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Model checking timed automata [chapter]

Sergio Yovine
1998 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The theory of timed automata provides a formal framework to model and to verify the correct functioning of real-time systems.  ...  Researchers focused their work on the development of algorithmic methods for solving this problem, mainly along the lines of the so-called model checking approach.  ...  As an example, we discuss in Appendix A how the region-graph and clock-constraint based algorithms can be used to solve t h e model-checking problem for Tctl.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-65193-4_20 fatcat:mggztnumd5glbgcpl25qkle7qi

Model Checking Synchronous Timing Diagrams [chapter]

Nina Amla, E. Allen Emerson, Robert P. Kurshan, Kedar S. Namjoshi
2002 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We present an efficient, decompositional algorithm for model checking such timing diagrams.  ...  Model checking is an automated approach to the formal verification of hardware and software.  ...  Our timing diagram syntax facilitates a decompositional, polynomial-time algorithm for model checking.  ... 
doi:10.1007/3-540-40922-x_18 fatcat:372tfcwoyfbt7avqt4a3uhai7a

Model-checking Timed Temporal Logics

Patricia Bouyer
2009 Electronical Notes in Theoretical Computer Science  
In this paper, we present several timed extensions of temporal logics, that can be used for model-checking real-time systems.  ...  Acknowledgement I want to thank all the persons I have recently worked with on timed temporal logics, Fabrice Chevalier, Nicolas Markey, Joël Ouaknine, and James Worrell.  ...  Various expressiveness results comparing MTL+Past, MTL, TPTL can be found in the recent literature [19, 31, 32, 33] The model-checking problem The model-checking problem asks, given A a timed automaton  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.entcs.2009.02.044 fatcat:fs37wrodozgfdj6kvxu7d27gnm

Discrete-Time Rewards Model-Checked [chapter]

Suzana Andova, Holger Hermanns, Joost-Pieter Katoen
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
This paper presents a model-checking approach for analyzing discrete-time Markov reward models. For this purpose, the temporal logic probabilistic CTL is extended with reward constraints.  ...  The approach is illustrated by model-checking a probabilistic cost model of the IPv4 zeroconf protocol for distributed address assignment in ad-hoc networks.  ...  This work has taken place in the context of the SPACE project (SPecification-bAsed Performability ChEcking) that is supported by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-40903-8_8 fatcat:omtxmtc4wfbu7nb7k32majd5ka

Model Checking Real-Time Systems [chapter]

Patricia Bouyer, Uli Fahrenberg, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Nicolas Markey, Joël Ouaknine, James Worrell
2018 Handbook of Model Checking  
This chapter surveys timed automata as a formalism for model checking real-time systems.  ...  We then present the main model-checking results in this framework, and give a hint about some recent extensions (namely weighted timed automata and timed games).  ...  TCTL model checking is PSPACE-complete. 157]).  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-10575-8_29 fatcat:thsp3udcpnfyjpjzn6i2slbplm

Model Checking Prioritized Timed Automata [chapter]

Shang-Wei Lin, Pao-Ann Hsiung, Chun-Hsian Huang, Yean-Ru Chen
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In this work, it is shown how prioritized timed automata can make modelling prioritized timed systems easier through the support for priority specification and model checking.  ...  Priorities are often used to resolve conflicts in timed systems. However, priorities are not directly supported by state-of-art model checkers.  ...  Model Checking Real-Time Embedded Systems Our target problem is to model and verify real-time embedded systems with priority.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11562948_28 fatcat:p3odgyamszcybhazy4e4kwqoum

Model Checking for Timed Statecharts [chapter]

Junyan Qian, Baowen Xu
2005 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
In order to verify whether a timed Statecharts model satisfies the required properties, we present a model checking algorithm for timed Statecharts.  ...  Just as verifying Statecharts, we first flat timed Statecharts and then apply a model checking tool to verify the resulting model.  ...  label extensions added sr(t) and td(t), interlevel transitions can be compiled into non-interlevel transitions. 5. 4 4 Model Checking Timed Statecharts 2.  ... 
doi:10.1007/11562436_20 fatcat:rt6356ldnje7xhsdlnfgkqzum4

Real-time symbolic model checking for discrete time models [chapter]

