf2auh4avxo7qy

The Context-Security Nexus in Ubiquitous Computing

M. Fahim Ferdous Khan, Ken Sakamura
2014 International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems  
applicable to other context-aware ubiquitous computing applications.  ...  Access control models, as studied in traditional computing security, however, have no notion of context-awareness; and the recent works in the nascent field of context-aware access control predominantly  ...  We argue that many of these contexts are congruent to other contextaware ubiquitous computing applications. In particular, we present a context-aware access control model for healthcare informatics.  ... 
doi:10.4018/ijaras.2014070104 fatcat:tjcaslq67jagtd2fkclrmnqej4
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