Sérgio V. Campos, Edmund M. Clarke
1995 Theories and Experiences for Real-Time System Development  
In section 7 timed transition graphs are presented. alnti a symbolic model checking algorithm for rTG, models is given.  ...  This work explains how model checking canl be applied1 to the verification of real-time systems. In model checking, specifications are expressed as formulas of a propositional temporal logic.  ... 
doi:10.1142/9789812831583_0005 fatcat:iyu3r57dzrhtxg4ezrlkmudxtq

Undecidability of model-checking branching-time properties of stateless probabilistic pushdown process [article]

Tianrong Lin
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We show that model checking stateless probabilistic pushdown process (pBPA) against probabilistic computational tree logic (PCTL) is undecidable.  ...  Conclusions In the paper, it has shown that model-checking branching-time properties of stateless probabilistic pushdown process is undecidable, herein settling an open problem in [7] .  ...  Their model-checking problem, initialized by Esparza et al.  ... 
arXiv:1405.4806v13 fatcat:npzuzvegybhyrfke3x2fxcyqcy

Parametric Timed Model Checking for Guaranteeing Timed Opacity [chapter]

Étienne André, Jun Sun
2019 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We solve this problem in the setting of timed automata (TAs).  ...  Among harmful information leaks, the timing information leakage is the ability for an attacker to deduce internal information depending on the system execution time.  ...  We thank Sudipta Chattopadhyay for helpful suggestions, Jiaying Li for his help with preliminary model conversion, and a reviewer for suggesting Remark 1.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-030-31784-3_7 fatcat:v25khacdczavhpoqw47xwgtv7q

Timed Automata Robustness Analysis via Model Checking [article]

Jaroslav Bendík, Ahmet Sencan, Ebru Aydin Gol, Ivana Černá
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Timed automata (TA) have been widely adopted as a suitable formalism to model time-critical systems.  ...  Furthermore, contemporary model-checking tools allow the designer to check whether a TA complies with a system specification.  ...  Model-checking methods allow for verifying whether a given TA meets a given system specification.  ... 
arXiv:2108.08018v3 fatcat:vjc5cgctvrakjii4n2maifl5yi

Model-Checking for Weighted Timed Automata [chapter]

Thomas Brihaye, Véronique Bruyère, Jean-François Raskin
2004 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
We study the model-checking problem for weighted timed automata and the weighted CTL logic by the bisimulation approach.  ...  Our main results are (i) the undecidability of the proposed model-checking problem for discrete and dense time, (ii) its PSpace-Completeness in the discrete case for a slight restriction of the logic,  ...  In this paper, we investigate the WCTL model-checking problem for weighted timed automata.  ... 
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-30206-3_20 fatcat:j2q4qlobdzd4pfhohq35jnfa4e

Linear-Time Model Checking Branching Processes [article]

Stefan Kiefer and Pavel Semukhin and Cas Widdershoven
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We study the complexity of model checking branching processes against linear-time omega-regular specifications: is it the case almost surely that every branch of a tree randomly generated by the branching  ...  The underlying general model-checking algorithm is based on the automata-theoretic approach, using unambiguous B\"uchi automata.  ...  A polynomial-time (even NC) model-checking algorithm for Markov chains against general unambiguous Büchi automata was given in [2] .  ... 
arXiv:2107.01687v1 fatcat:fxmzqdhdtnholcnkujs5wsfib4

Model Checking of Time Petri Nets [chapter]

Hanifa Boucheneb, Rachid Hadjidj
2008 Petri Net, Theory and Applications  
This paper considers time Petri nets (TPN model) for model checking.  ...  These properties can be verified using standard model checking techniques. In this paper, we review some techniques, proposed in the literature, to model check untimed and timed properties of the TPN.  ...  Model checking is then performed on the resulting timed automata, with results interpreted back on the original TPN model.  ... 
doi:10.5772/5318 fatcat:pysq5f73l5cczgqnqayat3slv4

Efficient timed model checking for discrete-time systems

F. Laroussinie, N. Markey, Ph. Schnoebelen
2006 Theoretical Computer Science  
We consider model checking of timed temporal formulae in durational transition graphs (DTGs), i.e., Kripke structures where transitions have integer durations.  ...  Without exact durations, model checking can be done in polynomial time, but with exact durations, it becomes p 2 -complete or PSPACE-complete depending on the considered semantics.  ...  Timed models Real-time model checking has been mostly studied and developed in the framework of Alur and Dill's Timed Automata (TA) [6] .  ... 
doi:10.1016/j.tcs.2005.11.020 fatcat:azwf654hljcmtmvouvbv6xgucq
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